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12:05 AM
In my working life I meet around lets say 3 - 500 new people per year. They are young university students. It is quite curious to me that I have never (lets say I total in on 5k people) ever had this problem that seems to gather so much focus.
Of course I've had autistic people, they are usually fantastic. The autistic dude last year even agreed to help me with my material. He was amazing. I have never had a problem with Identity, gender or otherwise. I'm extremely uninterested in that.

Why is it so hard to treat a person like a person? Where is the "Be nice" rule lacking?
@CaptainGiraffe Honestly, I'm not at all sure it really is. They're apparently trying to cover a rather specific corner case: if somebody routinely use pronouns to refer to most people, but doesn't use them in a few cases, those few people could read that as hostile rather than as simply a chance occurrence of using a pronoun in one case but not another. At the same time, I can understand people's objection to (for one obvious example) using "they" or "them" as a singular pronoun.
Regardless of how little foundation they may have had, I was certainly taught that it was wrong, and almost certainly slip up and use "he" as being a gender-neutral pronoun, as i was taught--even though I know some object and I honestly try not to.
@CaptainGiraffe That's partially because you are a lecturer/professor, you are considered the one with more power (comparing to students).
I meet about 10 - 200 new people a year - fellow hackers, new A.I. in Robotics members, potential tenants. Quite wide section of people in society. When you are considered being the one with more power, people generally show you with more respect.
@JerryCoffin 'he' has not been a gender-neutral pronoun for at least 20 years.
I wonder whether stackoverflow has toilets for the ones other than male and female.
12:21 AM
@TelKitty It was certainly taught that way when I was in school, so it's what I tend to do unless I give conscious thought to doing otherwise. I'm not going to try to claim that it's really correct, but I'm certainly not going to apologize for having learned what I was taught either.
Throughout my higher education years, I was taught to use he/she, (s)he or alternatively. That's like 20 years ago.
If you use he all the times, your essay would probably be marked down.
The business faculty in the university I have attended was very strict about that.
@TelKitty I guess if I ever go back to college, I'll worry about that. For now, my closest approach to academia is with the Giraffe, who's kind enough to humor me when I make my lame attempts at humor.
So the property I help to rent out is sort of expensive, I was a bit worried about the hefty price. Turns out, the properties came out after we advertised ours in the same suburb and of the same category were a lot more expensive. Definitely need more green leaves to contrast the flower.
How badly would it end if I ask if stackoverflow headquarter has a separate toilets for 'they/them?'
I think I will ask this question on meta, if I am perm banned, bye. I will see you all in my next (online life) on another nickname!
Internet is not so much so real, money is not so much so real. Land and property is real, that's why it's called realestate. Peasant state of mind >_<
12:59 AM
On second thought, I don't really care. I should take more responsibility on things I am responsible for. Too much indulgence leads to gross negligence.
@TelKitty Given that their headquarters is in NYC, my guess would be unisex bathroom(s).
I doubt it, I have not seen many public unisex toilets in NYC 4 months ago.
@TelKitty Public, probably not. Reasonably recently built/remodeled offices? Seems to be pretty common.
@JerryCoffin Public unisex bathroom is a hoax, unless the owner is too stingy to put in a second cubicle.
unisex toilet is usually a sign there is only 1 on the entire premise.
@TelKitty Certainly not true in some of the law offices I visited a couple years ago or so. Lots of bathrooms, all unisex (but definitely in a very high-rent district--may not be as common in less posh areas).
1:09 AM
Actually, most unisex bathrooms are located in private homes. I wonder how many private homes have separate toilets for different sexes :p
