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12:02 AM
Did you know that Google Plus have a interesting technique to load CSS? They have body { visibility: hidden; } in the page and they load their CSS with async XHR, if their CSS didn't load correctly, you won't see anything wrong neither unstyled elements.
Interesting.. I feel like that's such a non-issue though.
@JeffreySweeney Oh, sorry, maybe I should be quiet..
@FongWanChau No no no! I was saying it's a non-issue for Google. Feel free to say what you want in the chat.
@JeffreySweeney Ah, ok, I thought that I have broken a rule of this chat.. :P
So, could we see a prototype of your ERP program?
12:14 AM
@JeffreySweeney I am modifying for now, just wait a moment and I can show to you.
@FongWanChau Cool.

You can log in with: devuser:developer

because this is a private project, I am going to change the password after 30 min. ;)
Cool [Message will self destruct in 12 seconds]
haha.. Oh, there are a timeout of the session after 5 minutes, you just need to retype the password
@JeffreySweeney Feel free to comment. ;)
Very zippy. Unfortunately I'm monolingual, so I can't really appreciate it :P
Are you using any libraries for the animation?
12:29 AM
No, just CSS3.
Oh, sorry, I forgot to switch the language to english...
Let's me switch it.. xD
Thanks ;)
Ok, just refresh the page..
There we go :)
Navigation is easy (course, there isn't much to navigate yet)
Why are you doing browser detection?
12:38 AM
Because some code like querySelector and CSS stuff don't support lower version of browser
Well, the CSS stuff shouldn't matter too much, depending how the HTML is structured. Will this appeal to clients with potentially oldish machines?
Well, I should say, oldish browsers.
CSS stuff is not important part of browser detection, I know that there are polyfill for getElementsByClassName and XHR, but I just want to focus to write code instead thinking about older browser support.
Amen to that. It's just that detecting browsers can be flaky. Well, other than that, it looks like the project is progressing well.
The polyfill for getElementsByClassName implemented is just for IE8, and localStorage/sessionStorage polyfill is for iOS private browser problem.
is only for IE8*
Why do you need sessionStorage on a mobile device? They're probably only looking at one screen anyway.
12:50 AM
I use localStorage/sessionStorage for desktop browser, saving user language, access token and display name.
That makes sense. I thought sessionStorage was just for ensuring consistent data between two windows though. I could be mistaken.
for mobile device, I only want support iPad and tablet, because this webapps need large screen.
Makes sense.
sessionStorage can't share data between two windows, I tried save all data into sessionStorage but between tabs on Chrome they are independient...
only localStorage can share data between two tabs..
Ah, ok. Yeah, I just use localStorage for everything.
Well, while we're critiquing projects,
Care to take a look at my XML Template-Based Editor? It's still a WIP.. I need to make it simpler.
I'll gladly take suggestions :)
12:56 AM
@JeffreySweeney You may need to use try/catch to detect localStorage.setItem.. because here I got 'QUOTA_EXCEEDED_ERR: DOM Exception 22' error, because I don't have browser cookie enabled for all site.
Yikes! Thanks, I'll fix that in V12. Any GUI suggestions?
How can I access this kind of object stored to response -var? I tried

for (user in response.data){console.log(user.id)}

but not working, why?

RESPONSE -object
data: Array[86]
0: Object
id: "503252381"
...there are more Objects in the Response, I want to get the IDs there, how?
Try console.logging just the user object.
@JeffreySweeney On first impression, it cost me understand how to use your XML editor, it might be good to include an interactive familiarization process and at the end or when the user press "skip", stored in cookie or localStorage to avoid repeating the process.
@hhh try console.dir(response.data)
1:12 AM
@JeffreySweeney It returns only the numbers such as 0,1,2,3,5...,86 but not the id such as "50325238"
@hhh what browser are you using for debug?
@FongWanChau Thank you. Yeah, the help is a little complex. I may make a video and create a link to it or something.
@JeffreySweeney ok.
@FongWanChau Google Chrome.
(now the console.dir(response.data) returns an array...)
What's in the array?
1:16 AM
@hhh You can click the array and expand more data..
It has INT: Object and ID: NUMB.
The original object contains 86 names with their IDs
@JeffreySweeney Other thing, in the '#header_information' the text-align is centered, that look weird for me..
I am like trying to get 10 random IDs there
@hhh Hmm, try for (user in response.data){console.log(response.data[1].id);}
Yeah, I'm not sure what to do there. It has no padding, so the text kinda gets eaten by the left of the window.
@hhh can you post your response.data structure? I can't understand how that is structured.. (you can use console.log(JSON.stringify(response.data)); to do it)
1:24 AM
It looks like this:

where ids are different but I obfuscated them with 1s and made it shorter.
So, lesse.. An array of JSON objects with two attributes..
You can use:

`for (var i = 0, length = response.data.length; i < length; ++i) {
Yeah, just stick with a traditional loop.
Thank you guys, have to now think about choosing some number N (smaller than 86) elements from the IDs. I think I will now use some Math.random() but have to do it such hat the random numbers are distict -- does there exist some ready tool for this?
howdy folks
1:34 AM
Hello Jamesso
@hhh none that I know of.
can somebody tell me what the problem is here? ideone.com/6Qneg
stackoverflow.com/questions/5915096/… <-- well I found something :)
pretty please? :)
Try putting a semicolon after the square object.
That's the actual syntax for future reference, though usually the interpreter adds one automatically.
1:37 AM
Nope, same error - assuming you meant after the close brace
Oh, oh. Put quotes around the a maybe.
@jamesson yeah, alert (square['a'][3])
Unless you wanted c
now it says, alert is not defined
@jamesson xD...
1:40 AM
Hmm.. remove the semicolon I told you to add? :P
n/m I think thats a ideone thing but let me check
yea ideone does not seem to know what alert is :)
Fong-Wan's answer works perfect, ty
@jamesson Ok, maybe you need to change the language to "JavaScript (spidermonkey)"..
@jamesson I don't know, never used ideone, but in the example is weird the present of importPackage function..
Yes and no - this is not for web platform, and Im not sure what version of JavaScript my environment has, so I will stay in earlier version for safety
@jamesson Ok.
@JeffreySweeney What "load XML" do in your XML editor?
You can type/paste XML code into the text editor, and load the file into the GUI editor.
It will remove elements that aren't in the template file.
1:51 AM
@JeffreySweeney Oh, I figured out, but when I add a attribute to root element and then I press "load XML", my custom attribute is gone..
@JeffreySweeney Well, it remove every attribute that I assign to any element.
Yep. It only allows you to add elements specified in the template file. Try "Attr1"
In the future, users will be able to create and upload template files of their own, so the less savvy users can make their own XML files without screwing anything up.
Thats some pretty sexy stuff there, mr Jeffrey :)
so, anyone try to compile to exe with m$ compiler?
why innerHTML are used in many context? for example ,var blk = document.getElementById("result");
blk.innerHTML = resultString;
Oh, thanks jamesso. Do you have any suggestions?
@jamesso ?
I have no time to meditate upon this code, alas :(
I must finish my thing
1:57 AM
Good luck!
BTW, u keep misspelling my handle
@prjndhl Whom are you talking to?
not that I am offended, but I am not alerted either :)
I will try and look at your thing tomorrow
@prjndhi To append HTML code.
This is where I wish (again) that the pm system was better here
1:58 AM
Feel free to email me any suggestions jamesso. My email is on the About tab.
is the n on your kbd not working =P?
var userList = $('ul'); <--- could someone explain this? I mean the $('ul'), does it select by id "ul" or does it create a UL/li -block?
In JQuery, it selects all the unordered lists.
(I think)
...yes, even though with many ULs?
2:02 AM
It returns an array of ULs. Basically, it's calling getElementsByTagName('ul') and doing some superfluous JQuery magic.
@JeffreySweeney I modified a few about the your XML editor GUI, I'm going to upload the screenshot to here.
Hey cool, thanks!
Dang that's sexy. Just need to make the inner XML content visible.
@JeffreySweeney Oh, JPG made loss some transition color..
2:16 AM
haha fong-wan left aero on :)
You do realize that I need to add you as a contributor now :P
@JeffreySweeney I don't have much time to help you now.. because I'm studying medicine and tomorrow I have a exam..
No, just for your GUI suggestion, I'll gladly add you to the list of contributors
Unless you object of course :)
@JeffreySweeney Well, I'm glad to help you too.. Maybe I can help you with CSS stuff in the next weekend.
That'd be great! We'll keep in touch. Feel free to email me: jsweeney.dev@gmail.com
2:26 AM
@JeffreySweeney mine: i@fong-wan.me
@JeffreySweeney I don't have time to made my own page...
Heh, yeah, I just updated my website right after I finished college. All I'm doing now is building up my resume and looking for work ;)
hi, anyone care to take a look at an issue related with jstree?
Would you have an example for your problem Jean?
2:33 AM
sure, I'm trying to bind operations with the pre fix version, but I'm stuck at some point with the checkbox plugin :(
It's stackoverflow.com/questions/10862147/…, sorry I'm new to the chat. don't know where to look at and the documentation is clearly awful
any pointers will be heavily appreciated :)
I know for sure in here are experts, it's almost 6am in the morning for me and can't barely type nor think.. if anyone have ideas to share it would be great to look at those suggestions
Hey, it's 10:30 where I am :P Sadly I'm no JQuery expert :(
@hhh Is that the random you wanted?
I have two UL -things and I want to display:none the large UL while show only the small UL, how can I do that?

