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6:00 PM
@JohnnyBones misleading
the 350 here added to your count, but was never awarded
I think we found a bug
@poke, What does the votes column signify in your user script? I can't match the 1725 in the image above to fields on my profile
Here's another bug; why can't I hit the back button from that link and get back to chat?
@Andy your total score in primary
Ooooooh. Here I was digging through my profile trying to add numbers together
@JohnnyBones new window m8
@meagar is that actually a bug? stackoverflow.com/posts/26287364/revisions the bounty expired, but is still listed as an offered bounty stackoverflow.com/users/2174085/johnny-bones?tab=bounties
6:06 PM
Yeah, but on my computer running FF 42.0 it just follows the link. Then when I hit the "back" arrow, it goes to a different page than even the one I was on before I opened chat. Weird...
Does that mean I should get my bounty back?
@rlemon The bounty was offered; it just wasn't awarded. @JohnnyBones still gave up some rep.
@JohnnyBones Nope; bounties are non-refundable.
That's what I thought.
@JohnnyBones Badly written JS or meta tag redirects can do that, but I don't see any there. Might be something in your browser, maybe a buggy extension or something.
No biggie. I'm a professional, I can adapt. :)
Pfft, badly written JS. No such thing :P
6:27 PM
Just curious how many other people besides myself pull a paycheck from their employer, while effectively working a full day for SO as well? :D
inb4 log audit
Not if yer the one doing the log audit. :D
sudo rm /logs | grep "Johnny"
I dont sudo well but you get the intent
6:46 PM
so which one of you can promise me the coolest things?
Vote for me or I'll ping Zigi every day
What a platform
I keep waiting for Rook to run again: stackoverflow.com/election/1#post-4729670
@meagar Now, that was a platform.
But seriously, who doesn't want a Gator sequel?
Seriously, he's like the.. wait for it -- Pele of the film industry.
7:12 PM
@EdCottrell ahh, see I assumed he got the rep back
makes sense, I suppose.
7:25 PM
Unlike politicians, I won't lie to you in this election. :D
I say we build a wall around every cyborg being. And we seriously need to get a hold over these damned Kreiger clones.
7:52 PM
@JohnnyBones I made you a campaign tshirt
let me know if you wanna do the distribution, or if you'd like me to do it :D
@aqquadro Thanks! Sorry I missed you, you caught me at about 4:00am my time.
That is frickin' sweet. I love my mug on a... shirt?
I shoulda had you running my campaign. You'lda been able to use that kinda clout to get into all the hottest clubs.
Can you make a women's version that says, "My eyes are up here"?
8:47 PM
@JohnnyBones considering you are running for a SO mod, you should be a bit mindful of the things that you say. That isn't the most welcoming to everyone, and it's a bit off-putting.
@bluefeet Agreed! I'm naught but a lowly user and wasn't sure this was the best place to call that out, but yes. Very off-putting.
We want all of the sites, including chat to be places that everyone feels comfortable. If things are being said that could make anyone uncomfortable then maybe it shouldn't be said.
9:07 PM
frantically deletes entire chat history
already google index'd
9:29 PM
@bluefeet "could make anyone uncomfortable"? So anybody can decide that they want something censored?
Are we just nitpicking moderator posts now? You know what she means.. why make into an over interpreted thing?
Good night guys
@bjb568 We have a Be Nice policy for a reason. Abiding by it is best for everyone
@bluefeet Right, and that policy has specific points of conduct that is or isn't acceptable. "don't offend anyone" is not mentioned.
@bjb568 If you're being strictly literal, perhaps not, but it does include "language likely to offend or alienate individuals or groups based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc. will not be tolerated."
9:36 PM
@bjb568 "Inappropriate language or attention. Avoid vulgar terms and anything sexually suggestive."
Obviously anyone would be against somebody who's just trying to piss off others, but when you aren't, people getting offended is their own problem.
@bjb568 Hard to see how talking about where a man's eyes are in relation to a woman would not run afoul of that policy.
I appreciate the insight into your moderation philosophy.
@JeremyBanks ... which makes sense because people know what's offensive to large populations and can reasonably be assumed to be deliberately inflammatory
Is this really happening?
9:37 PM
@EdCottrell Certainly. This is concrete and applicable. It's a rule that makes sense.
I'm certainly finding this to be quite enlightening.
@bjb568 Then what's the confusion? You took issue with one of @bluefeet's comments, but you seem to agree the policy she mentioned applies.
@EdCottrell I do agree that what Johnny Bones said is probably not in accordance to the Be Nice policy. And it's certainly not in his interests as a potential moderator to say it.
6 mins ago, by Sterling Archer
Are we just nitpicking moderator posts now? You know what she means.. why make into an over interpreted thing?
note to self: stop making tshirts of peoples faces
9:39 PM
@SterlingArcher There is a current debate in US universities, as far as I'm aware, over the balance between free speech and a "safe space" for certain students offended by it and who want it censored.
If we're all in agreement of what bluefeet said, why is this still a topic? lol
@rlemon No dude, that must continue to exist. That is a gift to humanity.
I did it with JS tho. so many people probably won't like it :?
@EdCottrell Bluefeet said "[we want] chat to be [a place] that everyone feels comfortable", which isn't the same spirit as the Be Nice policy, and doesn't have the same effect. It does share a similar sentiment, but I think the semantics matter in this case.
