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12:05 AM
@Undo :) I'm hoping I get the opportunity to hit the flag queue with a flamethrower tomorrow. Here's hoping that's true for both of us.
@Undo If primary votes + Q&A answer votes are any indication, you have a lot of well-deserved support out there.
12:32 AM
@EdCottrell I keep telling myself that... but it's still nerve-wracking.
@Undo No joke.
And we all know that this is 100% going to happen:
8 hours ago, by Jon Clements
@Seth imagine what'd happen if SO had to fail over to another data centre and the election stuff gets lost in the move and we have to do this all again... :p
@Undo Yeah, if that happens, Jon and I need to have a talk.
Debating whether I want to run the insta-results thing, or just leave at 19:50 and see if my inbox blows up.
We have family over tomorrow, which doesn't help the decision.
@Undo Definitely blow up the inbox. :)
Last time, when the results were announced, I was in the middle of a little party (a baby shower our co-workers threw for my wife and me), so I had to wait to check. Even though I didn't expect to get elected, it about made me nuts.
12:41 AM
@EdCottrell You know? Only now I realized that a baby shower is about showing, not showering.
3AM thoughts
I thought the idea was that you 'shower' the baby/parents with gifts and such.
But 'showing' makes a lot of sense.
According to Wikipedia, you're right
Hi all and Good luck to our future Mods :)
@MadaraUchiha ha!
I know it's not the right place to chat sensitive stuff, but I always wondered how you guys plan to serve such a demanding and vast community and yet have time for family :)
12:44 AM
Hi, @RokoC.Buljan
I remember 3y ago I had sever problems do to my affection to SO :D
@RokoC.Buljan Well, I think most of us use the site a lot for work and also just because we find it interesting. For me, anyway, being a mod wouldn't even have a big impact on how much time I use the site.
I read it a lot for work-related questions, and I also just enjoy participating as a hobby.
@Ed & Mods Moderating the site rises you in the eyes of all users, that's true, but at the same time it defers you from gaining reputation by answering Q. So basically it's all about psichological fiction and sense of reward? (haha I know it's all about that but interested to hear from you ;) )
@RokoC.Buljan :) Yeah, it's not a good way to gain reputation points, but then, I care less about that than about making sure the site stays useful. I'm sure the other candidates feel the same way.
1:02 AM
I've read almost all your answers and comments. I'm excited and glad to see all those familiar candidate names high top in the list. I'm sure you'll all be a great modest and fresh asset in the team. Good luck guys!!
1:20 AM
@RokoC.Buljan Thanks!
@RokoC.Buljan Thanks!
2 hours later…
3:00 AM
@NullSoulException Hi!
1 hour later…
4:34 AM
This room is much quieter than it's been in years past
It'll get busier again near 20:00 :)
Probably, yeah
15 hours
4:56 AM
As a cat, I support the dog! (everybody else is just that bad :p)
@bjb568 that's certainly an interesting strategy :p
2 hours later…
6:33 AM
hello there
I checked the data when the badges where given out now you have a statsitics when how many persons voted
6:54 AM
As expected - a massive peak to start with :)
2 hours later…
8:47 AM
@rekire Well, that's probably not only the badges, but also the messages that get sent to people's inbox.
I was astonished to see the Upvotes/Downvotes ratio of most of the candidates being below one, i.e. more Downvotes than Upvotes. Do we really want somebody with such negative feedback skills to become a moderator?
@Walter Why not? It at least shows that they have a clear view of what they don't want to see on SO.
You could see it as constructive criticism.
@rekire being a highlight in this respect (2074 Up, 71 Down)
@Oldskool Well, I'm not so much criticising downvoting, but that downvoting is done more than upvoting. Upvoting encourages contribution to SO and Downvoting does not. Hence downvoting should be done with care and upvoting with enthusiasm.
Well, there are a lot of questions that fall in the "OK-ish" zone. They're not worth a downvote, but also not an upvote as it's not that well written or researched.
So some people probably only upvote well-written and researched questions, which are getting more rare nowadays I think (just a gut feeling though).
