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12:10 AM
compilers might not optimize inlines with a loop. popcount has a loop. So I think that explains the performance shortfalls, or it might be optimized, but because the inline's are creating larger binaries they end up eating up cpu registries normaly used for cashing so that would remove any advantage of cpu cashing you would normally get without the inline
actually, I have no idea if what I just said is true
Here is it in compiler explorer just in case anyone is interested godbolt.org/z/kjs9Ek
12:37 AM
@Rick You'd be wrong. Also because I don't fucking suck I don't have "fundamental patterns" that repeat themselves. I'm putting up the GUI for a new kind of microscope, so its new code, and I'm trying to copy and paste from old code.
I'm personally offended by the thought I would violate DRY. offended. offended. offended...
everyone does it, shouldn't take it personally
I'm personally offended by the thought I would violate DRY. offended. offended. offended...
well, you should really be insulted if I said you never make an error.
if you think about it
If anything I am defending your rights not to be a machine.
You know what else obeys the DRY principle things that taste terrible. Have you ever had DRY turkey, it's the worst. Turkey tastes better when it's MOIST. You should follow the MOIST principle.
Management of Organic Inputs In Safety-related Tautology
1:55 AM
@Mysticial so apparently RPI4 CPU is 3x faster than RPI3B+?
Time to buy one and do nothing with it xD
2:14 AM
@Borgleader haha
> The Raspberry Pi Foundation has done a pretty amazing job here with adding the extra performance (CPU up to three times faster), and plenty of new features (4K, GbE, USB 3.0..) while keeping the same price tag for the board with 1GB RAM. Some of the features I don’t see advertised and are present on some of the competing boards include HDR (High Dynamic Range) and VP9 video decoding.
2:30 AM
I will proceed to assemble the bigger robot - my tiny robot claw is flimsy and I don't think it's worth it to fix. But it has served its purpose and served it well.
3:15 AM
I am looking at survey equipment, they are like lidar on a rod.
Plan 2 DIY survey land for solar farm. Too stingy to fork out $ to survey this big piece of land.
3:51 AM
Raspberry Pi was supposed to teach kids about computing, instead it taught adults to install Arch - which, apparently, was too hard on their macbook pros.
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7:07 AM
Venue coordinator> I see that you have booked a room for 10 and 27 people have signed up for the event.
Me> Statistically speaking, half of the people probably would not show up.
(Me thinking: how hard would you bash me if I tell you that it’s winter and it will be warmer if we stuff more people into a small room?)
3 hours later…
10:29 AM
It turns out, the bigger robot is exactly like the small robot, but with more components around it.
11:04 AM
and more likely to crush something
11:23 AM
More likely to fall apart before even able to crush into something.
11:35 AM
I feel bad for poor Edison
12:02 PM
@Rick CI
8 hours later…
8:24 PM
Q: Would StackExchange consider moving away from Google services?

John MankoI've been following Google, and their growing pattern of content censorship and manipulation, for a while now. The recent expose by Project Veritas (more to the point, Youtube's/Google's decision to remove the video from their platform) has convinced me to hard-block all sites related to Google, ...

