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"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." -Albert Einstein (source)
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@JennaSloan That sounds absolutely disgusting.
@geisterfurz007 Good, more for me.
What, you thought I actually ate Spam?
I don't know what to belive and what not to believe.
C'est la vie
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I found a programmer who wrote a book about Android, often concatenate an empty string "" with non string variable to get a new string. Is it recommended?
@GodMustBeCrazy Well, it's a little slower, no
For example:

boolean x = false:
Log.i("tag", ""+x);
@Neil: what is the fastest ?
8:13 AM
it recycles string constant "", but x isn't an object, so it must box it to Boolean
once it's an object, it calls Boolean.toString(), and after that it calls String.concat to add the two together
Would be easy to do String.valueOf(x)
@Rashed Welcome to the Java Chat, the room for Java enthusiasts! Please use a code snippet tool when posting code snippets. If you have an Android question, you're in the wrong place! And remember: this is not tech support! Thanks for visiting and have fun! :D
probably boxes it just the same, but at least you don't have to concat anything
@Neil: OK. Thanks. I am a newbie in both java and android.
@GodMustBeCrazy If you knew it was going to be false, faster still would be Boolean.FALSE.toString()
8:16 AM
@Neil OK.
does Log.i("tag", x); not work?
if a string is needed, java will convert it automatically
or at least I would expect it to
any spring developer here?
developer for spring or someone who works with spring?
@GodMustBeCrazy No, it's not recommended at all
sorry, who works with spring.
8:23 AM
It creates Sonar issues
@Neil This kind of reasoning is a sure sign or premature optimization
@Nicktar what? working with spring?
@Neil no, reasoning about the speed of (Un)Boxing and String literal reuse.
did you work with hibernate search?
@Nicktar I wouldn't do it because it looks ugly to boot
8:27 AM
@Nicktar You do this?
^^^^ @Neil
@GodMustBeCrazy thank you for your support, my bro <3
8:43 AM
8:59 AM
Hey, does anyone know if it's a wise move to ask questions about my own code as a question on the main site by sharing my GitHub repo rather than just segments of code? The regular updating of the question post to clarify it can be quite taxing and the person's recommended solution might not be working since it is only certain parts of ur package that you are showing
imo its better to just post segments of code
@PrashinJeevaganth No, it's not a good idea.
Links are considered non-reliable because they can go down, but snippets you share with your post inline will always be there
Read about MCVE
9:20 AM
@PrashinJeevaganth nobody likes sifting through pages of code
you stand a better chance of getting your question answered if you can create a simple but complete example of your problem
morn @Java
9:38 AM
@PrashinJeevaganth You don't. You need snippets in the question that are complete on their own. Adding a repo should only be in order to create a demo, but without sacrificing the question content
@PrashinJeevaganth is the code working? if so and you have doubts in the implementation or performance rather than an issue which prevents it from compiling/folling the Business Rules maybe you would like to go to CodeReview rather than StackOverflow...
@dbl they are compilation issues. I'm actually trying to ask question involving Ruby on rails so was thinking I set up a question with my GitHub link and the segment of code I think the problem arises from.
@PrashinJeevaganth try googling the error message from the compiler
you may be surprised at how well that works for finding the problem
if the error is vague, they'll be more posts online talking about it
google it "in quotation marks" to search for the whole phrase
I found similar stackoverflow posts regarding that error message, but never really understood the answers given.
It turns out that working in an application(Ruby not yet Java), is really a pain trying to understand the error message
Don't post the next "why is my code not working" thread pls... If you have lack of understanding over the platform please refer to a Ruby literature first so you have enough context over the topic... You can always ask for a deeper description over a topic you are trying to assimilate but you should do the first step understanding it...
9:50 AM
Yes, my english sux @Zoe so thanks for pointing it out xD
aren't you at school?? Educate, now xD
/urban ^
@Zoe ^: Meaning you agree with what the person above you typed in a text.
9:52 AM
@dbl I am
The teacher is sick, got some tasks that took like 30 mins to finish. Noe I'm just waiting for Civ Beyond Earth to start XD
10:14 AM
@Zoe Life is tough
10:35 AM
Hi guys
I have a question
@Doflamingo19 hi
when I do debug and when I click ctrl+shift+d on method I obtain this:
Evaluation failed. Reason(s):
		Cannot perform nested evaluations.
I use eclipse!
I don't know what this means
@Doflamingo19 FUBAR situation
kidding. maybe it means you've got a cyclic reference in your watches
Q: Why does the display in Eclipse not support recursive functions in Java?

John HoffmanI have implemented a factorial function in Java in the Eclipse IDE. public class Utilities { public static int factorial(int n) { int result; if (n <= 1) // base case return 1; else { result = (n * factorial(n - 1)); return result; } } } In the di...

