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12:04 AM
An amusing number of people have apparently left my primary monitor open
@Undo I had somebody querying my json url every few seconds for a solid 4 weeks after the elections ended last time.
12:19 AM
It's hovering at 4% CPU usage
And zero disk ops
@Undo - That is a lot of polling
@Undo - I have left mine open for a while and I count 1240 timer calls.
@TravisJ Yep.
Watching tail -f on the log file is fun
I pulled down the database, going to make a pretty graph
@Undo How many people are using it?
@hichris123 I estimate about a dozen
Anybody want to find the correlation coefficient between rep and current score? I'm tired, just answered the questionnaire :p
12:26 AM
@bjb568 Not very high, based solely on the fact that I'm third.
Humph, I guess.
Maybe current score to log(rep)?
link to the questionnaire? I forgot it was live.
Q: Fall 2015 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

Grace NoteIn connection with the moderator elections, we are holding a Q&A thread for the candidates. Questions collected from an earlier thread have been compiled into this one, which shall now serve as the space for the candidates to provide their answers. Not every question was compiled - as noted, we o...

12:42 AM
@bjb568 There is none.
Pardon my quick Excel work, but that's Score vs. Rep.
12:57 AM
behold, the graph that will make any computer fall to its knees.
@hichris123 It does seem to be quite positive if you remove outliers tho (>2k score or >100k rep)
@Undo Too much rainbow, not enough unicorns.
@bjb568 True
1:24 AM
@Undo, what's it look like in votes per time period (minutes, 5 minutes , etc )
@bjb568 Yeah.
But there's a bunch grouped in the middle, so...
1:46 AM
Interesting results so far
1:59 AM
Who will win the election?
2:12 AM
josilber appears to have the fewest votes down of any candidate.
This from my thing which is mostly working and just needs a chart.
2:27 AM
@programmers5 It's way too early to call it. This stage simply sets up for the final stage.
2:49 AM
@MadaraUchiha you are making good progress :)
1 hour later…
3:49 AM
@Andy What do you mean?
Score changes in the last x minutes?
how to vote in election
@GaurangJoshi You can upvote or downvote as many candidates as you want at this stage
In the next stage, you'll choose your top 3 candidates.
@Undo how to go for next stage ??
@GaurangJoshi The top 10 from this stage will automatically advance to the next stage in a few days
@undo thanks
3:53 AM
No problem :)
heh, you can see people go down the list on candidates and vote for multiple xD
@Seth I know, it's kind of entertaining
Sometimes you'll see someone go down the list and down vote everyone
4:09 AM
@Undo It looks like you are recording time and votes, right? Can you calculate how many votes a candidate is getting per X minutes (30 minutes?) and make a line graph of each candidate's votes per that time period? It should fluctuate and show times when voting waves occur.
@Andy So the graph above ^ but grouped in 30m intervals?
The above graph looks like total votes, isn't it?
@Andy Total score
Although the vast majority are upvotes anyway, and there's isn't a good way to separate them without doing something like @minitech is.
Yeah, this would be votes in a period of time, not total votes. It'd look something like this (The "who was being Googled over the debate’s two-plus hours") section
The animation isn't needed ;)
what type of election is this i am blank what is purpose of this and what will advantage to me if i cast vote ?
4:16 AM
@sms247 We're electing new moderators. This is your chance to have a say in who we invest this responsibility in.
@Waqas Yes?
@Undo I am from Pakistan, and I do like your point
"We should make our rules clearer to people from countries with different cultures and languages, like India and China. We should ask why people don't follow the rules. Instead of blaming them, let's make ourselves easier to understand."
you will pay them who selected as moderators?
@sms247 Moderators aren't paid, it's a volunteer position. See meta.stackexchange.com/a/247749/215468 for why I think they shouldn't be paid :)
@Waqas Great! Question for you, if you don't mind: Was there anything that stuck out when you first joined that we can improve?
4:19 AM
In fact community should have some people from different part of the world to understand the cultural situations
@Waqas We already have a pretty good spread of folks. It is centered in the US, though
Yes, that's why i feel it lacks diversity sometimes and patience of people
I'd really like to head up a study of what we can do to improve that. If you have any specific suggestions, or broad suggestions, I'd love to hear them.
The people who doesn't have English as their first language and from a different culture. They do have issues and on the top they are being bashed which is discouraging for them
There's been some good discussion on the subject on my original meta post.
@Waqas Exactly. There is no excuse for bashing newcomers.
