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2:01 PM
@milleniumbug in C#, it is invalid as int? and int are incompatible
very good
convert one to another explicitly
don't throw invisible exceptions
@Sippy If I told you, you'd laugh
(Steff went on a flagging rampage yesterday)
@mikeTheLiar I'm assuming it was for bullying some random pleb for linking something like "I tried to do this thing from w3schools"
@mikeTheLiar Steffwi?
2:03 PM
@mikeTheLiar I know, I got suspended lol
also why Kotlin >> Java, because there NullPointerException can only happen if you use platform types (a.k.a. interact with Java) or you use !! operator
@milleniumbug C# throws a billion invisible exceptions
just assume everything > java
Not even remotely exaggerated.
2:04 PM
and you are set
do you have a NullPointerException? just grep for !!
Every exception in C# is invisible.
even if it is impossible to ensure via the code that the exeption wont be thrown
@KamilSolecki sounds like C# exceptions
@milleniumbug did you know that Wietlol knows 11 programming languages???
that's a lot
2:05 PM
He's really smart huh.
Eleven? That's more than one!
I said use
didnt I?
I made it a personal thing to hate on java during my lifetime
That more than I have fingers!
You only have 1 finger?!
2:06 PM
I can't even count that high unless I'm wearing sandals.
I mean, what
ur a horrid men
@Sippy still, I dont really get your point
Men like me don't make points
then stop trying to make it
greetings all
2:07 PM
He's making fun of you.
no I will not interject
007, rumour has it you know the launch codes.
do you, in fact, know the launch codes?
and you go on igg sippy for a little while thanks
2:08 PM
Java's checked exceptions would be actually nice if a.) they weren't so abused b.) there was an option for generics to declare "this function may throw an exception if the passed in function/visitor declares that it may throw an exception"
He doesn't know any code. That's kinda the problem.
jk ilu
I'll take that as a yes but I'm not really sure what he just said.
otherwise they're just annoying and unhelpful
when a language errors on trying to cast int to long, my cancer develops a little more
Me thinks if this gets any worse we may need to break for some panini's
2:10 PM
May 4 '16 at 14:23, by Caprica Six
Jan 12 at 16:55, by Markus Werner
to all stupid put all "Panini" in your asshole
Panini break over
also, there is something which hasnt been used in a while
May 5 '16 at 15:17, by BoltClock
its official
I always wonder how in the world does this stupid message cause silence for a while
2:13 PM
because they're trying to regain control
Because in this case it was true
Java's checked exceptions would be actually nice if
a, each class could specify if it is checked or not
b, non-checked exceptions become checked exceptions if they are added in the throws list (pretty much defeats the purpose of specifying it in the class itself apart from auto-completion and when you are not sure what you are doing
c, checked exceptions can be hidden by simple syntax just as easy as they are added to the throws list
d, are abused more
@KamilSolecki that was used yesterday
I think in response to something I did
aka, "class MyException extends RuntimeException implements CheckedException" or w/e
maybe a static field
b, you can say "foo() throws RuntimeException", but that doesnt do shit, is still valid though
c, val a = foo() hides SqlException; (for example)
d, java.lang.Integer::parseInt(String) for example doesnt throw any checked exception, but the value cannot be guaranteed to be valid
unless I missed some point about it
hmmm, so they're both overused and underused
2:24 PM
hi all - i inherited a (gross) web forms project. i'm not sure what exactly i'm looking for here, but probably some sort of route handler... we have several TB's of data stored in the same location that the application lives.
this is an issue because my client wants to setup a test and prod server - well when they setup the test server nothing will work because the way they load the data in the view is "~/Asset/image.jpg" <-- but this won't work when the data is moved to a new server, it'll just give 404's. how can i create some sort of route handler that would capture any routes that are sent to "/Asset/whatever" and send them to "newserver/Asset/whatever" without exposing the "newserver" client side?
deepest condolences random internet person.
is the terabytes of data stored generated by the application?
it's static?
yep, basically it's millions of books
2:27 PM
if you want another laugh - it was developed by a lone dev in china so most of the code is in chinese
please tell me your client is Pearson
negative, just some company that the gov't buys lots of stuff from
would've been funny
your best bet is to quit your job and run away
@milleniumbug according to the intention of checked exceptions, an exception must be explicitly rethrown or caught if the program is unable to guarantee it wont be thrown
that said, null pointer exceptions can be avoided by checking if a value is not null
index out of bounds can be avoided by checking the index against the length and against 0
or by not having nullable types :)
2:29 PM
SqlException cannot be avoided as it happens on a different application/machine
same as WebException, ParsingException, etc
@Sippy what's so funny about that? not familiar with web programming much
overused/underused is out of that
@milleniumbug about what
but it is mostly used wrongly as checked exceptions sometimes are supposed to be unchecked
That he inherited a webforms application written in chinese by a sole chinese developer which locally stores terabytes of static data?
