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4:31 AM
Zod is in the house
Kneel before ZOD!!!
how's it going?
4:46 AM
reading about BackTrack
reading up some Python
ya... was reading up on some NLP with Python yesterday (my yesterday, your early morning)... friend had made some simple movie rating system using Python with NLP... What are you reading up on?
Natural language processing
oh okay
5:02 AM
I just checked up ISE's profile...
> amateur in electronics (microcontrollers, sometimes HDL)
will fit right in with It'sYourFault
lol......I have a penchant for doing that too :)
how do you create the dotted vertical lines?
using > before the text
> hello there
thanks :-P
Hello :)
5:06 AM
>will fit right in with It'sYourFault
Interesting, but I am just amateur. I am worked with logic on Altera FPGA's, making some simple things like motor controllers and simple automation.
Seeing how much today's electronics is advanced is a little shocking for me, anyway
lol.....I'm an amateur myself
and would like to improve :)
> to improve
there are a lot of vectors, what are your personal interests?
Maybe its due to the fact that multi-line screws up the markdown
well, electronics + mechanical = me happy :)
making a electric car?
5:13 AM
that's no fun
More likely robotic models or home automation?
they are good, and likely to fetch some money later :)
cars will be automated in the future... like in Minority Report
Interesting. And my future hobby will be analog-digital converters.
I found very interesting idea, http://openeeg.sourceforge.net/
But I think, it seems a bit outdated
of course
but that's not anytime soon
so, it won't be useful to me :)
5:24 AM
And what kinds of devices you prefer to use? I mean, MCU's (like AVR/PIC/ARM), or FPGA's?
pretty much just started with Arduino
I have a bit outdated version of Arduino too. I like it, but more as a debugging tool, than device I'll put for everyday control of house, for example.
Also, I like TI Launchpad, that thing is pretty cheap and useful
5:40 AM
how much?
the arduino micro-controller i have cost $30~
TI site about it is down, I've got two for nearly 10$ with FedEx. Seems cool for me
what language does the programming use?
Also, Arduino is debugging board, AVR is mcu family, to be exact. So, 5$ for debug board is cool. It uses C
I think, C++ too, but I didn't tried it on LP
I believe AVR is the mc on the arduino board
I agree
5:45 AM
though, a friend told me that one can actually remove the mc
and replace it with another
that way, you only need to purchase one board
Ouch, yes. I recommend you ZIF-panel
You could replace your MCU's very fast with it
Also, original AVRDude works fine with FT232RL (chip for serial communication and programming on Arduino). So, it may be more comfortable to use some separate FT232 boards and AVR mcu's sometimes.
I'll check them out
Have you already made your PCB layouts?
If not, begin with something less complex, I've made my ft232bl layout in three days, it was quite nervous for me
nope.....I've been using solderless boards for now
so that I can re-use the same board again and again
but I already have all soldering tools for when I eventually start doing intensive stuff
I made schematics I wanted in KiCad, enabled layout editor and seen lots of lines for every contact. And I thought: «Wow, how could I handle that?». But after some time it was relatively simple for me.
5:57 AM
I initially had some trouble understanding the wiring works on the boards
I eventually figured it out after a day
It wasn't so hard for me. But it's interesting to find lots of ways to on-board lines
solderless boards = bread boards?
soldering is usually only when you wanna permanent assembly... but knowing how to solder cleanly is a good thing... unless you're gonna factory solder :P
6:01 AM
I wasn't able to make thin connections before using nitric acid. Now it is fine: I could place two lines under resistor and have lots of ways to connect parts. But I think, it is like my father's old photography hobby: lots of chemicals to make one simple photo
we opened a robotics room a while back, but it was empty
no chemicals for now
I need to go for some time. Let's continue later.
Good luck!
alright.....check this room often
Suggestion: Add robotics to this room name
or the Java room too


Room dedicated to the Java programming language, yummy food, a...
if I'm online, I should be in both :)
that's true
who's the room owner? maybe we can convince him to do it
6:15 AM
@It'sYourFault you are...
crap.....I forgot
balpha and you... that is what it says...
alright.....by the power vested on me by the powers within SO, I proclaim this room to be
room topic changed to Python & Robotics: Love Python & Robotics? We do too [arduino] [python,] [robotics,]
room topic changed to Python & Robotics: Love Python & Robotics? We do too [arduino] [python] [robotics]
I currently cannot think of something catchy
hey, I think I can make you room owner also
ta da
too much responsibilty... :P
damn.....you need to have at least 100 reps
6:27 AM
goodie... so I can skip responsibilities til that time :D
lazy bum :-P
distracted lazy bum...
the past few days all I did at home was play games (read up and bookmarked sites but no actual coding)... Assassin's Creed 3 ... finished it... now back to coding :D
2 hours later…
8:46 AM
A: why has the "Python" chat room been merged to "Python and Robotics"?

ManishearthThis was a decision by the room owners. See http://chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/6446570#6446570. The room wasn't merged, it was simply renamed to add another topic. It's up to the room owners to change the room name/topic as they wish (though they generally, as in this case, follow ...

Just a note: There already is a site and chat room for Robotics
@Manishearth : chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/20309/everything-python new chat room, dedicated only to python.
9:18 AM
@InbarRose There isn't much traffic in the Python room... creating a new one? Don't really see the need. There was another Robotics chatroom here on SO. It got frozen due to inactivity. And since I did not know(at the time) that there was a site and chat dedicated to Robotics I suggested that Robotics be added to the Room Name.
A renaming back to Python would suffice, no?
@ShyamK i understand that. and i understand that there will be very few people regardless. but i still believe that as far as chat rooms go, should have a single topic. not combined. and so, if this is dedicated both to robotics and to python, i have a a slight issue with it. and have decided to create a new room only for python - though i would be happy also with simply renaming it back to only Python as well.
Wait what? Python and Robotics?
Why was that changed?
@Manishearth i dont know. i created a question about it
Hmm, we had a little electronics/automation discussion. And Python could be integrated to embedded hardware. Personally, I don't think, that name could be a big problem, if Robotics chat already exists.
@InbarRose Point noted. But as I am not the owner, I don't have permissions. @It'sYourFault is the owner. I presume he would change it back once he comes online. Might've fallen asleep in front of the pc.
9:27 AM
Well, every language that supports IO and hardware operations can be used for robotics. Just sayin'.
@ShyamK possible, but, i can also understand that there might be a small niche group of users who want to discuss python and robotics simultaneously, changing the group has alienated those who wish to discuss only python
@InbarRose You make a valid point
I did not expect the change to have an opposition when I suggested it.
2 hours later…
12:03 PM
@ShyamK There shyam
1 hour later…
1:04 PM
was a little occupied with a work
1 hour later…
2:28 PM
room topic changed to Python or Robotics: Love Python or Robotics? We do too [arduino] [python] [robotics]
@InbarRose thanks for the concern; to remove every form of confusion, the room name has been changed to Python or Robotics, instead of Python and Robotics; as someone has replied to your question earlier, the frequent visitors to this room like to talk about both; that's why the change was made; if/when we receive enough objections, it'll be changed back to Python only; but until then, we'll love you to still think of it as a Python room; one doesn't have to affect the other;

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