9:08 AM
@Walter The downvotes are an integral part of Stack Overflow in this direction I did something wrong long time. The downvotes are also a quality control. However I agree with you that less downvotes are better, since upvotes help the users with their reputation, but spammers or crap answer writers have to been punished too.
@rekire Totally, but I think @Walter 's main point is that the ratio up/down should be somewhat balanced.
I share the same here
9:31 AM
@Oldskool I tried to point that out. maybe I failed^^
10:20 AM
@Walter Down voting is not just about punishing, it's also to indicate a low quality question or answer. Believe it or not down voting is actually the way the site is intended to work, more people should be using that than using the flags. For example a low quality answer should be down voted and ultimately deleted (which means the author gets the rep back), not flagged for mod attention like many do.
I think mod candidates having a higher down vote ratio is good - it shows that they are prepared to put some skin in the game to keep the site tidy.
Howdy @Ed
Hi @DevSharma
@slugster I wloud expect that he still sleeps. I would try it again in 4 hours ;)
@rekire Nah, he should be getting up by now if he was serious :)
10:38 AM
haha :D
3 hours later…
1:15 PM
Hi all! Man, last 7 hours!
@josilber time to play Europe - Final Countdown or something, hey? :p
Haha it was actually playing in my head after I wrote that =)
1:38 PM
@Oldskool and @Walter, Something to consider about downvotes is that the count remains even if a bad question is removed. For example, my profile shows I have more than 5,500 downvotes (vs 2,700 up), but only 991 of those downvoted posts remain on the site. (You can see this on your profile by going to Activity->Votes->Downvotes and comparing it to Activity->Votes->Summary and the Votes Cast section at the bottom). Of my upvotes, only 25 are removed from the site.
So, the downvotes are showing bad content and are leading to such bad content being removed
2:19 PM
@FĂ©lixGagnon-Grenier Morning!
Remember to eat. Your body will need it :)
3:13 PM
I'm so excited
either that or I'm so bored, the SO mod elections are the only interesting thing happening for me today.
Howdy, y'all.
Howdy @EdCottrell
@rekire :) Actually, I was up feeding a baby a bottle at the time of that message; just not online.
Hi @Ed
Hi @Undo. Hi @josilber.
3:25 PM
^ What about that timing?
Man, I have a meeting on indeterminate length starting two hours before election results are released. Hope I will be able to check when they come out!
@josilber Just root the slide projector in the room and have it start wget-ing Meta every 500 ms starting at 20:00Z.
Seriously, though, that's lousy.
:). It is a skype meeting, so if I'm not sharing my screen I can sneak a peek.
@josilber Even better. Lower odds of getting summarily fired. :)
3:32 PM
@EdCottrell True :)
Ahh... but - less time working = more time flag handling, surely? :p
I'm still in school. 0 time working = infinite time flag handling ;)
Well, my research involves extracting a bunch of information from clinical trials. I have found that SO moderation provides a perfect buffer between clinical trial extraction runs to keep my productivity up.
So I would just argue to my boss that SO during the work day keeps my productivity high :)
@EdCottrell I have for now no need to interrupt my sleep for this proposal, but this will come back to me :)
@Undo that is a sign. You will win 😉
@rekire Yeah, I'm dragging a bit today. 3:40 AM feeding = no fun.
3:45 PM
Btw did you both see my graph?
But there are also those nights later with stomach problems. I know what I'm talking about 😁
@rekire Just saw it. Very interesting. It makes sense, though: huge spike at first, a boost when Asia wakes up, then slower, and picking up at the end.
I will crawl the data later at home, to see how it continues and also in the history the last election. That was just a test with a 5 lines script
@rekire :)
4:16 PM
Just wanted to drop in quick and wish everyone good luck.. :)
@LynnCrumbling Thanks!
You'll all make fine mods. There's no loser for SO here.
@LynnCrumbling Thanks :)
@LynnCrumbling Thanks!
Just about any combination we could get out of this will be great.
4:29 PM
@LynnCrumbling Thank you!
