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12:00 AM
I can't screenshot while I'm work, but the 4 are:
Reinstate Monica Hat: Hat with a the reinstate Monica message - (no suggested actions to earn it)
Monica's Coffee Mug: A mug with reinstate Monica on it - Leave a comment containing the word "reinstate" on an employee's post.
Multiverse hat: A hat with yellow wings - Contribute to a post that's old enough to have been covered by 3 different versions of the CC license.
meh cap: Blat had with "meh" next to the SE logo - Earn the hat on sites where you have at least 2k rep, by not posting comments or answers for 15 consecutive days.
6, 19, 47, 111 net votes respectively
Oh here they are:
A: Winterbash 2019 - is it happening this year?

Mari-Lou A Winterbash 2019 - is it happening this year? My money is on “Yes" judging by Tinkeringbell's comment below We have deleted several (sometimes rude/passive aggressive) attempts at dragging current events into an event that's supposed to be all about fun. While we understand everyone's fru...

12:23 AM
@JerryCoffin I had one question that no one knows the answer, and it got closed because "it's unclear". It's fairly clear - that no one who saw the question knows the answer. IMHO that's what's killing the site - there are whole bunch of reason why a question is put on hold or closed, and it's not because it's unclear.
Because people are lazy, instead of making the question better, close it or put it on hold is much easier.
@TelKitty ...and, of course, there's almost nobody who'll bother to answer questions any more, because they've driven away nearly everybody who's actually competent, and left the few who can so disheartened and disillusioned they rarely bother.
@Mysticial So what do you think? Will this be judged "unclear", or "too broad"?
12:42 AM
@JerryCoffin no idea
@Mysticial How dare you let complete lack of information stop you from taking a while guess (and stating it as a proven fact)? If you don't fix this problem, you'll soon become something dull and boring (e.g., an engineer).
@JerryCoffin I have a guess. But it violates the CoC.
You want know some thing interesting? I am going to visit country property today and there are bushfire around, if you don't hear me in the next 48 hours, assume there is an extra roasted piglet somewhere ~_~
Probably controlled burning though.
1:27 AM
@Mysticial I guess that's not exactly a big surprise.
1:50 AM
I'm in the 10k club now. I was requiring ~10 rep yesterday but with the rep changes, I'm currently almost in 11k club!
I just went from 19K to 29K.
Nice :D
you're a trusted user
I wouldn't say that.
1:54 AM
it's in the privileges thought
Monica was a 'trusted' user as well ...
what would suck is if with those changes they change again the privileges milestone
I also finished some part of the ui I designed to deploy docker services semi-automatically
Feels good when at the end of the day, some things got accomplished
2:44 AM
@Mysticial I just gaine like 540 rep I think?
pretty sure I have at 14170 earlier today and now im at 14710
maybe my mind is playing tricks on me
@Borgleader depends if you ask many questions, the rep changes impact on question asker so more question asked = more rep gained probably
I asked very few
14 questions vs 222 answers
speaking of which i think im only a few answers shy of c++ gold badge, i should stop being lazy xD
5 hours later…
7:26 AM
@Borgleader How would you characterize a ratio of 3 questions to 8542 answers?
2 hours later…
9:41 AM
The reputation graph uses the old computation, so I know I went from 7314 to 8056.
Also Jerry has more answers than I have rep. Crazy.
9:59 AM
@JerryCoffin thats an excellent ratio
10:11 AM
[signal = action_data.signal, this] { (this->*signal)(); } I'm writing glorious code again. I should probably go home and sleep instead.
10:21 AM
Wtf is that
signal is a Qt signal, in this case a void (Widget::*)();. And function pointer syntax is just insane.
Maybe I should have said "a lambda".
2 hours later…
12:34 PM
Do you know how good MSVC++'s static analyzer on Windows compared to other analyzers?
Probably should use invoke
doesn't the old-school string-based connection syntax still work?
Why would you want that?
Also I don't think that works with lambdas.
it lets you avoid the member-function-pointer syntax
And disables autocomplete and makes typos a runtime error. I avoid it as much as I can.
But yeah, repeating the class name is indeed annoying.