That's another issue, which I'd like to help fix
4:26 AM
I really appreciate your efforts, and for recognizing the genuine issues. SO is a good site, and should have a environment where people can learn and understand each other.
thxs undo you link is so helpfull i like your cause you want to give free help to everyone undo i want to join stackflow as c# developer please refer me to relative person
@Waqas We should, and we can. The trick is to do that while preserving the quality of the, but I think we can do it if we put enough thought towards it.
@sms247 I don't really want to give free help to everyone, there should be a minimum effort level required to ask a question. I do believe we can handle it better when people ask questions below that level, though.
i am talking about your team and Moderators not only you you peoples are doing great job and give help to everyone without any money .
@sms247 Moderators here are very good at what they do, yep. Thank you :)
5:16 AM
Good night folks. See you all in a few hours.
5:41 AM
Good Night :D
how do i determine the moderator with max edits, lowest close/delete votes
there's a lot of jibber jabber on the SO election page but no hard stats
@Vek.M1234, some of that can be found on each candidate's profile on the activity tab. There is an "Impact" box that has posts edited, helpful flags and votes cast.
There is also elections.stackexchange.com/#stackoverflow which summaries some, but not all of what you asked about
thanks andy
lemme check
6:00 AM
How can i vote some one ??
At this phase, you cast votes like you do on the site - upvotes and downvotes
This is to get the list of candidates narrowed to 10 for the final election
Good morning guys
Hey @rekire
you votes are going well :)
6:22 AM
it's all hocus pocus anyway.. the info is so badly presented i might as well toss a coin
or follow the herd
6:38 AM
Confusingly, the green number is the number of upvotes and the red number is the number of downvotes but they’re aligned to the total score. I might fix that tomorrow. Feel free to hook into the EventSource, by the way, @Undo @JasonC
@minitech great! I was looking for such data. Just as an idea give the option to sort the candidates by downvotes that would be interesting too.
@minitech Nice! The green area is net score?
@josilber Yep!
Definitely a useful visualization!
Smooth live swapping.
6:48 AM
… aaand I broke it.
Hold on.
Have to be careful not to use the same set of cookies in two places.
7:05 AM
Upvote/Downvote: 1282 / 1489 for josilber but your script shows 3799/83?
@minitech that scripts wonky
@Vek.M1234 1282 / 1489 is my vote count on SO, and 3799/83 are up/down votes for my nomination in the primary phase of the election
7:12 AM
minitech this page: http://elections.stackexchange.com/#stackoverflow shows the following: Answers/Questions: 807 / 12
Upvote/Downvote: 1282 / 1489 and your page says 3843/83 (of something)
@Vek.M1234 See josilber’s comment; they’re not measuring the same thing.
Good Morning people
@Vek.M1234 3483/83 is up and down votes on my nomination at stackoverflow.com/election/7?tab=primary
OK, off to bed.
7:31 AM
is Undo here?
7:50 AM
how to vote?
yes i have a question how to vote
8:10 AM
Source is at github.com/minitech/stack-overflow-primary. LICENSE file coming tomorrow but it’s ISC.
8:42 AM
Good morning. Is undo here? :)
8:56 AM
@EdCottrell you missed to ping me :P I reached the 1k upvotes
Thanks to those who are willing to dedicate their time to moderation of stackoverflow.
Just voted...Good luck
how should i vote ?
is there anyone ?
can someone plz tell, how should we vote?
sorry I was afk
yes if you have at least 150 reputation you can upvote candidates for this phase
@Shivi @SachinSudhakarSonawane check that above
9:13 AM
@rekire: so, upvoting is the vote? :P
@Shivi Yes
@rekire: Thanks for the quick reply... :)
9:38 AM
hi.. Do we really need a election? This is the first time that I am hearing of it. An election means sides, propaganda, email my friends to vote for me, yada yada. Why cant the top guys have the privileges automatically and the bottom ones get the honour by simply contributing on SO?
But how to decide top guys? On the basis of rep?
Any android developer in elections?
Text me i will gave you if your are good android developer.
why there is no SAP developer out there
there are 2 whom I know
codeMagic and rekire
from Android
10:05 AM
@Shivi yes for the current phase
@Umar I am an Android developer and a candidate. The nomination is up so there will be no more candidates in this election.
10:23 AM
What is the meaning of "LIKE INDIA OR CHINA"
I think it's about using simple english
where did you read this?
Undo's suggestion :)
though I'd rather have it translated by a native speaker who speaks good english. It's better to read the rules in one's native language
you should ask @Undo yourself :)
I do not want to interpret things wrongly.

