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2:00 PM
"So the long names cancel out the short ones!"
unsigned is a modifier, not a separate type.
but you can say unsigned instead of unsigned int
@CatPlusPlus And.
Is that just C's insistence on assuming int everywhere?
So what would you want it to be? un int? unsig int?
2:02 PM
not sure what you are talking about but to make things clear: "For each of the standard signed integer types, there exists a corresponding (but different) standard unsigned integer type"
and you can also write signed or signed int if you want consistency
@CatPlusPlus uint. A separate type. Not a modifier. A type modifier that doesn't apply to all types is just silly.
incredible int
and credible int?
More keywords.
int and unt, imo
2:04 PM
greetings! I love bacon.
an creditable int
@Cicada unsigned int is a separate type.
@JimNorton I love <censor>.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Then why the ugly keyword.
Don't listen to the cat.
2:04 PM
@refp Weed is good too!
@Cicada Ask dmr and ken.
Well, ask ken. dmr isn't around anymore.
meh fix it with typedefs and then have it whatever way you fancy
@R.MartinhoFernandes I know you aren't exactly contempt with my behavior here and on the site in general, I've thought about it and think I should change my attitude in regards of answering questions and such.. thanks for the arguments putting my brain into "maybe I'm doing it wrong"-mode
depending on your compiler, you can also use u8, u16, u32 :)
According to this, unsigned is not a modifier.
2:06 PM
MyLittleCuteIntegerOn32BitsThatDoesntUseTheFirstOneToHoldSignedness i;
I don't care about standardese. It's attached to int, so it's modifier and fuck Wikipedia.
according to the standard unsigned is not a modifier, though it's the same type as unsigned int
@Cicada Verbosity is always good.
@Cicada "cute", eh?
2:08 PM
@refp It's okay. <insert something profound here about something>.
@R.MartinhoFernandes just thought I'd let you know..
@EtiennedeMartel Oui.
@refp May I suggest alcohol?
Cirrhose du foie à 40 ans.
Mon foie est en béton armé.
2:09 PM
@EtiennedeMartel to change my behavior? I don't think anyone would like a drunk 'iggah running around the site
Yay! I finally have my sleep study tonight. Maybe I'll soon be getting actual sleep...
@refp Oh don't take me wrong. I'm glad I got you thinking it over. I just don't hold any grudges, don't worry about it.
Ah oui ? Ils disent toujours ça :) AZY GROS JER UN FOI EN BERTON TKT
@EtiennedeMartel That's what alcohol does to it?
Instead of always waking up and feeling like I didn't sleep at all.
2:10 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes I actually (honestly) thought you did, and I was kinda surprised that I had stayed away from your ignore list for so long
@Cicada Dammit, I can't read poorly spelled French :S
That's a commonly used technique to avoid google translate :)
Works in all languages ofc.
What behaviour. What happened. I wanna know. :<
I must be on a bunch of peoples ignore list, reason: "he's a fucked up prick who actually admits to being a *rep-whore and always argues about everything.. and he always wanna talk about those fucking pointers"*
@refp I'm sure I've been plonked a number of times here.
See, it's almost like I'm talking to myself right now. :-)
2:12 PM
@JimNorton lol
@JimNorton speaking of nothing, may I ask you you have put C inside quotes in your profile description?
I often talk to myself, and then I get messages such as "no one cares refp, stop overreacting it's not the end of the world".. maybe I'm borderline segfault
@refp Oh I don't know... should I remove them?
@JimNorton yeah, you normally don't put names inside quotes
I don't use the ignore list. I don't like to see one-sided conversations. It's weird. And yes, I know that not using the ignore list makes me part of that problem. So what? I'm a part of a problem, that makes me important.
What's going on with ignore lists.
2:14 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes right, who wanna be a part of the solution when the problem is mad fun
@Cicada I'm on yours, right?
Hmm. How can I examine my plonkgnore list?
hopefully I am, then I have fulfilled my purpose
I don't use ignore either.
@refp Everyone ignores you. Even yourself.
Account page > prefs.
2:16 PM
@refp : Is that better?
I wasn't sure how many people I had plonked. Just AgainstASicilian right now. Will probably de-plonk at some point, same reasons as the robot.
I plonked the puppy for a while :) He did too. And sweared he wouldn't take me off of it - hah! he lost.
@JimNorton it sure is!
Now there's just that annoying swedish nigger.
I need to ignore more people to save me some sanity points.
