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12:07 AM
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Viruses are not living things. Viruses are complicated assemblies of molecules.
No living thing able to multiple?
Well that's the thing it doesn't multiply
your cells do the multiplying
They're just providing the blueprints
They are not contagious thoughts, no.
yeah, if the blueprints get to your factories, they'll make the viruses. But without your factories they can't multiply
Many parasites are not able to multiple without hosts.
Parasites are usually "more alive", they might depend on a host but they usually have their own cells and energy production
4:05 AM
They derive their energy from hosts (thus, parasite).
yeah, their energy source is most often the host
but they metabolise the energy in their own cells and reproduce their own cells
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5:19 AM
Humanity has been brought down to its knees by a little virus. All the people who think they are intelligent, please stand out to be give your daily boost of inferiority.
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12:27 PM
Go back a few centuries in the past, some % of the population dies and that's it, not even the worst pandemic in history books
The only reason we were "brought down to our knees" is because we decided to take drastic measures so that fewer people die
12:44 PM
@Morwenn, I mean even if we likely don't die b/c of us being relatively young and supposedly healthy, the deaths are horrible. You are basically slowly suffocating alive (as far as I understood) and I don't wish that to anybody.
@Morwenn no if you look at it historically the exact same things happened. Economies collapsed, governments destabilized etc.
@TelKitty not always, sometimes a parasite may have a symbiotic relationship in which the host and the parasite benefit from the parasite
it's happened for centuries
So the "drastic measures" are okay in my opinion.
well the effects will be nasty regardless
it's a question of how many people die really
12:48 PM
It's not like having a % of your population die quickly doesn't leave any trace behind.. Pretty sure it was way worse then because when body rot they bring all sort of their own things
Like rats, lots of rats
@LoïcFaure-Lacroix correct, and it creates distrust in institutions too... which is bad
that then leads to people being skeptical of medical care and government
Btw, anyone heard that India started martial law?
not yet, but the Philippines is de-facto
Because I read that on the news, thought I found it weird all reddit wasn't talking about it
may be the journalist misread the lockdown for martial law
The US government is doing a mediocre job it seems. Quite astonishing when you consider the fact that the US is a superpower.
12:54 PM
It's going to get much worse
Unless they can keep up with the amount of people that requires intensive care, a lot of people that could survive will die only because there will be too many people to monitor at the same time
@d03 not really, there have been active efforts to destroy the US government internally since Ronald Reagan
America, space exploration, military power to reckon with, economically strong, technologically advanced but weak in handling pandemics.
Oooooh, we're about to start testing some sci-fi shit in Brittany
Some med that apparently allows your blood to transport more oxygen
@d03 no, actively self destroying since the end of the cold war
Currently the US is at 17% more daily death than usual
12:58 PM
mostly just in the NY area
yeah, that's one thing that make numbers a bit difficult to interpret as it can be very state dependent
@Mgetz, many empires and superpowers rose and fell can we just assume that the same thing will happen to the US b/c history says so?
but it may also mean it's much worse as when the disease will get there in every states... it will be as bad as NY everywhere
@d03 inevitably, but the US' demise will be self inflicted
Also I don't trust numbers during the weekend, seems like people die less during the weekend
1:00 PM
@LoïcFaure-Lacroix it's already in every state, the issue is hospital capacity. NY is over saturated. Most other localities are at limited or below still
@LoïcFaure-Lacroix well the numbers are universally wrong regardless. They aren't testing enough to have 'correct' numbers
I gave up a long time ago for confirmed case numbers, they're confirming only what they test
but deaths, hard to not confirm a death
Many empires rose and fell but France is still there x)
Correct, which means actual infection counts are probably 10x what the confirmed numbers are
I'm really curious if the voluntary app thing in the EU is going to do anything whatsoever for the secondard/tertiary waves
@Morwenn you're on what... the sixth republic?
1:02 PM
I try to give up on watching the news. It's depressing.
in the future, when stats will be available you'll be able to measure how much confirmed case due to COVID-19 and how many deaths above normal due to other things
give it time
Can't totally disappear as long as the UK is still there, that's how nemesis work
@Morwenn Well the choices governments can make are currently 1) Let more people die and suffer economics ruin. 2) Let less people die and suffer economics ruin longer. It's never about building stronger health system so less people die while others can live a relatively normal life.
1:04 PM
Dunno, but I don't think it should turn into a "let the weaklings die already"-campaign.
@TelKitty Well in Canada, I'd argue it's pretty much handled well
I wonder how BoJo feels about herd immunity right now
we're apparently going to move from dependance on the US to manufacture a good set of medical equipment
Are all the shortages in terms of equipment (masks, ventilators etc.) b/c we outsourced manufacturing to countries like China?
@LoïcFaure-Lacroix It's not one of the deadliest plagues to start with, it kills mostly the old and the weak.
1:06 PM
Europe shined by its lack of coordinated answer to the crisis
@TelKitty the deadlier a plague would be, the easiest it is to handle it.
if you know people are likely to die, there's no wast of time saving them
Depends, if you have natural reservoirs around you, being deadlier doesn't alsways make it burn out
and you can isolate the disease... a bit like how Ebola was handled
well yeah
@PeterT don't I know... I live in a place with natural plague reservoirs
Ebola transmission was quite easy to avoid in comparison though
1:09 PM
@d03 no it's because there were no ways to control distribution
dead serious
@Morwenn exactly, in my opinion, deadlier shouldn't be measured on survival rates only if infected
@LoïcFaure-Lacroix Ebola is not as contagious.
We currently have mask shortages because we decided to close our national factory which was one of the most productive in Europe
smart move
Well, we didn't decided to close it: the state promised massive orders so the company grew in capacity, and in the end the state changed the law and didn't order shit and the company had to close after a few years
Also we don't have a national reserve of FFP2 masks anymore because "we can order some quickly from China"
1:12 PM
@Morwenn nobody thinks about national defense anymore
We'd be way less fucked if not for that neoliberal strike on national mask production capacities
As far as I'm concerned national healthcare is a defense concern, schooling ditto, etc.
Now we want to go back in time and reopen such factories
But is the factory still there but vacant? how far in time was it?
Because they could technically reopen it if the machinery is still there.
If everyone is forced to wear masks, armed robbers would be very happy. Also roads are relatively empty, makes their get away easier ... just saying ... >_<
1:14 PM
@LoïcFaure-Lacroix having the building there isn't good enough. You can't just instantly retool and turn it back on. The US is screwed on new F22s for the same reason
@Morwenn, is your place in full lock-down mode? Can you move outside at all?
(In Germany it is allowed to go outside but you are not allowed to be near to more than 2 people. Exceptions are made for families.)
@TelKitty not really because it makes it so much more obvious to police that you shouldn't be outside
it also makes it easier for the police to chase you
We need to sign a paper with a date, address, name, etc. to go out, which also contains the reason why we're out among a list
@Mgetz depending how it is, it can be done, currently some 3M factory are retooling in Ontario to produce masks as the US ban export of N95 masks in Canada
@LoïcFaure-Lacroix They sent the new machines to scrap a few years ago
1:15 PM
Well then good luck
@LoïcFaure-Lacroix well there is that, but also the canadian PM is going to likely try to strike a deal for enough to hold them over until that works
in return for raw mats for masks here in the US
Apparently scarfs and homemade masks are better than no masks.
After this, I hope it won't be a frequent occurrence. Imagine a new deadly highly infectious virus every couple of years.
Happens less when you're not around live animals x)
@Morwenn, let the world go vegan! :p

