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12:00 AM
This last winter was bad enough where the routine every day after work was:
1. Cleaning humidifiers.
2. Replacing towels.
3. Drying towels in the dryer.

At some point, I realized that all the humidifier water was just going in the dryer. So I tried just air-drying them to dump the moisture back in the air. But that required so many towels that it was impractical. I didn't have a way to hang that many towels up anyway.
@Rick I haven't thought too much about insulating the frames until recently.
call up a contractor pay him 300 or however much it is to do it right. Instead of needlessly worrying about it.
@Rick Not sure about his, but most aluminium frames are just anodized, not painted at all.
I literally spent more time cleaning humidifiers than shitting last year. Also, you can multi-task while shitting since your hands aren't doing anything.
@Mysticial Anymore, if it weren't for the bathroom, I'd hardly get to read at all.
you are right anodized is the correct term
12:06 AM
@JerryCoffin Same with my Nintendo DS. It only gets used in the plane or on the toilet.
@Rick Big point is: anodizing protects against corrosion, but has virtually no effect on insulation value at all.
Though I won't be able to do that for the Nintendo Switch - which is what the new Pokemon will be on.
@JerryCoffin "The pores created by acidic anodizing on aluminum can easily absorb dyes. Colored dyes are often used on heat sinks for cosmetic and marketing purposes. The color of anodization has no impact on radiation heat transfer. A clear anodized surface has the same emissive characteristics as a black anodized surface" you are right. You need a special type of window frame called "broken Aluminium"
Mystical if you want me to break your window frames, I'll be more than happy to do it free of charge : - )
I count 18 windows + the balcony door. Definitely gonna need to experiment with one or two before deploying to the rest.
@JerryCoffin What type of humidifier was it? Boiler? Ultrasonic? Or forced-air evaporative?
12:24 AM
@Mysticial I don't remember for sure, but forced-air evaporative seems like it would make the most sense, since it was attached to the forced air for the furnace.
ah. Did it use filters?
@Mysticial Seems like it had a water filter, but not air filters (but keep in mind: the air it dealt with was already filtered by the furnace filter).
that's weird
The hard water has to go somewhere.
@Mysticial Going from memory, it did have both an input for clean water, and a drain pipe, so I assumed it used something like reverse osmosis to filter the water, but as I said, it was pretty trouble-free so I rarely had to pay very close attention.
so are we doing class::class(int i ):i(i) or class::class:i{i} nowadays?
12:30 AM
@CaptainGiraffe Yes.
@JerryCoffin ooooh... a drain pipe. interesting
That's where it would've dumped the hard water.
@Mysticial Oh, except that there wasn't any. Colorado Springs water supply is almost ridiculously pure. To sell water as "purified", you needed dissolved solids of less than 200 ppm. To sell as "distilled", less than 50 ppm. And COS water, straight from the tap? At least in that part of town, with nice, fresh plumbing all the way? About 20 ppm.
@JerryCoffin You are always so helpful Jerry. Should I teach {} or () or //= or :=?
@CaptainGiraffe I would like to know the answer to this as well
12:38 AM
@Mysticial The dad of a friend of mine used to own and service machines in supermarkets (and such) where you could get filtered water. One chain in COS wanted him to install machines there, and he refused because he considered it theft. Their real market was towns along the Arkansas river, where municipal water supplies were so bad their water bills were required (by federal law) to carry a warning against using that water for pregnant women, small babies, some types of live stock, etc.