2:16 PM
@JimNorton Oh, casinos? That sounds interesting.
And most people aren't irritating all the time, and some change, so few people really need to be perma-plonked.
who is this @refp people keep writing to, I can't see his messages anywhere..
@CatPlusPlus Who needs SAN?
oh wait yeah, I ignored the bastard for whoring
@R.MartinhoFernandes yeah, it's a bit different than other industries.
2:17 PM
@JimNorton True dat.
@Cicada I've been tempted to plonk the puppy before, but didn't know how to un plonk. Now I do! Success.
either @Cicada is quite good with ignoring me without having me on ignore, or she's actually ignoring me.. I'm not sure if I should.. be.. happy or sad 'bout it?
@Cicada Careful with the N word.
Talking about oh woe is me ignored is a fast way to actually get ignored by everyone.
@SamDeHaan You can also do so by finding the plonkee's small avatar on the user list and clicking on it. That requires the plonkee to be in the room, though.
2:18 PM
@refp Would you please stop being all angsty and shit? I feel like I accidentally fell in a shonen manga.
@EtiennedeMartel Non.
No pun intended.
Ooh, careful there. Don't misspell that.
2:19 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes Ah, science.
@EtiennedeMartel It's part of my internet trollin' behavior.. sorry
@R.MartinhoFernandes Ooh, that shows me that the person I have ignored is in the chats right now. Is he saying anything interesting?
@SamDeHaan Not yet.
Anybody here ever do a sleep study?
@JimNorton Well then, perfect opportunity to test the de-plonking process.
2:21 PM
@SamDeHaan go for it! You can do it!
@JimNorton sleep study as in?
I've sleep studied in the way of sleeping on my textbooks in order to absorb the information faster. Results were inconclusive.
@JimNorton What's that?
@refp Go to a medical center, have a thousand sensors put on you and sleep there for the night...
Studying how to sleep?
Sleep while studying?
2:22 PM
@JimNorton I've an appointment with some expert doctor in "sleeping" where he/she will monitor me while trying to sleep, as well as supply me with some sort of device that will monitor my sleeping patterns for a week
I know how to sleep.
I've done both.
Especially when studying.
Everything is better than studying.
Especially during studying.
@refp Yeah, I'm having that done tonight... A bit weary about it.
@JimNorton I'm gonna do that close to the end of august, I suffer from quite a sever case of insomnia
2:23 PM
@refp Cyborg week!
@JimNorton cool! let me know how it turns out!
Sam's deplonked me?
@refp Well good luck! I think I probably have sleep apnea.
@R.MartinhoFernandes tis gonna be awesome, hopefully lazers are included
...and that's when I realized that it WASN'T a good idea to put the rabbit there
2:23 PM
Pew pew.
Which will most likely go away if I lose about 40lbs.
@AgainstASicilian You're on plonk probation.
@JimNorton ah, hopefully they will find the cause and fix it. fingers crossed for ya!
@JimNorton Isn't that dangerous?
Like, deadly or something?
I know that story I just told was a bit heavy
2:24 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes It can be.
but I trust you can all keep it secret
@refp thank you!
@AgainstASicilian You can trust us. We're the internet.
@JimNorton Oh well, get cracking on those 18kgs.
So what's new Againsta?
2:25 PM
persuasive indeed, OK
@R.MartinhoFernandes :-)
@JimNortron You make me sound like a Starbucks barista gone rogue or something
Screw your coffee -- I'm an againsta
@JimNorton I liked how my doctor describe my appointment in august; "yeah, so you will get there in the evening and they will monitor you while you sleep", I looked at him kinda suspicious and said "how I.. sleep?", "yeah it's good method to see why you don't sleep"... "so they gonna monitor me sleeping when we know I have massive problems falling a sleep?"
@AgainstASicilian Againsta would be a good rapper name
@refp It's a foolproof plan.
2:26 PM
@SamDeHaan lol... and who can sleep with all those wires attached anyways?
the only think I'm afraid of is that I will actually sleep that night, I normally stay awake for a few days and then enter coma mode and sleep for about 8 hours (which is a lot when I don't sleep at all "normally")
@refp We'll just put our faces 2 inches from yours and watch you as you sleep. Don't mind the needles. They're for later.
tonight I actually slept for a short period of time (I think, kinda hard to tell sometimes), about 20-30 minutes
I have a foolproof method for falling asleep: all I need is to get into a moving vehicle and wait five minutes.
@refp Wow, that is rough. Imagine how much better you will feel when you do start sleeping.