A bathroom bill is the common name for legislation or a statute that defines access to public toilets by gender (restrooms)—or transgender individual. Bathroom bills affect access to sex-segregated public facilities for an individual based on a determination of their sex as defined in some specific way—such as their sex as assigned at birth, their sex as listed on their birth certificate, or the sex that corresponds to their gender identity. A bathroom bill can either be inclusive or exclusive of transgender individuals, depending on the aforementioned definition of their sex. Unisex public toilets...
Rather not open this can of worms.
@TelKitty Probably very few do formally--but I've certainly seen a fair number where the husband and wife each had a bathroom they usually used.
I have my own bathroom, but if there are guests, then I would have to share sometimes.
@JerryCoffin Also how many properties have more than 3 bathrooms? What about children and guests then?
@TelKitty You'd probably need to talk to a realtor to get stats on that.
I will just browse realtor websites, then I can compare it with general censors. Not 100% accurate, but it's a good indicator.
@JerryCoffin yes, I was wondering how bad it can be. Because I can see that some setup can give a pretty good write speed so unless some network failure happens it shouldn't be possible to have divergent datasets
but I guess there are weird thing happening in dbs that would break like having in memory cache that would prevent 2 cocurrent writes
1:22 AM
@LoïcFaure-Lacroix My immediate worry would be that although they give good bandwidth, latency is likely to be comparatively high, and I suspect quite a few DB managers presume low latency.
yes, it's probably going to reduce performances especially if most of the writes are of small sizes
I'm trying to get my head around how to best implement this but I think for now, I will not even care setting it up in our docker swarm and eventually add shared volume when needed
2 hours later…
3:45 AM
@LoïcFaure-Lacroix so on the cloud it's normal to store the dB on a high speed drive, like all cloud stuff it's going through the network.
1 hour later…
5:01 AM
@JerryCoffin In reality, I just have a single atomic_bool. I just didn't want to start the program 256 times.
@Sailanarmo Immediately. Note that delete p does not modify p in any way, so you shouldn't be surprised that p does not change.
Also, you probably want std::vector<std::unique_ptr<Class>>, then you don't have to delete yourself.
5:15 AM
@Mikhail yes and no, if you have 1 server using one data source, you may be pretty safe... but I'm worried about what if 2 server start writing to the same data source
@fredoverflow for (int i=0; i<256; i++) { std::atomic_bool b; std::cout << b; }
1 hour later…
6:43 AM
@LoïcFaure-Lacroix so basically keeping it on a network mount is fine as long as the database is being served by something reasonable snable like mysql, etc. You may need to optimize the fs or hardware a bit but no big deal. Writing directly the file, is a bad idea.
Like I have experience with optimizing the build for a ssd jbod style build that only runs Linux and serves a database...
3 hours later…
9:40 AM
(20 last minutes thereof)
My boss needs to send one of my coworkers to a french company (near Paris) to demo our product. They want it to be in French.
So that excludes most of us.
This one colleague that is good at French is now like "Dammit, I'm gonna have to do it again."
Sorry for them
10:17 AM
I was about to release gfx/cpp-TimSort 1.0.0 on GitHub and realized that I lack something fundamental for the release: I didn't put any versioning information in the project yet
2 hours later…
12:06 PM
An inferior USB cable ruined two rechargeable lamps. It's too tight, so when I tried to pull it out from the first lamp, the lamp was pulled apart. I thought, well maybe it's the lamp. Then I used it to recharge the second lamp, and the same thing happened! Both lamps were recharged many times before. Should have known - the culprit is the cable ...
12:26 PM
@TelKitty did you not see the google engineer's testing of USB-C cables?
including some that will kill your electronics
1 hour later…
1:43 PM
@Mysticial saw it this morning, the answer is clearly no. I think some of the respondents are overly trivializing the communication struggles.
2 hours later…
3:20 PM
They timed this really well:
Q: New mod-menu design rolling out

