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12:08 AM
Q: I'm resigning as a Stack Overflow Community Elected Moderator

George StockerI'm resigning as a Stack Overflow Moderator. Thank you to everyone who has worked hard to make this Q&A site what it is. I'm resigning for three reasons: Stack Overflow Inc. has forgotten how to lead, how to persuade, and how to talk with the community. This has been a slow decline since 2014...

/cc @Mysticial
12:19 AM
@Borgleader yeah... can't say I'm surprised anymore.
12:29 AM
@Mysticial Not surprising, but (at least to me) still somewhat disheartening.
1 hour later…
1:45 AM
@JerryCoffin As much as I appreciate the time moderators spending on this site, I am not convinced that having a government of 10 million people is better than having a government of 1 million.
One reason why this site feels unwelcoming is that too many people are closing down questions.
Questions that are legit.
backyardchickens.com : Total users online - 2,010 (members: 113, guests: 1,607, robots: 290)
Not many staff or moderators, still one of the most friendly site on the internet.
2:19 AM
@TelKitty you don't believe in democracy
tyranny of the majority
1 hour later…
3:50 AM
@Rick I believe democracy as much as I believe in Trump's election or Brexit voting outcome. Hitler was elected too! Who would not believe in the intelligence of majority!
Also I am slightly in favour of anarchy. Not total anarchy, but I would like to believe that people can take care of themselves, we do not need some authoritarian telling people what to do.
backyardchickens.com forum is the perfect example of this: people just ask and answer questions, no question is too dumb, no user too newbish.
4:20 AM
@TelKitty I think it has a much bigger problem in the opposite direction--the few good questions are almost completely lost in such a flood of garbage that almost nobody who's actually capable of writing a decent answer will bother finding the rare question worth answering.
4 hours later…
8:41 AM
@JerryCoffin With good voting system, good questions will float because of voting, bad questions will sink because of lack of interest.
8:56 AM
@Mysticial Real takeaway is that a clang compiler monoculture is better than MSVC. Today, I lost about half an hour due to MSVC compiler crashing (internal error), which was solved by splitting up a large header file :-/
Also watched the 2019 IDE crash not letting me save :-/
2 hours later…
1 hour later…
11:44 AM
@JerryCoffin accept it, join us
12:22 PM
@Mikhail my concern with the clang singularity is stagnation
12:42 PM
@TelKitty That implies that people care
@Morwenn If they care about moderators resigning, they care about this site.
@Mgetz i doubt gcc will ever go away
simply because of licensing
@TelKitty I'm not talking about SE, I'm talking about people who vote x)
2 hours later…
2:35 PM
is there a way with printf to get this behavior
~100 MB
  ~1 KB
the number will be between 1 and 999
I think you'll need to print the number with the approx sign first into an intermediate string
but I bet you there's probably a left-pad library that you install really easily :P
1 hour later…
3:45 PM
@Borgleader A generic bytes pretty printer?
4:42 PM
@Mysticial yeah something like that
the size of this thing was ~xyz ?B
anyway its not a deal breaker if i cant do it
was just curious if it was possible
IOW, no you can't directly with printf.
@Borgleader Does it have to be printf, or you can you use cout? I can see a way with cout, but it would use a special locale, and I don't think there's a way to make printf use that.
@JerryCoffin sadly yes printf
@Mysticial thx i'll take a look
@Borgleader Didn't know you needed it in printf. Is this some C thing?
My solution is all C++, though semi-trivially convertible to C if you print instead of return string.
Well the API I'm using rn exposes fmt string, vararg
i could cheat, make it negative and then replace that character xD
5:01 PM
@Borgleader You don't have to make it negative. You can force it to include a + as a prefix for positive numbers: printf("%+#4d %s\n", value, "MB");.
Looking at things, cout wouldn't help anyway--they didn't define the characters used for + and - in the locale, so you're stuck with the same ugliness in C++ as in C.
Well, C++ could help in one way: you could do it with the num_put facet (but not with num_punct, like you'd really want).
1 hour later…
6:20 PM
@Morwenn tasty
I bought sesame baguette today
It's so good =w=
I just discovered the cristal baschet
6:38 PM
Catching up on some of the drama on MSE. Damn, those deleted posts...
The "benefits" of 10k on MSE. lol
@Mysticial let me guess... a ton of trans/homo phobic garbage?
the "garbage" is implied x)
@Mgetz There's always a lot of that. But also stuff from SE employees and former mods.
@Mysticial really!?
6:43 PM
@Mgetz I'd need to count, but there's probably dozen of that stuff on the pronoun FAQ. They're not that interesting.
@Mysticial Oh I knew that, Just surprised that employees were posting and immediately deleting
@Mgetz If you've seen the Nancy post on MSE, there's one where an employee called out the parallels between Nancy and Sarah. And then everybody beating down on him for assuming the worst possible intentions.
