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12:11 AM
1:00 AM
@Mikhail sry Mik, but that was your mess up=) Stay cool and safe.
Btw: I heard an interesting problem.

You have 12 balls, a scale, and a written down procedure. 1 ball differs in weight.
The scale can be used 3 times. The procedure is unaware of the results of the scale.

The procedure should be able to deduce which ball is different and wether it is heavier or lighter.

I've found that the solution is singular in many a sense.
Optimal solution is to split the balls in fractions of (1+sqrt(5))/2 :-)
A friend made an early claim of a O(N) solution, that claim has been retracted.
The golden-section search is a technique for finding an extremum (minimum or maximum) of a function inside a specified interval. For a strictly unimodal function with an extremum inside the interval, it will find that extremum, while for an interval containing multiple extrema (possibly including the interval boundaries), it will converge to one of them. If the only extremum on the interval is on a boundary of the interval, it will converge to that boundary point. The method operates by successively narrowing the range of values on the specified interval, which makes it relatively slow, but very...
@Mikhail The scale can be used 3 times. The procedure is unaware of the results of the scale.
But can the balls be split into fractions :-)
1:07 AM
@Mikhail No if-statements are allowed in the procedure.
I have discovered a N²logN solution with a precomputed set.
I mean, I've been asked this three times during interviews, by the third time I had it memorized. It think its from Cracking the Coding Interview
@Mikhail not the regular 13 ball binary search style question?
So, 8 balls
But I think Microsoft asked me to generalize it something like that, this was 2012-ish
Anyways, our school increasingly is turning the algorithm class into the interview preperation.
@Mikhail That sounds saddening.
One of the important losses in teaching numeric optimization which although important for scientific computing won't let you select the fake Slavoj Žižek from a series of 12 supposedly identical clones using only a scale.
Now, they are actually teaching a little numeric optimization in ML classes, aka "back propagation"
The changes in the curriculum over the last decade are palpable.
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3:43 AM
What note-taking application was used for these lecture notes?
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6:37 AM
@Mikhail Cute, but I needed it to be able to post a working example for a question. Fortunately, not anymore.
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8:14 AM
Too much kitchen scraps for chickens = free food for neighbourhood birdies. I suspect the pigeons have lost weight due to this Coronavirus pandemic. They appeared to be obese, now they are merely normal weight. Poor things.
People need to stop hoarding food and give more to the hungry birdies.
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9:46 AM
What is going on on the stockmarket?
I don't get it
waiting for a huge recession, instead everything is going well
Stock market is foreseeing - current and the next few months will produce lower GDP due to COVID-19. But everything looks rosy in the middle to long term at the moment.
so strange...
It should be dropping or at least stay constant but definitely not increase
COVID-19 is only slightly more deadly than a common cold. Countries have been over reacting.
i would be very pissed of if there were no drop at all ever
@TelKitty yet, way more people have been dying
@traducerad Foreseeing ... like predict a day to a few months in advance.
9:51 AM
I feel bad for not having invested 2 weeks ago when it was at its lowest
foreseeing or not, this means it will probably never drop that low again
although the deaths will be stacking up in the US and ice skating area's will be use as mortuary
quickly read the article you linked
they don't mention where those people die
if it is in very poor countries or in developped countries. I presume most of the people who die are from poorer countries
Your point?
Also, important to note that: yes, people die due to the flue. But usually it is not as bad as this. eg Italy
so it is way worse
@TelKitty not trying to be rude, but in underdevelopped countries people die all the time for all sorts of reasons (hygiene, no medicine etc). While in the US and Europe it is way less the case
so I wouldn't be surprised if the numbers of people dying due to the flue in poorer countries is high. Now the number of people dying is high in developped countries too...
A lot of people die from flu in developed countries every year, especially the old and weak ones.
The number of people who die each year from flu-related causes in the U.S. is 8,200 to 20,000.
Says google, not sure to believe it or not.
10:05 AM
the repercussions of Corona will be quite big in some industries eg airlines. Flu doesn't have such a big repercussion
That's from people's reaction, not from the virus itself.
people don't want to spread the virus, so it is due to the virus
Also when old people die, sometimes the cause of the death is not investigated. Die from flu is probably treated as die from nature causes.
@TelKitty in China there are investigations going on because they suppose millions have died, contrary to what the Chinese govt said
If this turns out to be true, this doesn't look like a typical flue at all to me
In Australia, The median age of coronavirus related deaths is 80 years (range: 55 to 95 years). Life expectancy in Australia is 82.50 years.
@traducerad Because China tried to cover it up and in doing so, more people contracted the virus.
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12:33 PM
@traducerad so Moscow claims that they've had very little coronavirus issues... and yet deaths from 'Pneumonia' in Moscow are skyrocketing....
12:53 PM
Moscow is 100 % perfect, like Putin is, like Paul Joseph Watson and his crew thinks cuz "social cohesion" and "closed borders" and what not... Europe should turn into Russia. USA should turn into a Russia. In fact every country should have a Putin and be like Russia cuz Russia is so good!!!