There's literally nothing funny about that if you're the one inheriting it.
2:31 PM
quick look at FileI/O
Although I might laugh if someone asked me to inherit that.
In the sense I would "lolno"
@sippy rofl
and non-checked exceptions sometimes are supposed to be checked, looking mostly at custom made exceptions
@Sippy I suspected that, just was wondering what the "hahahahas" were for
@Sippy you talking about me?
2:32 PM
Not everything is about you
ok, it wasnt a chinese person
also I used arrows properly to respond to a specific message
Implicitly typed
Still, I inherited a web forms asp.net project with horrible structure, thousands of fields INSIDE A FRIGGING STRING
object properties and parameters everywhere
assumptions of values all over the project
@maxshuty so you want to set up the application on another webserver and reference all the static data?
2:34 PM
and not to mention, 0 logging
I'm gonna go ahead and assume that it's not hosted on Azure or anything
@KamilSolecki if you mean by not a while yesterday, then yes
anyone is familiar with serialization?
@sippy yep exactly
@sippy move the application to otherServer, leave the data be on it's current server
this is a horrible option
2:37 PM
i'll take anything at this point
But you could set up a vdir in IIS on server 1, then point the web application on server 2 at the vdir on server 1.
trying to think of why this may not work, but can't think of why not
/me goes and tries
God speed my son.
Allah velocity
2:41 PM
@KendallFrey so a positive derivative of it would be 'yalla'?
not 1c, not 2c
@KamilSolecki ?
@KamilSolecki no, wallah
@Sippy Wait so E=mGod?
@KendallFrey yalla = faster in arabic
2:42 PM
Why do you know arabic
@KendallFrey No
Y'alla confusing
E = mGodspeed
@KendallFrey how else would i understand what my Sex slaves want
McGod, the new sandwich from McDonald's
2:43 PM
holy shit
@KamilSolecki He said, as if he cared what they wanted
kamil you savage
I salute you
inb4 blizzard of flags
what happens on stackoverflow chat stays on stackoverflow chat
Yeah well
2:45 PM
dammit now I want DQ
They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, too
Which is true for everything except country music festivals apparently.
did you just call mike premature
anyone is familiar with xml (de)serialization in C#?
2:46 PM
did you just assume his birthstate
xml deserialisation in 2017 lol
legacy servers
rm -rf C:
problem solved
problem created
i think you mean opportunity
but the problem of being down for a month or 2 is pretty big
2:48 PM
that's loser talk
You've had Down's your entire life, not like it's going to suddenly start being a problem for you.
I'm not 100% who that was aimed at
@Wietlol You can either write incredibly detailed classes to describe your objects, which is cool if your xml schema won't change, or you can cheat and use linq2xml, because linq is made of sex and excellence. Sexellence.
!!meme (everywhere) flags, flags everywhere
@Kieran Sorry, I don't know that one.
2:49 PM
@Sippy Yes.
thought so
@CapricaSix that's new
@Sidney in short, we have a rest service
!!info meme
2:49 PM
@mikeTheLiar Command meme, created by God
and inside the application itself, we use models
but calling it is done using both json and xml
json works fine
xml is a horror
!!help meme
@mikeTheLiar meme: Return a simple meme link. Pass no arguments or list to get a list of known memes. /meme [memeName].
@mikeTheLiar deskflip, fuu, iseewhatyoudidthere, no, notbad, ohyou, okay, troll, trollface, youdontsay
2:50 PM
!! tell mikeTheLiar sandbox
@mikeTheLiar Please go and play in the Sandbox
get fucked
gets fucked
!!tell wietlol quote get panini
2:50 PM
... tonight
!!meme no
Fucks sake cap
2:51 PM
Pull yourself together.
@Wietlol I used XDocument. Easy
@ntohl I prefer to not care at all
2:52 PM
like i said
rm -rf C:
better said, I have no idea what is used in the first place
I just have
public MyOutputModel Foo([FromBody] MyInputModel input)
and the framework does the serialization/deserialization
with deserialization, I am required to add the xmlns to the root node
if I dont, I get null as input
with serialization, half of the xml has a "d2p1" namespace on its nodes
for whatever reason
also, it refuses to work if it is not provided in the order it is specified in the model
@Sippy if it were to me, we wouldnt be using C# any more
... ow and we would have made everything from scratch again
and we wouldnt use json nor xml
wait wut?
what happens if You use additional xsd at serialization?
i have no idea where to put it
again, the code for serializing and deserializing is hidden somewhere in asp.net
than only fiddler shows You the additional namespaces?