I didn't actually say anything offensive.
9:42 PM
@bjb568 I'm not sure what the problem is. We have a policy that we expect everyone to abide by, including mods, potential mods, everyone. Shog9 probably did a better job of explaining expected behavior in chat very recently.
@SterlingArcher I think it's important because of how it affects chat moderation (one of the key problems in this election), and the nuance being discussed significantly affects how the principle is carried out.
I think the context of what he was talking about got misconstrued was all. I believe the My eyes are up here were in reference to where they were on the shirt as a joke. Am I right on this @JohnnyBones?
@bjb568 The semantics are just that. The Be Nice policy means, in its own words, "Don't be a jerk." Many people would consider the comments in question to qualify as "being a jerk." The point @bluefeet made was: be careful what you say. That point holds up.
@bluefeet Right, but you said what was perhaps just a summary of the Be Nice policy that sounded like an overgeneralization with different meaning.
@JohnnyBones you might not have found what you said offensive, but your comment about "eyes up here" has an connotation to it which can be seen as inappropriate.
9:44 PM
The issue here is that the comment could have been taken as sexist. bluefeet's comment by deduction, was intended mainly towards the topic of sexism.
We literally all know what she means when she talks about offending people. This topic is silly. Why?
@bluefeet ^
@bluefeet But if he doesn't even intend it to be offensive, this being the internet, is there really anything that should or could be done?
I don't think our decision can be based on whether or not people speak up about themselves being offended.
COULD be. COULD be. It's not anyone fault how their comment is misconstrued. In fact, I'm offended that @bluefeet accused me of this.
we could have acknowledged the concern, redacted or possibly side stepped it (whatever is your thing), and dropped the issue.
9:46 PM
@EdCottrell I certainly wouldn't consider it as "being a jerk". It could be offensive, but so what? Lots of things can be offensive to people from one of the many diverse cultures expressed on Stack Overflow.
No, this is serious. This could be costly to me. It's a misinterpretation of who I am.
@SterlingArcher ^
This is broader than just "do we support sexism?" which is of course no.
I've said several things that are misinterpretations of who I am.
@JohnnyBones I found your comment to be off-putting which is why I said something about it. My point is to be mindful of what you say in chat
I can't have people accuse me of sexism when I'm running for mod. This is preposterous.
9:47 PM
You know what I do? Shrug it off. I know who I am, and that's good enough for me.
@bjb568 Just a reminder, bluefeet didn't bring the hammer down. She said to JohnnyBones, "Considering you are running for a SO mod, you should be a bit mindful of the things that you say. That isn't the most welcoming to everyone, and it's a bit off-putting."
@bjb568 That was good advice.
Why are you guys taking this completely off the charts? This could have been a simple "Oops ok!" And finished 20 minutes ago.
@bluefeet Which is certainly reasonable. Part of not being a jerk is molding your behavior to those around you to not piss them off. But that doesn't mean that the original comment which may have been offensive to some should be removed.
Still haven't heard that from @bluefeet
This is almost as cyclical as the RNC debates.
9:51 PM
@JohnnyBones think of this is how you will take comments from random users. If somebody said this to you, and you were a diamond name, is this how you would respond?
Think of how many lurkers are watching this and judging quietly.
I would ask for an apology. Yes. Because people should be responsible for their actions.
@JohnnyBones No one was accusing you of that. All that happened was someone pointed something out, and it led to this situation where you're twisting and turning it into a big deal.
Seeing as you took a belated offense to the situation, and that it wasn't even an accusation, I daresay you won't get one.
It's just time to let it go.
I don't expect one. I'm just saying that the way I was raised, I'd have given one. It's all good.
I still want that shirt, though. :D
Devils advocate: @bluefeet can now insinuate that you are accusing her parents of being bad parents. But she won't. Can't let little things like that stir you up bro :)
And 10/10 I would wear that shirt. Needs more beard!
9:54 PM
@JohnnyBones sorry, I have no static design. :(
@SterlingArcher I think we need to banish the devil now.
That's not a smart idea. Who else will go down to Georgia with me?
@SterlingArcher I can play the fiddle, so I guess I should go along.
I can play the funky part on guitar
@JohnnyBones if you're interested jsfiddle.net/rlemon/v4mbsovd
code isn't great. :P
10:02 PM
I get it. Fiddle. Georgia. Nice tie-in. :D
@rlemon for the love of god, please, I will pay the price, just make me that shirt.
100% serious.
I was giving the SuFi at a Fish & Chips to send to Dane Cook. For reals.
I cut the SuFi out. So it wouldn't offend anyone.
How's that for irony?
mm, Fish & Chips.
10:27 PM
Do we have any female candidates for moderator election?
@torvin none this year that I know of however revealing your gender is not required so it isn't always possible to tell.
@Seth I see. Thanks. That's a shame though.
10:45 PM
Updated graph, cc @EdCottrell :)
It's leveling off slowly, but there's still voting activity
@Undo Danke. :)
Same graph with the top and bottom four taken out, you can see interesting things a little better
@Seth mmmm
11:05 PM
All because of that shirt, likely. :o(
11:23 PM
@Undo what are you using to make the charts? I keep trying to zoom in on areas of them
@Andy Highcharts, through Chartkick on Rails
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