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4:43 AM
morning morning
Good Morning :)
5:09 AM
Good Morning
@parag how r u ?
@ChiragPatel mast tu ke :D
@parag bas jalsa 6e
@MKJParekh Hi
@ChiragPatel tu jivas?
@MKJParekh na lya..
5:13 AM
to thik chhe..
@MKJParekh tame kyare pa6ha avya ? :P
somvare savare..
5:38 AM
@all G00D Morning..........
2 hours later…
7:22 AM
aaaaand good night (here)
2 hours later…
9:33 AM
Q: Camera setParameters failed : FATAL EXCEPTION

rajparaI am trying to capture image with Camera API. All things works well until i set camera focus mode parameter with Parameters.FOCUS_MODE_EDOF before setting focus mode i check that if PackageManager.FEATURE_CAMERA_AUTOFOCUS available or not. Below is my code : My test environment in LG Optimus Ne...

2 hours later…
11:06 AM
Got my first Silver badge :P
@Ladineko so dance
Whats up!!
@KJP hi
ANd Hello to All
11:33 AM
11:52 AM
long morning
@RobinHood bhai ka czn to nhi hy??
@AdilSoomro hi
@parag ??
hi jay
12:02 PM
I have used this regular expression for email validation"[A-Z0-9a-z._-]{3,}+@[A-Za-z0-9.-]+\\.[A-Za-z]{2,4}" , but the problem is that when i test with this id test@gmail....com it takes this id
it should not take four dots after gmail
@JayThakkar I'm using the same as you and I didn't realized that lol
@rokimoki but my tester made me realized :(
actually you cant make an extra check before checking the expression, if more than 1 . next to other if wrong
you can have a.e.y.u.r.e@gmail.com but not a..a@gmail.com or your example
@Harshid you are not properly maintaining the states of EditText. you need to have an Array of text, which will keep the entered text in your EditText and in getView() you will set that text to EditText.
@Harshid see this author is maintaing the checked state of CheckBox, you need to implement something same as he have done in his checked states.
@JayThakkar which language are you using?
12:11 PM
@AdilSoomro :P god know
@Harshid the reason for default value being set is, ListView re-uses previous views for the next rows. it means ListView doesn't creat 100 view for 100 rows, it typically creates number of views equals to visible item's count at time in ListView (Typically.).
plus your ViewHolder approach is not well implemented.
@JayThakkar try this
public static boolean isEmailValid(String email) {
boolean isValid = false;
String expression = "^[\\w\\.-]+@([\\w\\-]+\\.)+[A-Z]{2,4}$";
CharSequence inputStr = email;
Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile(expression, Pattern.CASE_INSENSITIVE);
Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher(inputStr);
if (matcher.matches()) {
isValid = true;
return isValid;
@rokimoki m working on Android
Java is so easy to make that
ha ha ha
12:27 PM
@JayThakkar try pastebin.com/kSwk8dCn if return true then check expression, sorry if bad syntax, I don't use java since months... but the idea should work 100%
12:43 PM
@rokimoki @parag hello thanks
@parag came back ??
back to work
@parag :)
solved or not u r problem?
@RobinHood mjhy lagta hy k hy.. :D poochna prry ga, bhai se.. :D
@parag ha solved
12:48 PM
@AdilSoomro me nahi poochuga :P
@RobinHood dr to mjhy bhi lagta hy.. pr dar kay aagy jeet hy :D
@JayThakkar good
@AdilSoomro lol
@parag Hi :)
@RobinHood ki hal he ?
@M.J. mast app batavo
12:57 PM
@M.J. thk thak
@parag su karso ?
@RobinHood kem ? who is responsible for that thik thak ?
@M.J. hiii
M.J. Konu ?
@parag ha ha
hu pan maja ma
1:02 PM
actually i miss understood that sentence
My apology for that :)
hmm dont worry
@SilentKiller you are not @Robinhood (headache)
@M.J. he koi, apna
@RobinHood ohh
@M.J. is this mean RobinHood is headache..:D:D:D:D
1:03 PM
@RobinHood secret secret hmm :)
@SilentKiller who said that ?
@M.J. blush
@SilentKiller dont spread humours Please ..
@RobinHood ohh wow
@M.J. @SilentKiller @RobinHood bye bye
@parag Recently work on facebook demo (share on friends wall , send notification to friend on facebook sdk 3.0)
@CapDroid Bye
@M.J. when you'll send that demo to me...???
1:08 PM
@SilentKiller When you will give me a Treat of 10 plates of panipuri @parag free for you
@M.J. good m also wait for demo :)
@M.J. now.
@SilentKiller NO i am on diet, so send me money
@parag yup Sure ..
@M.J. you ask for panipuri not for money so money..:P
1:11 PM
@M.J. better luck next time
Same to you .. Keep working on That .
@M.J. that demo will be complete by today night...
Luck for that
@M.J. chanx...:)
@cap Gone ?
1:19 PM
@M.J. what happen..??? i am so....so innocent
ohh Copy cat
@M.J. yes yes y not... Junior can Copy Senior...;)
@SilentKiller I never did that
and who is senior ?
@M.J. you you..
1:23 PM
ha ha ha
in Indian Enthusiastic Programmers, Dec 11 '12 at 12:55, by hotveryspicy
People who write "ha ha ha" instead "hahaha" are suffering from textual asthama...
ha ha ha
in Indian Enthusiastic Programmers, Dec 11 '12 at 12:55, by hotveryspicy
People who write "ha ha ha" instead "hahaha" are suffering from textual asthama...
any one know like this animation
@SilentKiller I have completed my work before time , that's why doing chat and you ?
@M.J. i do chat with work..n office time over here..
@parag AAvu karvanu che tamare?
@parag Better to contact @MKJParekh Hello
@MKJParekh hello hello
1:29 PM
@M.J. not yet yaar
@CapDroid hey friend stilll there?
@M.J. go home.
@M.J. hi
1:36 PM
@SilentKiller not from textual asthma maybe linguistic asthma
@vignesh4303 that line written by @hotveryspicy
@SilentKiller where is he?the alauddin with an search glass?
whom has 14 k rep
@SilentKiller now u got textual asthma
1:37 PM
@hotveryspicy friend there?
nopes i didn't kept space.
@M.J. bye
@SilentKiller ::) where is he?
@vignesh4303 won't know.
1:39 PM
hope he wont angry on me
@SilentKiller :)
@parag ha ha ha.. mast chhe animation..
ha karvu 6e avu
1:56 PM
ha karelu chhe same evu.. jov kadach male to..
coverflow gallery athva carousel demo pela levo padse
ane pachhi ema customization karvu padse
A: Carousel library for android

HitendraYou can find it here. http://code.google.com/p/android-ui-utils/downloads/detail?name=CarouselExample.zip Other good link is http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/146145/Android-3D-Carousel

var lagse pan.. ena thi thai jase evu janva madyu chhe
apde rectangle uperniche fervavanu 6e
joyu me e
@parag pan e carousel ne lai ne customize to thay ne https://github.com/rameshkec85/Android-VerticalCarousel
6 hours later…
7:43 PM
need animation like this in andoid

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