12:52 PM
also there is a connect for pointer to member function. So this should work: connect(sender, Sender::muhSignal, this, action_data.signal);
Oh, true, don't even need the lambda. Nice, it looks a little bit less terrible now.
with the added bonus that the execution of the slot is now guaranteed to be in the thread of this
1:29 PM
@Mysticial I didn't realize the intel Jcc bug was this bad
1 hour later…
3:01 PM
Sorry for the pings but @Mysticial y-cruncher got used in a review again probably wrong (again)
3:41 PM
@Mgetz wrong?
how so?
@Mysticial IIRC you had a standing complaint of reviewers mis-using y-cruncher
Oh. Anandtech does it right.
that's good at least
I know Ian. And he's using a sufficiently up-to-date version and lists the version.
thoughts on the results and on the intel stuff?
3:45 PM
Still going through the article.
The y-cruncher runs look a bit slow on Intel. My guess is that the stock memory bandwidth is really holding it back.
Actually no. The single-threaded runs also look a bit slow. Maybe the AVX512 offset is absolutely massive?
@Mysticial my guess is that's probably true for both. I'd have to double check their bench setup though
Ryzen 3 really likes memory running at 3800
yep Corsair Vengeance RGB 4x8 GB DDR4-3200
All machines are running at stock. So it's probably running at 2133?
they shot themselves in the foot there, they should have gone for 2x16 at 3800 if possible
> As per our processor testing policy, we take a premium category motherboard suitable for the socket, and equip the system with a suitable amount of memory running at the manufacturer's maximum supported frequency.
3200 is still gonna hold it back.
Yeah I think they are being held back by FCLK and ram
3:50 PM
Anything less than like 6000 is gonna hole it back.
well you realistically need to be at maximum possible FCLK
and right now that's stable at 3800 last I checked
Mesh clock on Intel does matter a lot. But it's been a long time since I've done the analysis and the program has changed quite a bit since then.
well Ryzen 3 uses FCLK for infinity fabric clocks, so if FCLK is slow then the chip has slow interconnect
if your memory is over 266Mhz slower than the FCLK then it apparently can under the right circumstances make sense to de-sync them
I'll pick up the 3950X on launch day (assuming they don't sell out).
But I'm not gonna have capable memory for it probably until December.
No signs that G.Skill's 32GB RGB DIMMs are hitting the market yet. Though they do say Q4.
@Mysticial well getting capable memory at the size you want and a speed that will make FCLK happy is going to be a major struggle
3:54 PM
@Mgetz I don't realistically expect to go beyond 3200.
@Mysticial see above, you might actually be better off slower if the UCLK speed can gain enough delta
but it's a weird thing
I'm not gonna know until I get the hardware.
I don't even know how bad the memory bottleneck is going to be yet.
pretty much, Ryzen 3 memory overclocking is rather curiously complicated
And if it's gonna be worse than Intel.
3:56 PM
Come to think of it, the Intel HEDT's should be killing the 3950X much more than they currently are for the multi-threaded test.
Maybe the test is too small and too short.
no idea he might be memory limited in that setup
It's 2 vs. 4 channels. Intel should be winning hands down.
I think the test is just too small.
aka used incorrectly ;)
4:36 PM
A: Why is SE removing links and community ads about legal issues?

Juan MThis has taken a legal turn and we want to be as transparent as we can. Under guidance from our legal team, we are not able to respond to anything regarding Monica's situation. We will not be answering any questions or comments about that going forward. Starting today, also under direction from ...

^^ /cc @JerryCoffin Not that it's a surprise to anybody.
4:48 PM
A: Why is SE removing links and community ads about legal issues?

James JenkinsIt might be easier to hire new management than to get a new community of volunteers.

^^ ooooh... that's a burn...
1 hour later…
5:50 PM
@Mysticial how much ram are you planning on putting on that 3950X?
ah ok so chipmax
@Mysticial No, not really. The only question is how much is really on advice of their legal department, and how much an excuse to justify avoiding contact with those pesky users.
@Mysticial This makes me feel old. I've worked on systems where an unqualified "128" meant anywhere from 128 bytes to 128 gigabytes (and in one case, it wouldn't really have been a stretch for it to actually mean 128 terabytes).
@JerryCoffin Wondering if I should pull a CoC violation joke about assuming suffixes.
