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1:00 PM
at least those who do CVs daily
@SmokeDetector deleted
@easwee I'll have to arrange it with gunr/rene.
cc @gunr @rene
1:15 PM
@DavidG hjpotter92's custom reason is good.
> Please do not vote to close with a custom reason that "it belongs on Code Review". Nothing in the Stack Overflow rules justifies such a custom reason, and sloppy reasoning perpetuates inappropriate referrals. Not all questions about analyzing code are off-topic on Stack Overflow, and not all code review requests are on-topic on Code Review. Instead, vote to close as too broad or primarily opinion-based.
@DavidG Ah, didn't see that. Then too broad.
Too late now
@DavidG Oh hey, another close voter called David Z :P
1:19 PM
@KevinGuan And he's Chinese...
@DavidG Wow, also didn't see that :D
@DavidG "Nothing in the Stack Overflow rules justifies such a custom reason" - except that there is no clear problem statement, which is kind of a requirement AFAIK. But fine, if they don't want 'em, we'll just close those questions as "too broad".
@Siguza Yeah, I agree but I had a very long discussion with someone from CR a while back when I tried to VTC something that was perfect for them.
@Sam we would need to run the test bot in another room. the commands would overlap with each other
or you need a different account
1:28 PM
Howdy @gunr2171 :D
@gunr2171 I have access to different accounts.
4 in fact
hum, it could work
@DavidG I can neither deny nor confirm the validity of that statement.
There are really loads of questions covered about what OP wants
Plus he's trying to use a static class to wrap the ILog interface..
1:33 PM
@gunr2171 Oh, and:
14 hours ago, by Sam
@Mogsdad Congratulations! I was just literally writing up a success report when you found a bug.
Other than that, everything went perfectly.
asterisk non-programming (aka PBX Admin) questions are off-topic here, aren't they?
seems like configuring and using the software, rather than programming
Though Asterisk relies a lot on PHP I believe.
But that question doesn't
1:45 PM
@DavidG Were you the one who mod-flagged this question?
I'm not sure
@Kyll Yea
How's the flag going?
@DavidG No, asterisk is all c-based.
@gunr Btw, you know you can delete your comments right?
@Kyll Waiting, mods are busy I guess. I've another flag from 16th that's yet to be done too.
1:46 PM
@Sam what comments? :P
@LynnCrumbling I didn't mean written in PHP, but PHP is used to run scripts like on-hold messages etc.
@gunr2171 ... that was so predictable. :p
@Sam You're Collaborator, why don't just push your change?
@gunr I guess the end session cmd is now also redundant?
@KevinGuan Because I need to make sure everyone agrees with my awesome code changes to the repo.
@Sam :P
1:53 PM
@Sam is that in v2 spec? If so, I need to remove that
@gunr2171 Well, I was just referring to the codebase. Hadn't checked the spec.
Just checked, it's not in the specs. I'll go ahead and remove it from the cmds dir.
(sorry, boss walked in)
Oh, hey boss. It's compiling...
well, I've got chat rooms on 2 monitors and a powerpoint on the other
and yes, I do have that t-shirt
Anyway, I'll just change the cmd to return something similar to "starting".
1:59 PM
> You don't need to run this command anymore! Your session will automatically end when you reach either [20|40] CVs or the end of this UTC day.
stackoverflow.com/a/33872787/3933332 When you wrote to people over and over again, why they shouldn't post "try this" answers...
@Sam do you really expect the cv queue to dip below 1000?
2:03 PM
@gunr2171 Nope. Not ever really. But you never know if Shog'll get his flamethrower out.
Flamefest 2015
How comes a not-a-comment flag becomes disputed? stackoverflow.com/questions/33871084/…
Has anyone noticed a scrolling problem when posting comments?
Not a problem but it's annoying me.
New feature I guess, scrolls to the comment you just typed and highlights it.
@gunr2171 been talking about it with @Rizier123 above
2:05 PM
@DavidG yeah, that's what I'm seeing. Annoying when it's further down the page
ah, ok
@DavidG I thought it was my browser ... damned annoying
wonder if there is already a meta post
@gunr2171 You're late, but there is: meta.stackoverflow.com/q/310908/3933332
> This was actually a specific design choice;
+ someone who wanted to report it as a bug: meta.stackoverflow.com/q/310909/3933332
2:16 PM
As per @rene's request, you can now selectively mark tags as completed by saying: Yes tag-1-name tag-2-name etc. (the opposite is also supported, i.e., No tag-1-name etc.).