Brian Nickel Note: This announcement is directed at moderators as it is about moderator-only tools. The post and user moderator menus are getting a design, accessibility, and UX refresh. Before After There are the key highlights: It's prettier and the frontend JavaScript has been...

My first thought when seeing the title was, "oh, they must have added a 'ban all users who misused pronouns' button."
Oh, it's actually a couple months old. It just got bumped today.
1 hour later…
4:26 PM
@Mysticial "We have a serious problem with users hating our site, but I'm sure changing the color of this button that users never see will fix it!" :-)
5:03 PM
5:43 PM
@JerryCoffin There is a colloquial tech term for this: "Shuffling deck chairs on the titantic"
@Mgetz Yeah (and others as well).
6:27 PM
Hello everybody
Hello (big surprise--many of the same people are here...)
Yeah, It appears so :)
@Milad So what's new and exciting with you today?
I have a good history with C++. Used to work with C++ before. Created a good program with it too. But I haven't been active recently. And I'm starting to envy active C++ programmers like you.
@JerryCoffin can't think of anything tbh. you?
@Milad My excitement is that I seem to be recovering from what seemed like a cold, much sooner than expected, so it was probably just an allergic reaction of some sort.
6:37 PM
that's good
@JerryCoffin Are you working on any C++ projects?
@Milad yeah--for work I do some network control stuff. In my off time, I'm working on a time-series database. Vaguely on the order of Facebook's (now abandoned) Berengei project. github.com/facebookarchive/beringei
The big difference is that Berengei is really only good for one specific situation, because it always does exactly one set of compression algorithms, which have only narrow suitability. I'd like to see something that allows roughly the same compression algorithms, but also allows some configuration, to broaden applicability.
I'm also trying to do it as purely a compression engine, that'll use existing storage engines (RocksDB, LMDB, etc.) for the actual storage.
6:56 PM
@JerryCoffin that sounds cool. good luck with it. compression is a hard topic (at least for me).
@Milad Thanks. It certainly can get complex (especially algorithms for compressing sound), but in this case I'm (mostly) sticking to pretty simple compression.
@JerryCoffin I didn't know anything about time series a few minutes ago and wasn't aware of the issues associated with storing time series data. It's interesting.
@Milad Yeah--but what you get from the link really only applies to one very specific type of time series data. When you deal with other kinds of data (e.g., stock market prices) the "stuff" you can/must do change quite a bit.
@JerryCoffin So the problem you're trying to solve is the big space that time series data use.
7:11 PM
@Milad Space, and also speed--if you store less data, then reading/writing it can be quite a bit faster as well.
I see.
So, you use a little extra CPU time to decrease the amount of time spent reading/writing storage. If you can save enough space with little enough CPU time, you can increase overall speed.
Makes sense.
@JerryCoffin Is your project open-source?
7:28 PM
@Milad As yet, it's just sitting on my machine at home. At least in my opinion, it needs to be substantially more complete before releasing makes sense.
I doubt it has any commercial value though, so if I ever release it at all, it'll probably be open source.
(and like most open source, most likely no more than a half dozen people will ever notice it even exists).
@JerryCoffin Just one question though. Why do you need different configurations for different data? Can't the program recognize patterns in time series data and use the compression algorithm accordingly?
I mean, set the configuration automatically.
@Milad For some things, yes. For others, no. Let me give one example: for some kinds of data (e.g., current temperature of a server) it's entirely reasonable to simply discard data if it shows up too fast. We don't care about the temp more than (say) once every ten seconds, so if it shows up faster than that, we can throw away the extras. For (most?) other things, throwing away lots of data would be completely unacceptable--and we probably can't guess which is which based on the data itself.
@JerryCoffin All right. I get it now. ;)
@JerryCoffin Probably have to go to sleep now. Enjoyed talking with you.
@Milad Good night!
8:08 PM
Q: Yet another step down as moderator post

Jon ClementsIt saddens me and breaks my heart in a lot of ways to do so, so I'd like to explain very briefly "why". Can't say much because I'd have to plagiarise George Stocker's resignation notice and he's already verbalised that brilliantly. It's been great being on this site (diamond or not)... I've h...

We started with 25 mods. So this makes 3 step downs.
Slightly higher than the network-wide ratio of 40 mods out of ~600 total.
4 step-downs if you include Yvette who resigned before pronoun-gate.
8:27 PM
@Mysticial she was very burnt out, ironically this whole thing has brought her back
8:42 PM
So I missed Ed. So 4 without Yvette, and 5 with.
3 hours later…
11:26 PM
@Mgetz Not for long, meta room managed to piss her off again.
“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”
― George Bernard Shaw

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