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12:02 AM
@Johann what are the pre-reqs to be an additional owner for this room?
know perl and/or perl 6
know how much? Hello World count?
be able to make a regex that would make python programmers weep. ;)
2 hours ago, by copy
Tits or GTFO
But perl seems to have a good gender ratio
I'm about intermediate with regex. I tried Perl back in the day, but opted for PHP.
12:06 AM
I started on php, but went off to do perl.
I think the syntax is similar.
@crypticツ How's Nick?
@BadgerGirl he's at work making the monies, but otherwise doing fine.
invited @sehe
@BadgerGirl how are you?
12:10 AM
@crypticツ I'm great, and you?
@BadgerGirl kinda tired, cleaned the house. Sister is having her boyfriend stay here for the weekend with his puppy. She's a menace, not house trained =o(
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@Johann you know bash?
@crypticツ no
wow what happened to the lounge
12:18 AM
An icebear insulted your language. I like perl 35% less now
on the lounge
on the lounge anything goes
this is perl my man
are you still there?
I think that the gif is slowing the chat room down.
spam messages until it drops off the page
Then move it to another room?
How about PHP?
it got moved from the lounge
thus cannot move it
12:22 AM
I see
oh well
anyway, it went off the page
so are you going to learn perl>
I already promised people to learn common lisp and another language
And I have projects and codegolf
And I do python for serious programming
@copy And you have a compiler to write.
12:24 AM
perl golf is the best golf
I still can't believe you take perl seriously
most people do
what scripting languages do YOU use
then why did you join the perl room if you hate perl
I don't hate perl
12:29 AM
"I still can't believe you take perl seriously" but you think it is a joke
I'd never choose an apparently weaker language over a stronger one
the bear is on
Some Perl strengths:

1 Mature language with most of the major bugs ironed out, Python is not. Also Perl has excellent cross platform compatibility - porting is usually a breeze. Oops where is some wood to knock on?

2 CPAN provides a huge *free* repository of quality, tested code to perform almost any task you can think of. There is nothing comparitive for Python.

3 The Perl culture means that a newly annointed saint such as myself will offer their time for free and gratis to someone called supernewbie ;-) The peer support within the Perl community is second to none - this will be a hard
Yeah, I cannot really judge perl
But that's not a very long or convincing thread
And perl is ugly
define ugly
look at C++ it is very ugly
Blasphemy! :D
12:37 AM
Non-alpha characters are used a lot
@Pawnguy7 this is the perl room. just saying
python is strictly typed though, and I hate that
I like it
also perl 6 is going to be great
@Johann what are the main differences?
between perl 6 and perl 5?
12:41 AM
@Johann I love it. I have used Javascript before. Have fun debugging that.
@Pawnguy7 if you're going to be a troll then leave
How do you define troll?
In Internet slang, a troll (, ) is someone who posts inflammatory, , or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. The noun troll may also refer to the provocative message itself, as in: "That was an excellent troll you posted." While the word troll and its associated verb trolling are associated with Internet discourse, media attention in recent years has made such labels , with trolling describing intentionally provocative...
@Johann it says that Perl 6 will be strictly typed as well.
12:44 AM
I don't care how you respond. I am just saying, I don't like non-strict-type things.
kind of a ripoff of python :(
@Pawnguy7 but you don't have to say how much you hate stuff multiple times
@Pawnguy7 I agree, one of my biggest pet peeves about PHP is that.
@Johann I don't see where I used "hate" can you qoute that? Also, multiple times of what?
12:49 AM
PHP is just horrible, no discussion
Beat it until it dies in pain
Then, revive it, and do it again.
It's easy to criticize a language that you don't use. But when it comes down to it, all languages have their pros and cons for their specific uses.
I used to use PHP
I think you have convinced me to learn Python.
12:54 AM
star wars
this chatroom is dead
@copy Unless you are currently using said language you can't make comparisons to others. Languages are forever evolving and getting better. What may have been a shortfall multiple versions back may now no longer be. I'm sure if I knew Python 5yrs ago and was comparing it to the latest PHP it would definitely fall short, but to be fair I should be comparing both current versions against specific use cases.
php is ok, python is ok, perk is ok
the end
@Johann wins the interwebz +1
the lounge right now, ugh
@crypticツ PHP might get better (and changes are made at a faster rate than python), but some bugs and bad design decisions just cannot be changed anymore
It's usually that PHP people only know PHP well and don't give other languages a serious try for arbitrary reasons
And you should always choose the best tools that exist
Not the second best
1:05 AM
so, jquery?
jQuery should be hardcoded in browsers
For your enjoyment =o) phpsadness.com
I know that wobsite
I tried the string with no quotations, and you need strict subs off
which is annoying
I would turn strict on if I did perl seriously, of course
1:11 AM
I always use strict.
chat room is dead
There are only 4 people here
room topic changed to Perl 5 and/or Perl 6: PERL. [code-golf] [perl] [perl6]
room topic changed to Perl 5 and/or Perl 6: Room owner positions available. Have knowledge of Perl. [code-golf] [perl] [perl6]
1:32 AM
Can I be a room owner?
have you learned enough perl?
have you made a regex?
Matches if a number is prime
@copy more perl please
1:36 AM
if ($number =~ /^\d*[13579]$/)
	print "It's a prime";
should we make @BadgerGirl an owner?
Girls are good for the room's reputation
1:39 AM
I don't even...
Conjecture: All odd numbers are prime.
        Mathematician's Proof:
                3 is prime.  5 is prime.  7 is prime.  By induction, all
                odd numbers are prime.
        Physicist's Proof:
                3 is prime.  5 is prime.  7 is prime.  9 is experimental
                error.  11 is prime.  13 is prime ...
        Engineer's Proof:
                3 is prime.  5 is prime.  7 is prime.  9 is prime.
                11 is prime.  13 is prime ...
        Computer Scientists's Proof:
I won't be sexist.
room topic changed to Perl: 2 Room owner positions available. Have knowledge of Perl. [code-golf] [perl] [perl6]
2 more positions?
I think it's sexist to not have a girl room owner
lol @copy
@copy You are right.
1:44 AM
@copy It should not be the sole criteron for a room owner. It should be soley on cababilities, not race or gender :\
@Pawnguy7 so you're saying that RE matching operators are awesome?
I have no idea what that is.
1:49 AM
room topic changed to =~: 2 Room owner positions available. Have knowledge of Perl. [code-golf] [perl] [perl6]
Not any clearer.
learn perl
@Johann room can have multiple owners, not limited to 4
and any owner can add more owners
But it has to be a power of 2?
and not everybody who knows perl is awake at this hour
1:52 AM
I know
but 4 is a nice small number
I know PCRE
show me some perl
I don't know Perl, just PCRE :-P
learn some then
We don't appreciate PHP in this room
1:59 AM
We do?
why is sehe on here
anyone know?
Don't you like polar bears?
and he left anyway
I'm here.
2:13 AM
do you know perl now
I've always known perl.
maybe you should appoint a room owner
who doesn't laugh at you
nice name
do you know perl @kaᵠ
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2:17 AM
@Johann nope... not really
I know PCRE, and love it
learn perl and you can be a room owner
i don't want to become a room owner :) lol
and wouldn't learn for that
@copy make me a room owner.
@Johann make @BadgerGirl room owner, she knows perl
2:24 AM
@BadgerGirl show us some perl
print("Perl is awesome\n"x80)
@BadgerGirl hrm
more stuff
#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use Math::String 1.16;
use Math::BigInt 1.48;