@CaptainGiraffe I'd say {} most of the time. It's not nearly the "universal" initialization that was once claimed, but the protection against narrowing conversions is still useful.
@JerryCoffin Yes, but in the constructor case isn't it useless?
@JerryCoffin lol
I apologize for asking c++ stuff in here.
@CaptainGiraffe you shall never be forgiven
@CaptainGiraffe Hm...doesn't seem like it'd be entirely useless. Should protect against a mismatch between the type of the member and the type of the ctor parameter.
12:44 AM
@JerryCoffin The class writer would have to be an idiot.
@Mysticial One of those that I'm never quite sure whether to laugh or cry (or maybe get a little pissed). I usually give up on those, and just have a drink.
@CaptainGiraffe ...or human.
@JerryCoffin That would qualify.
@CaptainGiraffe Not all of us can have the towering intellect of giraffes!
@JerryCoffin I really hate how you see these puns so easily.
@Rick Just think of how glad you are that you don't have to work with me.
12:51 AM
@JerryCoffin We all stand on the shoulders of giants. 7 vertebrae at a time.
@CaptainGiraffe Just don't show any pictures of standing on the shoulders of (female) giants to children, or they'll start asking their parents awkward questions...
@JerryCoffin That was way before facebook, the only evidence is a poorly taken polaroid.
@CaptainGiraffe Rather the contrary...
@Rick This is no laughing matter. The penis in that picture is not mine!
You could say they were getting a leg up on the competition.
or in this case two legs up on the competition.
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2:15 AM
A documentary inadvertently revealed details of rape without their consent. - violated twice, once physically, once mentally.
A Manly apartment building tenant has won her appeal against paying $120,000 in defamation damages to a fellow resident who claimed her email implied he was a "small-minded busybody".
Today, I have learnt a new insulting phrase: 'a small-minded busybody'
2:35 AM
A few people messaged me on the phone because of safety concern due to New South Wales fire, I am touched :') Neither me or any of our properties are near where fires are at the moment though.
4 hours later…
6:37 AM
@CaptainGiraffe Also don't forget to make the constructor explicit godbolt.org/z/FQEHrd
1 hour later…
7:43 AM
@Dexter Nope, had more pressing things to do :x
like watching this :
1 hour later…
9:06 AM
I don't need to figure out the code posted, just have to know what responds to what, starting from those wires could possibly work, maybe.
1 hour later…
10:31 AM
Such a hard life for Amazon CEO, on the left you got Trump, on the right you got new wealth tax.
Just gonna stand there and watch you burn
But that's alright, because Mik like the way it hurts
Just gonna stand there and hear you cry
But that's alright, because Mik love the way you lie
IMHO, there is nothing wrong for people to become richer if they are also creating value and driving society forward. But capitalist society should not encourage super rich to become richer without continuously contributing to the human society.
This channel is really trying talking down the economy, lol.
11:04 AM
3 hours later…
1:37 PM
inline void  PS2X::CLK_CLR(void) {
  register uint8_t old_sreg = SREG;
  *_clk_oreg &= ~_clk_mask;
  SREG = old_sreg;
Oo, such beautiful code ...
looks like normal microcontroller code to me
It is, but how often do you use something like '&= ~'?
Nearly every time you clear bitflags.
Of course C++ programmers do that every day ~yeah right~
2:16 PM
Yeah... standard bit flag handling trash
2 hours later…
4:24 PM
@Mysticial it looks like you got out at the right time
4:38 PM
@Mikhail Saw that yesterday. lol
@Mgetz I got out 5 years ago.
5:26 PM
@StackedCrooked Have you seen this show? twitter.com/gnesxo/status/1194047353134694403
I think might need to take a peek. S-class voice acting by one of the better Seiyus.
6:11 PM
Sara Chipps on November 13, 2019