Based on @undo
but yeah, let's wait for undo to explain it himself :)
10:37 AM
Well I found that Sentence a bit weird cause you not need to mention any country name. Cause everyone who is techie knows English at least in India (No offense to Chinese Guys cause I am from India and knows about them more).
10:53 AM
We need to build a wall
to keep PHP programmers out of here
Woah, there's going on a race war in here, I'm out
11:16 AM
hi guys, who is going to win this election?
@ImranQamer That is way too soon to tell.
11:54 AM
TBF as opposed to other elections where I could accurately predict at least 2 candidates, I have no idea who'd win in this onw
12:19 PM
I thot Ed Conttrell was likely from the beginning, and now he's leading the primaries.
Well, yes he is currently on top, but it's still early in the election phase.
Other people can still easily catch up or get more votes.
And these are only the primaries. The actual election can still show other results.
1:07 PM
It often does.
1:28 PM
@triForce420 That's another option, but we're still an English website. I would be concerned that we would get more posts written in other languages if we had rules shown in other languages.
yea :)
@AshishAwasthi It's an observation that people from developing countries (like those) tend to follow the rules less often than people from others. It's in no way a racial thing - it's simply what the statistics show. I think that it's our fault, and we can make our rules clearer.
@RyanWeinstein I am now, happy to answer any questions!
@JasonC Your vote monitor is timing out, FYI
Looks like we might have another fight for tenth place!
1:45 PM
Yeah, looks that way.
@Madara - I think we do have a couple of people who will win :)
Small difference.
@Undo - "It's an observation that people from developing countries (like those) tend to follow the rules less often than people from others"?. I don't believe it
pointless observation :)
@VinodMadyalkar I don't have access to the hard data I'd need to prove it, but I've noticed it over and over, across tags, and on other sites, and others I've talked with have too. Again, I don't have anything against those cultures (I'd actually rather like to visit them someday), but I do think we can and should improve our onboarding experience overall, with a focus on different languages and cultures
The site overall doesn't mesh well with other cultures. India and China are growing quickly, so we see the play out in those areas specifically
1:54 PM
@Undo It's unfortunate that we can't talk about this without somebody taking offence
It is a real problem
@meagar Exactly. We need to get over the offense thing if we want to make any progress here.
It actually surprises me people take offense. If anything, we're defending non-native English speakers, which is like 80% of the world population?
It makes sense to put stuff up in easy-to-understand English.
I've overall had a fairly good reception to this fix-our-wording campaign. It's surprised me, really. I thought there would be much more angst over people being offended and such.
@Undo , @meagar - I don't see any point in actually pointing to certain people and saying that they don't follow rules. Its a problem that is difficult to fix. Considering both cultural and language barriers that exist between developed and developing nations. English isn't my native labguage as well :)
We're not pointing at anybody
1:59 PM
@VinodMadyalkar I'm not saying they all don't follow the rules, more that a higher percentage of people in that country don't follow them. And that's our fault, and we should fix it.
If anything, I'm pointing at the people who wrote the policies - not anyone who doesn't follow them.
If you accept that Stack Overflow is an English-language website with a reasonably high bar for writing quality, then it follows that posts written in broken or malformed English are a problem
@VinodMadyalkar I can believe that.
"Bad posts" by this definition are going to be written by people who are either too lazy to write correct English, or people who don't know how
India and China naturally come up because they're rapidly growing, and have cultural differences
All of our policies and help are targeted at the too-lazy people
They do nothing to help the people who do not actually have a very good understanding of English
2:02 PM
Trust in authority and rules is very much dependant on the place you grow up and get educated in
@Undo - That makes sense.
@VinodMadyalkar Glad I could help clarify :)
@meagar There are good posts which are written in suboptimal English
That is why we have reviews and edits
@meagar - Well. I don't think we actually do a bad job in handling posts written by a person whose english isn't too good.
2:05 PM
I don't believe that all people who don't speak English well are crappy programmers (or bad participants in a community for that matter)
@MadaraUchiha Yes, nobody is arguing that. But there are potentially good posters whose are driven away because their early interactions aren't even of a quality where they could be edited to be acceptable
I hardly see any downvotes to poorly written posts :)
@VinodMadyalkar Yes, we do a great job at fixing grammar and spelling and such.
@meagar Yes, that is true.
@Undo - Yes. :)
2:11 PM
@Undo Oops thanks. Blame that one on a bad power strip.