This is what I mean when I say that people forget how important democracy is b/c populists tell them so.
These types of people always complain that the West has fallen into "degeneracy" and thus we should become Russia basically. And the funny thing is, people actually sympathize with that...
Point is: people forget how good they have it in the West.
Though, it could be due to the exhausting migration policies of the EU nations which prompt people to sympathize with populists and go into extremes.
Personally, I agree with Sam Harris on the issue of migration. It should be a slow, controlled/selective process to lessen the likelihood on negative outcomes (ghettos, criminals, ...).

Dunno what to say, but still living in the West is a privilege.
1:12 PM
I can be gay, enby, trans, w/e and it's legal and I can be prescribed meds, which is already huge for me
Plus I have meds for chronic asthma and a few other allergies
And whenever I'm ill I can see a doc and get prescribed something I won't even pay
It would be better if the latest governments hadn't tried to undermine the social system we have though
And Morwenn, be careful, since you've asthma and the virus can cause havoc on you.
(At least this is what I read)
People with asthma and diabetes are at risk
Even smokers...
1:25 PM
Yeah, I haven't left the house except to go to the doc and to the pharmacy
And don't get me wrong anybody, I was just ranting, b/c it infuriates me that people (esp. in the West) sympathize with authoritarians such as Putin b/c he is good at his propaganda and people fall for that as if they are sheep: "Yeah Russia anybody, f*** the West".
Totally agreed
We can shit on our governments, but it's foolish to think that authoritarian ones are better
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3:55 PM
@Mgetz yep agree, I didn't believe them from the start. I traveled quite a lot to Russia and China and such things there are common
by such things I mean, lies to preserve there image towards outsiders
Russia has great universities with an amazing reputation, but what they don't tell you is that you can pay professors there to pass all your exams and so on. Same type of undercover stuff happens in China.
mostly only works for people who live there and know those tricks
remember going to the hospital in Russia because I was really very sick. The doctor would prescribe me the medicines I needed only if I'd pay him an additional hefty tip
why am I going on a tangent here? lol
Nevertheless, doesn't surprise me
@TelKitty I think you must be out of your mind to think the market is foreseeing and normal atm. Stock's prices are at the same level as last year this time but the economy is nowhere near the same as last year this time. Businesses are closed and entire industries are going under atm. This is not normal at all, nothing to do with "foreseeing".
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5:32 PM
@TelKitty yeah but keep in mind that the US has already 12,000 death in a month
On average the US has around 7700 daily deaths, it's currently at 1000+ daily deaths
Most of it is currently in NewYork alone, so imagine if all US state were in the same situation as NewYork. Covid-19 is only barely worse than the flu because everyone is trying to contain it...
if we would not try to contain it the same way the flu is infecting everyone it can... then most people that would need ICU would have their faith sealed.
People can survive through ICU because there is still space in ICU in some areas. The moment all hospitals will not be able to provide enough support/monitoring. People will fall like flies and people in ICU for unrelated reasons will die as medical personel is exhausted and so on.
5:58 PM
AH y'all talking about the pandemic?
Someone I spoke with said that we may be on quarantine until the end of the year.
What do you y'all think?
I believe the quarantine will officially end in 5 seconds.
...Apparently I was wrong.
@StackedCrooked haha I wish.
6:32 PM
@LoïcFaure-Lacroix we have a vaccine for the flu though, so that massively blunts it as well.
7:24 PM
well damn, it's only 3pm EST and there is already 1529 reported death in the US
The only country that isn't far away is France which isn't very surprising.
7:36 PM
It seems at least that the rate of growth is slowing in most regions. So we might see the worst of the first wave in 1 to 2 weeks.
that'd be nice. And then figure out what to do from there.
Some of "x region is handling it better than y" seem really random, so I feel like there's a lot of misplaced pride and confidence going around
I certainly wouldn't doubt that at all.
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11:19 PM
4 hours later and it's now reporting 1900 deaths for today.. It's a bit off from actual numbers as it start at GMT but still

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