Then there's terrorism and it's not a far stretch to state that bio weapons will be the new bomb west, but maybe it is unlikely, since terrorists need to be probably highly skilled.
1:29 PM
Though, you could go live with bats for some time in a cave and then spread the virus from there? oO
But yeah, first of all: healthcare should be a pillar of society, not just another way to profit
@Morwenn it's easier when you recognize that healthcare is critical to security, defense, and productivity
Say that to America's deaf healthcare for all ears.
also that it's easier to start a business if you don't have to worry about healthcare or pensions
Yep, people living in places like Europe or Canada can consider themselves lucky.
1:33 PM
It's not enough to consider ourselves lucky, we've got to reinstate our rights to a decent healthcare all the time
Hospitals funds have been undermined for years here, reanimation beds have decreased, and the state decided not to invest into critical reserves or infrastructure
Also with democracy. People getting to used to it tend forget the pillars of a democracy and thus neglect the dangers of a non-democratic society.
The hospitals have been on strike for months and months before the current pandemic and it just proved them right: we don't have enough
You have to indeed constantly rehash the value of democracy to people.
Once we're out of this we might expect a small bit of reason to come back here and there but I don't expect much more
One of the good outcomes is that we're getting results from medical experiments faster than usual
If the injection to replace ventilators being tried today works it will be big, and not only for the specific case of the coronavirus
First, if we ignore the fact that plague and wars are the main forces to keep human population in check - I also think it's wrong that we do nothing and let the old and weak die in this pandemic. The current prevailing remedy is to borrow from the future. A lot of governments will end up with a huge amount of debt which have to be repaid down the track.
But more importantly, if lockdown is prolonged, a lot of low end workers will run out of money when their work places are shutdown and the government can not afford to keep paying 10% - 20% of the population when they are not working for a few months. The government will try to mitigate this and some people in the society will end up taking more losses than the others. This might distablize the current political structure.
Secondly, long term psychological effect of lock down on normal human is unknown. Third, country runs like a machine. If certain part is shut down for a few months, the effect on the whole economy is unknow. Last but not least, all these will only work if the next pandemic does not happen in the foreseeable future - the last pandemic only took place 10 years ago (if wikipedia is to be believed).
1:39 PM
@TelKitty debt actually means nothing... as long as people keep accepting the currency
"the last pandemic only took place 10 years ago (if wikipedia is to be believed)."

