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12:14 AM
Hi Yiz,

Hope all is well. I'm contacting with regards to an UNSW event. It's a free event hosted by computer scientist and sex robot expert Kate Devlin discussing how technological advancements in robotics will affect gender, politics, sexuality and surveillance.
We would like to invite you and your meetup group to attend.

I'm unable to send a link however the event is called 'Turned On:The Rise of Sex Robots' hosted by UNSW. It is on 3 July. Registration is essential as seats are limited.
Someone sent me a message, but when I clicked on it, it's deleted.
Not sure whether it's a joke, a spam or real.
12:28 AM
On an unrelated note, whats a good tool for wireframing Qt GUIs?
@TelKitty Paid? People get paid for this stuff?
12:47 AM
@JerryCoffin Why not? if HavingFun = 9999, GettingPaid = 1, HavingFun + GettingPaid = 10000. 10000 > 9999, so yeah.
1:14 AM
Also what the heck is up with MSVC 2017 build initiation times? Like pressing the build button results in a minute or two lag before compilation starts...
2 hours later…
2:46 AM
Nice! Some code here:
Scalar -> AVX2: 5.49x speedup
Scalar -> AVX512: 10.1x speedup

Clock speeds:
4.3 GHz for scalar and AVX2
4.0 GHz for AVX512
Super-linear from scalar. Slightly sub-linear AVX2 -> AVX512 even after factoring in the clock speed throttle.
All integer code. So the AVX2 has the advantage of being 3-issue while the AVX512 is only 2-issue.
Quite the opposite actually. It's some carry-propagation code - which is hard to vectorize.
The large part of the super-linear scaling is that the scalar version runs out of registers.
It needs like 10 registers just to track all the pointers and the flow control. That doesn't leave much room for computation.
3:03 AM
You didn't get a 5x walltime speedup
@Mikhail I did. 5.49x and 10.1x.
Is your code entirely "carry-propagation"?
Yes, that function is entirely "carry-propagation".
Everything else is irrelevant since that's not what I'm optimizing right now.
One of the sub-applications has an overall 34x speedup going from scalar x87 FPU to AVX512.
Clock speed throttling included (4.3 vs 3.6 GHz).
So clock-for-clock is even greater.
3:12 AM
Now you gotta check if there is a performance regression on the AMD code paths :-)
I also procured a bunch of animals to sacrifice on the solstice, ostensibly for science. Half of them autism, so its "okay".
Here's that 34x example.
This better be porn related
Left: x86 + x87 FPU (no SSE) (4.3 GHz)
Middle: x64 SSE3 (4.3 GHz)
Right: x64 AVX512 (3.6 GHz)
Somebody made fun of me a week ago, for pinning my threads to cores
3 hours later…
6:04 AM
More than 20 years after the inception of big data, has big data achieved anything other than selling more stuff and playing on the stock market (which itself does not create more value)? Has it contributed anything important, such as helping people conquer the universe, maybe an intelligent robot or self piloting spaceship that
is capable of navigating through other galaxies?
Or the big data has primarily been used for the surveillance of people?
6 hours later…
11:35 AM
@Mysticial I'm curious what sort of speedup you'd get if you used AVX 512 features in 256bit mode (or if that's even possible). I'm thinking that if intel or amd implemented at narrower version they could get much the same benefit without the silicon loss issues
11:52 AM
@TelKitty weather prediction
12:18 PM
@TelKitty epidemiology was actually the first use of "big data"
12:34 PM
@Mgetz It would be slightly faster than half speed due to the clock speed throttle.
@Mysticial standard AVX throttled or AVX512 throttle?
@Mgetz AVX vs AVX512.
So 4.0 vs. 3.6 GHz.
ah so I was mostly curious if they did a 256bit implementation of the instructions, basically just not allowing the 512bit versions (assuming there are 256bit prefixes)
The only thing AVX512 has for 512-bit but not 256-bit is the embedded rounding.
hence I'm kinda curious if AMD and intel could just make an AVX3 package that has all of that, allow people to use the instructions and then scale it to 512bits later when process catches up
12:39 PM
Actually hold on, as it's written, it might actually be slower than half speed with 256-bit since it halves the amount of work while keeping the amount of control flow constant.
So you'd need to double up the amount of loop unrolling.
Though I think it's negligible.
The clock speed difference will be more than that.
Yeah alternatively I could see altering things to support 512bit 'operations' without actually having that large of a register file, but I think that would destroy caches
Here's AVX2 (4.0 GHz) vs. AVX512 (3.6 GHz).
@Mysticial how much easier would it be to squeeze out any further perf if you had AVX512 style instructions in the 256bit implementation (assuming no downclock)
12:44 PM
@Mgetz Very easy for that application since I just need to update the intrinsics file.
yeah of course it would be hard to say what that would actually mean for walltimes
AVX2 and AVX512 use the same "mode" and differ only in their intrinsics and vector widths.
The register usage is roughly the same. Neither really needs more than 16 since there's enough parallelism to do horizontal unrolling.
Looking at the intrinsics file, there's probably like 3 of them that are both performance critical and benefit from AVX512 features.
YM_FORCE_INLINE itype isar48(itype x){
    x = _mm256_srli_epi64(x, 48);
    x = _mm256_xor_si256(x, iset(0x8000));
    x = _mm256_sub_epi64(x, iset(0x8000));
    return x;
YM_FORCE_INLINE itype isar48(itype x){
    return _mm512_srai_epi64(x, 48);
YM_FORCE_INLINE ftype mul2_if_mask(ftype x, itype p, itype MASK){
    p = iand(p, MASK);
    p = _mm256_cmpeq_epi64(p, MASK);