I tried:


but getting errs below...
@JeffreySweeney Yes, the randomization works but now I have the DOM? -elements (one big UL and one small UL) and I wan to show only the small one.
I don't think you can set a style property for multiple elements like that.
2:39 AM
10:30 pm or am ? :P It's ok, just thought that perhaps there is something that I am missing because of the lack of sleep
PM :) Sorry that I don't know what to do..
no worries, thanks :)
@hhh var uls=document.getElementsByTagName("ul"); for(var i = 0; i < uls.length; i++) {uls[i].style.display="none"} is how I'd do it.
If I'm reading your request properly.
@Jeffrey: Not an expert, but wouldn't this as well work for hhh? var uls = document.getElementsbyTagName("ul");
for(var i in uls)
or is that mozilla proprietary code?
equivalent of foreach in js, just saving some bytes there perhaps
display="none", visibility="hidden", same thing. As for the loops, I tend to stick to the traditional, but it probably doesn't really matter. I have a hunch for(in) hasn't received tons of support yet.
2:46 AM
Yes but it hides also the red-ones, the random things there.

I tried this but it display now everything
for(var i = 0; i < uls.length; i++) {uls[i].style.display="none"}
for(i in randomElements) {uls[i].style.display="block"}
(I tried to display only the reds)
Wait, how was the randomElements initialized?
                        randomElements = jQuery("li").get().sort(function(){
                              return Math.round(Math.random())-0.5
Found it here.
Hmm... get the length parameter of that array.
I have not yet understood this $(randomElements).text().
I'll hazard a guess that JQuery is getting the text node of said element.
2:49 AM
(the length)
Ok, good, the randomElements array is fine.
5, the lenght (now correct)
Now the length of randomElements is the number of the elements
That's what I was afraid of. It's making all the elements visible again.
Ok, I'm back. Did I miss something?
Well, hhh is having problems with the ul's still
2:53 AM
What is the problem?
Please, see this picture chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/4000020#4000020. I want to show only the red ones.
Oh, by the way, where can I submit the modified CSS of your project?
@hhh Ok.
You can on Github.. but I need to figure that out.
@hhh How did you made it red?
@FongWanChau $(randomElements).css("color","red");
2:56 AM
@FongWanChau Eh, I'll just add you as a contributor now.
                        randomElements = jQuery("li").get().sort(function(){
                              return Math.round(Math.random())-0.5
Found it here.
Hiya all
Anyone around?
Trying to roll a simple javascript thingy
@hhh Can you post a console.log(JSON.stringify($(randomElements))); ? I'm not very familiarized with jQuery..
My blog got kinda messed up - my permalink structure changed, somewhat irreversibly.
Luckily, when my blog can't find a page, it loads my homepage.
My homepage in turn runs javascript, so it can detect incoming "old permalinks" and forward the user to the new link.
I just don't know how to pull out the post name from the old link.
3:00 AM
@Moshe link?
Why not just make a meta refresh?
@JeffreySweeney How so?
<meta http-equiv="REFRESH" content="0; url=blog.mosheberman.com/hacking-draw-something/">;
In the old site
Well, I recommend you do a 301 redirect with .htaccess
3:01 AM
@FongWanChau odd amount of errs like this when tried that command...

Uncaught TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON
(anonymous function)http://xxx.xx.xxx.xxx/:64
(anonymous function)
because of SEO stuff
No no no
@JeffreySweeney the site is the same, just a subdomain has a modified htaccess..
meta refresh are you crazy ?
Well, that may not be an issue.. how old's the site Moshe?
Oh, I thought it was a different domain.
3:03 AM
@JeffreySweeney my blog has been active as a subdomain of my site for a few years.
Look, I'm asking how to rip out the date part of a permalink with Javascript and get what follows it.
I suppose I'm really asking for this:
check for the trailing slash
if there is one, move the preceding slash
if not, get the index of the last slash
then get the substring after the last slash
I can handle the rest myself.
Ok, well, just add this after `$(randomElements).css("color","red");`:

for (var i = 0, li = document.getElementsByTagName('LI'), liLength = li.length; i < liLength; ++i) {
if (!li[i].style.color) {
li[i].style.display = 'none';
You'll be able to handle the rest
but really do not do that in JavaScript
You HAVE TO handle it via htaccess
@DieVarDump lol, yea, just rusty.
I like the idea of using JS for this.
with 301
@Moshe You need to set up A -record for the subdomain -- and I am not sure now but perhaps some CNAME -record changes.
3:07 AM
@hhh Whatever for?
So don't talk about SEO
That's stupidly overkill.
SEO isn't a thing. Not something I care for anyway. And I thought this was the JS room, not the SEO room.
I asked a dumb question.
"Any idea how to make this:" <-- just answered this above.
@hhh Um, let me clarify
Yes but we don't have to give you an answer without telling you that it's really stupid
When we help someone with a jQuery problem, we tell that persone that usiong jQuery is stupid
3:08 AM
Haha, ok.
I'll head back to writing iOS apps and hanging in the MSO tavern then,
I really don't see why i couldn't tell you that you can play with window.location, but that it's really stupid
@DieVarDump I'm doing that, but whatever.
using referrer.
Ah, friend suggested split("/")
You can do this:

`var pathname = location.pathname;
var wordindex = pathname.indexOf('wordpress');
var articleURL = pathname.match(/\/wordpress\/[0-9]{4}\/[0-9]{2}\/[0-9]{2}\/(.+)\/.*/);
if (-1 != wordindex && articleURL[1]) {
location.replace('http://blog.mosheberman.com/' + articleURL + '/');
oh.. SO chat converted the link...
@FongWanChau I must say you are talented! Worked, wow -- well thought-out, thank you.
@hhh You are welcome.
3:12 AM
I don't see how a JS replace is any different from a meta tag refresh though. Guess I just don't understand the issue entirely.. I need to go to bed.
...never thought JS could be this fun :P
now you have the JavaScript code, do the same in your htaccess
@DieVarDump I tried that but it breaks WP for some reason.
@JeffreySweeney well, <meta> can't handle the current URL to specific location without javascript.. xD
3:13 AM
maybe cause your rule was not good ?
@DieVarDump maybe, no idea
I don't know htaccess at all.
@FongWanChau Fair enough
try put this on .htaccess:

`RewriteRule ^\/wordpress\/[0-9]{4}\/[0-9]{2}\/[0-9]{2}\/(.+)$ http://blog.mosheberman.com/$1 [L]`
oh, sorry, without the first \/

RewriteRule ^\/wordpress\/[0-9]{4}\/[0-9]{2}\/[0-9]{2}\/(.+)$ blog.mosheberman.com$1 [L]


RewriteRule ^\/wordpress\/[0-9]{4}\/[0-9]{2}\/[0-9]{2}\/(.+)$ blog.mosheberman.com$1 [R=301, L]
Thx Fong

I would start there, wordpress has its own .htaccess settings
3:15 AM
i was lazy to do it

You can add rules to trigger your page view and processing using this component. The full functionality of a front controller does not exist, meaning you can't define how the template files load based on the rewrite rules.
meaning you can't define how the template files load based on the rewrite rules.

<--- special with wordpress
@hhh That's not a problem, because that just need to put on the root .htaccess, his wordpress is not on the root.
(you need to use the GUI somehow, not manually -- I tried manually myself but well it did not work out well and found out that from the docs)
@FongWanChau I Oh, good point, was trying on the wp htaccess.
Well, I'm headin out. @FongWanChau I'll add your CSS file to the project if you email it to me. I've already given you credit ;) jsweeneydev.net84.net/apps/javascript/xmltemplateeditor/…
3:18 AM
@hhh Anyway, I already read all source code of the last wordpress and they just use $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] to process the permanent link..
Sept I need to update that link..
There we go.
@FongWanChau Ok, could you clarify then the thread in Wordpress.SE?
...I stopped using wordpress due to being lazy patching security holes...but wish to know this point :P
(I also read quite bit of the source...)
@JeffreySweeney Sent.
@FongWanChau Can you clarify why the root -thing matters here?
@hhh Because his wordpress is on the blog. subdomain, and at www. subdomain is just a homepage..
And you can see the default .htaccess of wordpress posted in that post.