6:02 PM
@Mysticial No need yet--but if a memory stick starts to develop intelligence, we might need to worry about how they feel. :-)
@Mysticial going to ask you not to for purely selfish reasons, I enjoy chatting with you
@Mgetz no problem. I would've just did it I had no chance to offend anybody.
@JerryCoffin In this case, the differences are much more perverse. Because each successive suffix is 1024x better than the previous.
It's like a class/caste system, but on steroids.
Then you have the issue of binary vs. decimal. GB vs. GiB and the way they are used interchangeably. It's like all GB's are created equal, but some are more equal than others.
sorry for wrong channel, my bad
@ggg we can move it, it's not a problem
I joined the other channel :) thanks
6:55 PM
@Mysticial That one, however, is easily curable: ignore the GiB (and its brethren) as the misguided nonsense it is.
has anyone started seeing
"pronouns: followed by a list of acceptable pronouns to use",
in emails recently or is this just me?
@Rick wut
Never seen it.
I got an email recently right by the name portion where you usually see best
wishes etc..
right before that, I saw
Pronouns: followed by the pronouns they want to be addressed with
I thought it was strange, only because I had never seen it before and it didn't really seem like it was necessary
@Rick My immediate reaction would be: "So long, and thanks for all the fish!"
lol, I don't know, it would have been funny to say, but probably not worth it
7:06 PM
On the other hand, that's probably somewhat hypocritical of me, given that I do list my preferred pronoun in my user profile here on SO.
do you I've got to check this out
Looking, I no longer do. They seem to have rolled back my edits and restored my profile to what it was a year ago or so.
@JerryCoffin w/e at least they're being clear and upfront rather than getting offended later
@JerryCoffin what?
Were your pronouns offensive or something?
I am assuming they were
7:09 PM
@Mysticial I can't imagine how "His majesty the infallible genius" would offend anybody.
@JerryCoffin You really put that in there and it got rolled back?
No mod message and warning?
@Mysticial I really put that in there, and it doesn't seem to be there any more. And no, I didn't have a clue until I looked just now.
@Mysticial So much for "your user profile is your own..."
@JerryCoffin that is very clearly no longer true
7:12 PM
Either SE has some script somewhere that scans profiles for that stuff. Or someone else does and going on a flagging spree.
@Mysticial according to the CMs it's manual for the most part
Seeing as how Jerry isn't active on meta, the only way someone involved would've found it would be by script.
IOW, it's possible some SJW script-kiddie is doing this.
Well, for what little it's worth, I've updated it again.
Was that star removal by one of us? Not me.
Nor I.
7:15 PM
Coincidental timing with that flag.
it doesn't even seem offensive, but I can see a script scanning for the word pronoun.
@Mysticial The question is, who did it? No mods showing up in the side board.
Can't remove stars from the transcript.
@Mysticial I considered it but didn't
because I have bigger fish to fry
What star removal?
7:17 PM
I mean, I guess "son of a bitch" might seem offensive to some, but it was addressed to me, and certainly didn't bother me in the least.
FYI: Somebody flagged it as offensive, I marked the flag "valid"
@JennaSloan Hey look, somebody else from the great white north.
@JerryCoffin no just employees before meagar joined ;)
@meagar How can anybody who hasn't met or seen a picture of my mother be offended?
Can't we just leave stars to the Sneeches?
7:24 PM
@JerryCoffin What do you mean?
@JennaSloan Profile mentions North Dakota.
@JerryCoffin funny enough, when I was younger and working in circuit city parttime a WW2 vet came in with an O2 tank, came up to me made some jokes, then looked at my name tag and said: "[first 2 letters of name]son of a bitch". then started laughing, it was funny.
@JennaSloan So great white north.
@Rick "R I Son of a bitch"?
@JerryCoffin I thought Canada is the Great White North?
7:27 PM
@JennaSloan I think he's referring to North Dakota's alternative name: southern Saskatchewan
@JerryCoffin I think it works with anything
@JennaSloan It is. North Dakota is secretly part of Canada. As is northern South Dakota.
@JerryCoffin Other way around. Canada is secretly part of the US. :P:P:P
@Mysticial waiting for this to get flagged... with a soory
7:29 PM
That explains why the people in Iceland thought we were from Canada.
