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Discussion on answer by Makoto: Leavi

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13d ago – Makoto
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The Ministry of Silly Hats

Where the fun hattens.
2m ago – Andreas
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 Nevada Test Site

Debug room for @GenericBot, for questions/blames/issues head over to Sobotics
3m ago – Generic Bot
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Chatter Bots

The place where those chat bots can hang out.
4h ago – OakBot
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the data aspirants

Casual meet and greet and learn
5h ago – Shubham Sharma

Trogdor A room for developing a process for tag cleanup, tag disambiguation and choosing between those and tag burnination.
13h ago – Generic Bot
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13h ago – Turing85

The Meta Room

General chat & hangout for Stack Overflow, including Meta discussions. See: for formative discussion about the room. Please do not ping moderators or employees with things that can be handled via flags.
18h ago – E_net4 explains
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 The Clever FoviBot Club

Room for U10-Forward and Vickel, of course including the clever FoviBot...
1d ago – Vickel
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