    ftype a = _mm256_castsi256_pd(p);
    a = _mm256_and_pd(a, x);
    x = fadd(x, a);
    return x;
YM_FORCE_INLINE ftype mul2_if_mask(ftype x, itype p, itype MASK){
    __mmask8 m = _mm512_test_epi64_mask(p, MASK);
    return _mm512_mask_add_pd(x, m, x, x);
YM_FORCE_INLINE ftype convert_itype_to_ftype(itype x){
    const ftype MASK52 = fset(6755399441055744.);
    x = iadd(x, _mm256_castpd_si256(MASK52));
    return fsub(_mm256_castsi256_pd(x), MASK52);
YM_FORCE_INLINE ftype convert_itype_to_ftype(itype x){
    return _mm512_cvtepu64_pd(x);
1:05 PM
lol, that last one/pair isn't used anymore. So that doesn't count.
the point stands, you're converting common ops that take ~3 instructions currently and converting them to usually ~1
mul2_if_mask is actually very performance critical, so I was wondering why I'm not seeing more of a difference between AVX2 and AVX512.
@Mgetz depends on how many cycles that instruction takes (latency and throughput)
AVX2 can 3 issue integer SIMD, AVX512 can only 2-issue.
The code is mostly floating-point, but mul2_if_mask() is one of the exceptions and differs only in the # of integer ops.
@ratchetfreak Yeah, I'm aware of that
1:09 PM
Likewise, the isar48 arithmetic-right-shift also differs in only the # of ALU instructions - which take up otherwise idle issue slots in AVX2.
1:29 PM
I like this solution, I don't strictly need to use vectors, they are just quicker to std::move() than strings due to SSO. — vddox 31 mins ago
1:45 PM
@Morwenn did howard's time library ever make it to TS?
nevermind found it, the answer is merged to standard
2:10 PM
3 hours later…
5:00 PM
Anyone know if this will make it into C++20?
oh, i guess it did xD
5:56 PM
@Borgleader Twice that's happened today XD
2 hours later…
8:19 PM
I keep having these weird urges to improve C++. For example, enum classes don't really need their enum class prefix...
`settings.ml_transform = ml_transform_kind::onnx_file;`
could be
`settings.ml_transform = onnx_file;`
Let's extend ADL and make it so that Foo::i = bar; also looks up Foo::bar.
UFCS when?
When you switch to D and can write gems like 42..sqrt();.
^this but unironically
9:15 PM
@nwp You lost me at "extend ADL".
1 hour later…
10:37 PM
@Mgetz Hmm?
11:16 PM
@Borgleader Popcorn:
Q: Do we allow religious invocations in questions/answers?

Kuba OberI'm referring to this question (now deleted, so visible to 10K users only). The question began thus: In The Name Of God. I want enable other Qlineedit in my program with write "abc" in another Qlineedit in my program. Do religious invocations stay, or should they be edited out? I ask becau...

@Mysticial oh boy...

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