2:27 PM
Kinda annoying if you're the driver.
@JimNorton I really hope so
@R.MartinhoFernandes Robot, you don't have hibernate?
Have you tried alcohol?
just dont overdose on sleep
@JimNorton Alcohol makes it worse, not better
2:28 PM
@SamDeHaan No, that's Java.
It's a common misconception
@Neil Surprising
@Neil Depends on the person, but usually true.
Alcohol will often help me sleep, but if I drink too much it wakes me up.

alcohol isn't Java

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2:28 PM
Wine is a good way to knock yourself out
Not to say that you wouldn't close your eyes and sleep, but you're far more likely to have restless sleep
@AgainstASicilian Vodka is more efficient.
I have no idea how to take those "nap" things people always tell me about, but when I go to bed (at the proper time, of course) I can fall asleep quickly 99% of the time.
Misusing the bookmark tool to decontextify stuff. Hmmm.
@Neil that could be I suppose.
2:29 PM
if I go out drinking with my friends I'm doomed to pass out sooner or later, so I can "sleep" when I''ve been drinking.. not too excited about using that as a long term solution though
@R.MartinhoFernandes Sounds like the kind of thing you would do.
@EtiennedeMartel Vodka just makes me feel like I have a hot steel fireball in the pit of my stomach until I either pass out from pain or pass it back out violently
or when I've smoked weed, that also helps
@AgainstASicilian That might be because you're weak.
I read somewhere that 20 minute nap can make you more alert and more refreshed. After which time you enter a deeper phase that makes you feel groggy if you're awaken during
2:30 PM
@EtiennedeMartel Or it's because I am taking in a superhuman level of vodka
The sliding scales of ambiguity, hoooo
However, an hour after that, you can wake up without feeling groggy, and your creative tendencies will get a boost
well I better go shower for work... talk you all in about an hour... when I'm at work.... while I'm compiling etc...
@Neil My scientific experimentation on that has produced inconclusive results.
You know, you're not supposed to take the same amount of vodka as you would with wine.
I have this slight problem with sleeping, where I will sleep like 14 hours, and then stay awake for 20 hours before I get tired
2:30 PM
That's what the lines on solo cups are for
They measure different types of drinks for the sake of normalizing alcohol or something
@AgainstASicilian I saw that on facebook also
@R.MartinhoFernandes I didn't believe it at first
@Neil Yeah, the good old "power nap".
I actually did some tests and discovered there's a lot of truth to it
@MooingDuck You don't understand how thankful I am for what you gave me. Holy crap, it's so elegant.
2:31 PM
Man I really don't want to work today.
Do you think it's a reasonable heuristic though? I mean the line at the bottom is... hardly enough for any drink IMO
@EtiennedeMartel Good ol' nap nap
@AgainstASicilian Well, the bottom line is one ounce, which is the volume of a standard shot glass, while the top one is 12 ounces, which is a beer.
Whoa, didn't know that was false
2:32 PM
@Neil This must be why setting my morning alarms 20 minutes apart make a considerable difference. I wake up once feeling like death, and then the second time feeling like something only on the verge of death.
@AgainstASicilian Someone should measure, they might coincide
@Collin, thank you for putting that one to rest. I love Snopes.
@SamDeHaan I do that, too
@JimNorton Marry them if you love them so much.
They are probably just reasonable/coincidental heuristics, depending
2:32 PM
something about not having to get up the first time, but going back to sleep is just...nice
But who snopes snopes?
you could probably find a similar heuristic with any arbitrary item
@SamDeHaan I don't know about that. That probably has more to do with lack of sleep in general
@JimNorton snopes snopes snopes
time to smoke some (regular fags)
2:33 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes I would, but I'm already married.
Muslimify yourself.
@refp Wow!
I like to wordify words.
I'm not sure why I've started to write "fag" when I'm about to have a smoke, I never use that word in oral tongue
@JimNorton quis snopiet ipsos snopes (latin, I am expert)
2:33 PM
And I do know what fag used to mean.
@R.MartinhoFernandes But can you verbify your nouns?
@JimNorton in GB it's quite common to refer to cigarettes as "fags"
What about megabytes?
@refp Oh still? Didn't know that.
@SamDeHaan Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum videtur.
2:35 PM
@EtiennedeMartel So profound.
Nescio ego quid loquitur.
Lorem ipsum I don't remember what goes after that.
You're a silly cat.
@CatPlusPlus That's not latin though
2:37 PM
As long as it sounds Latin, it's Latin.