@JasonC Running your own datacenter?
That's awesome
Probably just a homeserver eating dust in a corner ;)
It eats people sometimes too
Yeah, why do you think every datacenter has these huge "Keep out" signs and keep all these servers in cages...
It's to protect you obviously
A datacenter is like a zoo for these mean servers.
But barely anyone comes to visit them, since you have to be "on the list"... it's quite sad actually.
Hm I have a sign too
2:18 PM
Probably one of those beware of dog signs where you pasted a <insert server brand here> sticker over the picture of the dog, scratched out dog and replaced it with server? ;)
I like those.
Hmm LOL, not exactly what I imagined (the sign, the server setup doesn't surprise me ;-)).
As you can see by the hole in the wall where the thermostat used to be, it is a highly climate controlled data center.
Oh yes, it looks very sophisticated.
@Undo shakes fist
2:20 PM
You probably have a retinal scanner at the door too?
@Andy You have a good shot at getting through
Remember Jeremy last year?
Yeah, it's a very close call.
It's way too early to call now anyway.
Also, thanks for running the monitor @Undo. The corporate firewall doesn't like @JasonC's dynamic DNS, but I can see yours.
@Andy No problem :)
Plus, color changing dashboard like display...who's going to question that I'm not looking at something work related :)
2:23 PM
Ya. Gotto agree with Andy. Great job @Undo, @JasonC
@Oldskool No retinal scanners but I do have security on duty 24/7. s8.postimg.org/8wglnf8ph/KIMG0314.jpg
Thanks ;)
Also the cats have bowls with RFID controlled lids, which is kind of like a retinal scanner.
@JasonC I'm not so sure about the 24/7 ... knowing your average cat sleeps about 12 hours a day it's more like 12/7 ;-)
@JasonC Mine is literally in a closet
2:25 PM
Oh, it's actually 16-20 hrs a day according to the first results in Google, wow...
The ventilation is provided by whatever can get under the door
So it's 4/7 then I guess ;-)
Although the vote monitor thing is living in EC2
Yeah it's more like 4/7. I have two cats. The other one is the IT guy.
Ah, the famous servercat
user image
2:27 PM
Like a real IT guy, he spends most of his time staring out the window and puking on the floor.
@JasonC - IT guys don't puke :P
am I the only person who sees "I am a moderator on X SE site already" as a negative for a candidate?
Well, I don't think that's a negative point. It shows experience.
Howdy, y'all.
@deltree Why is it a negative? Are you worried about the time they can spend here if they already moderate somewhere else?
Hey Ed
2:39 PM
@deltree Sure you could say "You're already a mod elsewhere, give other people a chance", but then again the elections are open to all community members. It's still a democratic process.
@NathanOliver As a moderator on two other sites, this wouldn't be a problem for anyone running.
Hi @EdCottrell
I like having some moderators that are all over the network, but I don't want the same 5 guys making all the decisions on every SE site
Small sites (meaning less than SO) don't take that much time.
@Undo I don't fell it is I was just asking deltree.
2:40 PM
@deltree Ah. Absolutely a valid concern, but we're nowhere near that point yet.
I prefer people disagree more
@deltree There's actually quite a large group of mods, and most of them are mods on only one site.
alrighty then, I don't know how to look at that information
@deltree And as @Undo said, many of the small sites take very little time.
2:41 PM
Also, moderators very rarely make decisions for the community. It's more like being a janitor at multiple buildings.
(to see it SE-wide)
But yeah, we have more than 430 moderators across the network last time I checked.
@Oldskool Was just about to post that.
2:42 PM
@deltree There are over 100 sites on the network
On average, every site has at least 3 mods
yes, but how many of those 3 are on more than 2 other sites as a mod?
@deltree Maybe the "Group by users" view is a better one for your concern: stackexchange.com/about/moderators?by=users
Sure, there are some. But from what I see I'm not too concerned.
@Oldskool Gah! Beat me to it again... :)
2:44 PM
dr mayhem would be an example of a what I was thinking, but you make valid points
Sorry @EdCottrell .. LOL :)
@deltree Well, most of the sites that DrMayhem is on are very small. So I'm not too worried about him. :)
But the community decides, so if you feel it's unfair, just downvote the candidates that are already mods.
again, I'd only be concerned if it became: 5 out of ten SO mods are also mods on every other site. Because, to some degree, janitors do have a say
It's a valid concern that you can express with a downvote if you feel like doing that.