@Mysticial Nah--they may secretly want to be though.
@Mgetz I learned that the US annexed Canada when I showed up to the international terminal to fly to Vancouver and they told me to go to the domestic terminal.
@JennaSloan I have known folks to use this to make travel easier and just never correct the assumption
@Mysticial Yes but did you go through customs in vancouver?
@Mysticial Actually, we were both secretly annexed by San Marino.
@Mgetz I don't remember. That was years ago.
7:31 PM
@JerryCoffin I think British and Canadians have a hard-on for the states, never really understood it. Australians don't seem to care.
@JerryCoffin they over threw us with the squad of archers?
There was a person in Washington D.C. that thought North Dakota is part of Canada
@Mgetz Mostly San Marino was sick of being the smallest country on earth. Having annexed both the US and Canada, they're now secretly the largest.
@JennaSloan Probably quite a few of them, though it may be only one actually publicized their ignorance.
@JennaSloan IIRC the state has considered changing the name to remove 'North'
@JennaSloan that does seem weird anyone would think that.
Canada has weird names for their state, Regina Alberta etc...
7:38 PM
@Mgetz All sorts of things have been considered at times. There was once an official proposal to split South Dakota in half. It was proposed by a (then) powerful senator from the western half of the state, so (at least for a long time) it wasn't officially killed, just indefinitely "tabled". Was in reaction to said senator being disgusted about eastern half of state dominating politics, so (among other things) the proposed state motto was "do what you damned well please".
Brunswick, Manitoba, Saskatchewan they sound like were named after bevers
Canada is politically unstable right now. Don Cherry just got the axe from Hockey Night In Canada. Expect major bloodshed over the coming weeks and a 5 minute major for fighting.
@JerryCoffin Imagine splitting up California into 20 states gerrymandered to all be blue.
@Rick Not to mention claiming to have "territories" and "provinces" rather than "states".
IIRC, when looking at some of the proposals to split California up, it's pretty clear which maps are drawn by which party.
7:40 PM
@JerryCoffin yeah, very provincial like the queen must send them blessings or something.
@user4581301 their politics are tame compared to ours by wide margins.
@Mysticial I would expect. Unusually enough, in this case it would probably the Democratic-drawn ones that were obviously gerrymandered (oh look, the Bay Area is now 7 states, and Los Angeles is split between 10).
@JerryCoffin There's one Republication-drawn one (at least that's what it looks like), that cuts a portion that's basically just the coast from SFBA to LA and nothing else. The moment you go inland just a bit, it's a different state.
@user4581301 Who would ever think hockey could lead to fights or bloodshed? Oh wait...
Even for that one, there's only like 1 new state that's solidly Republication. The remaining 4 (excluding the coast with SFBA+LA) are swing states.
@Mysticial Other than joining SFBA and LA together, that's actually semi-reasonable. Once you get as far inland as (say) the central valley, the question is whether it's a different state, or a different country...
7:46 PM
@user4581301 Didn't Andrew Scheer whisper his entire campaign, that guy was hilarious.
@Mysticial Hmm....just glancing at a map:
Though each undoubtedly has (relatively speaking) a small (tiny?) population, there are clearly at least two, and possibly three geographic areas that are at least fairly solidly red.
@JerryCoffin I think I remembered wrong. It was this one. Just 3 states:
@Mysticial That's giving a 404.
@Mysticial but those other parts are super rural, of 39,557,045 people – 837,437 living in rural California
7:53 PM
@Mysticial politically that does make more sense FWIW
That would make no sense
in my opinion
Rick, trust me. I know. Je suis canadien. Sheer's an interesting fellow. Not a moron, but sounded like one far too often to be successful. As a card-carrying, dues-paying Progressive Conservative until the death of the party, I'm not really a fan of the Conservative party these days. Kind of trapped between parties. I like a stable economy without all the stupid. Regardless of race, religion, or creed, Stupid is the real enemy of mankind.
Nor-cal and So-cal are the swing states that Republicans can win. All the heavily Democratic areas are shoved into "California" with both SFBA and LA.
you guys are just haters, Chicago, and texas.
wait, wrong map
That one puts SFBA in Nor-Cal. There's another one that puts SFBA in the coast state.