@Mysticial negative. I've been avoiding the worst cesspits
OMFG. The gender debate just entered a whole new level of surrealism. — Robert Harvey 19 hours ago
Oh for goodness's sake. Seriously. — Lightness Races in Orbit 4 hours ago
not sure the right term to use but the whole thing seems like a case of someone getting offended on the behalf of someone that needs help not someone to be offended for them
6:48 PM
happens a lot
and people get pre-emptively offended about rules that they were never asked to follow too
then other people extrapolate to fiction levels on both sides of a debate
and you end up with a total cesspit of nonsense :D
then you start your political party and run for the local elections on the premises that other people are the issue x)
@Morwenn 🐿🐿🐿
holy crap that's a horrible squirrel emoji
I thought those were ants
But apparently those are squirrels for ants x)
7:10 PM
@Mgetz C++ changing too slow for ya? I'm not sure what's going to stagnate. In this case it seems clang is a lot better than msvc.
@Morwenn Well of course other people are the issue! I only let good people join my party. And I know they're good people, because to join my party they need to make good contributions! :-)
@Mikhail clang started later but IMO MSVC is catching up much faster
Things evolve fast because we've three main competing compilers
@Morwenn did you include msvc? But because last time I checked your softwares don't support it.
I do include them
It still ICEs on cpp-sort
7:15 PM
@Morwenn I'd argue in favor of 4. EDG isn't nearly as visible, but still used quite a bit, and also staying up to date (though it's no longer head and shoulders above everybody else, like it used to be).
@Morwenn you submitted bugs right?
@JerryCoffin irony is that EDG ships with every copy of MSVC
I got static_math to work with it and added it to Travis for timsort
just not actually used for compiling
Last I checked you had to use Visual Studio to report bugs, so no since I'm not using Visual Studio
@JerryCoffin it's "only" a front-end though :o
7:17 PM
@Mgetz Well, with every copy of VS, anyway. I haven't looked recently to be sure, but at least at one time, you could get the VC compiler without VS (and I'm not aware of Microsoft using EDG in the compiler proper, only the IDE).
@Mgetz they've been catching up for years, since 2012? Right now they can't add cuda support for potlicial issues, while clang added it. This means they can never catch up.
@JerryCoffin well the IDE is what I was referring to
@Mikhail cuda isn't standard?
@Morwenn Not actually true. Even out of the box it includes code generation (just, the example code generator produces C as output).
@JerryCoffin icc
@JerryCoffin Oh, I didn't know
7:18 PM
@Mgetz Yeah, I figured.
But then I'm not using anything you could actually call an IDE xD
@Morwenn M-x, M-c, Butterfly?
@Morwenn I only know from a conversation with David Vandervoorde years ago on Usenet...
@Morwenn There are a lot of things I could call Code::Blocks... :-)
Including names :')
7:24 PM
@Morwenn I'm not sure it's actually worthy of the effort to dream up much of a name, but maybe. Or maybe I'm being unfair to it--I tried it once years ago, and didn't see any reason to spend more time on it, but perhaps it's improved (from what I recall, it's hard to believe it could have gotten a whole lot worse, anyway).
haha, no
It's still pretty much the same than the first time I tried it ~10 years ago
Modulo bug fixes and minor interface changes
@Morwenn At least from what I remember, it looked like an attempt at an open-source version of Borland's IDE, complete with the oversize (and excessively bright) green check-mark for all the "OK" responses, and (again, too big and bright) red "X" for all the "NO"s (and such). Never quite understood how Borland (who had people intelligent enough to write quite decent compilers) produced such an ugly IDE.
tbh I've no idea what you're talking about ^^'
@Morwenn Fits well--I usually don't know what I'm talking about either! :-)
8:04 PM
@Mysticial bwahahaha its been a while since i seen one like this
8:22 PM
why line 34 is not called twice ? ideone.com/pSPAdh
@nomanpouigt Link seems unresponsive.
Old random thing I wrote a long time ago ^^'
2011 if I remember correctly
@JerryCoffin: got the answer. I was holding the reference only, not creating the variable.
@nomanpouigt Looks like it's only called once because you only create one instance of Tame.
8:34 PM
    class methods{
    static example * expand(...){...};
    static example * toBinary(...){...};
    struct example :private methods{
          int val;
          example *notImportant1;
          example *notImportant2;
    using methods::expand;
    using methods::toBinary;
why won't the static methods get inhearited, is this because the example object can't be resolved
@JerryCoffin: how can i stop someone from passing a reference to Tame Class? Ideally it should be used like this repl.it/repls/NotableWideParentheses
@nomanpouigt I'm not sure there's any way to prevent somebody from creating a reference to something.
8:53 PM
std::atomic_bool a[256];
for (const auto& x : a) {
    std::cout << "01"[x];
Silly me thinking atomic_bool would automatically initialize to false :D
@fredoverflow It does for me:
std::vector<std::atomic_bool> a(256);