I don't downvote in elections. I feel like it defeats the purpose
> you missed to ping me :P I reached the 1k up votes

Okay, I lied; I'm not on here "*all*" the time. Sometimes, I actually sleep. :)
2:49 PM
@deltree - Well, other SE sites don't have too much volume when compared to SO. But I guess we do need dedicated mods for SO alone. Sorry @EdCottrell :P
@deltree - Yes. Down-voting actually makes little sense in elections. Its like choosing which person you don't want to see as a mod lol :P
@VinodMadyalkar Meh, no worries. I think it matters which sites are at issue, but I would have serious concerns if somebody wanted to moderate several of the bigger, busier sites all at once.
@EdCottrell - Couldn't agree more.
I think many people would be concerned if that were to happen.
3:10 PM
@EdCottrell lazy dog 😜 I expect more engagement 😁
3:33 PM
so.. the vote change overnight was.. interesting.
Yeah. The red line is on the wrong side of my name now.
But, I see @rekire moved up a few places
@Andy :/
@Andy Wait...you mean I've been on the wrong side this whole time? :P
@Andy That's because I was lazy with the red line :P
3:51 PM
@Undo No, overnight I dropped to 11th.
@Andy This is almost exactly how Jeremy won. Sat in 10th/11th most of the election then pulled through in the end
@Andy That was at about 10am
I'm still not sure how that happened xD
I took a screenshot, me too
10:01am utc+1
4:07 PM
Good luck to you @rekire. :)
good luck @Undo
Thank you @MohammedElSayed :)
@Undo: did you share the code for your live monitor page or not planning to do so? :)
@MohammedElSayed github.com/Undo1/PrimaryMonitor, although there are a few minor local changes on the server.
@Undo Awesome!! let us know when you push those changes up
4:19 PM
@MohammedElSayed They're really just timing changes, nothing big.
I took it from 5 seconds to 6 seconds
great, I like to have a moderator armed with neat solutions :)
@MohammedElSayed I'm going to do a little showing off then too: meta.stackoverflow.com/q/280546/189134
@Andy That's a very nice piece of work, by the way. Well done.
Thanks Ed
4:34 PM
@undo your vote graph, can you make it show % total votes instead of count? I can't make one on my phone.
like one of those charts with the solid color areas sweeping across
@JasonC Oh, area chart?
% total score that is
Yeah! I forgot what they were called. Area charts.
go @slugster
I think I did it wrong. Pretty, though
4:37 PM
go !
You did do it wrong but that's totally PowerPoint worthy
I'd vote yes at that board meeting.
Did it wrong again
Its evolving though. Some genetic algorithm tweaking chart parameters will get it right eventually.
I'll poke at this some more in a bit.
4:42 PM
If you never here from me again its because the warning on the gas pumps came true and I blew up the gas station with my cell phone.
I want to edit that "here" so bad.
4:54 PM
why do I never find myself in those graphs? :/
Looks like Jonny Bones is doing better after changing his avatar :p
@rekire You're there, just not in the first page of the sidebar legend thing
@bjb568 lol do you really think that this causes any voting changes?
@rekire Definitely
I have still my random image there which was generated years ago
I like it somehow
4:56 PM
@rekire Better than… a… tree… with suggestive branches.
I cannot remember it...
@rekire - :)
hey guys
@AndroidDev hey
@rekire - hi :)
Slightly prettier graph
5:01 PM
@Undo thank you!
@Undo I think you just made abstract art
Without the top 3
@gunr2171 This looks better than a lot of abstract art I've seen
5:02 PM
Jonny Bones for 18th place!
new wallpaper incoming
@rekire Me too.
@Andy nice one :D,
user image
@Undo I fixed your earlier graph. :)
The new one's not quite as rainbow-y, though. :(
5:42 PM
Hm, it broke somehow
ohara.me/primary should show live counts again for at least another hour or something
What's the arrow pointing mean @minitech?
Oh. Wait, smudge on the screen. That's a +/-. Sorry
Anything with a unicorn is a winner
@bjb568 - You know it, baby! I guess I need more Mod points. I'll just bash my way through all 40 of them for the next election and guarantee myself 3,000 votes. ;o)
Eh, you don't need a candidate score of 40.
Only 4 of the top 10 have 40
5:54 PM
Yeah, but all 4 have at least 3K votes. ;)
all top 10 have above 30 though
Howdy, y'all. @Undo More graphs and more unicorns, please.
I gave away almost 2K in rep. Well... Not "gave away" but offered bounties.
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