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7:59 AM
@JacobWood continuing on [yesterday's argument](https://stackoverflow.com/a/48248430/2689986) against answering low quality questions, you may take a look at these meta posts and comments / answers on them. In general, I don't like low quality questions because they eat out time from the answerers & others, that could easily have been spent on something more productive and helpful in the long run, thus, a minor comment on the question and a quick close-vote (if you have the privilege, else flag it) goes a long way to improve the SO experience for everyone. But that's just how *I* feel about
Most of it is beautifully summed up in this post - meta.stackexchange.com/a/91813
Ah, formatting ...
even though the last one refers to voting on META, the principles kinda apply to SO as well.
And is probably a meta somewhere about downvoting answers to VLQs, low effort, or junk question showing 0 research effort being good, because it discourages answerers from continuously doing it
That first meta link appears to be contradictory. Though if the question is not helpful/good/useful, the answer seldom is ;)
8:15 AM
@JacobWood You are free to do whatever you feel like doing as is the SO policy (to an extent). And I do like the intent, but do note that if you continue doing so, you may continue getting some criticism and downvotes by the SO regulars. You are not the first.
8:26 AM
@JacobWood Good for you. Anyway, last link I'm going to post and stop nudging you. stackoverflow.com/help/how-to-answer covers a "Answer well-asked questions" section. It's a gray area answering low-quality questions.
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9:56 AM
@JacobWood you have read the Help center, haven't you?
> Not all questions can or should be answered here. Save yourself some frustration and avoid trying to answer questions which... / ...are unclear or lacking specific details that can uniquely identify the problem. / ...are not about programming as defined in the help center.
@PM2Ring It appears to work quite nicely. You're right, sum is slow.
@JacobWood because Stack Overflow is a web site about fishing, now about how to get free fish.
@JacobWood Well, this chat seems like the perfect place to discuss everyhthing that is not explicitly covered by policy.
@JacobWood the Help center + meta is the policy
the policy said: avoid answering off-topic questions
in this case there was no need to answer an off-topic question when a comment would have sufficed.
notice that it is not even about low-quality question, but off topic.
@JacobWood in your case the frustration will come from the fact that that question will get deleted and when that happens your reputation gain will be reversed.
Even if it wasn't covered by the policy, or if you disagree about what exactly is off-topic, I feel that keeping the troves of people in mind who will stumble over the questions via googling in the years to come should be considered before the current OP.
So, keeping SO clean of clutter would, strategically, be the best way to go about it.
10:09 AM
well, that policy does spell that out explicitly
@JacobWood I will gladly comply as soon as you stop from answering typo questions as cleaning the mess after the likes of you has become a bit of an annoyance to me.
Jacob, we all want to help people, that's why we're here. But we want Stack Overflow pages to help future readers, not just the OP.
@PM2Ring Better stop, or you might get target-downvoted.
Those who you put the burden of closing that clutter on care.
The asker cares that it's answered. And then they'll ask another terrible question when they have another problem.
10:15 AM
and FWIW, Rawing already had solved that problem 7 minutes before you wrote your answer.
so in essence you were plagiarising Rawing's comment ;)
You can't talk Jacob out of going against the community, so please stop. This discussion is getting out of hand
@JacobWood Typo questions are automatically deleted, unless they have positive scored or accepted answers. So if you answer a typo question, and it gets up-voted or accepted, then several people need to do extra work that would otherwise happen automatically.
yes, learn from my mistakes
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^ Gone
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that's an answer
Can we stop targeting individual users? Don't start or participate in mob voting, please
@cᴏʟᴅsᴘᴇᴇᴅ just let it go already
Alright, please move it to Trash with the rest, and that'll be the end of it
Thank you
out of sight, out of mind.
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8:31 PM
import tkinter as tk
from tkinter.colorchooser import *
import os
from tkinter import filedialog
import shelve
s = shelve.open('file.db')

master = tk.Tk()
var = tk.StringVar()

def select_file():
s['file'] = file

def show_text():


for i in open(var.get()).read().split():

master.after(1000, label.configure(text=i))



label=tk.Label(master, text='Read!')
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10:07 PM
Hey guys, is posting entire source for something usually a no-no here
It's acceptable if the entire source is very short. If it's a bit longer, use a paste service. If it's very long, cut it down to an mcve.
10:23 PM
anybody i should keep an eye out for?
aye aye
heres the imports and important functions:
from django.shortcuts import render, get_object_or_404
from django.http import HttpResponse
from django.template import loader
from .models import Album, Song
ugh 1 sec
what was the source markup again guys
Also, please use a code paste service. Nobody will want to hunt down your code block by block.
Imagine you're the one reading the code of someone else, and let the empathy flow through you ;)
@Skyler your indentation is equally broken there :D And your imports are missing
do take your time...
just a sec
and delete what you can ^
10:51 PM
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