for (const auto& x : a) {
std::cout << "01"[x];
2019, and you still expect to use an array and get sane behavior? Really? :-)
9:47 PM
When you call delete on a class, when does it actually release from memory?

I am trying to see if there is anything dangerous about `std::vector<const Class*> classes;`. But whenever I delete one of these classes, it will still print the address of the class and it will print a 0 for a value even if I have:

`if e != nullptr`
Looks like someone stepped on this landmine:
Q: Did Anyone Consider the Impact on Autistics of Recent Code of Conduct Changes?

Arlie StephensSimple question: Did anyone consider the impact on autistics of recent code of conduct changes? From the answers I see on Official FAQ on gender pronouns and Code of Conduct changes it seems like a lot of people are unhappy because they can't follow the grammar rules they learned back in English...

/cc @Mgetz
I suspect that one of my roosters is autistic. All of my three chickens are now on the farm while I am back to civilization. I need to go back and check on them in a couple of days. Spent a bit too long on the farm because of my chickens, now I am slightly sick.
Don't comment how I am a bad pet chicken owner. Don't shatter that delicate, glass part of my otherwise tough and durable heart.
10:03 PM
Haha here we are
I'm impressed by how far the drama has gone
@Morwenn I'm impressed until I think about what's going on in Hong Kong. If they can keep it up for that long, then so can SE's users.
The next episode of 'who wants to be a rebellion'
I wonder whether there will be dirt cheap air tickets to Hong Kong soon.
10:38 PM
@TelKitty One way tickets to HK are really cheap. Coming home again is a different story...
that crow is the nature's troll, starting fights everywhere lol - Animal world has more entertaining scavengers than Stackoverflow.
Authority vs protesters scenario is boring. Multi-layer fight makes it more interesting.
10:53 PM
@Feeds Nonsense. Milk is much to light colored to be 27% dark matter. Can't be more than about 5% dark matter at the very most!
Don't call milk fat, no fat shaming of milk!
@TelKitty I don't even fat-shame pure cream or butter...
11:08 PM
That's the thing: no one calls pure cream fat or butter fat, only milk fat. Such a discrimination!
I just found the answer I was looking for and it was buried in SO with no upvotes.
@Rick quite a few of those around.
@JerryCoffin but the guy who put up the answer had 600k points
A: "Incomplete type" in class which has a member of the same type of the class itself

dasblinkenlightA simple way to understand the reason behind class A being incomplete is to try to look at it from compiler's perspective. Among other things, the compiler must be able to compute the size of A object. Knowing the size is a very basic requirement that shows up in many contexts, such as allocatin...

@Rick Not surprising. Probably at least half my answers have zero up-votes (though I probably have a higher percentage than most--for quite a while I semi-intentionally looked for niche questions almost nobody would care about).
it should have been the chosen answer.
well, I care. : - )
11:19 PM
@Rick it is closer to how I'd probably have answered that question.
anyone has experience with glusterfs or some variant of network drives?
I'm wondering how much I'd be shooting myself in the foot if running a db on a network drive
11:50 PM
@LoïcFaure-Lacroix I've used some network drives, but mostly just for normal files, not a database. My immediate reaction is to worry about it, but the fact that you're asking indicates that you probably felt more or less the same way.

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