I am so uninformed... (how come I never noticed it.)
Hey, if we all handled the pandemic like South Korea did we wouldn't be there x)
also that
The 2009 swine flu pandemic or swine flu was an influenza pandemic that lasted from January 2009 to August 2010, and the second of the two pandemics involving H1N1 influenza virus (the first being the 1918–1920 Spanish flu pandemic), albeit a new strain. First described in April 2009, the virus appeared to be a new strain of H1N1, which resulted from a previous triple reassortment of bird, swine, and human flu viruses further combined with a Eurasian pig flu virus, leading to the term "swine flu". Some studies estimated that 11 to 21 percent of the global population at the time – or around 700...
Yes, but I can't recall it being that drastic...
1:41 PM
I could not recall it either.
But it's on wikipedia, so ... ~shrug~
I guess there's a difference between "about as bad as the flu" and "about 10 times as bad as the flu". Not that people should take the flu lightly
@Mgetz Someone has to pay for it, the question is who.
I'm mostly a fan of the money printer strategy
@TelKitty generally speaking it's paid for in inflation. But the financial industry is really good at vacuuming up spare cash right now and locking it up
just pay the debt by devaluing all assets
that's about as "flat" a tax as I can image, isn't that what all those rich folks always asked for :P
1:45 PM
That seems to be the standard strategy. The issue is that again... the financial industry is really good at sucking up cash
Is this correct?:

we had just a few drastic pandemics in modern history: Spanish flu & Corona.
Otherwise I think we had 2 major wars (WWI, WWII) and 2 major financial crises (great depression, 2007-2008).
Those types of events had the most impact on the world.
I think HIV is still ongoing
I'm probably getting vaccinated against the flu next year
HIV is still ongoing yeah
Ah, yes. It was b/c people ate chimpanzee flesh, if I recall correctly...
1:54 PM
I don't think it was ever confirmed?
Yeah, I need to clean out my brain. There's so much garbage in there.
Having superficial knowledge is bad as the Germans say "gefaehrliches Halbwissen" = "dangerous half-knowledge".
But then I think, well you don't have the time to analyze and fact check everything and you need to trust journalists reporting or at least explaining a study or finding well enough.
So I need to trust somebody telling me the truth. There's no way I can just learn and analyze everything on my own.

The key question is perhaps whom to trust in time of "alternative facts"?
(Discarding the trivial cases such as Alex Jones, flat earthers, holocaust deniers, RT ...)
How should one's modus operandi be in this situation?
(Things that you should be mainly concerned about is your area of study, e.g. computer science and the rest of your concerns are based on a relationship of trust [journalists, scientists, authorities]? I am unable to comprehend a medical study for example, thus I rely on journalists or someone who can explain that to a layman.).
2:07 PM
tbh I just mass-consume information, and at some point even if you can't tell whether an article is biased or not you can at least notice when different newspaper present things differently
You start fact-checking those specific parts where the story differs
2:19 PM
Personally, I feel like the amount of information overwhelms me. Not that the amount of facts is overwhelming, but the amount of noise around it. It makes it harder for you to filter out the facts and is akin to finding a needle in the haystack.

