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3:31 AM
That was supposed to say "Thanks," not "That's". Stupid fingers.
9 hours later…
12:23 PM
Hey guys does anyone of you Ruby enthusiast live in NYC Manhattan area? :)
1:16 PM
Why do you ask?
Good morning everyone!
Good morning @Marc-Andre
Good morning, yawn.
1:56 PM
No stickers for me after the first week of waiting
Oh, I haven't sent the envelope yet. It's still riding around in my car.
@thesecretmaster because I'm flying there next week and it's always nice to know someone with similar interest to grab a beer with :D
@JakubKohout I live in that general area, but grabbing a beer wouldn't really be something I'd be able to do becuase A) my age and B) I've got lotsa stuff to do in preperation for school starting.
But enjoy your trip!
2:17 PM
I've been playing with Blender. Thoughts?
Blender is an amazing tool, written for experts, that does not coddle the beginner. I've done a little simple modeling in it, but never got much past "beginner."
Alright, off to work.
I thought it was sunday
2:56 PM
It took me quite a while to figure out how to make a simple cube in Blender, and that was about 10 years ago so there wasn't much in the way of resources. When I found out that there were hidden menus above the screen I gave up on it.
A cube is easy: Shift+A -> mesh -> cube :-D
@thesecretmaster np, do your work for school :) Good luck
@thesecretmaster btw.. collage or highschool?
yeah, getting to the Shift + A part from zero without docs is pretty much impossible though due to the crazy UI
Yeah, I'm still learning the shortcuts. But a it's a great assistant to press space over the 3D view
yeah, space was the first thing I found. It eventually devolved into pressing every key combination I could think of till I found something. The "docs" back then were just an insanely long wiki page of out of date screenshots and shortcuts...
ultimately though, I'm not a creative type so it wasn't my destiny anyways
3:11 PM
You don't need to be very creative if any bit of inspiration takes you a week to implement :-D
true that
@WayneConrad I finally passed that meta we talked about long time ago meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/333397
3:23 PM
@PetterFriberg Sweet! Reading.
I think you were being generous when you called those comments "borderline rude." They're not borderline.
hmm, well the comments are mostly from people on meta... I already have hard time as it is : )
I see people defending those comments. Defending them! Amazing.
Yep, it's mind blowing. I do think that low quality question can be a problem, but commenting on them does not solve anything if you're just bashing on new people. If you don't have something nice or helpful to say, people should not comment. You can VTC and do something else, nobody is forcing anyone to look at bad questions.
This is the SE policy but SO is not that simple.....
4:07 PM
hi all
4:24 PM
Hi Nima.
@PetterFriberg What makes SO not that simple?
how are you?
Fine, thanks. I have to find an exterminator today--I have rats in my attic. Scrabbling scritching chewing little rats.
oh that sounds like a headache
When I'm playing a video game, crawling through some dark dungeon, their noises above me make it seem more real :)
Great reason to get a 7.1 sound system
4:38 PM
@WayneConrad all the users : )
I was reading that the dolby atmos 7.1 systems can project sound up to bounce off the ceiling and back down, kinda neat.
supports up to 24.2.10 surround... crazy
don't even think I could fit 24 speakers around the wall in my TV viewing area...
4:47 PM
Is your TV viewing area that small?
not quite too small, but the speakers would be competing with a couple bookshelves for wall space
buying a house on Wednesday though, so I'll have plenty of space soon, not that I can afford 24 speakers...
or any at all, because I use the built in TV sound still...
@JanDvorak Oh, do roof rats prefer high quality sound systems?
External speakers aren't too expensive. Even a 2.1 would be better than built-in, I'd think.
@WayneConrad the wires probably taste better
yeah, I think an upgraded audio experience is high on my list after we move. I'll need to buy a shed and a lawn mower first though...
@PetterFriberg Having spent the first half of my life being a rude know-it-all, I'm spending the second half of my life trying to atone for it.
People keep using the word "snark," sometimes in a context implying that "snark" is not as bad as "rude". To which I say this: "Snark" is nothing more than "rude" renamed.
5:03 PM
I agree, but most important for me is that I have fun developing stuff for the community and I like it to be "for the community" so this issue has really battered me, SE policy is to remove, many great contributors of SO do not. In the end if I can't change this, I will just need to adapt.
adapt in the sense of not catching the comments, not in the sense of using them myself : )
5:14 PM
I don't know how much I'm willing to adapt, if rudeness wins.
well, I need to adapt the application, I will be sad to, at least I done my best to push close to the limit of rudeness to show the problem and supply some meta on expect behavior.
I hope you can "hold the line."
: ), meta will tell
I'd say you're in the right. Being rude and nonconstructive is a waste of everyone's' time
If I survive meta, I guess the non meta users are more then happy .... I select the comments from user that are present on meta... hence they see their own comments : )
so it is not really easy for some ordinary meta people to say yeah those comments are just crap... but this was done intentionally since these users are very active to create SO culture.
5:28 PM
I don't quite understand. Are you saying that you are intentionally showing comments by people who are active on meta, so that you can show that this is a problem caused by active users?
No I intentional choose border-line comments from people active on meta, so they get face to face with the problem and I get straight up response. Hence lets meta decide if our comments are ok
This because meta contributes to the format of the community, my objective is to understand if to included them or not and I like to push the limit as much as possibile, that's why. I got 100 of low rep user offensive comments but this would not be interesting.
I feel like there are too few "average" users who participate in meta. I think that any fairly new user would tell you that those comments definitly give a bad impression of SO, and scare some valuable "good" users away.
I don't participate much in meta. I don't feel like I have enough time to really participate in SO itself; I'd only spend time on meta if I were out of useful things to do on SO.
yeah, I'm not into meta either
I wish I could participate better on SO. I just can't really find many questions to answer
5:35 PM
@thesecretmaster That is exactly the problem meta has its own culture, that is fairly rough. The post got -5 down votes as it started, but I need to grap the bull by the horns.
someone's gotta do it, good luck~
@PetterFriberg Please feel free to recruit support here.
You are welcome to answer : ), but be ready for some downvotes : ), not even Brad exited without...
need to run, will check later where the boat is heading, cya all and thanks for the support, I was almost giving up before I had the discussion a couple of weeks ago with you Wayne.
Thank you Petter. Have a good day; talk to you later.
Q: To nuke, or not to nuke- that is the question:

