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12:16 AM
@traducerad Because cmake is no exception to the basic fact that all build systems suck.
12:41 AM
^ true that
1 hour later…
1:44 AM
Just because you fixed a few compilation errors, it does not mean that you have made things better - you could have turned a syntax error into much harder to find logic error.
2:07 AM
@JerryCoffin I like cmake, and have little trouble with build systems :-P
I virtually never have major problems with make either--but a lot of that is because I'm aware of at least some of its many shortcomings.
Limitations include not being able to distribute across an IncrediBuild cluster. Although this might not be true.
Other parts are because I just don't care about some things--for one obvious example, I don't care about building on systems with ancient compilers, 'cause they won't handle my code anyway.
What if the compiler was released in 2018 and still can't build anything :-). Like MSVC
@Mikhail I haven't had much reason to care lately, but I haven't had a real problem with it when I was targeting Windows.
2:16 AM
The real reason I don't like build systems is professional. I have worked on a fair number of commercially successful projects, but I don't have too much experience leading a software project with more than 2 people. So I wouldn't be able to propose versioning strategy for projects with more than 2 people. Probably my most feared interview question :-)
Actually, if you got that question, what would you say?
2:41 AM
There are no exact 'transparent animals' are there?
Their bodies are like glossy glasses, you can't see clearly what's behind those animals.
1 hour later…
4:01 AM
@fredoverflow Recursive descent parsing is an exercise in minimalism. In my little bpf expression parser keeps getting shorter. (And longer, because I then add new stuff.)
I struggled a while figuring out how to make it detect junk at end of expression.
2 hours later…
6:24 AM
As an Australian Australia is shit. It is so much cheaper to live somewhere like America.
Sometimes I just love reading other people's comments.
6:42 AM
One day I am going to visit Northern Territory & I am going to somehow kidnap myself a baby crocodile as pet.
7:41 AM
@JerryCoffin Why do you believe they suck? I believe CMake is OK
2 hours later…
10:07 AM
English and citation issue: A person, woman, Heather Mac Donald, the Mac part of the family name, right? Is it being used in sorting or would the person be sorted under Donald?
In sense of this specification: docs.citationstyles.org/en/stable/…
Is it dropping particle, non-dropping particle or something else entirely?
@TelKitty Do you realize that babies tend to grow into adults? Unless you eat them before that happens, of course.
10:25 AM
@wilx The right way to do is to dump the adolescent crocodile into your enemy's swimming pool or a local mud pool, or simply flash the croc down the sewage if small enough. But sometimes there is a grid between private sewage pipe and public sewage pipe here, so make sure you put the croc down the public manhole if grid present.
@TelKitty I see you are experienced crocodile dumper. :D
I learn well from newspapers. Every now and then someone dump a unwanted pet crocodile somewhere.
@wilx That's a weird way of writing it, youw ould expect MacDonald or at least Mac'Donald
Q: Sorting and citation of names like "Heather Mac Donald"

wilxEnglish and citation issue: A person, woman, Heather Mac Donald, the Mac part of the family name, right? Is it being used in sorting or would the person be sorted under Donald? In sense of CSL 1.0.1 specification, is “Mac” a dropping particle, a non-dropping particle or something else entirely?

8 hours later…
6:23 PM
Hello.....hello.........hello.................hello....is there anybody in there........there .....there. .
7:09 PM
@wilx huh... I never thought this was a thing to question
@thecoshman I am not a native English speaker. These things are not natural for me. :]
@wilx Yeah, just my ignorance I guess. I'm so used to seen 'Mac' and 'O' as part of the surname
I'm kinda confused about how you would handle say, the Spanish (and I think Portuguese) way where you have two surnames. They are simply a first and second surname... but I've no idea how you handle that for things
I know most people here think my GFs first surname is just her middle name, and she's being odd for saying it
1 hour later…
8:16 PM
I hate dangling pointers. Worse thing to debug....
8:32 PM
Going for a 25km-30km hike/bushwalk again.
8:57 PM
to avoid danglers remember to wipe properly
9:21 PM
Q: c++ generate a new file file instead of opening an exist file

Adam Tr.Am trying to write to an existing text file. using the below code foo(cons char* fileN); // a Constructor method// foo(cons char* fileN){ out.open(fileN); if (!out) { cout << "Failed to open " << fileN << endl; return -1;...

@Mysticial thats some funky indentation

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