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12:40 AM
@JerryCoffin No
1:11 AM
@Borgleader We have enough negatives involved by this point that I'm not even sure what "no" means any more. :-)
@JerryCoffin well, do you know what "no" doesn't mean?
or do you not?
1:29 AM
@JerryCoffin No -> I didn't think :P
@CaptainGiraffe use kepler shuffling on the GPU
yo, because it seems like the current scale of discord might be unknown to some here: in the two-week span after April 30 and before May 15, there were 17258 messages posted, for an average of 1233 messages/day.
most of this, naturally, was completely unrelated to c++
@Mysticial Needs to be combined or else this room won't get any new users
2 hours later…
4:01 AM
@Mikhail Looks like I missed out on a misprice: newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIAGGN78S2049
I wonder whether people actually buy that much hardware
I have been looking for a top of range amateur drone
4th one
@Feeds holy mother of onebox batman
pic is same on website, I guess it's part of the joke
4:48 AM
online quarreling - hilarious ending
How come electric field can influence magnetic field and vise versa, electromagnetic waves contain both electric and magnetic fields but is affected by neither?
5:05 AM
this is more relevant:
Q: Do the electric and magnetic components of an electromagnetic wave really generate each other?

Sam D20Frequently when EM waves are taught, it is said that the change in electric field causes a change in the magnetic field, which then causes a change in the electric field, and so on and so forth. But from my understanding of basic electromagnetics, it is not necessarily a changing electric field...

