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@KretabChabawenizc que votre nom soit planctonifié
> Gagnon-Grenier
@Luc retiens-moi
@KretabChabawenizc très fort
poor cicada, maybe mods were on to you before, but no need to speak a foreign language just to avoid to be caught again
Eh @Félix, quand on dit de quelqu'un qu'il fait Polytechnique, on dit qu'il fait ?
2:17 PM
Allez je m'adjuge un bon 9.5/10 pour celle-là
oh god from bad to worse
j'ai quand même hâte de savoir
Eh ben on dit qu'il fait l'X !
2:19 PM
Alors je sais pas si ça marche chez les Canadiens, mais en Cefran le surnom de Polytechnique c'est "X".
c'est un peu moins connu, mais quelques personnes l'utilisent
Voilà j'espère que @Luc apprécie le nectar de mon humour
2 mins ago, by Luc Danton
@KretabChabawenizc I approve
2:25 PM
omg people on std-proposals are arguing about whether NDEBUG means "debug build" in the standard xD
> std-proposals
I'll pass, thanks
although the question still has a point
urgh battle.net is down
> Blizzard: We're working to resolve this as quickly as possible!
In idris, I understand what it means to have a value of a type
I don't know what it means to have a value of type of another value
x : 7
2:33 PM
the value of a type of another value? the 'type-value' of the type ?
Is there a name for this? I'm thinking singleton type
But that might be different
It's a dependent type
what is a dependent type?
A type that depends on a value
explain? types are usually compile time, are we talking variadic that changes type depending on the value?
2:38 PM
@KretabChabawenizc I guess its that simple
@roscoe_casita In Idris types can depend on values
The textbook example being that the operation push_back on a vector<N, T> returns a vector<N + 1, T> (in an imaginary C++)
N goes after T mate, get it right
you mean array<T, N>
2:39 PM
no because that's fixed size
@KretabChabawenizc if it has a push_back it can return a differently sized one. :P
@Ell that’s not what happens
@Griwes ok, fair enough
Basically; you have a type that depends on some value.
I know I practically invented dependent types
2:41 PM
You don't particularly care about the exact value of that value (eh), but work with the symbol instead.
You can prove a lot of stuff just working on the symbol.
You work with the predicates to be exact
@LucDanton I just don't understand the meaning of x: 7 for example
@KretabChabawenizc Yeah, but that sounds even more abstract. :P
Well it's Idris after all
@Ell 7 is not going to have the usual meaning (is that actual code you’ve seen?)
2:41 PM
If you're not heavily masturbating while writing Idris you're doing it wrong
@LucDanton no, I'm just playing with idris
e.g. x: 2 would mean the same as x: Bool depending on the context
auto N = get_input_from_user();
auto x = bounded_integer<0, N>(sqrt(N)); // this is *extremely* dumb, but eh
that would be somewhat exotic notation though
I know that types map to propositions, so having 2 = 2 is a meaningful type
2:42 PM
does this not work here
not discord
@KretabChabawenizc The syntax's from murkdown though, isn't it?
@Ell don't get confused by whatever comes from the fact that @LucDanton has me plonked
No idea there's like 81274910 markdown dialects
@Ell "Number types" are types with n values.
1 is unit, 2 is bool.
auto x = get_int_from_user();
auto y = x / 2; // ideally this stays encoded in the type
auto z = y * some_bounded_int<100, 200>();
// z can now be a bounded_integer<100 * (x / 2), 200 * (x / 2)>
This is somewhat C++ized and idealized view of the idea behind all this hard to get nonsense.
2:56 PM
When you want to launch independent Python code from your application but then you realize that multiprocessing.Process actually calls os.fork.
how else could it do
Launch another Python interpreter. As long as there is nothing to synchronize it's enough.
@Morwenn Err. How?
fork() + exec...() is literally how you do exactly that on Linux.
Thing is I ended created a small script and using subprocess.
3:01 PM
@Morwenn That also forks!
@Morwenn And how would that work :o
The Unix way of launching a new process is fork + exec
@Griwes Strange, forking took like half of the memory and I don't have the problem with that.
Not sure why then.