4:47 PM
Sorry to ping you directly @Mureinik, but this is now getting out of hands. As you may know, I posted a disputed question about an edit of yours few days ago. I'm not here to debate wether or not it was appropriate, that has been discussed to some length already.

I would like to hear you about this. I may miss something about edits. Many people assume it was a misclick. I'd like to hear what you have to say bout it, so we can bring some closure to that somewhat-starting-to-be-hateful debate.

@FélixGagnon-Grenier Yeah, I looked at that this morning. People are crazy.
If you're running for public office you are open to scrutiny. No one is being malicious.
yesterday, by Undo
I probably would have worded it a little differently, but I don't find your question offensive or rude at all.
thanks @Undo. True that, I somewhat lack skills at wording things
Three hours.
Votes are still coming in at a fairly steady rate
@Undo We're about to pass the last election's total.
5:13 PM
@FĂ©lixGagnon-Grenier As a heads up, I don't think Mureinik is pingable from this room (the username doesn't auto-complete for me) -- as you can see from their chat profile they haven't visited SO chat for more than a month, which likely explains why they can't be pinged in here.
oh... Thanks, I didn't know chat participation was mandatory to be pingable... I would have thought they would come here once in a while^^
who are the candidates to vote for?
@Pradeep You can see them (there are 10) at stackoverflow.com/election?cb=1
this is such a wonderful site where people take time to help others in solving real time problems
@Pradeep :)
5:19 PM
A big thanks to all the wonderful people here taking their time off to help others solve the problems.My best wishes for all the people and especially for the people for election
@FĂ©lixGagnon-Grenier I suppose another option would be to ping the user via comment on one of their posts, e.g. their response to the candidate questionnaire. If the nomination comments thread stayed open throughout the election, that would have been an ideal spot to ping them.
I know Brad has a proposal to make the nomination comments visible throughout the election, which I think I nice, but I think going one step further and keeping them unlocked throughout the election would be even better because then you could always ping a candidate in an on-topic place.
Oh thanks @josilber. I think I'll do that.
@josilber You can still post comments on nominations by clicking on the 'nomination' tab. No one but you and the candidate will likely see them, but you can do it.
I take that back.
@FĂ©lixGagnon-Grenier You could always just post a comment on the Q&A meta thread: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/310356/…
You could last year but it looks like they changed that.
5:33 PM
@Seth Yeah, I believe they're locked at this stage
@FĂ©lixGagnon-Grenier ... Which I now realize is what @josilber just said. Sorry.
@EdCottrell It's not ideal because it's not a comment related to the Q+A, but I think it's probably the most on-topic place to reach out to candidates given that the nomination comments are locked.
@josilber Yeah, agreed. Rene actually already pinged Mureinik about that post, but didn't get a response.
5:36 PM
oh yeah, I see he did already... how useful is this guy, it's amazing
6:12 PM
My $0.02 on your meta post: (1) The edit DOES improve the question.. the wpf tag has no place here. It isn't a complete edit, but it's hard to dispute that the edit is beneficial. (2) The meta post is subjective; you've brought the discussion up in the context of the actions of an individual, but it may be a better idea to ask "what is the threshold for approving an edit" (note the emphasis on the edit, as opposed to the actions of the single reviewer.)
(3) Meta simply isn't the right place for the discussion. I think others have said that this chat room would be better; my guess is that you just didn't know that, at the time.
Either way -- it's your vote to cast :)
@FélixGagnon-Grenier Your comment links to a specific answer on your post..
@LynnCrumbling meta is the right place for discussion.. why else does it have a discussion tag? ;)
@Seth laugh
haha. that wasn't in jest..
If the worst dirt you can dig up on a candidate is that they approved an edit that didn't fix all the problems in the a question, that's more of an endorsement for that candidate than against.
6:16 PM
^ that
again, I would simply state I have not been digging for dirt. Not sure if that's what meagar is implying?
I'm screwed, if that's the case... I perform edits regularly where I don't do all of the work that probably should be done :-/
I'll agree I should have phrased that differently.