Can't find it. But I specifically remember one that put SFBA and LA in the same state with the purpose of isolating all the heavily Democratic areas.
7:56 PM
@Mgetz you know what state should be split, Texas.
Maybe this one?
Very carefully drawn to carve out all the Democratic-leaning areas.
@Mysticial Yeah--if anything, that looks like a (fairly mild) Democratically-leaning gerrymander. Basically, SFBA dominates northern, LA obviously dominates California, and San Diego would dominate southern--and all the red areas are split more or less down the middle.
@Mysticial That certainly seems to fit your original description much more closely.
@JerryCoffin So my memory merged different parts of different maps.
This was the 6-way divide that I recall.
8:02 PM
well I think Orange Country might dominate economically
It gives 2 solidly Republican states.
Not immediately obvious which party drew it. But it looks like it favors the Democrats simply because San Francisco itself is in North-Cal while the rest of the peninsula is in Silicon Valley. If SF was in Silicon Valley, then Nor-Cal would be a swing state.
@Mysticial this map seems like it would be the definition of gerrymandering.
@Rick By which party though?
There are better ways to gerrymander California for ether party than that.
@Mysticial There are like three people who live in Central California, and they are only there to grow food for the coastal cities.
8:11 PM
Thinking too small. Go the other direction. Screw states. and go with a whole new West of the Rockies country? Alaska straight down through Panama. One atomic economic unit.
@Mysticial At first glance, it actually looks like a semi-reasonable split. It probably favors Democrats somewhat, but not to an outrageous degree (and given how heavily Democratic California really is, almost anything you do is likely to favor it to at least some degree).
Call it the Pacific Union. Run trains up and down it.
@Rick At the risk of offensive stereotyping: 3 citizens. The rest are either "immigrants" or "illegals" depending on which side of the political spectrum you're on. lol
@user4581301 ..and watch the trains lose money hand over fist. Population density is way too low through most of that area for trains to make sense at all.
Anybody else seeing Stack Overflow offline?
@user4581301 it sorta already is split like that. The western part of the US is not very habitable. East Coast is a juggernaut concerning population density. But for some reason, they underperform economically.
8:15 PM
@JerryCoffin yep
@JerryCoffin LA to SF might make sense... but only if it was fast enough
and had enough stops to make commuting to either viable
@Mgetz Flying between LA and SF is like an hour. You spend more time at the airport than that. So a high speed train doesn't need to be that fast to be economically competitive.
@Mgetz Maybe. There are already trains, and I guess they do sort of well. They've been working on upgrading tracks to improve speed, but not gotten very far (but they have spent a whole lot of money on it).
@Mysticial True but California has always been like that, it's the nature of the state. I don't think it can be easily changed. Unless east coasters want to work for lower wages
@Mgetz Therein lies the problem. More stops -> slower.
@Rick Methinks you exaggerate a bit. The central valley actually has a population of about 12 million, so if it were a state of its own, it would be around the seventh largest (by population) in the US. Furthermore, Illinois and Pennsylvania are each in the 12.x million range, and the central valley is the fastest growing part of California, so within a fairly short time, it would probably be in the top five.
8:24 PM
@JerryCoffin There is always a balance, Honestly if they did commuter to hubs and then high speed north and south from there it would potentially be worth it. But fixing zoning would be a better choice
SF needs to go up
it can't really go out any more
@JerryCoffin That's why I "corrected" him. There's a lot of people in the Central Valley. But only like 3 of them can legally vote. :P
@Mysticial The 12 million is only the official population though... :-)
@JerryCoffin legally the non-citizens still have to be counted.. even though those voting are usually voting against their interests
@Mgetz Hasn't been able to for decades.
@JerryCoffin NIMBY is a major issue. I get wanting to keep the feel of the city, but they need housing bad. To the point if I was the city I'd consider a public intervention in the same way singapore did
8:27 PM
Problem is, that people who already live there mostly don't want to fix zoning. Almost regardless of political leaning, everybody agrees there should be more affordable housing, but NIMBY.
@JerryCoffin How does Chicago and NY manage to grow "up", but SF can't?