Duck typing at its best.
Si sonat latina, est latina.
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.
Veni veni venias
@JimNorton Thank you for that, Jim. We're all feeling a lot more enlightened thanks to you. o_o
2:38 PM
I used lorem ipsum to generate my passwords for a while, that was fun. Just pick the most fun sounding words from the wikipedia article for lorem ipsum, record the number of words between them, add symbols/caps, and success.
@Neil Anything to help. :-)
@R.MartinhoFernandes Nice... I'm trying out the arnold site now.
> Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet cow elit ullamco occaecat, beef deserunt ad capicola. Salami consectetur pig meatloaf, anim frankfurter dolore pork belly jerky ad. Strip steak duis ut consectetur, qui nulla tenderloin in elit ground round magna eu minim velit. Frankfurter in mollit, leberkas aliqua rump dolor drumstick in culpa. In beef consequat, ea short ribs ball tip elit brisket aliquip pork chop biltong.
@SamDeHaan So much effort.
@CatPlusPlus Yes, but it was clever, dammit.
@SamDeHaan Hmm.. do you have a paypal account, Sam DeHaan? *evil laugh*
2:39 PM
I use the same password everywhere... I know .... shame on me.
But seriously, who can remember 100 different passwords?
Is it "hunter2"?
Man, I would love to one box some Pusheen stuff, but they're all animated.
@SamDeHaan Meh, just use "correct horse battery staple". Everyone knows that one is safe.
@R.MartinhoFernandes True story.
No, it's passw0rd3456
2:40 PM
You don't remember 100 passwords, silly.
@CatPlusPlus it's always hunter2
@JimNorton Computers are good at remembering.
It's true what xcdk writes. We've managed only to create passwords that are very easy to crack and very hard to remember by adding all those upper/lowercase letters and numbers
By using one password, you might just give all your money to me.
XKCD Reference Tangent: So far, this is still my all time favorite xkcd
puns are punny
2:41 PM
@Neil Meh, the whole idea of passwords is subpar anyway.
20-character password with a complex alphabet isn't easy to crack.
@R.MartinhoFernandes I saw some research involving following eye movements and showing a 3x3 grid of US presidents or something of that nature
Do they make a USB device that securely stores a password or acts as a "password" agent of some sort that works with software that requests passwords?
And I don't want to remember silly phrases either.
The typical combination of looking at the presidents is rarely repeating, and would make an excellent password
2:42 PM
@Neil Gosh what.
That sounds a lot like missing the point.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Wait, what? There was a point?
For gimmicks.
I always thought the best passwords were technically just long mnemonics
How about retinal scanning?
2:43 PM
long passwords of words = dictionary-attack susceptible
@Neil but what about those of us that always look at things in different order intentionally, to fool the CIA agents following us?
ibm tried to push fingerprint recognition onto their thinkpads, but we see how well that ended up
their scanners were annoying
@SamDeHaan To that I say, consult the voices in your head. They'll tell you what to do.
@Drise: only if the file is opened in text mode. (There are easy ways around that, but they're strange)
2:44 PM
@SamDeHaan Don't worry, I have some extra tin-foil hats. Want one?
"please rescan... too fast. not enough finger. rescan please. too fast. too slow. wrong angle."
@MooingDuck Text mode?
@Neil Do I have to make them vote? They aren't very good at reaching consensus.
@JimNorton Tin-foil. Amateurs.
@SamDeHaan Lol
They need to have facial recognition with cameras
2:45 PM
@MooingDuck That's what started this whole mess with the damn thing.
That's probably the most practical approach, but nobody likes the idea of having a picture taken of you everytime you want to log in to your bank account
@Neil like the phone unlock that can be fooled with a simple photograph?
Meh, I basically agree with the eevee guy. Why don't they just let me use a private/public key pair?
@AgainstASicilian Iam amore virginale totus arduo!
@R.MartinhoFernandes Because people are idiots.
2:46 PM
Shit... I must go to work now. Talk to you all later...
@R.MartinhoFernandes Whats the recovery method if you lose your key?
@SamDeHaan You'd have to use it in combination with a simple pin
I can handle securely inputing a password on my end. That's what fists are for.
@SamDeHaan None.
but it can be a pin code at that point, not some 10-digit password with letters and numbers
2:47 PM
@SamDeHaan Make a new account.
@R.MartinhoFernandes I was thinking an answer more along the lines of "buy the database admins lunch"
How do you lose private keys.