@Sam Yay!
@kayess There isn't any "not-a-comment" flag, I assume you mean NAA. It would be disputed in that case because it is an answer. There's no quality measurement involved in NAA flags, so even a horrible answer would have a flag disputed.
@Mogsdad yes sorry, wanted to write NAA of course, yet it's still not answer since it doesn't answer anything :-)
Morning all
Plop @JAL
Howdy @JAL :D
2:24 PM
Plop @JAL
@kayess no, don't let Kyll influence you!
@gunr2171 I was about to comment on that. The Plop is spreading!
Plop gunr, too
We don't want everyone plopping in here.
next thing we'll all be saying Plop and 100%'ing games
2:25 PM
I want everyone plopping
So, funny story time.

I was working through the first post review queue last night and hit a code-only answer. Learning from a previous audit (http://meta.stackoverflow.com/q/310259/2415822), instead of choosing "No Action Needed," I downvoted. I am now review banned for 7 days. This was also my 1000th review. What a way to celebrate.
@gunr2171 i thought that could be a badge :-) As of Got-Plopped
Damned if you upvote, damned if you downvote
@kayess You might have success with a custom flag explaining why you believe that.
@JAL Funny side-story, formatting bugs if multi-line
2:26 PM
yeah just noticed
On the bright side at least I'm done with the first posts queue
I am never reviewing in there again
@JAL Mistake: expecting to learn from audits. (I actually typed audiots, which may have been appropriate!)
@Mogsdad in another case, i have tried that about sort of the same problem, it got declined.
@JAL Congrats!
2:28 PM
@kayess So there you go. Don't do that. Downvote bad answers, comment to the poster so they have an opportunity to learn and improve, and move on.
@Kyll opened bounty :(, then we can't close it.
@KevinGuan Yes, it's what the "Rhaaaaa" is about. ^^
@Kyll starred :P
you guys mod flag yet?
i just did
DavidG did
Probably going to bounce the flag around in the mod queues
2:31 PM
@Kyll We don't need lots of mod flags on one question right?
@KevinGuan One is enough, generally
@Kyll :P
@JAL Just saw this, after I mod-flagged too. So now there's two of them.
No worries
@Kyll Goddammit
2:35 PM
going afk for an hour or so
@gunr2171 have dem fun
How did Closey testing go this weekend?
@JAL very well. In fact, there weren't any bugs... until Mogs found one last night.
2:38 PM
Villain voice Damn you, Mogs! Damn youuuuuu!
Mogs also suggested running the test branch again, but over the week this time, and only for a few users.
@Kyll Flagged :P
Okay, sleep time. Good night!
@Kyll We shall prevail!
Sleep, sleep, sleep.
2:45 PM
G'nite Kevin
@Sam 0:‑)
@Sam I don't recall that... although I'm old and my memory is failing.
Isn't it great when you reschedule a meeting 3 times, 30 minutes before it starts?
happy monday @gunr
god himself does not want this meeting to exist
@JAL ironically, mondays are fine for me. Tuesday is historically the day where everything breaks.
Is a flag appropriate if a user is promoting their own answer to a question as a comment on other answers to a similar question?
but TF2 Tuesdays!
2:54 PM
@Kyll It's closed!
@Mogsdad Erm, well I thought you suggested that. I know someone did.
^ lol
even the answer is so :-)
@Sam Found it in the transcript, it was easwee who suggested it.
2:59 PM
@Thaillie Ah, so I am imagining things. Good to know.
@DavidG yay
Any idea about flagging this as for instance as opinion based? stackoverflow.com/questions/33874138/…
Guys are busy answering how does an iif works
And that is soo googleish to look up
Ah, I ran out of flags for today, left OP a comment with already answered question.
3:15 PM
@gunr Just a minor update. The branchtest is now config'd to use Pham's creds.
@kayess I would rather see you get your rep up so you can close vote such questions!
@Mogsdad i'm on it!
@Sam If it was a good Idea, it must have been mine! If it turns out badly, blame @TinyGiant.
I just create an awsome example for this question, would be a waste to NOT post.
3:18 PM
@RenevanderLende Plop
Any advise or comment?
Whoa, I thought you were the rene for a moment there.
@Sam that sounds to sexist :D
3:18 PM
@RenevanderLende just ignore it
@gunr2171 C'mon, he could've changed his avatar.
and lost like 17K?