@Mysticial NIMBY
also the zoning laws in SF are seriously racist
@Mgetz racist against who?
@Mysticial blacks originally, they forbid a lot of the live/work arrangements that were common in the black community in the 1950s an 1960s they also give neighbors a lot of power over what you can and cannot do
@Mysticial A lot of it is that SF is so constrained. No matter where you build a high-rise, it's going to be fairly close to people who don't want it near them.
8:29 PM
at this point the city would pretty much have to use eminent domain to make anything happen
@JerryCoffin ah
Oh, I think we also forgot one thing important: Earthquakes
Actually, that shouldn't matter.
@JerryCoffin Wikipedia says 6.5 million, but it will continue to grow, populations around the world will continue to grow for the next 50 years. But the State has limited resources, and we also absorb more and more people who want to come here from other states.
@Mysticial Chicago has enough space that you can build high-rises downtown (and obviously many have) but people who want suburban life can be miles away from it.
@Mysticial in general high rises are safer if the foundations are correct
If you can put Tokyo in the middle of an earthquake area, you can definitely build SF in one.
> if the foundations are correct
301 Mission Street is a development in the South of Market district of downtown San Francisco. A mixed-use, primarily residential development, it is the tallest residential building in San Francisco. The blue-gray glass, late-modernist buildings are bounded by Mission, Fremont, and Beale Streets, and the north end of the Transbay Transit Center site.Opened to residents on April 23, 2009, 301 Mission includes two buildings: a 12-story tower located on the northeast of the property, and Millennium Tower, a 58-story, 645-foot-tall (197 m) condominium skyscraper. In total, the project has 419 residential...
8:31 PM
@Mysticial Drives up prices, but not otherwise a problem. SF does already have some pretty tall buildings. I think the difficulties are mostly political, not technical.
@Mgetz That's definitely true. I recall that the inertia of a high-rise will counter a lot of the movement that would normally destroy a building.
As long as the earthquake doesn't involve shifting the ground horizontally in one direction by a large amount in a very short amount of time.
The Citigroup Center (formerly Citicorp Center and also known by its address, 601 Lexington Avenue) is an office tower in New York City, located at 53rd Street between Lexington Avenue and Third Avenue in midtown Manhattan. It was built in 1977 to house the headquarters of Citibank. It is 915 feet (279 m) tall, and has 59 floors with 1.3 million square feet (120,000 m²) of office space. The building is one of the most distinctive and imposing in New York's skyline, thanks to a 45° angled top and a unique stilt-style base. It was designed by architect Hugh Stubbins and structural engineer William...
I'll do you one better
@Mysticial people in Tokyo live on top of each other. I would rather not live like that.
@Mgetz nice
@Rick well it's that or live so far out that you can't make it to work
8:41 PM
@Mgetz It's a ridiculous choice, these other states don't build infrastructure. If there were infrastructure and responsible governance people wouldn't need to come to the cities for jobs.
@Rick umm tell that to the employers?
agriculture isn't going to sustain the majority of people for employment?
@Rick It's a problem that feeds itself. When you make the transportation better, you add the ability to squeeze more people into a small amount of space until the density increases enough that the transportation is the bottleneck again.
The cycle may take decades to unfold though.
The train thing was a gag. There is a railroad company called Pacific Union. The trick with high-speed rail is not stopping. It's only useful to connect large urban areas and ignoring everything between. There needs to be a serious realignment of people's relationship with cars before high-speed rail gets profitable.
Same with the computer memory bottleneck.
@user4581301 well this is going to sound weird: but we need to stop building highways
high ways encourage people to live further out and discourage sustainable development
8:46 PM
People keep ignoring the economic benefits of earthquakes. Tonnes of money goes into detection and mitigation of damage and after the quake, loads more to be made rebuilding. No one wants to die in one, but when you look at the numbers, people are seriously over-filled market.
@user4581301 you could say the same thing about wars... they seriously help out the job market afterwards for the victor
@Mgetz most of the rural states don't have reliable internet, and they are not welcoming to tech companies or renewable energy companies, or anything new. There is also a drug problem. Everything works in California, a strong central authority that manages the state well.