google is your friend...
most things ppl ask where already asked before
..and answered
10:42 AM
well most of the time you will have to dig a bit further by checking more than one thread/opinion to get to the real(abstract enough according to your context) state of mind....
sometimes you have to check alot
eventually you ll find the answer
IF you put in enough effort
or you will construct the answer based on answers connected to smaller but similar issues ^^
"Does anyone know how to fix it?" 1 day later: "Ah ok, found out the problem! Thanks!" *hits head on desk*
I just seems lazy when ppl ask stuff and i can find like 15 posts on the topic on google in less than a minute
im NOT talking about Doflamingo19 case
just in general
xD I think that thosedays the university should provide "how to use search engines" class xD
10:46 AM
I think most people would be surprised to learn that most of my "programming" ability amounts to being able to google effectively
by asking me to fix a problem, you're effectively asking me to google something for you
@dbl true
come on... the most important part of a research is to have the context ...
@Neil exactly
and even the best "google entusiast" couldn't be a good programmer if he doesn't have the appropriate base...
admittedly there's a bit more to it than that, but if I see a problem I've never seen before, any hopes I have on fixing it relies 80% on finding the fix and 20% knowing how to apply it
10:48 AM
that's true...
I'm genuinely surprised that most people seem shocked to find out that I don't know how to do a certain trick in Microsoft Word
as if being a programmer somehow means I should know everything there is to know about computers
I don't think most people have any remote clue what programmers do
I've been able to replace old "break lining" for my golf by following some tutorial on the net, replaced the oven's old "fan" in the same manner, just because I'm good to follow instructions and get enough Know how from the read my (docs)...
is the word itself not descriptive?
saying programmers program is only as useful as their understanding of the word "program"
Neil "working with computers" is pretty much like "working with vehicles"...
10:51 AM
no, that's not at all the same thing
there are so many different things that your daily basis could involve and there is no way for you to know everything..
most people when they think of someone who knows their way around cars think about the mechanical aspect
well yeah I know but as a trend it could be said so... Image when the automobiles came up some sentries ago..
you can be a fully fledged programmer and not understand the hardware like you built the thing yourself, though a lot people do just the same
10:53 AM
if anything that's the issue. the amount to learn about computers is both vast and technical that it's just easier to lump it all together into a context of "programming"
but that would be like calling any person in the construction business a "builder"
also there is a matter that you are going to adopt a bit faster just because it comes natural for you and then there is a this dark matter that is not interesting for you and all the time you need it you will have to go back and recheck and so on... but it's a common way that our brains work
there are carpenters, electricians, plumbers, mortars, architects
it's far more vast than "builder"
at least people understand the differences here
same with the "vehicles.." and any trend came up ever
true, but nobody is called an expert of vehicles
you're a train engineer or a mechanic or a car factory worker
and it's the same here.. more or less
.Net dev, Java dev, C dev, Architect, DB expert and so on
10:56 AM
this trend is probably only going to get worse as technology advances too
in 50 years time, they'll still be calling us programmers though we may never write a single line of code
there may be AI "teachers" and virtual reality builders
but we'll all be programmers to the rest of the world :)
I'm pretty sure that most of the work that "programmers" do those days is going to be automated more or less and the pupils will be attracted by the proffessions of the future...
will be interesting for sure
meh, I disagree.
Programmers are going to be the last field to be completely automated by computers
wait wait
It's up to the market needs
the ability for a program to modify itself is something we're lightyears behind in
this is the case yeah
11:00 AM
we'd sooner have "artificial intelligent" teachers than automated programming
but the market needs a lot of sites(services/automation) of the business that hasn't been adapted to the 21st century any yet
and once that happen then most of the modern programmers(that are doing one and the same thing for many different clients) will vanish...
well not to say that we won't see improvements, but it will be a good long while before it is fully automated
that's my thesis
it's true for now but we will see the temp it happens
the day programmers are no longer needed is the day mankind is 100% jobless and dependent on automated machines
well programmers will be needed all the time I think... Just the way a human being is able to create, modify, alter and whatever an automated job will be kinda different
11:03 AM
well there you go, it's not fully automated in that case, is it? :P
also IMHO the computer(all hardware and software) that we know today is going to evolve and change it's nature in total
I strongly doubt that
that's like saying we'll all start using tribits which hold 3 states because it is more efficient to do so
compatibility is a forced not to be underestimated :P
well my statement is that like more than half of the people in the industry today are here just because they have been attracted by the salary and their passion to extend their knowledge is limited to dealing with their daily issues only
it is the reason why we still mass produce things the same way despite having capabilities of 3d printers
ah, so you think we'll undergo a cultural change?
Im an expert on google searching
11:06 AM
let's just say that you are right and the status quo is a strong force xD
but after the leaders change the policy then they will let the technology evolve..