I didn't notice the rep. :p
@RenevanderLende The question is blatantly off-topic and should not be answered. If you have something you'd like to share, I would advice to create your own question, making sure it's on-topic =D
As if you recall Allo-Allo.
3:21 PM
uh, jeez, i will only say this once...
Good catch:D
@kayess please stand up, please stand up, please stand up
(that might be a lost joke)
@gunr2171 was about to ask for descipting it :p
It's lyrics from a rap song in the US. Nevermind
@RenevanderLende A better question would also attract more attention to a good answer!
3:24 PM
As I recall its some Eminem lyrics. But again I think the joke didn't get over the wire :-)
Still thinking about that, didn't you here the grinding
@kayess correct. "Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?"
@RenevanderLende I think your question asked for off-site resources, tools, etc. Therefore it seems off-topic to me
@RenevanderLende Can't hear much above Alestorm! =p
lol, I know the question asked (not by me) was off topic, but the bounty made it more intersting to digg a bit deeper. Do you guys kill bounties like that?
3:28 PM
@kyll Maybe mix in some Van Canto, its at the same level off awesomeness as Alestorm :d
@Thaillie Van Canto is for the shower
@RenevanderLende We don't and can't "kill bounties"
You can see the question was closed by a moderator
What we do in those cases is raise a moderator attention flag
stackoverflow.com/q/33874585/3933332 Should we close "error dump" questions, and with what reason if yes?
Ok, get it (i think). I'll have a look and try to reword it. Tnx
@Rizier123 I think unclear, because I only see an error and no question :p
@Rizier123 The error is verbose enough to understand what's going on though, I think?
3:35 PM
@Rizier123 No MVCE
@Kyll Yeah it is enough, but I don't see much of an effort in that question.
@Rizier123 That's because there isn't any =p
@Undo Technically you could write an MVCE based on their error message..
Or, typo
@RenevanderLende You could try to edit the closed question, but I don't think it can be salvaged at all
3:43 PM
@Rizier123 Will get Roomba'ed
Also: http://stackoverflow.com/a/33874860/3933332
1) Why do you post an answer when you don't even test it?
2) Who upvotes an answer with errors inside of it and it doesn't even work?!
^^ Where is the logic???
@Rizier123 oooooo ... you used some ANSI goodness in your answer.
Didn't know you could use those chars in answers...
@LynnCrumbling I try everything to make my answers good readable and easy to understand.
3:54 PM
@SmokeDetector wow. homework copy-paste.
@LynnCrumbling Since probably OP and other users will use this code which they don't have written by themselfs I want to make sure they understand what they copy.
@Kyll ?
@Rizier123 he's making fun of php
(it is a php question, therefor it defies all logic)
3:59 PM
@Rizier123 That's great! Keep up the great work :)
@JAL But someone needs to keep an eye on the PHP tag and keep it clean
@LynnCrumbling Thx
@Kyll OP updated; I'm going to retract my CV
@LynnCrumbling I didn't vote
@SmokeDetector rolled back
@SotiriosDelimanolis No, I edited to make it more clear
thank you
4:57 PM
Wrote 130 lines of code, implementation in 22 lines, including blank lines
@ThisSuitIsBlackNot thx closed (Sacha Baron Cohen)
@Drew i like!!!
I smell some troll
@cybermonkey hue hue hue hue
a real good suggestion actually:
Q: Overall Percentage of Helpful Flags

ᴉʞuǝWhen viewing your own flag history, I feel it would be valuable to show what percentage of flags have been marked as helpful. I've implemented this as a userscript but would like to make a formal feature-request. This is the result I came up with. This script accounts for pending, aged away...

5:12 PM
@cybermonkey why did you rollback my edit?
that ^
You mention "successfully boomed", a phrase that has been banned from the SOCVR chat room. This phrase celebrates a post closure and casts everyone in a lower light. Please remove this phrase as it harms our room. — gunr2171 17 secs ago
@gunr2171 you seriously need to link to the rules page again, instead/with the Teams page. it's hard to deduce what it/isn't banned here
rolled back
but as I said, it would've been helpful if that info was there in the chatroom desc
5:15 PM
The team page holds general info, like the FAQ link. We moved the link in the hopes that the team page can take over for github
@rene To be fair, there's no explicit mention of not using "boom(ed)".
@Sam true, this was something that was said durring the last meeting but has not been writen down
it's a rule for regulars
@gunr2171 true, but it's not immediately obvious that the github link is there
@gunr2171 there you go, a reason for writing stuff down :)
I'll put it on the to-do list
I've forgotten what I was doing now >.<.