@R.MartinhoFernandes yeah, but that frustratingly says nothing about the arrows. Awodey presents 0, 1, 2, and even 3 as examples but doesn’t go beyond and I’m not sure how that generalises. and I’ve never found another source
@Morwenn what
@Griwes The call to multiprocessing.Process used to eat up 50% of the memory for some reason.
3:05 PM
Probably because it does something smart.
"Pumped Up Kicks" on repeat = Extra Happy day
@Ell short version is that x: T always means 'term x has type T', but what are valid terms and valid types may be wider than what you are used to. e.g. Int: Type (forgive me if that’s not the actual Idris though)
@Griwes Not really, it was just create process & detach.
@LucDanton yeah. I understand the syntax, I was looking for more of the "philosophical" (?) Meaning, but you and robot did clear it up by saying that 2 represents bool for example
And I guess 3 is a type with three inhabitants?
@Ell I don’t know (but that’s what Martinho claims)
3:21 PM
Though, I've moved onto struggling at something else in the mean time (still idris): here if there's any interest dpaste.com/2MYJKZ5
I ought to get off my phone at work though :3 have a good day and thanks for the help
@Ell you can snackchat from your work computer bby
Id rather not log into any personal account from work
esp on this terrible, not-wiped laptop
Is your IT to have any actual access to there?
Mine doesn't. :P
@Ell what’s the matter, things not type-checking?
Work += PersonalJunk; // Err, incompatible types :P
3:23 PM
What is it called when a bunch of people dance in public?
flash mob
ITT @Shoe has multiple personalities
@LucDanton yeah, type mismatch between natural -> natural -> natural and the lambda type "zero zero". On line 31
I could type the real error out
If you don't have idris
Type mismatch between:
Oops. Eh I'll have to do it later
Its going to be impossible on this phone
@Ell I’d wager you want \x y =>, no comma
Hi! What is doint operation struct member accesing, like Struct->Member?
lol, the British vampire guy is the best character from Preacher, so far. :D
3:28 PM
@Shoe Tai chi (or Qi Gong) class in the park. :-)
@RobertGrzelka what
If I have for example: struct Struct {int member;}; ... how is this operation called (when I make instance of Struct called mat): mat->member ?
Is is struct member accesing?
It's a compiler error
@RobertGrzelka To use mat->member, mat must normally be a pointer to a struct. It's equivalent to (*mat).member.
operator-> isn't defined and mat is not a pointer
3:31 PM
Heh... But properly made... Is is coping or doing some magic without copy?
I mean this: (*mat).member.
dereferencing is not copying
Try reading a book
So its called dereferencing, xD great.
Come on guys, listen to some chill music and make the guy happy
RTFM robert
@LucDanton I thought so at first, but no
3:33 PM
Also stop using pointers you silly kid
what is RTFM?
the acronym for "Go Read a Book"
shortcut dont match xD
Read The Fine Manual
Also stop using C++
The fuck are you doing with your life robert
3:35 PM
probably dealing with uni
I'm not sure what's worse: voluntarily getting into uni or voluntarily picking up C++
Im in c++ like for one week, before only python. Need to do some wrapper with cython to cuda/opengl xD
@Ell then I’m not sure—if it’s any help, the other arguments don’t have quite the right types
And its uni :P
uni its university?
You just used the word
3:36 PM
@LucDanton I'll keep plugging at it, thanks
Also, I'm over 50k today :D
@RobertGrzelka you are facing on the problems that you must overcome in C/C++.
> C/C++
3:37 PM
they are a hardware construct that has explicit notation in C/C++
please see yourself out :/
Thank you mum, doc.so, dad... but mostly doc.so.
@RobertGrzelka does this make sense? find a tutorial on pointers
Pointers = a menace to readability
3:44 PM
<3 void *
@roscoe_casita <3 int
iff sizeof(int) >= 16
@roscoe_casita don't fucking recommend fucking tutorials on topics that can only ever possibly be covered by a good book
@roscoe_casita you have no idea how sizeof works, right
@Griwes I figured it out w/o reading :P
@Griwes no, I like 128 bit integers.
@Griwes then please provide your recommendation ...
3:47 PM
32bit masterrace
sizeof(int) == 4
except when it doesn't, which is and should be confusing.
