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12:12 AM
I am not lazy, there aren't just many things that worthwhile for me to spend my time on.
1:02 AM
@TelKitty You're not lazy? What's wrong with you to cause that?
1 hour later…
2:27 AM
@JerryCoffin Being lazy gets boring.
Also when you manage a few properties and you have not labelled the keys. You have 20-30 keys you don't know which is which and still couldn't find the ones you are looking for.
3:04 AM
@TelKitty Not if you're good at it.
3:28 AM
@JerryCoffin Being lazy is short of being dead. Surely it would be more interesting to play the game of life? :p
3:53 AM
I'm having an odd issue with boosts async_read where the number of bytes in the buffer is less then the value of bytes_transfered with no error set. I'm not crazy right, that's not normal behavior is it?
@TelKitty Laziness is the highest form of life.
4:37 AM
Tell me about it, I only spend 9 hours a day sleeping, then 2 hours exercise. Other than taking care of a couple of apps, a few properties, a tiny company and a static website, one small A.I. robot group and occasionally hang around with a few friends and bushwalking buddies, I literally have nothing to do.
Maybe I should taking care a herd of kids. Only if I could find a herd of kids to take care of ...
5:07 AM
@TelKitty I will tell you a secret: You can make a herd of kids or just a few with your own body!
1 hour later…
6:13 AM
@TelKitty There is no fun in cloning. ^_-
1 hour later…
7:29 AM
Anyone else receives spam from Stackexchange every now and then? SE spams me with 'messages in your inbox' every now and then, even though I am here everyday these a few weeks.
Also I didn't know that you can buy fake eggs for your chickens, lol.
@nwp The OSX builds can be fixed by upgrading CMake, I just now require a version too recent for the one on the Travis machines
I guess than the ubsan and asan builds can be fixed by adding relevant flags
8:35 AM
Some wildlife stole a box of baby carrots from backyard last night ... not a full box, just all the carrots in the box, maybe 50-60 skinny carrots.
Carrots have been there for a whole week. Then last night, it's all gone. Not a single one left.
Feral thieves ...
rip carrots
Usually wildlife eat fruits we leave outside on the spot. This time, it's all gone. There were a LOT of carrots.
9:00 AM
I want a way to declare constructors implicit explicitly.
don't declare them :o
9:55 AM
I want to take a nap
nap is my life
I'm part of the napkin
2 hours later…
11:27 AM
Q: Why don't C++ compilers do better constant folding?

Julian KentI'm investigating ways to speed up a large section of C++ code, which has automatic derivatives for computing jacobians. This involves doing some amount of work in the actual residuals, but the majority of the work (based on profiled execution time) is in calculating the jacobians. This surpris...