@SombreroChicken Put him on suicide watch.
I think the only way to block Google is to live under a rock.
@Mysticial No. Live in China. If you deal much with China, you'd see that half your Google emails disappear. This is among the reasons UIUC switched from Google to Microsoft. Sadly, now I have to be pro-Google :-(
@Mysticial it's bad when I immediately post that to the tavern under the title of "Dumpster fire in waiting"
@Mikhail Oh. So emails you send to China from a Google server just disappear?
@Mysticial 100%, for example, for a week any emails sent from gmail will not hit our Chinese clients/collaborators. Its done in a silent way, to cause maximum chaos.
As much as I hate Google, at this point they are one of the few companies that has been somewhat unwillingly put on the American side against the fucking Chinese
8:42 PM
@Mikhail So Microsoft just bows to China?
I'm amazed it's getting upvotes
@Mysticial more mutually assured destruction I think
china is exquisitely aware that they are running windows
@Mgetz ahhhh
pirated Windows
and microsoft is exquisitely aware that 2 billion people pirating their software can be a major problem
so both give each other leeway and AFAIK bing doesn't work in china
Who the hell uses Bing? lol
@Mysticial Yes. They gave them all the access to get into the market, including moving servers into China. You'd be hard pressed to find a more cooperative company.
8:45 PM
@Mikhail yes and no
When I interned at MS a long time ago, even the employees didn't use Bing.
MS has separate code bases for windows for china IIRC
I thought Bing didn't use Bing. because Bing just used google search.
Components, but sure. There were a few hilarious cases where MS refused US investigators (FBI, maybe NSA) access to their code, but gave it to the Chinese.
they have the version they distribute in china and then they have the world wide version
AFAIK they also take advantage of some loopholes to keep servers in hong kong for quite a bit
@Mikhail not NSA, yes to FBI
NSA/DOD has an audit agreement
8:47 PM
@Mikhail 2 Billion people is a huge market.
FBI does not, and FBI wasn't just asking too look at the source... they wanted MS to make changes to allow hacking
and MS very quickly said NOPE
Not to pick sides, but its pretty funny that when the Chinese asked, they said yes :-)
But did the Chinese ask to backdoor their products?
@Mikhail Chinese paid, just like the NSA did.. and the Chinese only got the china version
if you did business in China you would say yes too.
8:49 PM
In both cases they weren't even allowed to touch keyboard or have unrestricted access
The Chines are in a real position to perform American companies. I think Microsoft is being strategic
@Rick I did some business there, and my friends do business there. You need to protect your IP. We already had some trouble with this (aka unlicensed copy of our instrument). If you have something they don't have, and they can't replicate you can protect your IP. If you give into threats you loose it forever.
I believe MS was in a reasonable position to resist, as many of the threats were long term and would directly impact consumers, but they didn't.
then you organize a coalition and form trade agreements. Amazon Uber and Google are all being challenged on core tech and indications are they are not able to compete.
For small companies, like the ones I work for, the answer is to pay the 30% penalties, or give them usless things when they need to claim the product was indigenously developed.
@Mikhail they are in a reasonable position to make the chinese leadership uneasy, enough that the chinese government is actively developing their own OS to replace windows
8:59 PM
@Mgetz A couple decades from now, there will primarily 3 different internets in the world: China, Russia, rest of the world. Nobody can connect outside of their own bubble.
You're correct about the pressure, but this overstates the Chinese ability to deliver. They've been working on many of these efforts for decades, with little to show. Lastly, if they ever get this stuff straight, they will immediately dump MSFT.
@Mysticial add in a few more: EU, Iran, middle east
@Mikhail well the issue is thus far it's basically a linux clone of XP with poor support
@Mgetz I don't think EU would split from NA that easily.
Iran, Middle East, and North Korea - yes for sure.
@Mysticial then you haven't been playing attention to European regulators, they'd like nothing more than to cut the US out of the EU
I think Russia will get its shit straight when Putin leaves :-)
9:00 PM
@Mikhail lol no
Russia has never fundamentally changed forms of government, the rituals change but there is always a Czar
Just tell them that democracy is for white people, and dictatorship is for Asians. At least that pisses Russian people off :-)
@Mikhail The germans might disagree ;p
This kind of mutual nationalism/isolationism that we're seeing in like half the world (including the US) sounds like it's gonna end in a world war.
We have the opposite of isolationism. I think its a beautiful farce. Today's global elite are quite connected. For example, it ended up that the pro China forced in HK had US citizenship, which let them flee when they took a dump on their country. In the UK, brexit can be viewed as a way to facilitate a tax haven. Not to mention obvious indicators of supply chain connectivity. Nationalism, isolationism, is a hilarious product of the media, and perhaps overall loneliness.
@Mikhail The isolationism hasn't happened in the US. But there's a significant portion of the population that wants it. Just ask any Trump supporter.
I can't watch videos at work.
I'd argue that we have nationalist feelings which are being used towards non-nationalist aims.
@Mikhail What kind of non-nationalist aims?
The Chinese state is centralized and organized and they are guiding their country down a path toward a clear target. They are upgrading their people and institutions. I think we need to get organized like them.
Many nationalist countries, like Russia have substantial capital flight. Their leaders claim to be helping the country but all the wealth leaves. Brexit can be understood as a way to make a tax haven, etc. In the US, things are bit more confused, but I can't keep talking. I need to get back to work
In short, much of the causes of economic inequality could be solved if the US decided to regulate the causes of these problems. But they don't because the global elite, would loose from this.
Chicago is another fun example, where it was easier to import Mexicans than to give blacks jobs
9:20 PM
@Mikhail I've actually been wondering about that. Recently read an article about how all the window washers here are hispanic. Is there something broader I can read about this?
Or do they not exist because it's politically incorrect?
I was about to post an answer with some arguments on why SE should reduce their use of certain Google services like Google Analytics and their CDN. But then I noticed that your arguing based on Project Veritas, which is pretty much an extreme rightwing fraud based on deceptively editing videos to create a specific narrative. You can't build a reasonable argument on a fundamentally dishonest base. — Mad Scientist 15 mins ago
^^ Hahahaha, I wasn't even paying enough attention to notice.
2 hours later…
10:58 PM
So, I grew up in Chicago, and saw the West Loop come out of nowhere. There was a really good article I got from HN, about the effects of globalization, and guest workers on agriculture. In short, wages are so low compared to real money, that its better to actually pay Hispanics more than minimum wage than to deal with the native population. Its not too politically incorrect. Even illegal immigrants are typically paid more than minimum wage, in Chicago.
You can make ~$12 an hour picking strawberries, for example. More if you're good.
Q: GPU Bitonic Sorting is 10 times slower than std::sort

AbbrimaI have an array of structs containing two unsigned integers. I want to sort these according to the first uint using Bitonic Sorting. I implemented this code here which was in directX (I converted it to glsl). everything works however performance is suffering. CPU sorting does this 10 times faste...

this ones for you Mikhail
Fuck, I need to make qt widgets, instead of answering, might come back when I'm finally done with work.
@Mikhail IOW, the native population just didn't want to work for minimum wage.
Not saying anyone does. But if the alternative is no work...
If this country had borders, we could raise wages by refusing to work. As Bernie would say :-)
@Mikhail Yeah, that's a bit of a hard sell.
Somebody is gonna get desperate enough to take the offer to survive.
Which I guess is kind of the point of unions. But unionizing the whole country is probably easier said than done.
11:07 PM
unions don't work if they can replace you, although the french for example have mandated every company have a union (or some other bullshit)
i want to live in an alternative world where andrew yang gets elected president

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