3:06 PM
It's a bow instrument similar to a violin but that's not important right now.
if the serialization deserialization is hidden, than how can You see it? Fiddler can monitor network usage.
@Wietlol I'm assuming you prefer VB?
pls no
@Metallkiller Please go and play in the Sandbox
3:12 PM
@ntohl I call the service using postman pat
and I just noticed the namespaces everywhere
in any case, monday, ill try to rm -rf /C: and rm -rf /D:
(im not sure it will solve anything though as im not using linux at work)
Powershell should get you there.
3:46 PM
Ps does rm?
Powershell has a ton of aliases for Linux commands
hey guys in dot net fiddle is there a way to add reference to Microsoft.VisualBasic
God I hope not.
why not
what for, though
3:53 PM
C# can do anything VB can, and more. Want VB? Convert it online to c# :D
well, dotnetfiddle can run VB.NET too, so I'm assuming he wants to add a reference for a C# project... but what for
Actually I'm already at home, have a nice weekend guys, cya!
for this which doesn't exist in c# - Microsoft.VisualBasic.FileIO.TextFieldParser
parsing of CSV files
Points for VB!!
4:17 PM
2 months of searching for programming jobs in the Seattle area and having an associate's degree netted me nothing, so I guess I have to go get a bachelor's now. So I'm curious how many of you guys with prog. jobs (who aren't self-employed) have a B.S. degree
@person27 I have high school :P
I guess age also matters since my uncle apparently had no problems getting started, and I think a very large barrier to entry was constructed since then (probably around early 2000's). At least, you can't walk in the door and say "I can code" and get hired anymore. I think. So maybe people under 25 years old.
4:46 PM
@person27 actually Thats not true. A serious company will mostly look at your abilities
Do you have any projects that are commonly available?
Or, anything you can present them?
present your anus to them
If you want failsafe's pay rate, then its the only option
Is there chat room for windows software (discussing about programs for normal users)
I don't think so
5:02 PM
I hope I can find help here,
I'm looking for any free software, that I can create animation with, I created this some years ago with Macromedia flash 8:
I have stories, but need a good and easy-to-use-on-computer software
Ah, I'm watching Cyanide and Happiness and got some inspiration
@person27 I don't have a BS either
@MohamedAhmed jfc wtf
5:18 PM
i'm really stuck on linq, is it just me or is it hard
It's hard until it clicks. Then it's beautiful.
@erotavlas it is easy
and refreshing
tell me whats troubling u m8
I don't know how to do it
You really have to understand lambdas for it to make sense.
And the concept of pure functions.
5:20 PM
starting off now
think of lamdas as a lazy man's way to write a function
this thing? t=> t.blah
that's a lambda
yeah that's not the problem, I don't know how to drill down into my data
5:21 PM
!!partying partying yeah
lamdas is a way to write functions but very fast
@erotavlas You mean nested queries, or...?
ok well I might as well post my query, I have a data table and flattened it into a new object like this
Can you give us something more specific than "I don't know how"?
5:22 PM
    var q1 = from data in this._data
             let instanceStat = data.Field<string>("Instance Status")
             let reviewStat = data.Field<string>("Review Status")
             let hitFlag = data.Field<string>("Instance Status") == "A" && data.Field<string>("Review Status") == "R"
             select new
                 form = data.Field<string>("Form Name"),
                 item = data.Field<string>("Item Name"),
                 docID = data.Field<string>("Document ID"),
whats let
> query syntax
well there's your problem
heh, query syntax
huh? whats wrong with let
> linq is easy
> what's let
my sides
5:23 PM
i never seen let
holy shit
anyway my next wuery I want to group the data by one of the properties
i thought linq is like sql
    var q2 = from data in q1
             group data by data.form into groups
             let itemGroups = groups.GroupBy(t => t.item)
             select new
                 formName = groups.Key,
then I need to group by docId in a third query, how to do that? I can never access docID property because its in groups
my brain is melting
you mean you want to order by one collumn and do a secondary ordering by another collumn ?