@Rick blame comcast? But honestly it's also a recruitment issue, people don't want to live in madison Wisconsin. I know I've declined to even interview for jobs there despite the cost of living being so good
I beg to differ, where I am (definitely rural area), I have full reception with the right network.
@Mgetz Not weird at all. That's part of the realignment. If it's easy to drive, people drive. People want easy. They don't want to walk to a bus, bus to the train, train to downtown, bus/walk to the office. If we have more people-hours lost to getting to and from work, there should be more room for people to work. Probably won't work out that way. Robots were suppposed tio free people up from working and give them time for building a better future. That didn't happen.
8:51 PM
@user4581301 welcome to capitalism, home of the wage slave
There's a reason why I live in a high-rise in the middle of the city. It's a 5 min. walk to work and I hate commuting.
@Mysticial if my parents weren't nearby I probably would too, although it's a lot more expensive down there
Bushfire cloud (actual fire quite far away - more than 10km)
Also slightly added security since there's a 24/7 doorman. So it's not that easy for someone to break in. And if someone does, there's plenty of other (richer) units they can rob.
8:54 PM
Things always look simple when you just look at the money and ignore everything else. The USA's glory years were glorious mostly because everyone else in the competition had been bombed to bits. After 70 years of relative peace, things are evening out.
@user4581301 not just that but a lot of favorable conditions as well as stronger unions. But when the conditions shifted the unions faded
What the unions needed to start doing back in the 80s was unionize other countries. North America had it pretty good, but you can't have a strong union when folks are willing to buy cheaper stuff made by cheaper workers in cheaper countries. It's always struck me as kinda short sighted. If you don't buy from your neighbours, eventually they can't afford to buy from you. Then what?
Mind you, trying to unionize a totalitarian state's not going to go over all that well.
What looks like a fox died in what looks like a wombat barrow.
Maybe the same predator that stole my pet chickens.
9:12 PM
@user4581301 I suspect that unions actually suffer from being a bit too democratic. Union leaders have to constantly push for everything they can get, because if they "leave any money on the table", the deal might be rejected, and they'll probably be removed as leaders. They had to make a deal that nobody could complain about, so most short-sighted in the group ended up dominating.
I have heard that wombat can be vicious, even though it's a herbivore. I have seen 2 severed legs on the farmlet. Both from animal(s) too big to be the prey for foxes.
@TelKitty Vicious enough to put people in the hospital on a fairly regular basis, anyway.
9:46 PM
@JerryCoffin I saw the wombat a couple of times, not sure it's the same one. It runs pretty fast, I was surprised. Fast and furious, despite being a herbivore.
It would run like a wild boar, although it has shorter legs and being rounder.
I swear that wombat is at least 20-30kgs.
The wombat was around this morning, together with kangaroo(s) and a few hares on neighbour's property.
10:02 PM
@TelKitty I s'pose (being an herbivore) that its teeth are probably pretty blunt, but from the pictures I've seen they have some pretty serious looking claws.
Actually now I am not sure whether it's a wombat burrow or a fox burrow. I assumed that it's a wombat burrow because I have seen wombat(s) but never seen a live fox on the property. It could be that foxes are more elusive.
@Rick Oops--I accidentally grabbed the wrong number (6.5 million people, 12 metropolitan areas). That moves it down the list to #17 instead of #7, but still not exactly tiny.
For all I hear about foxes being crafty, I have never seen one in a macrame vest or working with paper mache.
There are a lot of big holes near the (now dry) creek.
@TelKitty At least where I've lived, nearly the only times I've seen foxes has been late twilight, when you're almost uncertain whether you even saw them or not.
@user4581301 Foxes are more into homemade soap and paw-dipped candles.
10:15 PM
That's when the kangaroos and wombats would be around - early morning or late evening.
10:55 PM
The foxes better keep that soap away from the coyotes. I can totally see the mangy buggers ruining the landscape with soap-bombs while trying to take out roadrunners.
11:11 PM
@JerryCoffin Apparently SE is busy removing links to Monica's GoFundMe page from both posts and user profiles. So it might take a bit longer for them to "fix" your profile again.
11:28 PM
@Mysticial Well see what happens. They'd also changed it back to my former employer (which I also updated), so when/if something happens, it'll be interesting to see whether they edit, or just roll back to the former version.

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