11:38 AM
How do memory mapped files work? I mean does writing to the memory mean writing to the file directly? Or does the kernel keep a copy of the file in memory that is periodically flushed to disk?
11:48 AM
it's a copy of the file in ram that gets flushed periodically
though the copying can be lazy, the OS will use the typical swap in method thouhg perhaps a bit more eager than normal page faulting per new page you write/read
12:23 PM
Is the flushing something that happens asynchronously? Or is it a blocking operation that occurs in the thread writing to the memory buffer?
Its async. You call something like sync to make the OS write to the disk.
pulling the file into memory on first read/write to the block is synchronous (pagefault), but the flush is async
@ratchetfreak That makes sense.
@Mikhail cool
that's kinda the reason I'm not that big of a fan of mmaping files TBH
because you end up relying on the kernels heuristics to avoid slowdowns
12:29 PM
^ indeed, one time I used them was a mistake
You can hint the kernel via madvise though
mmap is still one of the few ways to operate on files without copy overheads
page aligned unbuffered async IO is much better if you need the reliability and don't have the raw RAM to pull it all in
windows has that at least
1:07 PM
Can someone bake a me a sock
So I can then eat it
I think std::move is really misworded.
It should really be std::i_dont_move_anything_actually.
It just needs educated people x)
Are you implying you're educated?
Or that a chicken can't be educated?
I question any education a chicken wearing a sombrero received
std::move is fine. It says what it is for, not how it is implemented, which is correct. std::rvalue_cast would say the opposite which would be bad.
@nwp Which is why I proposed another name
1:16 PM
std::allow_move makes more sense than your suggestion
Well there's only so much a chicken can think of
Maybe std::enable_move. People would still complain that it doesn't allow/enable a move though so you didn't gain anything.
you even lose with the added verbosity
@SombreroChicken yes
Also std::move totally moves.
1:19 PM
Except when it copies x)
I guess you can get that one to copy too.
@nwp I mean, it totally calls std::move under the hood, so...
std::xvalue sounds cooler
I'm still sad that perfect forwarding doesn't perfect forward prvalues ç_ç
1:22 PM
Cries turkish tears
1:58 PM
1 hour later…
3:27 PM
3:54 PM
My bikeshedding produced std::as_temporary.
what about std::as_movable?
That sounds like it makes the thing movable which produces complaints.
as_temporary doesn't have that problem.
It does have the problem of "Why do I care if it's a temporary or not?" which as_movable does not.
There is just no winning. And I thought I had an improvement :(
Guys how do i manipulate the stack heap with c++
It also induces questions like "Why can't the compiler figure out what variables are temporaries automatically?" but that one is valid.
4:22 PM
> Since in c++ by default the members of class are private why does the sizeof derived class is 80.
4:35 PM
@nick This is not even a question.
yeah it's not a question it's a meme at this point
May 5 '15 at 0:54, by nick
Guys how do i manipulate the stack heap with c++
> put on hold as unclear what you're asking
That's not welcoming!
@Mysticial Damn right!
4:49 PM
I don't feel welcome!!!!
@milleniumbug Damn how did you catch that
I covered my tracks
My savings account is emptied out
That's fine, interest rate is preposterous anyway
Save some for me
4:55 PM
Here's the current state of "SO is Unwelcoming" politics:
Using racist slurs against the OP is unwelcoming.
Saying the OP's mother is a whore is unwelcoming.
Personal attacks aginst the OP are unwelcoming.
Insulting the OP is unwelcoming.
Telling the OP to do their own homework is unwelcoming.
Telling the OP is RTFM is unwelcoming.
Telling the OP the premise of the question is wrong is unwelcoming.
Downvoting the OP's question is unwelcoming.
Telling the OP there's a typo in the question is unwelcoming.
Nitpicking the OP's spelling and grammar is unwelcoming.
Let's start taking bets on when each of the things that are still welcoming become unwelcoming.
I for one accept and respect a hard working mother that's resorting to prostitution to feed her children
@Mysticial I think I'd rather just create some nice, shiny new socket puppet accounts, so somebody will be "welcoming" toward me!
Having more rep than 100 is unwelcoming
@nick `...unless your name is "Jon".
I find Jon Skeet to be the least welcoming figure on SO
He utterly failed to cordially welcome me with a personal handwritten message on the day I joined
And every day he insults me by ignoring my existence
5:00 PM
Moreover, he doesn't wave
@nick Actually, he did. Your problem is with the postal service.
@JerryCoffin Are you a Russian spy?
Furthermore, he has so much rep and he hoards it all to himself. Rep should be equally distributed among all members, or the system should be removed entirely.
@SombreroChicken I begin to suspect him
@SombreroChicken Nyet! ....errr...umm...no, definitely not!
No collusion. There is no collusion!
5:02 PM
I for one think all new users should start off with 200k rep to remove the hostile vibe
@SombreroChicken powers included
Everyone is a mod, or no one is a mod
On a serious note, I'm note sure what the deal is with the new user welcoming stuff
Must ... grow ... user base ... at any cost!
Well, they talk about attrition, but I didn't see any info about what kind of users we are supposedly losing