My idea is that in the future, programming is the field that people will shift towards when other jobs start getting automated
so it will happen sooner or later
there will be evermore positions in this field, and less positions in other fields
mmm nah.... I disagree
there will be newborn proffesions out of the chaos
when people began using cars, the people who were driving carriages began driving taxis
11:07 AM
MGS Master of GoogleSearch
people who tended to horses then began tending to cars
yup so now instead of selling deals on phone you will have to adapt to the new communicational chanel
you cannot sell stuff on phone when you are the only one using it
but your expertice isn't using the phone rather than selling stuff
if you're out of a job because being a garbage engineer has been replaced by a fully automated self-driving garbage collection system, you will become a programmer working on that system
so that's it... They wont become programmers rather than using the new channels and instrumentaria for the purpose
or if not that, any position where a computer cannot yet automate that service
well not necessarily programmers, but it's certain that if a human is required, it has not yet been automated by computers
11:10 AM
well it really depends on the chaos around by the time the programmers are no more needed as frequantly as they are now
well again, depends on your definition of "programmers"
it was the same case when they automated the factories...
programmers as we know them today will likely be quite a different role in the future
really hope so!
as you mentioned yourself, we would likely be changing the parameters by which automated systems work
we would become "data engineers" and perform analyses on how the automated task is operating
11:12 AM
in the factories -> most of the amount of the work was done by hand, a lot of personal was needed and a lot of managers to verify the process itself
today the human factor is less than ever
right, because humans are expensive to maintain
if it can be automated, it will be
machines are doing most of the work while people are only observing and putting the right parameters
also humans make mistakes
so there are still employees there but their job is to observe the work of the machines and adjust different tasks
we will see.. if we are still alive
as status quo is bigger force thea the progress xD
The true definition of the singularity will be the day every person on the planet will no longer have to work from day to day to survive
the quality of life will be such that it is improved for those who work, but you are guaranteed to be given food and shelter if you do not
11:14 AM
unless we do not face a common issue/enemy/cataclysm there will be no such thing as singularity xD
I disagree
communism is long dead bro :)
The first country to hit the singularity will start a wave that will cause other countries to follow shortly afterwards
Not communism :) I only mean base services. Capitalism will still be rampant
Imagine if you have no goals in life/no aims... You don't need to evolve in order to survive(which is the nature's way)...
how are people going to be productive then
who says people have to be productive?
11:16 AM
If i work i will get much more, but If i stay unemployed -> i will have all i need
so why to work...
plenty of people without jobs in our society, not by choice
why to study
why to do new things
idk idk I think there were such a project(a whole city) in India
that's why it is the singularity. if you can get by without bettering your life, many people will stop working
it won't matter in any case. we'll be dependent on machines
it's the switch from a human-based society to a machine-based one
I really think that we should aim at getting better in exploitation of our inventions rather than relying on old fame...
in what sense?
11:21 AM
in the case of automating everything that will let the mass to stay unemployed, then we should have cultural and social mechanisms for setting each individual a purpose and a self aim...
Easier said than done
before we have the basics for that we will never let the mass become all idiots...
it's suicide
but I agree. Not having to work to survive would be unhealthy for human beings as a whole
before something like that happens, I'd hope the government would establish "psuedojobs"
which is to say, you pick a job which doesn't earn you money, but you still must do it
All the personal issues and all the problems I met in my life made me what I am and they gave me the opportunity to evolve
otherways I was about to stay the infant gamer with no purpose...
We don't even know if the singularity is inevitable. Why are you so certain that artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence in every way?
11:24 AM
It's impossible to measure intelligence, much less say that artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence
imho it's impossible to be succeded but let's say they will stimulate it somehow..
Lets say if the goal is to, say, teach children the alphabet, it can do so one-on-one with each individual student (rather than keep them in a classroom)
well let's say that is possible to automate the "responsibilities and expertise" of today's proffessions...
it can test the student and review, and generally follow them 100%, whereas in a classroom this isn't possible
11:26 AM
11:26 AM
That doesn't make it smarter than a teacher, but that doesn't mean such a teacher wouldn't be replaced with an automated one
and the cost to the government would be a fraction
as there are such prototypes in nowadays
I think it'd be silly to think this isn't an inevitable future
maybe machines will never reach the human touch that is so needed in education
my idea is that human teachers will still exist for the rich or those who want to homeschool
otherwise no
@NikosTzianas no idea what's the situation in your country but here in Bulgaria the educational system died like 20 years ago... Even R2D2 will be better teacher than the ones on board now...
the tools that kids do you use to really understand the content of a lesson are automated
11:29 AM
There's also the possibility of enhancing human intelligence , like bioengineering humans
for instance my stepdaughter is 4rd grade and she has no idea what the teacher is talking about...