There's not much noise in fields such as physics, math, computer science, but there's a lot of noise in other fields such as climate, nutrition, news reports, medicine...
Pick specific things you want to learn more about, read a lot
2:38 PM
Hmmm... well what do I want to do? I want to work as a software engineer so computer science is a must, then I want to understand the laws of the universe, I need to gain more proficiency in physics (high school physics ain't enough), I want to invest in companies so I need to read the financial news and understand how to read financial statements. I want to stay healthy, so I need the latest facts on nutrition and health.

But I can't justify consuming news reports regularly concerning events happening in various parts of the world.
When shit's compiling at work I read the news
Except when I have specific things I want to read
But you have to play hide and seek with your employer I suppose... xD
For example today I compared a bunch of ramen recipes because I'm supposed to make ramens for the first time, but vegetarian and without a bunch of typical Japanese ingredients
My employer doesn't care much and neither does my client it seems
That classic has never been so true

I consider Hacker News to be a good time investment.
2:45 PM
On the other hand my constant web-crawling also saves a few days of work to colleagues from time to time because I just happen to know solutions to their issues
Better not tell anybody... :)
Now I'm working from home, and as long as I answer mails and there's some activity on Git they seem to be ok with it
Fortunately I helped enough people that they just trust that I'm doing things right - also it would take them months to form someone to replace me now
And thus they should pay you more!!
I tried that but unless I change companies I don't believe I'll get a significant rise
2k isn't respectful from them in my opinion.
2:49 PM
It's just standard considering the job, the location and the experience v0v
And with the current crisis we can only expect the worst haha
Hmm... you appear to have a master's degree in CS, you are a highly skilled programmer, but you earn 2k like some store clerk... :/ (I don't want to be disrespectful, but it is just painful to me to realize that.)
Store clerk? Haha, no xD
I mean at least in Germany you earn that much.
They earn around... idk €1100~€1400 here I guess?
2:52 PM
minimal wage
Ah, well that probably is also dependent on the company/store.
Yup, minimal wage is €1200 net/month here
Also nobody cares about my master's degree in CS tbh, what they care about is that I've got an engineer diploma
Is your company a traditional software company at all?
There are companies such as Siemens and they don't have a software engineering culture. Actually, many companies here in Germany are still like that.
My company is a consulting company
After being acquired very soon we should be 275k employees
Hopefully that will yield a raise too. :)
2:57 PM
Maybe not a raise, but at least we should benefit from the social advantages - my current company is super backwards when it comes to those
I don't believe a second that there will be a specific raise due to that
275K employee is a lot, with that kind of numbers I'd guess you're doing a lot of government contracts
I don't know, it's worldwide
But I did work for entities that get some of their funds from the gov
It's just that in France literally everybody hires consultants because you get more flexibility than with regular hiring
Sounds like a nation-wide separation of concerns.
More like a nation-wide technical debt because it's impossible to find the people who originally wrote the code you're having troubles with
Let's say that it's the problematic side of trying to protect employees: many companies get around hiring with consulting
Compiling is taking forever from home T_T
My work day will be finished before the compilation
What kinds of tools and languages do you use regularly at work?
If you ask me: Visual Studio Code, g++, Python 3, C++14, make, valgrind...
3:05 PM
Python 3, g++, Conan, CMake, C++14
Git too of course
Conan? Need to look that up...
It's package manager and it's been most of my job for the last 6 months
Cool: conan.io
3:06 PM
I basically turned into a build engineer and I'm not even writing actual code anymore
Which editor do you use? Is it VS Code?
Lately vim, originally gedit
When I was still contributing to the C++ project proper I used Qt Creator
Wow, I mean even if you write thousands of lines of code?