RewriteRule ^index\.php$ - [L] is for performance stuff

RewriteRule . /index.php [L] is the code that made it work.
3:25 AM
is this the JS room?
@MattMcDonald Oh, yes... sorry...
Netscape 6.10 passes my unit test with a score of 100%
so cool
alpha release for Utils is going to be tomorrow
@FongWanChau ok I am now puzzled what the manual actually means by things such as "front controller" etc -- anyway I am adding references to this chat because the thread is still incomplete...but WD.SE is better perhaps for this :)
3:31 AM
If I want to add functions to an instance of an object...is that possible? But only to one instance of that object type.
@JamesPWright Ah? I didn't understand what you said...
Sorry for my english, my native language is spanish or chinese.
I'm using Lawnchair for storage. In order to keep some code clean I want to do something like: var UsersDB = Lawnchair({blah:blah});
I want to be able to do UsersDB.prototype.MyFunc = function(){}
but UsersDB is an instance of a Lawnchair object, so I'd have to do Lawnchair.prototype.MyFunc instead
but that means all versions of Lawnchair in my app would have MyFunc, even if I don't want them to
so basically, can I do "prototype" on a single instance of an object?
@JamesPWright Yes, you can, just like what you said: UsersDB.prototype.MyFunc = function(){}
I tried that
I get an error that UsersDB doesn't have that function
try console.log(typeof UsersDB); and post the result.
3:39 AM
soo...I SHOULD be able to
but I can't. :-\
hang on, I'm putting together a fiddle
@JamesPWright ok.
Oh, I figured out.. this is the right way:

`UsersDB.MyFunc = function(){};`
that does work
I have no idea why
I still have a lot to learn about JS. :P
@JamesPWright because UsersDB is an object and not a function..
I guess my brain is still stuck in C# right now. I think of Lawnchair as an object, and UsersDB as an instance of that object
got to stop thinking that way
thanks for the help
@JamesPWright You are welcome.
3:55 AM
Okay, so I don't have high expectation of facebook but my wife just got trapped in a super-long series of window.prompt calls asking her if she wanted to 'stay on page' or 'leave'. Hottest internet property on the planet and they're not only using prompts, they're actually effing it up somehow?
wow the starred message list is completely raped :<
@Esailija I came to here by a link in your SO profile...
4:10 AM
I don't really know who was playing
but he really eff it
@DieVarDump What is the starring function for? I thought that it's for bookmarking some conversation but I didn't found that option in my profile..
it's important/funny thing to share with the room
it's not only for you but for all the room
@DieVarDump Ok, I already figured out by reading faq..
And someone really starred a lot of bullsh...
@DieVarDump Haha, It's not me, I can't star my own message...
4:50 AM
can someone clear a point in javascript.
var myFunc = function() { ... };
exports.myFunc = myFunc;
compare to first is my code valid
5:36 AM
Hi guys
Is there a way to disable the user editing css of a page ?
user1425502, the point is to expose methods you want to expose.
user1425502, consider this:
5:53 AM
@Nemoden do you have a couple of mins ?
can you see this ?
Q: Event detect when css property changed using Jquery

HP.Is there a way to detect if the "display" css property of an element is changed (to whether none or block or inline-block...)? if not, any plugin? Thanks

!function(g) { var alertmessage = function() { alert('hello, world'); }, myf = function() { alertmessage(); } g.myf = myf; }(window). Now you can call myf(), but you cannot call alertmessage() since it was created inside an anonymous function and was not exposed to the window object. I hope you get the idea of exposing methods, although it's hard to explain it here
Vivek, yep
does it work on chrome ?
user1425502, I highly recommend you a book "Javascript Patterns" by Stoyan Stefanov. In this book he explained really good how patterns used in popular frameworks work. Chapter 4 and 5 is right what you need ;) Especially Chapter4. Immediate Functions and chapter 5. Private Properties and Methods
Vivek, should work, yes
Its not working
im changing the element in firebug
chrome( inspect element )
I want an event on display property change from fire bug
Do you think you can suggest some links on this ?
6:16 AM
can you check document.implementation.hasFeature('MutationEvents','2.0')?
@Nemoden Alert ( document.implementation.hasFeature('MutationEvents','2.0') = True
Well, strange, but doesn't work in Chrome for me as well. I actually did not work with mutation events much, so I made an assumption that this code would work in Chrome without checking. Here is a good example of DOMAttrMutation help.dottoro.com/external/examples/ljdchxcl/… (and the code is here ) working in FireFox 10 for me. I will dig why this does not work in Chrome for sure (this is even kinda interesting).
ouch! And the correct answer is NO - it doesnt work in chrome help.dottoro.com/ljdchxcl.php it only supported by IE 9+, FF, Opera
6:46 AM
This works but mostly for the css style change
Is it possible to watch if a new attribute has been added ? like when a new table row has been added
<tr> new row </tr>
you can do this with DOMNodeInserted event in all modern browsers: help.dottoro.com/ljmcxjla.php for CSS style changes you can use this jQuery plugin
Incase we have to trigger if the user inserts into <head>
like inserting <head> <script> new code </script> </head>
can we trigger for this ?

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