> shoe yourself out
really runs away
I degraded myself from a 3 star programmer to a 1 star programmer, and even that is shaky
3:49 PM
you're getting popular
I should do some pointer only thing some time just to compensate
@FélixGagnon-Grenier that's the worst
I think it's been too long since the last rightfold's va**na incident.
speaking of which, cat has disappeared enitrely
@Griwes puppy is slacking off and cat is almost never here
3:51 PM
@roscoe_casita It's not a hardware construct.
It's as much of a hardware construct as int.
Or struct.
maybe cat has moved his fat butt so a few new people could fit in the lounge
Or pretty much any other C++ feature.
Either everything in C++ is a hardware construct (the hardware being the C++ abstract machine) or nothing is.
I was trying to debug a badly written software today, it was quite frustrating
it always goes like depression, then rejection, then acceptance
at first you think acceptance is easy, then you learn with time that it accumlate
@Khaled.K Sounds like the kind of software I make :P
3:59 PM
@Khaled.K Worst thing about my stuff, is I'm not one of the "new guys" lol
well I gotta leave do something, or I'm going to drown in my mid-life seasonal depression
Another abomination of mine: i.imgur.com/KGj627h.png
4:23 PM
@Khaled.K That wasn't about messy code--just a perfectly natural reaction to Apple hardware.
Q: Variable undeclared and primary expression expected

dmortiz#include <cstdlib> #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { int amount; int newAmount; int interestRate; int initialAmount; cout << "Please enter the dollar amount. "; cin >> amount; cout << "Please enter the interest ...

Bad questions are fun, right?
@Darkrifts Bad answers are definitely worse.
@JerryCoffin Bad ideas are even worse :P
@Darkrifts Bad ideas are all right as long as they don't materialize.
In any case point was that although you reached (approximately) the right conclusion, at least part of your answer is wrong. You most certainly can declare a function the way he has. In addition, if you put the function definition before its use (in main, in this case) there's also no need for a separate declaration of the same (so this part isn't exactly wrong, but it's still not particularly right either).
4:52 PM
@ThePhD Dunno. I'd try asio on top of regular linux stack. Write a little program that creates 10k connections and see if it works.
Is Discord also broken on your machine?
Well, I'm gonna have to test it, but I think I have a way to convert a given BF program to FOS-X
5:49 PM
my favorite party is advertising with More Police, more video-technology
trump is nothing I tell you
@rightfold no
This is so heart melting.
When you get your first pair of glasses... imgur.com/gallery/4JZdW
I find that adorable
6:06 PM
> All the other kids, with the pumped up kicks, better run, better run faster than my bullets.
Holy shit, this is some dark lyrics for an upbeat song
> All the other kids, with the pumped up kicks, better run, better run, outrun my gun
7:06 PM
@Griwes '13 isn't old
@nwp Well. CDU has a legacy. This means they have electorate to lose
7:36 PM
7:58 PM
8:12 PM
The internet is smart
8:33 PM
I managed to salvage family tree (or part of it) from MyHerritage.
They have this silly overlay over the page to force you to pay them ~200 USD per year.
...after trial period.
Thankfully, you can just delete the object from DOM.
And you can copy fairly nice JSON from REST response.
the power of the inspector
@Puppy Yup.
I should probably learn how2json
9:01 PM
@Puppy Reminds me, a few weeks ago I stumbled on a live stream on YouTube and I realized I couldn't hide the chat. Not wanting to catch eye cancer, I promptly deleted the entire element.
Now they've added a "hide chat" feature but back then it really was quite a gross oversight.
@Shoe You were always a shoe-in for the 50k crowd.
9:28 PM
@Puppy Person sound
10:03 PM
@Puppy I delete that popup on instagram all the time. I don't go there often enough to warrant an account, and usually it's because I was given a link
lol instagram
1 hour later…
11:13 PM
Q: Pushing into a vector of struct an element of that vector

anonI've declared a struct like this: struct Point{ double x,y; Point(){} Point(double xx,double yy): x(xx),y(yy){} }; And I'm trying to fill the vector like this: vector<Point> s(1); Point tmp(1,2); s[0]=tmp; s.push_back(s[0]); Unfortunately, doing this gives me a wrong answer wh...

I ended up reverting my downvote on the question and the answer
Surprisingly subtle bug
11:37 PM
I fixed FOSO
FOS Online is a go :D
11:56 PM
people downvote some valid questions
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