5:18 PM
@Sam there is now
Ask and ye shall receive
So let me ask again, I understand that you wouldn't know about the "boomed" rule, but why did you roll my edit back? Surely you know that I'm an RO and I gave a clear reason in my edit description.
@rene Here, have a cookie.
@gunr2171 Not really, You said that 'boomed' is not used anymore and that's it, you did not mention that it was banned.
The reason given was "the SOCVR room does not celebrate post closure, especial from close requests".
exactly, "successfully boomed" is celebrating post closure.
So you disagree?
5:22 PM
no, just that the reason you gave didn't make much sense, could've been clearer
Why didn't you popped in here and asked?
maybe something like 'The term 'boom' is banned in the SOCVR as it can be mistaken for celebrating question closures'
I get sometimes the impression that you don't care much about what we ask you, is that impression correct @cybermonkey ?
Please be aware that I do have that impression
5:24 PM
Yes, I could have written something like that to make it clearer. Why did you roll it back? Were you aware that I'm an RO when you saw the edit? Did you roll back my edit because you thought it was nonsense?
"I will work to change that impression" might be a good response
@Drew Impressions are subjective, and are subject to change without rationale. If the "impression" is unanimously shared amongst the majority, then there maybe reason to support actions to mitigate the given "impression".
But, as it currently stands, we have no proof of this.
5:34 PM
@Sam too many big words, got confused
@gunr2171 Yay
@sam my comment was aimed at cybermonkey, in case you had the wrong impression
I get the impression I started something that I'm going to regret
Welcome to Monday. Punulation: SOCVR
5:38 PM
Are we on Iceland?
Can't wait for Tuesday.
Wait, if it's always Friday on Iceland, then it's a real-life Groundhog's Day.
@LynnCrumbling got a reply from the OP: stackoverflow.com/questions/33872509/…
thank you
Evening & Plop
5:53 PM
Plop \o/
I actually tried that bitwise anding, result: @hn`
:-( doesnt read good
@Quoid > I want to display all images (3) and when the user hovers an image that expands to take up the majority of available space.
This is an incredibly broad matter. This can be achieved with CSS, JS, jQuery, or Bootstrap since the question includes it
There is many different possible answers for all these technologies
The question is solely a program description and not a precise programming issue, and it's quite unclear what OP actually wants
The question has been closed by a moderator because it was a tool request, it has now been edited into being way too broad. It should not be reopened.
6:18 PM
@Kyll The user didn't specify any constraints so I think it is OK to assume anything included in his tags is fair game; in this example, using jquery/css or twbs, etc... I think it would be more apt for the user to edit his tags (at this point) rather than closing the question, if he/we want to salvage it.
I think that whole thing should not have gone beyond 2 comments
About the scope of the issue, I do not see how it is too broad. Simply including a "twbs" shouldn't make it auto closed - I'm sure if we look we can find many examples of questions where a user added a tag for a framework or library (along with their other tags) but their issue could be resolved without using that framework or library included in the tags --- but as the other user suggested, perhaps it is silly to even be trying o salvage the question at this point
But that decision to reopen remains up to you guys; at this point i doubt the user is benefitting much from the question, but I wonder if new visitors will. The title isn't exactly semantic, so probably not...
I think they will benefit from v2 of your Answer. That took effort
If you can propose a better title, perhaps one of us can slam it through
he's alive!
6:33 PM
I feel like it's a lot of effort put into something that definitely isn't worth it, answering questions that are too broad or unclear won't lead to much, particularly since this one is going to be automatically deleted
@TinyGiant Plop! \o/
are you finally settled down?
This is true
Intarwebz is cutting in and out
@gunr2171 somewhat
6:38 PM
@Kyll but to suggest that someone should not comment on a very poor question because it is in effect an Answer, now that I certainly disagree with. We aren't here to isolate and ignore, but to help, and in those cases it takes 20 seconds
@TinyGiant welcome back
@Drew You are referring to the part of an auto-comment where I advise not to answer tool requests in comments, as in "Try fooFramework out it's great". I thought it was clear what I meant?
@rene ty
You should also not even answer in a comment, as the effect is similar to an actual answer.
@Drew Yes
6:46 PM
@Drew If a question should not be answered, it should not be answered. Whether the answer is in the form of an answer or a comment.
^ That. Is that not clear in the comment?
I guess we need to fill a coliseum with 4.7 M programmers to tell them exactly what to do, because very helpful high ranked people do it all the time.