In my very first blog post, I wrote about what a personal experience taught me about the Stack Overflow community. I said we were going to step back and re-evaluate how we deliver feedback, how we can improve content quality, and how we can reduce friction between people. I said that our goal is to have the question asking process be painless and beneficial for new people and Stack Overflow veterans alike.    

During this re-evaluation period, we noticed something in our reputation reward system. We give anyone who receives an upvote on an answer ten additional reputation points, but only give five reputation points to people who receive an upvote on a question.  …

so they finally made a decision
this will be a help vampire site
The goal of management has been to make Stack Overflow grow as much as possible for a while now.
And by "grow", we mean "more users".
The quality of the stuff the users put on the site doesn't matter. All that matters is that there's more people.
More people, more engagement.
unless the questions never get answered
@Mysticial Haven't seen it.
6:28 PM
@EtiennedeMartel They've done a fine job of that by driving away both the anti-LGBTQ, LGBTQ, and a good chunk of everyone else.
@EtiennedeMartel If they wanted engagement, they certainly got that. License-gate, pronoun-gate, etc...
Now they're facing a possible defamation suit.
1 hour later…
7:45 PM
@Mgetz The reprecalc gave me like 2k on both Anime.SE and meta.SE. And nothing on SO. lol
@Mysticial because you needed more rep ;p
@Mgetz I wish I could transfer SO rep to other sites.
8:00 PM
@Mgetz So apparently, I'm not the only one who has different opinions depending on the site.
> We’re recalculating reputation for every Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange individual based on this change. Every question upvote earned in the past will earn a value of ten reputation points retroactively.
Yay :)
My Q/A ratio is nearly 50%. So I'll get a little boost in rep.
I'm on the fence about it on SO. People claim it will lead to more shitty questions. I'm not entirely convinced because vampires want to be spoon-fed. They don't care about rep.
On the other sites where it's harder to create content, I'm totally in favor of the change since asking is usually harder than answering.
8:24 PM
@Mysticial so more info on the intel issues from yesterday mdsattacks.com/#ridl-ng
@Mysticial Asking a good question is harder than answering a good question (in many cases). But as far as leading to more crappy questions: I'm not sure it could. I mean, there can't be more than a billion or so people with questions to copy and paste into SO, and apparently all of them are already pasting every homework question they get (usually without even editing to make it look like a question).
I'm not entirely convinced that upping the Q-upvote rep will cause more poor questions. My impression is that vampires want to be spoon-fed. They don't care about rep. If someone is posting a question with the intention to farm rep, they're probably invested enough into the site to be less likely to post crap. — Mysticial 20 mins ago
@JerryCoffin I'm totally in favor of the change for MSE and Anime.SE. Especially on Anime.SE where I have to actively go search for something to write about which may take 5 min. to answer.
And I'm seeing people saying the same thing for Code Golf.
@Mysticial I doubt it makes any real difference on Code Golf--the effort for either a good question or answer there is extremely high compared to the typical Q/A on SO.
I find it hard to imagine anybody posting to Code Golf with anything like an ulterior motive of getting somebody to do their work, their homework, or much of anything else. For most practical purposes, it's just immune to the abuses typical on Stack Overflow.
8:40 PM
Q: Call a method without calling it

user12385Inspired by a now deleted StackOverflow question. Can you come up with a way to get a particular method executed, without explicitly calling it? The more indirect it is, the better. Here's what I mean, exactly (C used just for exemplification, all languages accepted): // Call this. void the_fu...

^^ yep... 10k of effort. :)
@Mysticial Received less than 1K, even under the revised rule. And yeah, compared to many SO questions, it probably deserves it. Some of the answers are pretty lazy though. For one obvious example:
A: Call a method without calling it

Jerry CoffinC++ One way in C++ is in the constructor and/or destructor of a static object: struct foo { foo() { printf("function called"); } ~foo() { printf("Another call"); } }f; int main() { }

2 hours later…
10:42 PM
@Mgetz You think that's a final decision? Maybe we are all used as guinea pig again instead. Not do I care.
11:42 PM
11:57 PM
Q: My suggestion for Winter Bash 2019 was deleted for no reasons

Ver Nick says Reinstate MonicaFor me, this is another confirmation of lawlessness and heartlessness on the Stack Exchange. For you also I think. Not a long time ago, there was an idea to create the "Reinstate Monica" hat. I've put that into action. After an hour of photoshoping, I got the result. And I posted it, with the...

^^ haha
There's actually 4 of them they deleted. They're all pretty good.
@Mysticial ...and the best part: "put on hold as unclear what you're asking" Really? What was unclear?

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