Actions moderators take get brought up on meta all the time.
6:17 PM
@FélixGagnon-Grenier No, I'm simply saying that it really isn't a big deal. Regardless of whether you were digging for it, you did try to use it as a tool to undermine their candidacy.
I don't see how this is any different. A user is running for moderator. If they can't take a meta post asking why they did something they shouldn't be a moderator. (I'm in no way implying they can't take it, btw)
I just want to see a "my mistake, sorry folks" post
@meagar I don't see it as undermining their candidacy, I see it as a responsible voter making sure they use their vote wisely.
My goal was not to undermine anyone, rather get the confirmation that this was an error.
6:19 PM
@FĂ©lixGagnon-Grenier Ok.. sounds more like a wording problem, than anything.
Now that I see they have not answered any of this, that they did not care to answer at all, I'm really not so sure anymore
> I, for one, absolutely do not want a moderator the likes of which would let such a question be bumped to the top without at least removing the crap and at best close it.
It was pretty brazen, man.
@FĂ©lixGagnon-Grenier Yes. We can all agree the original wording wasn't the best.
> I'll agree I should have phrased that differently.
Aaaanyways. Tempest in a teapot.
6:20 PM
@FĂ©lixGagnon-Grenier Eh, hindsight is 20/20.
@meagar well, that was the original point of the question. Do you actually care about what happened here? So far the answer would be appear to be no.
And to think, we're < 40 minutes way from not having to deal with the tempest.
@meagar this too.
@FélixGagnon-Grenier FWIW, doubt you're going to get an answer between now and then...
@meagar nod
yeah, I know. I just gained a lot of bad meta karma in the meantime
6:21 PM
Bad karma?
@FĂ©lixGagnon-Grenier That just means that you need to run for mod next time so that they can throw all of these chat quotes at you :)
well... I guess I must pass as a dirt digging a****** now...
not in my book :)
I'm far from being able to deal with all that stress
I'm a little disturbed that we haven't heard a peep out of Mureinik about the whole thing.
6:22 PM
Nor mine
@Undo: Exactly.
@FĂ©lixGagnon-Grenier On the other hand, you've actually proven that wasn't your intention at all...
No worries.
@LynnCrumbling no proof needed besides his word. Guilty until proven innocent? Nonsense!
@Undo agreed.
@Seth Not in the court of public opinion, unfortunately. And meta is very much a community opinion-driven venue.
honestly I wish there was a way this could happen to every finalist. Really brings out their colours. 'course that's not remotely possible, but it is a good test.
6:25 PM
@Seth I've considered exploring a couple of queries to pull up their most recent activities on the site, just so we could sift through and see if there's anything that is a bit dubious.
@Seth You mean have a post re: subtle actions of the past?
But that's a major effort and I don't have the luxury of time -.-
@LynnCrumbling More just getting called out on anything
that --^
I want to see how folks respond. That means more to me than what they did to get called out
6:26 PM
@LynnCrumbling not actions specifically, but being called out in a meta post.
over 90% of mod call outs on meta are either mad people who don't like the rules or simple mistakes. How they're handled is everything.
@LynnCrumbling Heh ;)
@Undo: It's the human nature of it. You either get responses like, "Oops, that was a total goof", to "No, I did that on purpose and this is why." Responding under pressure like that, no matter how light, is important for mods.
@Seth It would be interesting -- and a very real-world test of how they'll be dealing with the real thing in a short time!
6:28 PM
I think the thing to remember is that diamond moderators have exactly as much power as Stack Exchange, a for profit company, gives them.
@LynnCrumbling exactly. Not really feasible though. And after a while it won't be realistic either.
@meagar I'm not really sure how that ties into this discussion?
@Seth Put in a meta feature-request ;) "Assign each nominee in the general election a fake 'attacker' and see how they deal with it" :)
Moderators aren't going to abuse their power or otherwise use it in such a way that harms the community, and if they do, their power is completely revokable.
@Seth The point is that the best moderator candidates are people who use the site a lot, and are willing to do a lot of work in maintaining it.