@nick We're losing the potential new users that get turned away because their question gets downvoted/closed/deleted or shit on by veteran users who are tired of seeing the same shit every day.
At the end of the day, this is a site is a resource for professionals to get help with programming problems, that's it, all else is just fluff
5:16 PM
It's a business trying to maximize profit. They haven't been doing so great in that department. Or so I've heard.
@Mysticial I understand but I think it's not quite true; people are still using stack overflow regardless whether they sign up or not
There's nowhere else to get this sort of info really, aside from the manual lol
Is it just a matter of conversions?
@nick I'm defining "user" as someone who actually returns to contribute more.
So passive viewers don't count.
Finding things to contribute to can be difficult these days though, no?
SO/SE seems to be very focused on growing the community. Can't blame them for it. But they're currently doing it in a way that's driving away the veteran users. I don't know what the results actually are, but sure as hell seems like it's not working and driving away the veteran users. IOW worst of both worlds.
Some claim all the common problems are already answered, mostly by the high rep / long term users
5:21 PM
@nick That's part of the problem. When SO was ramping up, it had decades of questions to "catch up on". Now that it's caught up, the quality content stream slows down to real time. Thus significantly fewer opportunities for new users to "ramp up".
I think they just need to accept the fact that SO is essentially a different resource than what it used to be
These days it's more like a full library, in need of experienced curators more than people donating their used books
@Mysticial yes
They need to accept the fact that SO isnt a financially viable enterprise, and run it as a public service similar to Wikipedia
And to be fair, if you want to retain new users, you need to make their contributions feel wanted. And if there are no opportunities left for new contributions, you won't retain new users.
Combine that with the effect of frustrated veterans shitting on every single new user's post and you can see why new user retention is terrible.
Right now, it seems that SO/SE's approach to solving the veteran shitting on newbie problem is to shit even harder on the veterans so that they can't shit on newbies.
@Mikhail IMO there is plenty money in it, given that the world's developer community spends a lot of time looking at SO pages. I think the ads they run are relevant and unobtrusive
Thus all the stupid social engineering stuff. Long story short, I'm not sure it's working.
5:23 PM
I don't think they run 3rd party ads yet, do they? i see career stuff a lot
They do
@Mikhail The curious thing is that since SO has reached content saturation, I'm not sure getting new users is going to help much with revenue.
I wonder what percentage of SO visitors has an adblocker installed.
I assume most of the ad revenue comes from passive readers. Not from active users.
Probably plenty but they can just send out a nice email and im sure there will be a good percentage who unblock SO ads
@Mysticial same
5:26 PM
@Mysticial I suspect that SO is at the point where it needs to show grow potential before it finally exits the start up phase. Typically the figure of merit is user count. You need to show to investors that it's not flat but rather growing. I suspect they'll say some bullshit like monitization isn't our core competency
@nick ha
@thecoshman well, perhaps not anymore haha
The thing is that since SO has reached content saturation, there is no room to grow by producing more content. But there is another solution. Broaden out the topics to including spoon-feeding the vampires or to allow dupes.
New users won't be able to contribute new stuff since there's none left. But at least you can let them spoon-feed other new users.
They need to push more for a wiki style mentality
Questions have been answered, but those answers can be imrpoved
But this falls into the same content quality problems that will make it difficult to retain such users.
5:30 PM
maybe push for clearer older versions of things
allowing dupes would inspire a whole generation of rep farmers
ie, make it clear that a C++ can be asked for like 98, 03, 11, 14 etc
I cant' see allowing dupes ever being a good idea
but I'm sure they can handle de-duplication better
@Mysticial your idea is bad
@nick Many of the veteran users (including myself) started off that way. If you completely kill off any chance to repwhore, you cut off probably the largest path of turning a new user into a fully engaged veteran users.
IOW, my initial contributions were shit. It wasn't until later did I start transitioning to the real stuff.
Actually hour highest rated question isnt too technically interesting
5:34 PM
I'm a one hit wonder. I'll never make another post because I might get downvoted
One of the effects of cracking down on all the simple debugging questions and dupes is that you cut off all paths to repwhoring. Not saying that repwhoring is a good thing, but it's sort of the necessary development/motivational stage for a lot of users.
I might accidentally reveal my complete ignorance
@Mysticial i guess the question is, what can we do?
@nick TBH, (and I'm no expert in this area), here's what I'd do:
Starting with the problems:
There are two main problems right now:

(1): 1st-time posters are being driven away by "unwelcomeness":
- They get shit on by frustrated veterans seeing the same shit everyday.
- Downvotes and closures are taken negatively. And there's no way to effectively communicate this to new users.

(2): 1st-time posts that make it past this first barrier don't stay.
In order to retain these new users, you need to give them something to do.

SO's rep system is perfect for this. It worked in the past, but it's not working anymore due to:
5:49 PM
@nick once you earn enough rep the amount of ads shown gets reduced, there is a setting to get those ads back but also a warning that they don't get payed per view but per click
To solve (1), two things need to happen:
- Get veteran users to stop shitting on new users.
- Make the system more friendly.

Getting veterans to stop shitting on new users seems to be the motivation of the current "unwelcoming" movement. I won't judge the progress of that yet.

Make the system more friendly. Let's face it, now matter how to try to communicate it getting closed and downvoted is going to be taken negatively. So I would propose trying something along the lines of hiding downvotes from the new user for X amount of time. Downvotes can stay for the usual curation process, but th
Making the vote count a, let's say, 1k privilege would mean that anonymous users cannot see the vote count either which has some issues.
To solve (2), you need to give newly-engaged users room to produce content. Due to content saturation, you won't be able to do this anymore with new content. So the only thing left (in my mind at least) is the help-vampire content.

IOW, allow the help-vampire/repwhore feeding frenzy.

