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12:02 AM
which is a good thing
anyway, i've lost what the question was, if indeed there was one. cran is a good thing. but what of the future? right, bedtime.
yes, cran is a good thing indeed, not without fault, and hard to replace/improve upon
3 hours later…
3:01 AM
@Spacedman see ?Compose in functional
3:40 AM
Anyone active on here?
well, I'll go ahead and ask my question in the hopes that someone will see it and point me in the right direction
so I have some lidar data that I want to calculate some metrics for.
I have ground plots that I have extracted the lidar points around, so that I have a couple hundred points per plot (19 plots)
each point has X, Y, Z, height above ground, and the associated plot
I feel like I have all the right pieces, but just don't know how they go together to give me what I want
I need to calculate a bunch of metrics on the plot level, so I did a `plotsgrouped <- split(plotpts, plotpts$AssocPlot)'
so now I have a data frame with a "page" for each plot, so I can calculate all my metrics by the "plot page"
this works just dandy for individual plots, but I want to automate it (yes, I know there's only 19 plots, but it's the principle of it, darn it! :-P)
so I've got a for loop going
for(i in 1:length(groups)){
Results$Plot[i] <- groups[i]
Results$Mean[i] <- mean(plotsgrouped$PLT01$Z)
and so on.
the problem arises when I try to do something like:
Results$mean[i] <- mean(paste("plotsgrouped", groups[i],"Z", sep="$"))
mean() doesn't recognize the paste as a reference to the data frame "plotsgrouped", and instead fails.
btw, groups is a list of the 19 plot names: PLT01-PLT27 (non-consecutive sometimes) and FTWR
anyone have an easier way to iterate across plots and get arbitrary metrics?
4:36 AM
RStudio 0.97.168, R 2.15.2 x86:
Error in history : function not supported in RStudio
5:05 AM
@forestman That sounds like something that should be in an actual question. Although it's been answered quite a few times before and doing some searching might yield somebody asking the essentially the same thing as you.
5:54 AM
I deleted an answer to a closed and heavily downvoted question upon the request of the OP. Should I have?
The OP says they've been banned from asking new questions because of this question, but I don't know enough about such rules of SO.
And what's with the flood of igraph related questions?
Is there a course going on somewhere? They're all from new users....
1 hour later…
7:16 AM
@mrdwab No, because I don't think that will have any effect. See meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/86997/…
Q: What can I do when getting "Sorry, we are no longer accepting questions/answers from this account"?

ArjanIMPORTANT: CLICK HERE AND READ CAREFULLY! While trying to ask a question, one could get: Oops! Your question couldn't be submitted because: Sorry, we are no longer accepting questions from this account. See http://goo.gl/C1Kwu to learn more. Likewise, for answers: Oops! Yo...

@mrdwab Thus I have voted to undelete your answer.
2 hours later…
9:05 AM
@Andrie Thanks for the clarification (both here and at the question itself).
9:49 AM
Hello, I guess there is something simple I am missing here. When extracting a variable from an xts object as a time series object using ts(), I am getting a numeric series. Will order.by=as.Date(df$m1) not work in extracting the series.
@Anusha post a question with a reproducible example?
we dont really have the time and space to answer proper questions like that in this here chat room
ok. Thought it was not good enough for a proper question.
if you flesh it out a bit with example code for creating a simple xts (or whatever) object it should be
2 hours later…
11:40 AM
Q: Provide guidance on appropriate use of chat

Ari B. FriedmanThe fact that chat privileges are granted early (20 rep) means that many users who have not had any substantial amount of SO/SE experience wind up in chat. The chat room I frequent has had no less than three users ask questions that belonged on the main site in the past twelve hours. As chat is...

12:38 PM
it seems every time I ask a meta question, I get a "well, just write out a detailed explanation to every newbie that comes along, because we can't be bothered to present said explanation to new users in an automated way. nothing to see here. move along" response. le sigh
4 hours later…
5:00 PM
We are being spied upon:
Do I smell BS though? I have approx the same amount of rep, and more badges than the dude quoted, but I can assure you that my phone isn't ringing based on SO.
I know one person who claimed to get a good job offer due to SO, recently leaving my organization. (I believe his claim.)
5:50 PM
@DirkEddelbuettel He does Java though and does promote himself via his Careers 2.0 profile etc. Perhaps there are people out there with dire need of Java-freaks?
By the way, I think I still have a few invites for Careers 2.0 that I have no need for so if anyone wants one...
I doubt there are many Higher Education institutions checking out Careers 2.0 in the fields I operate in...
6:08 PM
@GavinSimpson Java/Scala is prolly a larger market than R. But we're better looking, I mean closer to big data hotness. Dunno. I do have a Careers 2.0 profile but don't update/push it much.
6:31 PM
and preferably deleting if you're over 20k rep
6:58 PM
@AriB.Friedman Your wish... (in both respects)
danke schoen
I did my civic duty too, but we may need one more to have it deleted
7:22 PM
bang and the question is gone
which one is that
my post was deleted
@kallakafar It was an exact duplicate. We do expect that you do the bare minimum of searching Stack Overflow before you post a question
in fact i had posted the previous "duplicate" one
i know thats bad..
but sometimes its difficult to put the question
i had infacted looked up a lot of resources online.. on gplot, qplot, barplot etc..
was having fundamental questions on how the plotting function should be defined.. i m quite new to R.. and thought SO would help
but the original question was going very off topic too..
its closed, and i dont feel like posting anymore, neither did i get it resolved..
The idea is to edit the original question, not to repost it again
so.. another bad day it is.. have to live with it.
well.. okay
3 hours later…
10:39 PM
And now you have three solutions. I like the lattice plot best.

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