my $i = Math::String->new('99',['0'..'9']);
my $cs = ["a".."z","A".."Z"," ",",","(",")","\n"];
my $c = 'Math::String';
my $u = $c->from_number("143457256751672444408485136195337476997885002593618110354",$cs);
my $v = $c->from_number("2183742159727155773060245326632596445683097582725669500",$cs);
my $w = $c->from_number("121961920301233380909600391518980493",$cs);

while ($i ne '00') { print "$i$u$i$w$v"; $i--; print "$i$u\n"; }
@Johann there's a small perl program for you
bonus for the first one who tells me what it does
@kaᵠ hmm... you tell me what it does - don't want any copy-paste trickery
anyone knowing perl should understand this
2:31 AM
@kaᵠ so if you know perl tell me what it means genius
or is this some copy paste trickery
Everybody who knows PHP should know what this does <?=~žœ›š™˜—–•”“’‘ŽŒ‹Š‰ˆ‡†…;
@BadgerGirl what does that code do?
Hint: It's not an error
@copy really?
2:33 AM
True story
where in the world is that true?
anyway, looks like print NOT and some uninstantiated constant that will be taken as a string value @copy
  $arg = 'T';
  $vehicle = ( ( $arg == 'B' ) ? 'bus' :
               ( $arg == 'A' ) ? 'airplane' :
               ( $arg == 'T' ) ? 'train' :
               ( $arg == 'C' ) ? 'car' :
               ( $arg == 'H' ) ? 'horse' :
               'feet' );
  echo $vehicle;
@copy what is this? :)
Hint: It's not train
You are in the PHP puzzle room
@copy check out the perl code i pasted, what do you think?
2:37 AM
Your perl is obfuscated
@copy php quizzes are welcomed in the PHP room
@kaᵠ aha
pasted eh
I knew it to be true
@copy, a bit yes, but so was your 'php paste'
The first one, you could never write in any sane language. The second one can be evaluated in every language except for PHP
@copy interesting, anyway php's tertialy if operator is documented to have unknown results when stacking
2:41 AM
Johann has added an event to this room's schedule.
I didn't really want to end up just bashing PHP :-(
just tested, it's a horse
but why??
@kaᵠ Exactly.
and should it be?
room topic changed to my $chatroom = "perl";: PERL. [code-golf] [perl] [perl6]
2:43 AM
and why use tertiary
Why have broken operators? And why not just choose perl or python?
@copy Can we watch glee now?
@copy applause
@copy in php you mean?
i meant why use tertiary, it's very hard to read and follow
code readability is very important
Python and perl are so much stronger. You don't have to stick to the first language you learned
@BadgerGirl But someone is wrong on the internet :-(
2:47 AM
@copy But it's php, nobody cares.
php bashing is now legal
@copy so... you know/knew php?
like... very well?
2:49 AM
also, posting ponies is also legal
and derping is legal
@Johann No, can we make it illegal?
derping or ponies?
2:49 AM
Ponies it is.
btw you can run php scripts in CLI
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you killed my pony.
Ponies are only allowed between 1pm and 2pm GMT
2:52 AM
gmail time?
Greenwich Mean Time
Greenwich is somewhere in Britain
I think
hi @spyder
yes it is
@kaᵠ A little late
@Johann Make him a room owner. He knows perl.
2:58 AM
it's the place where they burned witches, somewehere near Stonehenge
so confused...
@spyder demo some code
perl 5 or 6
@copy so regarding strings: C/C++ is crap, python is the new kid on the block and perl is 'his father'
Q: Why is the Tk canvas so slow?