The main problem with this approach is that this will annoy the fuck out of veteran users. So you need to be able to keep the veterans out of this. This means new filtering features. As much as it goes against the spirt of SO, allow veterans to filter viewing content by user stats. (such as no first posts or
A secondary problem is that this partial bifurcation of the community will make it more difficult to moderate the "entry tier" content. Though I'm not sure this can't be solved with a carefully tuned Roomba.
6:21 PM
So essentially open the floodgate to "low quality" content and use automated systems to keep it out of sight for the most part
@nick unfortunately - yes
I'm not saying it will work. But I see no other alternative.
In all likelihood, there is a real possibility that newly engaged users (newly minted repwhores) may get pissed off at the help-vampires so quickly that they too start shitting on them - thus bring us back to square one.
Well one problem i see is if people can submit said content but no one can really find it, it doesn't necessarily increase engagement. In order to repwhore, one needs upvotes, which means eyes on content
@nick Yes, that won't be an easy problem to solve. The only people seeing it will likely be other repwhores who are unlikely to upvote competing answers. (so we have a zero-sum game here) And the veterans won't see it at all - at least until the question crosses some threshold that makes it visible to all.
Just to clarify, these filters will be optional. So veterans who want to see everything can opt into it.
or the veterans that won't shit on bad questions
There's No Such Thing as a Bad Question
6:29 PM
The part will be socially engineering the veterans to ignore bad questions instead of shit on them. IOW, if you need to shit on it, don't. Just ignore it, or downvote it and ignore it. (assuming the downvotes will be hidden to the OP for X amount of time)
If they train themselves to ignore what they have always perceived as low quality content, it may reduce their involvement across the board
which is kinda what happens now
Sort of like the street I lived on in HK- I don't litter but every night there are drunks leaving their trash everywhere, yet in the morning it's always perfectly clean
@nick By "ignore", I mean don't post any comments. Downvote and close instead. (presumably they will be hidden from the OP)
teams come through at like 3am and pick everything up and hose everything down
like a giant roomba
@Mysticial but it wouldn't be their job to downvote/close anymore right?
6:34 PM
@nick They can if they want. It'll just be input parameters to the Roomba.
So if the question goes unanswered, it gets killed at some point. (probably long after the OP is abandoned it)
Why don't they have something like that already
If a helpful repwhore comes in and answers it, then everybody is happy. Keep it, and maybe decide separately whether you want it indexed if it's shit question.
like why do people have to review flags, when theres probably more than enough training data for a roomba to do all that for us
@Mysticial I see
Actually this roomba thing leads to an interesting outcome
6:39 PM
Right now the problem is that the veterans are trained to shit on repwhores who answer shit questions as a way to discourage them. This needs to be changed for this to work out.
If we let a machine manage 95% of typical content reviews, flags, etc, then the veteran users who would typically do these sorts of reviews wouldn't even see much of the content
@nick they do
If some user gets mad that their question was closed, they can #BlameTheBot
instead of #BlameTheOldSaltyCunts aka veterans
but the timer on that is very long
and best of all that noob stuff doesnt even cross your desk unless perhaps a bot decision is appealed
@ratchetfreak make it shorter!
@Mysticial If the machine classifies the content and closes/hides it, veteran users don't see it so it can't be shit on
6:43 PM
@nick True. But I'm not so sure that can be done that easily.
But something as simple as a single downvote can be enough to push it out of visibility to veterans until it turns positive again.
Just assume veteran users are bots, notice this doesn't fix anything
@Mysticial that's fair, SO would just need to change the way they display votes
@Mikhail If a bot handled 50% of content that would normally be downvoted/closed by veterans, doesn't it reduce the grind?
@nick I would say it can stay the same, but just hide it for the OP. Doesn't have to be fancy. You can keep it visible even for logged out users. The whole point is to prevent the OP reacting to the negative votes. Because once that happens, they take it personally and they'll start attacking the system/community instead of focusing on fixing their shit.
SO's current Welcoming program is an attempt to address the symptom, which is grouchy veterans responding poorly to stuff they have seen a million times before
What if we address the cause.
@Mysticial yes no one has a problem if there question doesn't get replied, honestly i think most new users expect that
@nick Correct. No feedback is better than negative feedback.
6:54 PM
but if it is shut down right away it's like slamming a door in their face; if they don't immediately rage they are gonna wanna ask why, and the veterans are gonna tell them to fuck off and read a manual
@Mysticial mhm
It's the same reason why employers don't tell you why you didn't get the job.
It'll just lead to whining and arguments.
The hiding downvote thing is critical because it allows the veteran to shit on the question to vent their frustration without actually showing it to the OP to be enraged by it.
As long as the veteran doesn't resort to shitting in the comments.
Close votes are similar. But they take longer to happen since it needs 5 people. So that probably doesn't need to change.
7:14 PM
we might need triage for comments from veterans
Have a system where questions are labeled as noob; Repwhoring newbs should be worth less, and vets will stay away from it.?
@ABuckau I don't think that'll work because you can't objectively separate the two categories. So having something important depend on it (such as rep) is going to be problematic.
you can't?
Visibility is not that important. Nobody is going to care if they miss some borderline question.
@ABuckau People are going to argue it. "Why is my question categorized as noob?".
It may change with edits.
7:23 PM
@ABuckau Lots of whining.
Also, being labled a "noob" or "shit" question is going to have the same negative effect as downvotes.
Maybe it should.
I'm not here to hold hands. If that is what they want, create an area for it.
@ABuckau I don't think full bifurcation of the site is going to work.
If they don't like it; tough shit.
That's a little extreme..
@ABuckau And that's exactly the problem we have right now. New users get shit on like this.
Is this site really that full of shit questions? Excuse me* newbies?
You wouldn't ask a doctor to teach kids to tie their shoes. Make a kindergarten ..
And no doctor will go there..and so won't shit there.
7:28 PM
IOW, we should just shutdown SO. Then nobody will be shit on anymore.
There is a difference between needing very specific help, and not having a cluee what you're doing, and having unrealistic expectations.
@ABuckau The latter category of questions are better off ignored and autodeleted after some amount of time.
Aka marked as newb.
@ABuckau Or just downvoted (with downvote count withheld from OP). Then the Roomba deals with it.
Label it as kindergarten, and the vets will stay away...isn't that the problem
7:31 PM
Or set the threshold to zero. IOW, if it's not upvoted, auto-delete it.
But like was said, some will still comment..
You can label it however you want. But any label will be subjective and volatile. So you can't have stuff like the rep/upvote depend on it.
Omg line 5 says errror on cout>>"what":
Is that subjective?
@ABuckau I'm talking about the borderline cases. Not the obvious ones.
Maybe just me, but I don't shit on the borderline ones (actually I don't answer any, so..) As long as the person doesn't seem clueless, I don't mind teaching.
Most of the questions I don't like are people have very little experience (knowledge) and are trying to use some complex framework and just want a "please tell me how to make it do the thing" answer...it's fine, just not what I thought SO was about.
It was* for people who had a very specific question, and a pretty good working knowledge.
But that doesn't make the $$
1 hour later…
9:00 PM
@nick I'd say, "no, not really". A week or two ago, I decided to do a quick check on exactly that, so I actually looked at/for new questions to answer that didn't look too terrible. Rep-capped two days in a row. It may not be as easy as it was when SO was new, but you can still gain a lot of rep pretty easily if you try.
Personally, I'd characterize the basic problem somewhat differently: there are too many people who want to use SO as a substitute for learning rather than as a way of learning.
following the new trends also helps
especially if you are fast enough to jon skeet a tag
@ratchetfreak Undoubtedly true that there are more new questions on the web framework of the week than on C++.
and new stuff would have new questions (even if they are really just dupes in a different framework with a slightly different solution)
9:43 PM
@ratchetfreak Yes--questions should be easy to find without prior knowledge of the similarity between frameworks X, Y, and Z.
10:30 PM
Toothache + hayfever ... misery, I haz it ...
telkitty my favorite person
Starred 4 self promotion ~_~
Can someone help reopen this: stackoverflow.com/questions/52122996/…
I had my answer half a minute from ready, and it IS very helpful to others
it's possible to reopen a post that was deleted by the user who posted it?
@nick Sure. Just vote
10:39 PM
telkitty is literally worse than Hitler
2 votes in right now
@thecoshman now now
@sehe fine fine
telkitty is figuratively worse than Hitler
@sehe there
got to get those points!
I jest, you seem to genuinely want to help others
@thecoshman Regardless of how few points might be involved, it's really frustrating to spend 20 minutes writing an answer, then have a popup saying no more answers will be accepted just before you post.
10:43 PM
@milleniumbug Sweet
A: No logs file getting created

