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Discussion between tbeernot and M.P.

Imported from a comment discussion on https://stackoverflow.com/questions/78677778/junit-5-runs-specific-cucumber-feature-twice/78678303#78678303
13d ago – M.P. Korstanje

Discussion between Derek O and bestfi

Imported from a comment discussion on https://stackoverflow.com/questions/78674102/plotly-scatter-map-how-do-i-prevent-marker-text-from-overlapping/78690423#78690423
13d ago – Derek O

Discussion between Vignesh Jayaraman

Imported from a comment discussion on https://stackoverflow.com/questions/78696131/wpf-dynamic-data-grids-thumb-position-changed-when-row-and-column-definition-is/78699167#78699167
13d ago – Vignesh Jayaraman

Discussion between decadenza and will

Imported from a comment discussion on https://stackoverflow.com/questions/78707227/django-distinct-and-group-by-query-using-the-orm-and-mysql/78707278#78707278
14d ago – willeM_ Van Onsem

The Meta Room

General chat & hangout for Stack Overflow, including Meta discussions. See: https://meta.stackoverflow.com/q/388117 for formative discussion about the room. Please do not ping moderators or employees with things that can be handled via flags.
8m ago – Kevin B
Kevin B: 8m ago, 11230 posts (10%)Ryan M: 48m ago, 5850 posts (5%)aynber: 4h ago, 682 posts (0%)VLAZ: 1d ago, 12766 posts (11%)Makyen: 1d ago, 114 posts (0%)Andrew T.: 12d ago, 2064 posts (1%)NotTheDr01ds: 70d ago, 16 posts (0%)Vickel: 350d ago, 24 posts (0%)metatoaster: no posts

 Nevada Test Site

Debug room for @GenericBot, for questions/blames/issues head over to Sobotics http://chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/111347/sobotics
29m ago – Generic Bot
Generic Bot: 29m ago, 1669837 posts (99%)

The Fovi Lounge with on topic: futbal

Room for U13-Forward, Vickel and others to talk about futball, surfing, jokes and ---winter bash---.
4h ago – Vickel
Vickel: 4h ago, 8364 posts (41%)

The Ministry of Silly Hats

Welcome to the MOSH pit, where the fun hattens.
14h ago – Ryan M
Ryan M: 14h ago, 7959 posts (5%)Kevin B: 9d ago, 1034 posts (0%)VLAZ: 10d ago, 6569 posts (4%)Generic Bot: 52d ago, 96 posts (0%)

Sloshy the Thawman

Test room for Sloshy https://stackoverflow.com/users/16115299/sloshy
20h ago – sloshy

Userscript newbies and friends

Repository (under construction) at https://github.com/userscripters
3d ago – sloshy
VLAZ: 43d ago, 5363 posts (4%)
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