Qt Creator is nice, yeah.
I heard that clang is apparently better than GCC/g++.
I've never had to work on projects that big so far
Clang and GCC are both good with advantages and drawbacks
3:14 PM
I mean the fact that you mentioned that you've basically become a "build engineer", prompts me believe that there's not much "low haning fruit" left (e.g. building websites, implementing fundamental algorithms, game engines), you just use libraries and frameworks or microservices for that.
Things like neural networks are the next big things basically.
I mean as automation increases there's not much left to program.
Having libraries, tools and frameworks help a lot, but you still need t learn to use them and the associated domain-specific knowledge
You basically become a configurator and a "library gluer".
I'm not doing C++ anymore because my colleague is the one writing the C++ apps now
And whenever he needs another framework or library I try to make it available through Conan while also handling all the build issues people have at the lab
3:18 PM
But judging by your GitHub activity, you still doing C++. :P
Sometimes I feel like there's just too many build issues everywhere then I remember that before I introduced Conan they just built libraries locally and didn't touch them at all for years and had to do it again from scratch anytime they wanted a configure a new machine
The big difference is that now they try to use libraries more aggressively
My GitHub activity is two-fold: my personal projects, and the projects we use at work
Most of my work on PCL and Conan this year is linked to my job, the rest is personal projects
When we've got an issue, I try to work around it and if possible to fix it upstream
I see. I also noticed that you have a particular interest in sorting algorithms.
I started a small project in 2015 and it kind of followed me
It's more about obsessing about something specific than about sorting algorithms themselves I guess
At some point it was Gray codes
My latest personal project was trying to write a genetic algorithm but I didn't go quite far
Did you also contribute to other open source projects?

I would like to contribute to the Linux Kernel, but I am not that skilled. I never did any driver programming and I need to learn a lot for that. :/
Nowadays I'm back to basics: cooking, gardening, and I want to try lacto-fermentation
3:23 PM
Yeah, you need also those activities for sure.
Most of my contribution to other open-source projects were linked to my job
And to Solarus a long time ago :p
Solaris or Solarus?
3:27 PM
Well besides the CS world, I would like to inc-operate bouldering to my regular activities:

It's also good for depression...
Sports in general is good for depression :)
True. :)
I guess that I feel better now that I do basic muscle exercises a few days a week, even if it doesn't amount to much
Bouldering looks nice too, but vertigo
Hey, 5:30pm, looks like I'm done for today
3:30 PM
Still compiling
I guess that I'll compile something else during the night to make sure that I can actually work tomorrow
I'm off for now, later
Quick question: should I rather post my question from the Q&A to SO? I can't find a solution despite googling for hours.


This didn't help at all. He allocates heap memory with the strdup calls (extra indirection), but I want to achieve the same in a 1D array with little to no indirection (memory accesses; to have good cache performance).
(It seems to be not trivial implementing a hash table with a dynamic 1D array w/o any extra heap allocations.)
@d03 the more lines of code you have the better it gets
3:48 PM
It feels so bad being stuck for days...
Not much difference for me as I work from home
It gets harder after 2 years
4:04 PM
A vague idea comes to mind: I need to include meta information about the "buckets". Bucket so and so is full, bucket 0 is empty etc. Hmm... there seems to be really no other way...
But then I need to allocate 1 extra byte for each bucket to be able to tell whether or not that bucket is empty or full...
I aim to implement a memory efficient and time efficient hash table (unordered_map).
4:32 PM
Well, here's what I plan to do: if I still get no answers or can't come up with an elegant solution to my problem, I will consider posting it on SO.

I don't care about the votes or reps, but what I fear is the community over there. They seem to be a little bit edgy and unfriendly.

(It is really discouraging when you get bombarded with negativity. Of course not all members are like that, but I saw it happen a couple of times...)
(The term "soup nazi" also indicates such occurrences.)
(Even when your question is well articulated, you still get negativity for no reason.)
(And thus, I was actually shocked that this chat has a friendly atmosphere, when I first joined. I didn't expect that at all.)
8:18 PM
whoa, apparently UK's PM is in intensive care now... what a year we're living in
3 Millions mask blocked at the US border... how am I supposed to work with a sane mind if I know the world around me could collapse next week.
8:50 PM
Hello. What online compiler allows compiling with external libraries/headers?
I've seen wandbox, but I need mpfr.
1 hour later…
10:13 PM
@aconcernedcitizen get a real compiler
1 hour later…
11:23 PM
I wonder what was the reason that people made nan comparison false, I just got messed up on one of my tests with that bullshit :-)

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