seheEverything works right up until you add the filter: Filter="%Severity% > 3" Googling a bit (via Boost.Log Configuration Files e.g.) I found: How to configure severity_logger using init_from_settings() to get the custom severity levels in the log? You have to registe...

I'm sure
I basically rage-quit SO for a couple of months once over exactly that.
@JerryCoffin If I were in it for any points, I'd run far from the boost tag
@JerryCoffin Yeah. I had spent close to 30 minutes, getting everything compiling and hunting for docs/examples - you know the game
I wonder if it is legal to post "I'm working on it, hold my beer" as a placeholder answer
@sehe I'd probably study something like JS or PHP for a while. The few times I've glanced at them, it looked like there were lots of questions, and virtually none of the answers looked good at all.
10:45 PM
It's legal, definitely give it a shot next time
Nah. It's bad etiquette. Everyone's working on it. Why pretend no one else can/will
@nick "I'm working on it, hold my shot" certainly seems more reasonable than "beer" to me.
PHP answers are often :/ indeed
@JerryCoffin I don't think there's a need to study. Just pick up all "low-level" new questions, harvest 1 upvote per shot, done.
I have no clue why the question is getting downvotes
blame the roomba
10:51 PM
I'm probably supposed to know what/who that is
@nick The only lounge vacuum that comes to mind is the lobster
Aug 4 '13 at 19:09, by sehe
Hint: @not-rightfold not-Aardvark, obviously. And not-daknøk not-daknok_t not-class_daknok_t not-WTP'-- not-RadekDaknokSlupik not-RadekSlupik etc.
wat the fahk
Yeah. Old times
Back when we did mumble, daknok would be in bed making vacuum noises, mostly
ah you mean nab
Nope. Although he was pretty noxious too sometimes :) The lobster is obviously the only guy having sported a lobster avatar once in the lounge. So rightfold, or one of the many many names she's worn
ah jesus
i start to recall some of those names
11:00 PM
that's because you're getting old
Then explain my being able to recall
change pic to grayscale i cant talk to you
yes explain
I will absolutely refuse to do that, you blue-heathen
@sehe that's because you're getting young
11:02 PM
Ahhhh. That explains
@sehe have you considered taking your LiveCoding endeavors to Twitch?
find the hardest problems to solve and crush them with flair
get money thrown at you
I have. I also have a job, so it'll wait until I am more bored
@nick Oh, I just need to enter the main stage :)
become the Doctor Disrespect of coding
Why disrespect
i will be your first follower
ah ok maybe he is not the right character for you to play
11:07 PM
I could be pretty blunt in the vids, but the vids were always long enough to see the balancing out
yeah honestly SO might ban you if you are too blunt
nevertheless this is a great thing, as soon as you are done with silly stuff like a full time job you should definitely pursue it
11:25 PM
@nick I guess I'd be the Dr. Demento of coding.
@sehe Yeah, I think I'll pass on that. Thanks anyway...
Hey, it was just a "what-if" response to your own suggestion :)
@nick :grin:
@sehe Fair enough.
11:44 PM
Talking about the biggest irony in unicorn startup history - 拼多多. This company is like Chinese Amazon for counterfeits. Lemme indulge you with a few reviews from users (translated from Chinese):
They claim to give you 10 when you find 1 fake, so they send you 11 fakes ...
You never have to worry about finding counterfeit goods on this platform, because there is no real one, none at all.
@TelKitty lol
Founded by a formal google engineer, company floated through US IPO, valuated at 15 Billion US dollars.
Just because a huge amount of money is involved, does not mean it's not a clown.
Not that I don't want to take life seriously, but too many clowns in real life. Freaking circus.

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