Just don't be an idiot.
There's this wonderful concept of backup.
Idiots gonna idiot, there's no point in fighting that.
2:48 PM
Backup? What kind of sorcery is this?
@CatPlusPlus catastrophic fires. Concurrently at your home, and the three offsite backups.
Get Dropbox, create TrueCrypt container in it, store keys there.
Just give up and leave the universe alone in the damn race.
Then laugh at it.
@CatPlusPlus Easy, you know these sewer drains at the road side? Have them receive your private key chain :)
Someone cracked my wife's online e-mail account once, and she wanted them to simply restore it to her
I had a hard time explaining why they couldn't possibly know it was her
2:48 PM
How do you crack an email account.
Is it a coconut?
Or maybe an egg.
She could prove who she was, yes, but without that data on the server, your identity is your username/password
@CatPlusPlus More importantly, how did this coconut cross the ocean?
And why.
@CatPlusPlus Do coconuts migrate?
@MooingDuck Also, how should I test the stream for the failbit? I'm sorry if I'm asking a lot, I just want to do it right the first time.
2:50 PM
@CatPlusPlus You're being way too literal
@SamDeHaan I know a pair of nuts that do migrate. Micro migration, but still
Nobody does password guessing at email sites.
everything migrates on the quantum level
@Drise Erm. .fail()?
@AgainstASicilian Please define migration at the quantum level.
2:50 PM
No, you test for it with operator!
@Sam I could rematerialize on the dark side of the moon any moment now
Still trying to wrap my head around quantum entanglement
@Neil They probably grabbed the password somewhere else.
Albeit with extraordinarily low probability...
If your email account is compromised, then you're an idiot who uses the same password everywhere, and database of one of the sites you forgot about 10 years ago leaked, and they stored it in plain text or MD5; or you're an idiot who got phished; or you're an idiot who got keylogged.
2:51 PM
@Neil Play quantum tic-tac-toe.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Maybe. Considering her paypal account had the same password, first thing we did was change the passwords on any account
@Neil I can explain it using an interesting analogy if you actually care
So, don't be an idiot.
We were quite fortunate, because I think it had just happened
And for the love of Internet, don't reuse the same password twice.
Because that's dumber than keeping them on a post-it note on your monitor.
2:52 PM
@CatPlusPlus Good advice.. and nobody does that
So I should only reuse it once?
@Neil orrrr not
Meh, I reuse "123456" all the time.
@Neil If you don't do that, you get no account compromise sympathy.
Eh there are too many password accounts out there to figure out something clever for each and every one
2:53 PM
The fact that I have different passwords on my bank account accesses than I do on facebook is something that I doubt most people do by far
@R.MartinhoFernandes That's the combination on my luggage!
Sometimes "a123456" or "aA123456" or "aA$123456" if there are silly restrictions in place.
@CatPlusPlus You're absolutely right, but all the same
I take it Neil has me plonked
Passwords don't need to be clever.
2:54 PM
@AgainstASicilian Yes, you're plonked
Well damn you could have at least replied to the earlier statement D:
I can never take a quick 2 minute shower, the water always feel so good!
@SamDeHaan Classic.
Here, have a password 3=J2ndNfG0Ov#+ltPy_VE0X=plmp<%2Opa'{"g{fq@]T}%*2"sic[ ?eT}Z]kGmsW"uD y0ezQ9WQIoIs Kc'J+Ii&ul}PCPb$``.
@AgainstASicilian Sorry
2:55 PM
@JimNorton Take a cold shower then. Problem solved.
@EtiennedeMartel Lol that's actually a good idea...
@R.MartinhoFernandes That's an awful password because everybody here knows it now
when you type your password, switch your keyboard to greek.
@Neil Maybe not. Markdown borked it. As expected.
type in DVORAK
2:56 PM
I type in keyboard.
@Neil I actually remember this password. it's horrible.
dictionary attack makes short work of the correct horse battery staple
@AgainstASicilian nooooope.
2:57 PM
@Cicada Which one? Tr0ub4dor&3?
@AgainstASicilian There are a lot of combinations of words to make
correct horse battery staple
@Cicada It works, see?
How do the entropy comparisons equate?
when you take into account the combinations
using dictionary attack on words vs. brute-force letter cruncher for some arbitrary string of random characters
2:59 PM
Note how each word is only taken to have 11 bits of entropy, regardless of their length or other characteristics.
I suppose that is like assuming that there's a pool of 2048 words.

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