Petter FribergCurrently, we are running a StackApp, called Heat Detector, using both regular expressions and NLP (Natural Language Processing) on all your comments. The goal of this project is to identify automatically offensive comments left throughout Stack Overflow. Earlier this year, we asked for a dump of...

How come the tour doesn't include anything about meta?
5:51 PM
My guess would be that it's already a stretch to expect someone to read the material that's there now.
Yeah, but then why include the moderation privleges bit?
Oh, I don't know. I don't really know what's on the tour. I assume I read it once.
Hello everyone ;)
Hello, Good morning.
6:09 PM
What are you working on ?
7:03 PM
I'm examining the migrated data that my ETL app created, trying to decide if the data is correct or not. It's a Ruby program that uses ActiveRecord (but not Rails).
@Jean-Baptiste How about you?
I'm trying to finish the switch from rails to wordpress of our front site...
I have issues transpiling my es6 code to es5 with grunt.
This is awful :)
That does sound awful.
7:26 PM
A: How many photons there are in the universe?

pelaThe number of photons in the Universe is dominated by the CMB photons, by 3 or 4 orders of magnitude (see this answer for a plot of the Universal photon background). Each cm$^3$ of space holds roughly $n_\gamma = 400$ CMB photons (see Sean Lake's nice calculation), so with a radius of 47 billion ...

Almost every photon in the universe is left over from the echo of the big bang. How cool is that?
7:48 PM
@Nima Someone you know?
no but i can relate to this story
at my previous job (which was a startup), i was also dealing with late paychecks, psychopathic CEO and so on..
I did the startup thing also, during the first dot-com bubble. I'm seeing it happen all over again, but nobody seems to be talking about it being the second dot-com bubble. I think it is.
i think so too
we are in a bubble
@WayneConrad Reading that answer, literally every statement it makes could be complete made-up nonsense and I would't know.
8:03 PM
@meagar That's all of astrophysics for me. And quantum physics.
2 hours later…
9:46 PM
I'm selling a mid-2013 11" macbook air if anyone's interested. 600 CAD, which should work out to roughly 13 cents USD
Oh, I almost forgot. I've got a discount code for that "Imposter's Handbook." The author said it's OK to share it with the room.
The Imposter's Handbook discount code: happyimposters -- this gets you 15% off.
10:07 PM
anyone here?
hi guys im getting an undefined method error related to mocha were 'stub' is not defined
ive spent 2 days now searching the internet for an answer but i am still not sure what is going on
can someone lend a hand?
I've only started using ruby 2 days ago because of RPG Maker, and it seems to have an issue with this chunk of code: hastebin.com/hucazanunu.coffee
@redspah Good news: It reproduces for me. I'm looking at it.
I think it may have something to do with the `return'
_i++ is not valid Ruby. It should be _i += 1
10:16 PM
that fixed it
Did RPG Maker generate that code?
I did
My experience is mostly with C and C++
That explains why it doesn't look like Ruby :) That's fine. The first Ruby I ever wrote looked a lot like Java.

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