spyderI wrote cellular automaton (Conway's Game of Life) using Perl and TK, just for fun and practice. It works fine with console output. When I use TK, in first version I just delete and add new cells (rectangles), and after about 100 steps my program has slowed down (about 10 times). Then I rewrote g...

2:59 AM
@kaᵠ Strings?
@copy since you know php, what can you do better/more efficiently in perl vs. php?
@spyder hmm
@spyder are you still there?
@copy yeah, working on text
3:00 AM
here ya go
@copy ?
Uhh, Conway's Game of Life
I like him
@kaᵠ Can you be more specific?
room topic changed to Perl: Just perl. [code-golf] [perl] [perl6]
@copy i don't have to, I'm really interested to why and how can perl/python/anything can be better than php
as a tool
3:04 AM
hey as original room creator I have access to the other owners' chat accounts
i mean, i personally don't give a damn on how functions are named, what they arguments take etc etc
only care about the power
hammer vs. jackhammer
I could list a gazillion things. Here are 3: for-else-loops. First class functions. Strict, but sense-full typing
@copy say goodbye to your new friends. Glee :(
:9111833 I know, it's not so perlish. I could write like this: `for(1..10)
	a[$_] = something;
Oh. I did something wrong with format
wow this room is on the front page of active rooms really consistently
3:08 AM
@copy first class functions?
here I am signing off- I leave @copy in charge
I have to go soon
@Johann since it's new you can't really use 'consistently' in there
@kaᵠ You don't know what that is tells me you have many languages to learn before you pick the best one for the problem
@copy yeah, there are anonymous functions in php
ohh well, perl is kinda old anyway
3:17 AM
Ohh, you're right
@Johann btw, the code i posted has something to do with beer :)
idk my php very well
3:35 AM
I gotta sleep
3:45 AM
4:01 AM
room topic changed to $perl: "Perl will always provide the null." - Larry Wall [code-golf] [perl] [perl6]
12 hours later…
3:59 PM
Perl :)
in JavaScript, 28 mins ago, by SO ChatBot
PHP is a minor evil perpetrated and created by incompetent amateurs, whereas Perl is a great and insidious evil perpetrated by skilled but perverted professionals
6 hours later…
10:08 PM
10:19 PM
@ZeroOne Hi
@Galbix hi
are you guys there?
@Galbix let me give you access
one sec
now you can chat
I think
I can't add you
nope you don't have enough rep
1 hour later…
11:32 PM
@AmaanCheval hi
this place is a ghost town right now
Haha, hi
I don't really know any Perl
learn a little and I'll let you be a room owner
for now, have some special privledges ;)
I'll give it a shot later
Good resources to learn?
the perl camel book is a must
the perl homepage I guess
I would use Padre as an IDE
how do I add access
Also, why learn perl?
11:37 PM
Good question
Also, @BenjaminGruenbaum, isn't it really late in Israel?
Wanna learn something interesting? Learn Erlang or Haskell? Already know those? Learn LISP? know that? Learn Rebol, know that? Learn ML
@AmaanCheval Yes, it's 2:37, I'm gonna sleep in few minutes
Was studying for a quiz until recently
I actually want to learn Prolog
It looks insanely interesting
We talked about it in AI classes in the university
just don't talk about php here
except when bashing it
PHP is awesome
It has everything and it's well thought out
11:39 PM
PHP is brilliant
Name one thing PHP doesn't do?
room topic changed to $perl: PERL. [code-golf] [nophp] [perl] [perl6]
php cannot truely be compared to perl because they are for different things
@BenjaminGruenbaum you know I said that a couple minutes ago
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Can't handle the truth'
11:43 PM
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@copy finally
That is admittance PHP is a very good programming language

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