I was thinking to group them all at once like groupBy(t=> new {t.form, t.item, t.docID} but I don't understand how to use the result of that multiple grouping
5:30 PM
i think your idea is right
thats how its done
how do I use the result of the multiple grouping? I inspected it but it doesn't make sense to me
Can someone help me with this question :
Q: Retrieve data from a table using a list of Ids extracted from another table using the Unit of Work Pattern in ASP.NET MVC Core

Umar AftabThe Purpose is to retrieve a list of all employees from the Technician's table. And than using that list of IDs, a search has to be performed on the Reviews Table thereby generating a list of all the Reviews by those employees. I have used the Unit of Work and Repository Pattern for Data Access...

@KendallFrey ?
5:54 PM
@KendallFrey ?
why is it that someone marked my typing of greetings all??
I will never understand young people... I am going to switch back to mobile mode so that I cannot see that area...
Never change, 007. Never change.
6:36 PM
How do I alter a column type without changing the values. For instance I have a column that is a float and I need to change it to an nvarchar, however, when I do that the values change and are no longer the same as the were
I am using sql
between me and you guys
whats the deal ith 90% of the people talking about sql or linq
@Skullomania I think you might have to make a new column and copy the data over
but if I do that wont the new column complain that it is not the same datatype
float to nvarchar
You would have to convert it when you copy it over
Whatever logic is needed to go from one datatype to the other would need to be done in the copy
Hi Mike... yeah it was just odd
6:50 PM
@mikeTheLiar I tried that and 10001234 converted to 1.00107e+007
What's 007 doing in your database?
I needed an extra eye...why not a golden one?
Is this an access database
because that is a pretty common situation
6:52 PM
ah ok
you can change the precision
so down it to nvarchar(8)?
or remove the precision if you don;t want the scientific notation
@Skullomania no repro select convert(nvarchar(8), 10001234)
select cast(10001234 as nvarchar(8)) also works for me
What version of SQL server are you running?
6:56 PM
I meant like, what year
and when I try converting I get a Arithmetic overflow error converting expression to data type nvarchar.
up the size of the nvarchar
Or write some gnarly substring function that chops off everything past the decimal
INSERT INTO [cooky]([ID#]
,[Last Name]
,[First Name])
,[Last Name]
,[First Name]
> dooks
6:59 PM
gives that arithmetic error
2 mins ago, by mikeTheLiar
up the size of the nvarchar
im spoofing the name of my tables and database
Now 10001234 is 10001000
or 22002143 is 20002100
@mikeTheLiar I had to convert it to a decimal(10,2) then convert to a nvarchar(255)
7:40 PM
Q: Why does my ajax form submission takes 2 submission clicks to fire?

SkullomaniaI have a video as my login screen background, I wanted to use ajax to stop postback so that the video does not restart when the user enters an invalid password. However I have a slight problem, when I click submit nothing happens in the console or on the page nothing gets submitted, so when I hit...

the icon is its own request
@juanvan wut?
just a joke
@juanvan i was too late to the jump
when you said you were just joking, it would have been the perfect time for a Mr T "listen fool I aint got time fo yo jibba jabber!" meme
next time...next time!
@MohamedAhmed the normal go-to is Pivot Stickfigure Animator. Version 4 asks if you want to install other junk and installs it anyway if you say no, so sandbox the install or just get v3.
@KamilSolecki My github account is https://github.com/JoshuaLamusga and I linked to it when possible. For awhile I linked to it from a section in my resume called "personal projects". Sorry for the delay. I was doing tooltips & globalization (takes forever!)
7:48 PM
lol next time
help, how do I combine select and where in LINQ?
I have grps.Select(t => t.aiConcept).Distinct().First()
but I need to add a where the aiConcept is not string empty
grps.Where(t=>t.foo == 'asd').FirstOrDefault();
If you do .Where().FirstOrDefault() you can simplify it to .Find()
7:55 PM
find is only ID
it wont let me
grps.Where(t => t.aiConcept.Trim() != "").First()
it gives a compilation error
(t => !String.IsWhiteSpaceOrEmpty(t.foo))
crap I think I'm assigning the result to the wrong type
@juanvan Can you explain what you mean by "find is only ID"? I see ObservableCollection doesn't support it.
checking for String Is Emprty or White space
if it is ! then firstOrDefault
7:58 PM
actually I'm expecting a string but it giving something else
Cannot implicitly convert type '<anonymous type: string form, string item, string docID, string docValue, string aiConcept, string instanceStatus, string reviewStatus, string convertedValue, string fieldXpath, int hitFlag>' to 'string'
@person27 guess that's just a dbSet that uses Id
thought it was all linq but then that does not make much sense
hmmm I had to write it like this to make it return a string,
grps.Where(t => t.aiConcept.Trim() != "").Select(t=>t.aiConcept).First()

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