5:50 AM
If I use an avatar of a woman on leash to protest the restriction of freedom of speech (putting users on short leash), how likely will I get suspended?
6:46 AM
Freedom of speech; what about their freedom to control their servers and how you use them? Property rights are just as important..
what about dictator's freedom to dictate?
also I am bad at geometry (when building physical things) :'(
instead of calculation, I am using trial & error ... because I suck ~_~
7:07 AM
@ABuckau also allowed to be put leash on in exchange with the right to stay is something animals would do!
why am I looking at peta protests again ...
7:21 AM
What about answering my question: does or does not a person have absolute control over their property?
I have been suspicious of you for a long time
obviously they don't
I own a knife but if I stab someone with it, that's still illegal.
I don't believe there's any jurisdiction where that's not true
Do 10ker and 100kers who got reps by answering questions for free look like hens that give you free eggs and cows that give you free milk and allows you to do whatever you want to them?
@puppy how did I know a stupid example like that was coming..
@TelKitty freedom of speech != freedom to be a dick anywhere and everywhere you want
7:24 AM
it's not stupid, it's a perfect example.
@thecoshman you should apply that on yourself more often
@Puppy Sumali probably
Its really not. You don't own the other person, so you can't do do them as you please.
@TelKitty fuck that
Your rights end where the next person's begin.
7:26 AM
I think that's the "don't be a dick" part :D
We have a right to move about freely, but that doesn't mean you can forcibly move someone because you want their spot, for example.
time to pat my pets!
7:44 AM
Hi <3
faille-nœud, ouate œuf-baoute you?
aie âme faille nez
au quai
aïe âme glade tout hi-heure zatte
8:13 AM
@BartekBanachewicz I booked my appointment to go in for learner permit last night, the earliest I could get a slot is the 12th :'(
8:43 AM
I may have found an interesting way to compute the median of medians
@Morwenn sum everything at once?
Basically sort groups of 25 elements with insertion sort then recursively put the median of 5 groups of 5^N in the middle of the middle group as you go
Basically find some way to compute it on-the-fly instead of recursively as it's currently done
It should reduce the space complexity to O(1) instead of the current O(log n)
The algorithm to find where to fetch the medians and to know at which "recursion" level you are should be similar to what I've already done for poplar::make_heap except I've got to handle groups of 5^N instead of groups of 2^N elements
I expect it to be slower than a usual median of medians implementation x)
4 hours later…
12:23 PM
@thecoshman 12th June?
@BartekBanachewicz :'(
And then about two weeks maybe for it to come through post
So, July before I can do IBT
Hopefully weather isn't too terrible by then :P
12:38 PM
it's probably going to be 30 degrees
hot and humid
perfect for a bunch of dudes talking about C++
1:21 PM
@ABuckau You sounds like loungers want to take over SE, but from my observations, none of them are that ambitious. The most they would hope for is talking dirty and speaking evil plans out aloud and taken down by the cyber police.
s/and taken down by the cyber police/ and not taken down by the cyber police/
2:00 PM
@TelKitty isn't it your autumn?
yeah, nice & cozy here ... but I think they were talking about unconf
Assuming we can keep control of @Griwes there usually isn't much C++ talk at all
@thecoshman wait so learner's permit doesn't allow you to ride?
2:20 PM
@BartekBanachewicz it allows me to do the IBT, then once I've completed that, I can ride as a learner
There is the possibility of just being able to do a walk in appointment for getting the learner permit though... hopefully that works out
2:36 PM
I guess LP is like our PKK
Just the number you get as "someone who wants a license"
@jaggedSpire Nope. Apparently a bit of a technical problem on his end.
Just click through to see what's on the site now.
@JerryCoffin I guess he got to the heroic path...
@ratchetfreak It did take at least a few hours to get it fixed...
Question is whether maybe that really was part of the joke all along...
@BartekBanachewicz I don't think so... I mean, you have a personal driver number. And that seems to stick with you. But it also seems that you have to keep your learner permit and driving license for ever
Strictly speaking, I'm not getting a new learner permit, I'm just getting it updated with a new category
I've passed the theory test, so I'm allowed to apply for the learner permit. Once I have that, I can do my IBT. Once I have my IBT I can ride on the public roads
@Mysticial $165 seems reasonable for DDR4 2133 two 8 gb sticks
2:50 PM
@Mikhail Oh they changed it already. It was actually an 8 x 16GB kit for $100.
We should sell rgb stickers
3:05 PM
But it's really just electrical tape.
It's just unpowered
2 hours later…
5:21 PM
Hi. Is it possible to add a parameter just to a specific function? Say we've got 'func(int a, int b, int c)'. Now if we try to access the function with func(1, 2, 3), it would give an error saying parameter c is private or something.
@VioAriton I'm not (at all) sure I follow what you're trying to accomplish.
Say we've got this function 'func(int a, int b, int c)'. I would like to know if It's possible to make a parameter private just to a function, say parameter c. Now when you try to use the function, it would require only 2 parameters, not 3. If you type 3, you'd get an error
Prob sounds stupid
@VioAriton You should ask that here.
oh sorry I thought this is the place
5:42 PM
@nwp Given the reduced volume here, I'm not sure we really need to keep C++ Q&A separate any more.
I don't think any final decision has been made, but a few of us discussed it at least a little bit yesterday.
I don't think the lounge wants to merge with Q&A.
@JerryCoffin Oh. I'll try to read up on that.
@VioAriton If you don't want the caller to pass a third value, why not just define it with two variables, and be done with it?
I have an exercise that requires recursion. We aren't allowed to use global variables and I must store the value of 2 parameters
Thanks anyway. I will figure out a way to do it
@VioAriton So the original call will pass two parameters, but the recursive call needs all three?
Situations like that happen fairly frequently. When they do, you typically just have two overloads of the function:
class foo {
    bar(int a, int b, int c) {} // this is private
    bar(int a, int b) {
        bar(a, b, 0);
5:59 PM
This is great. Thanks
I did not expect so many loungers to agree to merge with Q&A. It looks like a room owner can make a room mostly read-only, so that together with a fat explanation and link to the lounge is an option.
@nwp Let's make it official then.
@Puppy Any comment?
rar no way
I'd take the lower-volume Lounge over the higher-volume merged room any day
6:42 PM
call it office hours, rotating hours every day on a 24 day cycle
Starting with 0:00-0:59 UTC
FWIW, I like the separation of C++ Q&A and the Lounge. There are times when both rooms are active, and I find it much easier to follow a conversation when there's only a single conversation going on at once. I like being able to follow C++ Q&A only, and not keep the Lounge open
Things were fine when we had the original rule of "get yourself known first".
People just driving by and dumping their question because they think they'll get a quicker answer than on the main site is the real problem, here. Not the general asking of questions.
yeah but I no longer care since the C++Q&A room has to deal with that shit
The Q&A room is full of drive-by help-vampiring. I'm fairly sure loungers would get sick of it quickly.
Also for what it's worth I'm against merging.
I am also against merging
I suspect the lounge would growl too much
Maybe it makes sense to let loungers lounge in Q&A and see how they like it. Especially the ones who are in favor of merging but usually don't hang out in Q&A.
7:35 PM
I think all the ones in favour already do
The ones from yesterday are Mystical, thecoshman and Etienne de Martel, none of who usually are in Q&A.
As far as I can see only Jerry is active in Q&A and wants to merge.
posted on May 16, 2018 by Scott Meyers

In mid-2015, I was told that translations of Effective Modern C++ into both traditional and simplified Chinese had been authorized. About a year later, the traditional translation showed up on my doorstop (as I noted here). It's been nearly two more years, but the other shoe has finally dropped: EMC++ is now available in simplified Chinese. Like the original English edition of the book (but

nice hair
8:39 PM
I'm graduated
@VermillionAzure no you're unemployed
I've already signed with Amazon doe
you just happen to have a degree (also gratz)
@VermillionAzure until you start you're officially unemployed (but also gratz)
then you'll be a working stiff
9:18 PM
@VermillionAzure congrats.
What's it called if you transform nested boolean expressions so that (a and (c or d)) becomes (a and c) or (a and d)?
"Factoring out" the OR-expressions?
@StackedCrooked I'd tend to think of "factoring out" as meaning pretty much the reverse.
9:39 PM
it's called distribution
10:20 PM
@ScarletAmaranth Seems right.
10:48 PM
Yes, it's the distributive property
11:07 PM
@Mikhail If it's only $450, I don't mind getting it as a replacement for my 2010-era netbook: anandtech.com/show/12749/…
11:59 PM
@Justin Cool! Thanks.

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