most of the kids in her class are like that
so in order for her to understand the matter I should spend like 2 hours per lesson with her
which is almost impossible for me
so I pay this service
where the lesson is segmentated and explained with a lot of examples
well maybe it could replace incompetent teachers
im fine with that
so she is learning from this paid service rather than the school
@NikosTzianas You want to improve human intelligence? Give every human access to a personal assistant which can help you remember things and give you good advice from an early age
Something we may begin seeing in 40 years time
the problem here is that the government themselves are trying to screw up the education
maybe less @Neil
11:32 AM
yeah, 5g is going to be commercially available in the next few years
this will completely change technology
already everyone born in the last 19 years has been exposed to smart phone technology from an early age
I suspect when they begin having kids, those kids are going to have smart phones at a very early age, perhaps used as a teaching aid
I think ultimately they'll be something that each person has with them for their entire lives
it'll be a companion and talk to you, give you advice, help you understand things. It'll be a weird time
How to install a local jar via maven to my .m2 folder?
@Zeta.Investigator add it as a dependency and update
mvn install:install-file -Dfile=/C/Users/Name/Desktop/path/to\ haha/Deps\ taken\ by\ Flash/mythingy-1.1.jar -DgroupId=<group-id> -DartifactId=<artifact-id> -Dversion=<version> -Dpackaging=<packaging>
hmm hard truth of capitalism: just a group of 28 persons has same wealth as the sum of wealth from 3.8 billions poorest people
11:38 AM
@Neil I advocate either String.valueOf(something) or Boolean/Long/Integer.toString(something)
@Neil I don't want to change the pom.xml file because I've cloned it from version control this way
@Zeta.Investigator well you can change it, update, then change it back. would be the quickest and most direct way
it won't be deleted unless you force it
@Neil But why my command issues a "unrecognized command"?
@Zeta.Investigator I see a lot of spaces in your path. It's probably interpretting the path inbetween spaces as new parameters and not understanding it
@Neil so can't I do a -Dfile = "path with spaces"?
11:43 AM
@Neil ikr... Really hard life
@Zeta.Investigator I suppose you could, but you'd need to wrap it in quotation marks or something, right?
@Zeta.Investigator can you run just mvn in the commandline? Maybe you don't have maven in your path in the first place.
@Gemtastic ```λ mvn --version
Apache Maven 3.2.1 (ea8b2b07643dbb1b84b6d16e1f08391b666bc1e9; 2014-02-14T21:07:52+03:30)
Maven home: C:\Program Files\apache-maven-3.2.1
Java version: 1.8.0_66, vendor: Oracle Corporation
Java home: C:\Users\name\Desktop\name2\Software Center\server-jre8-windows-x64\jdk1.8.0_66\jre
Default locale: en_US, platform encoding: Cp1252
OS name: "windows 7", version: "6.1", arch: "amd64", family: "dos"```
11:54 AM
Cool story bro
Over 1 billion bees have traditionally been exterminated every year by the honey industry. At the end of the season, it is not worthwhile for the farmers to winterize the hives, so it easier to burn them and begin again next season. (source)
poor bees
RIP bees
Yes, there are very real dangers to drunkenness among animals, yet there seems to be no shame attached to it. Except perhaps for honeybees. They are nature's hardest drinkers capable of knocking back 100% proof, or as one researcher remarked: "I know of no other organism that drinks pure ethanol, not even a college student."
12:35 PM
Hello. Any PayPal experts here? I've just set up PayPal with my website, but when I receive the IPN response, it's always invalid. However, PayPal sets up the payments and charges correctly. Any one experience this before?
@MyDaftQuestions Welcome to the Java Chat, the room for Java enthusiasts! Please use a code snippet tool when posting code snippets. If you have an Android question, you're in the wrong place! And remember: this is not tech support! Thanks for visiting and have fun! :D
@OakBot humans...
@Zoe Type /help to see all my commands.
@OakBot no u
@MyDaftQuestions hi there. You may find it more convenient to post a question at either SO or CodeReview sites...
i haven't played with PP integration and so I have no idea if it is a good(expected) or bad(indicating a problem) behavior...
1:13 PM
Sadly, I feel my question is too off topic for the main site :(
if it is tagged the right way then it shouldn't be offtopic...
posted on January 21, 2019

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Q: Paypal sandbox IPN return INVALID

jaxbI am trying IPN callback, using servlet. The code I am using is provided by paypal for verifying the ipn data. But every time i getting a INVALID response. Here is the code: Enumeration en = req.getParameterNames(); String str = "cmd=_notify-validate"; while (en.hasMoreElements()) { ...

what about this link(the first one i found in less than 10 secs...) does it has something to do with your issue?
1:33 PM
@dbl not CR
CR is only for code that works
SO is the right site i do agree...
but I'm pretty sure that the topic is already well extended
so it's more like "go for research" and then ask a particular question if any is risen in the chaos
1:46 PM
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