@Drew What do you mean?
High reputation does not mean you know what is off-topic or not.
I am not sure what is unclear about that. Look around a bit
6:48 PM
@gunr2171 Great. In that case, it's definitely OT.
off topic, broad, be my tutor, no mcve, whatever, people help here with comments
they just choose not to commit to an Answer because they aren't foolish enough
Does anyone know of a way to move messages in chat which are not in the "live" mode, like from the transcript?
@LynnCrumbling I would like someone to try to convince me that this guy produces comments with link to non-sense questions is doing it wrong
@Drew Just because people do a thing, does not mean that thing should be done.
6:55 PM
@TinyGiant well I am glad that guy in my last comment does it, I do it, and that isn't changing
so we respectfully disagree, and moving on
@Drew But, it keeps people coming back asking off-topic questions because they know they can get an answer even though they know their question is off-topic.
that is the price we pay. At least we don't embarrass ourselves too often in answers, while also seeming like we give a rat's a**
Q: Should one advise on off-topic questions?

Stacker-flowNow this may be one of the most common quandaries I have when looking through Stack Overflow questions, when the author has written an obviously off-topic but genuine question such as Title Windows Forms Application Classic Interface c# Description I want c# windows form applications ...

@gunr2171 sort of ...
(let's see if that works)
7:00 PM
@TinyGiant if I was supposed to read something that I didn't, and am doing it wrong, I am sure a mod will let me know
@Drew That isn't a moderators job.
in the process I guess a ton of comments on the stack will get purged too. Frees up a lot of disk array space
A moderator is supposed to be an exception handler. To intercede when the community cannot handle it themselves. Right now we are informing you that the practice of answering off-topic questions makes everyone else's jobs harder. It's fine if you want to be part of the problem, that is totally up to you. Just don't expect anyone to be happy about it.
Also nothing gets truly deleted on Stack Overflow, it just becomes hidden.
(using Sam as a test)
7:04 PM
Is a question asking for a specific Unicode character on-topic on Stack Overflow?
ok Tiny, whatever you say, I am making it harder on you. Accept my apologies
@Xufox No, not a programming question, user should use google.
@Xufox I would say it is asking for an off-site resource
@rene Not sure about this… a Unicode character isn’t really an off-site resource, and the second part of the close reason — “Instead, describe the problem and what has been done so far to solve it.” — doesn’t fully apply to this question… but someone else closed it with the “general computing hardware and software” question. That’s probably a better fit.
Is varibale in the auto-editor spelling thingies?
7:11 PM
@Kyll dang... that results list reminds me of Star Wars 1313 that got canceled...
@Xufox sure, but I doubt if super user is open for questions that should be googled. Anyhow, the question is closed, that is the most important part.
@TinyGiant if your internet connection allows for it, can you merge my PR on the CV_Req_Archiver?
@Am_I_Helpful no, this is about basic computer science logic, not electrical engineering
@rene Sure, should only take 15 minutes.
7:27 PM
@rene A direct link would quicken the process
@TinyGiant I think this is it: github.com/Tiny-Giant/myuserscripts/pull/2
I had to reboot, sorry
@rene I reboot every night, takes about 5-6 hours :)
7:40 PM
(battery charging included)
@Xufox This old meta thread says asking for a Unicode character is off-topic, but it seems to have received very little attention. A new meta question might swing the other way.
(Personally, I don't see a good reason why they should be off-topic. Unicode is certainly programming-related, at least as much as HTML or any other presentational markup or code, and it's not really that easily googleable, especially if you don't already know that you should search for "Unicode" instead of "HTML entity". And even if you do, a lot of Unicode characters have completely unintuitive names.)
look through the Unicode tables for me
@IlmariKaronen While it is unintuitive to search for a unicode code, I do it all the time. The problem is that we don't need to replicate the unicode tables on Stack Overflow. We really don't need a question for every single unicode character.
7:55 PM
That would be a good use for Stackumentation when it is ready, but asking for a character code is not a programming question.
@Drew for this question - as far as titles go; I think at the lowest level the user is searching for a way to have an image expanded on user input, in his case hover. Slightly digressing, but even with the library recommendation (v1 of the question), that's his problem; he is just going about getting answers to that problem in a way that doesn't jive with SO (asking for lib recommends).
For a title, that would benefit the user and future visitors, I think this would be more apt and attractive: Expand Image Columns Horizontally on Hover.
Going offline for a bit, be back soon.

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