@meagar that is only because voters do such a good job. It has happened before..
@Seth Trying to find out how people will respond when called out is... less useful.
6:30 PM
@meagar Sure... but I'd rather not elect someone in the first place if we think there'll be drama later
@meagar I've always assumed that mods get absolutely NO monetary compensation (perhaps a piece of swag or two) ... is that accurate?
Drama takes a toll on the site
@LynnCrumbling Yes
I love how SO's elections are still better than most governments'
We get a hat, and maybe a few T-shirts
@LynnCrumbling Yes, there is no money involved.
@LynnCrumbling Though technically I did get several stickers, which may have monetary value.
6:31 PM
@meagar Eh, don't we all.
@meagar well agree to disagree. I've seen and known users who use the site a lot and are/were willing to do a lot of work to maintain it and were absolutely not good moderator candidates.
@Seth That I can definitely agree with
Anyway, got to run. Cya
Personally, digging through a user's comments on posts is almost certainly the best indicator of what kind of mod to expect.
Did they improve over time?
If a post is downright bad, are they neutral, or do they get mean?
Hrmmm. I can sense people going through my comment history. Stop it :) I'm not running. :)
6:40 PM
I've got to buckle down on some actual work until showtime, but I want to say two things before I go. First, to everyone who voted for me or expressed kind words in comments or chat: thank you. I'm blown away, and the support means a lot to me. Second, to all of the candidates: good luck! We really can't go wrong with this group.
@Ed Good luck to you too! May the best 3 become mods.
Good luck @Ed!
and @everyone, factually
7:03 PM
So, it has begun... the final countdown! :P
56 minutes.
Lol. I thought I was the only one who was pressing F5
You never are my friend, you never are...
Always someone F5-ing alongside of you ;-)
@BhargavRao I was pressing Ctrl+R :P
hey guys I'm back ;)
7:09 PM
hey rekire! gl :)
@rekire Which is that 1 editing badge that you don't have
To make your score 40/40
Refiner :/ I'm missing 3 anwers
if that badge would have no timing restrictions for the accepted state I would have it already^^
That's so sad..
You could've taken mine if they were transferable
hehe no problem I just need some more luck that my answers will been accepted faster
7:13 PM
This election seems much more low-key to me than the last one, but it's probably because I was actually running in the last one.
@meagar there's some science to it too. Lemme find shog's messages.
Last time there were many heavy weights.
that's true
start here:
Nov 16 at 19:04, by Shog9
@Seth last time we ran two elections in one year, it was 2011 - elections #1 and #2 (which were the third and fourth SO elections).
I'm surprised that Andy didn't make the cut.
7:15 PM
Is someone going to post the results over here before the official post?
@BhargavRao me too to be honest
@Mixcels it's always kind of a race ;)
If SE takes comments really really serious, they'll hire him :D
7:17 PM
IIRC, Undo used to post them. Even MadaraUchiha I think.
when will the results been published? Does the algorithm need significant time?
Algorithm needs, Shog doesn't need. He'll post in a few seconds time
@rekire not usually. a few minutes iirc.
Good to know.
@Mixcels I will
7:27 PM
Nah, results are always in within a few minutes after closing.
@rekire A few seconds if my script works
So the wait shouldn't be too long.
@Undo what does your script use to run the election file?
@Seth The Python OpenSTV thing w/ Meek
@Oldskool Last time Shog posted it after 2 mins
7:27 PM
@Undo there's a python opvenSTV thing?
@Undo great
@Seth Just a sec
I try to remove duplicates from a csv file any good idea?
well there was an unique command I guess brb
@rekire Wrong room, really ;)
But yeah, uniq should be a good option
@Undo I want to do some visualization of the votes
7:29 PM
@Undo If there is a delay from your side, I shall understand that you have made it to the top 3 :)
@Mixcels either that or I didn't ;)
@Undo cool
Okay, I'm going to test it on last year's election. Stand by.
Unofficial results: Winners are Martijn Pieters, meagar, and Jeremy Banks.
OpenSTV version 1.7 (OpenSTV.org)

Suggested donation for using OpenSTV for an election is $50.  Please go to
OpenSTV.org/donate to donate via PayPal, Google Checkout, or
Amazon Payments.

Certified election reports are also available.  Please go to
openstv.org/certified-reports for more information.

Loading ballots from file votes.blt.
Ballot file contains 10 candidates and 26949 ballots.
No candidates have withdrawn.
Ballot file contains 26949 non-empty ballots.
Awesome. Still works somehow.
7:33 PM
Does anybody know whether people are still voting or not?
Most likely.
I win again!
Congrats @meagar xD
7:34 PM
You get 2 diamonds behind your name, now.
And more stickers!
I feel like there's a skiing joke here, somewhere.
hiya @codeMagic
o/ Lynn
@Undo and whats the total turnout?
@Mixcels I think it's going to be slightly higher than it was last year
7:38 PM
@meagar what a surprise
20 minutes!
So nervous
19 minutes...
tick ... tock ...
I hope this time it crosses 28k
@BhargavRao Thanks. Maybe next time. :)
7:43 PM
27 mins ago, by Bhargav Rao
If SE takes comments really really serious, they'll hire him :D
The tension! It’s

 completely bearable!
> Connection good. [Enter] to proceed getting results for stackoverflow.com election #7...
the last 3 elections. it seems we get more activity every election
Hmm, WTH. Did anyone else just get an offensive/spam flag popup? I'm not even mod :p
@rekire How does that work as a percentage of site users?
I guess it depends what you call a "site user"
7:47 PM
I do not have those data :/
@Oldskool You see those if you're >10k on SO
@Undo Ah OK, that explains :)
@lynn I just counted how many person got the Constituent in a second
Ahh, makes sense
7:49 PM
@Oldskool meta.stackexchange.com/questions/203346/… ... Bit of explanation
10 minutes, folks
@BhargavRao Thanks.
A: Only 10% voted this time, How to increase total number of votes/ voters in next election?

AndyI whipped out a small chart of previous election turn outs. The chart below shows the percentage of voters in relation to Total Eligible (bottom layer) Number of users that visited the site (this information isn't available for the January 2011 election) Number of users that visited the electio...

@Andy Thanks! That's what I was looking for.
<opens cockpit door> Good luck, we're all counting on you. </door>
Election ends in 5 minutes and no international television news is broadcasting it.
7:55 PM
4 minutes!
Hey y'all.
@BhargavRao I know a news app I should ask them to push that^^
Hey Ed, you psyched yet? ;)
Hi @EdCottrell
Just in time
all the best candidates! @Undo @VinodMadyalkar @rekire @MadaraUchiha @josilber @EdCottrell @deceze @ThomasOwens @slugster
7:57 PM
^ What he said ;-)
Damn ... I did not feel this tensed even when I was in Exam hall
Ditto ^
@BhargavRao And you're not even running!
It's even worse when you're running
But I've bet ;D
Heh, I'm excited too, but just to see how "my candidates" did in the end :)
7:58 PM
2 minutes left. Getting exciting now. <obligatory reference to end of "Fight Club">
2 minutes...
1 minute
Happy New Year!
7:58 PM
I wish I had more than 3 votes for this election.
Somebody, quick. Press the dramabutton.com
Breathe. Must remember to breathe.
That is a little crazy that tensed even if you know that your chances are bad
@Undo Good luck :)
Thanks @meagar :)
7:59 PM
@rekire Good Luck :)
@Undo Breathe*
@MadaraUchiha Internet Explorer 6.0 says 'Happy Christmas 2005'
<opens cockpit door> Good luck, we're all counting on you. </door>
We're in the seconds range
@cybermonkey BROWSERS!
7:59 PM
@MadaraUchiha whistles
45 sec
Who's going to do the drum roll? :p
Good luck, @Undo! 
 and, you know, everyone else.
@JonClements The Ninja Puppy
7:59 PM
drum roll
24 sec
And...Datacenter failover...
@Andy NO >:(
00:00 - 20:0020:00 - 22:00

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