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4:50 AM
Good morning Guys @ALL
Good Morning :)
5:11 AM
posted on April 23, 2015

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic

5:24 AM
@MukeshRana mornings
morning bro.. how's you?
@MukeshRana good as usual ;)
and u?
me too absolutely fine..
nice :D
lol.. its in mohali industrial area 8 phase
so you are going there for an interview?
5:29 AM
R.I.P never :xD
then why are you asking??
got call from them
okay okay
so you are famous now in mohali :P
@MukeshRana good moring
5:31 AM
do you know any experienced iOS developer @maveň ??
@Edge mrng bro :)
I mean to say a one who's looking for a job
yes there are
@MukeshRana how much exp and location?
location is our office :P
well what if we'll provide cab facility too :P
Good Morning Guys
5:36 AM
mrng :)
So, everything is clear now? @Muk
@TheLittleNaruto about what?? xmpp and web sockets??
@MukeshRana me
@maveň Advice for you: Don't go A1 ever.
I am thinking of putting their bad deeds on glassdoor
5:39 AM
@TheLittleNaruto ummm.. well although berserk is working on that, but I was just trying to clear our basics regarding that. But i am still looking for a deadliest combination if someone would suggest me :P
If you can spend money, PubNub is best at every aspect
@Rahul iOS or android?
@MukeshRana android
@TheLittleNaruto how much it usually costs for an average of say 1 million users??
@TheLittleNaruto truecaller saved my life :D
5:40 AM
@Rahul sorry we need iOS developers :)
@MukeshRana will ask, maybe someone wants to
@MukeshRana ok np
what abt the exp?
@MukeshRana It's on the basis of number of devices the app installed to.
@maveň What do you mean ?
@maveň hmmm.. thanks bro.. :)
@Rahul :)
@TheLittleNaruto that's why am asking for one million users??
5:42 AM
1 min ago, by maveň
what abt the exp?
@TheLittleNaruto got call and can't even dare to pick the call after seeing the location :3
@maveň minimum of 1 year
@MukeshRana ok f9
@MukeshRana Check out. pubnub.com/pricing
They are best at service.
The time you drop a mail, same time you gets a reply
@maveň Why? It's in Mohali. You can go there, right ?
@TheLittleNaruto so what they basically use for chat?? mean to say which protocols??
@MukeshRana No idea, what they use. And even I don't care. But I can tell you. How does it work.
5:45 AM
@maveň @TheLittleNaruto three of my friends in A-one got US visa
@MukeshRana Fooling 'em! That's all I want to say.
@TheLittleNaruto Actually we need to develop something which we can use for our future chat projects so we have been thinking of the best right now and this is the point where we are getting confused to find the bestest one
@MukeshRana plz stop alluring me :D
Lol yeah i know its not good for someone who wants to learn but for those who only want to earn money and enjoy they can go for A-one
@TheLittleNaruto :D
5:49 AM
@MukeshRana I understood. See, PubNub has a simple funda. They provide you a channel. Any client can push a message to this channel and pull at the same time.
That's all.
@TheLittleNaruto so what about cpu usage and battery draining. Is there any problem regarding that in PubNub??
Believe me, the process is very fast. The moment you push, you receive the data at once.
and how fast the chat is?? is it similar to whatsapp
@MukeshRana No. Not at all.
okay okay
5:50 AM
@MukeshRana lol!
can you provide me with the sample app so that i can check out
I can't provide you that sorry. that's confidential.
and paid as well.
But I think they provide free service
for the demo.
np but don't you provide us with any of your live app that uses PubNub?
there is opening in Capgemini for java,J2ee it's direct walkin on 25 april
and also we need all the features like we have in whatsapp, we want to send text,images,audio,video and even files and online offline statuses, typing things and all so is that possible with PubNub??
5:53 AM
Yeah! Sure. why not! First I'll have to tell you about the app.
okay okay
and what about that all whatsapp features?
The app is radio channels streaming app. It plays many channels of USA. if you play a channel, and any new song comes up, via pubnub we're updating song name and artist name. @Muk
When I was working for A1, that time I worked on this app. -> play.google.com/store/apps/…
Though, there were some changes made after I left the company.
so is there any chat involved using PubNub in this app?
@MukeshRana When you login, select USA as your country. Dont login via facebook.
As I said above, it's for updating song name and artist name only
okay okay.. but i need the one with chat, so that we can check out what can be possible with PubNub and also the speed
5:57 AM
But you should see the triggering time.
the moment song changes, it gets updated.
lol, I completely did marketing for 'em
But if you want free service forever but the best. Then you'll have to learn ASP.Net, on which SignalR has written.
SignalR works in similar way as PubNub, but it's free and also requires knowledge of ASP.Net. Of course for the server side only.
SignalR is faster like whatsapp. @MukeshRana
I guess, I lost him. :3
lol.. am back
okay okay so you are saying SignalR is the fastest of all but for sever side we need to code in ASP.Net
Yes, because SignalR is written on ASP.Net
okay okay.. But that would take time i think since currently we don't have any ASP.Net developer
See, if you're looking for things quickly, you'll have to invest. Don't behave like a client. If you want your end product to be better and smarter in performance, it'll take time.
Hmmm.. yeah i know and that's why we are spending more time on research instead of start making samples of existing ones
6:07 AM
Is it your company's product ? @Muk
you can also use node.js see this socket.io/blog/native-socket-io-and-android
@TheLittleNaruto well chat on which berserk is currently working is for our own product but we still want to make you know a standard for our chat application because in future we have to implement that in 3-4 client projects
Okay I got it.
You guys are hard worker. good luck. :-) @muk @ber
@Rahul thanks for that link wil go through that :)
@TheLittleNaruto hehe.. thanks and we'll surely develop that in near future :)
thansk for you help.. we have to research more and more :)
6:20 AM
Q: Regarding changing font of edittext in a Numberpicker after Decimal Places

UserI am making a Custom Number Picker.I have a value say 19.0 °C.I want to decrease size of °C .Is there any way I can implement it. Thanks

use SpannableString that will help
@Rahul have u used this earlier
i am struck
i tried to use
spananble string
6:27 AM
@berserk not partying! :/
problem is this i am using custom number picker
so there is some method onSet something like that
or you want set inside number picker
@TheLittleNaruto :/
i want to set inside number picker
which number picker you are using any lib
allow me thr i'm not able to chat
6:41 AM
Q: Android In-app Purchase V3 Error: Authentication is required

user3876714I am implementing Google In-app Purchase V3 and followed all steps stated over here as well in official documentation here. I have uploaded my app in Google Playstore for Alpha Testing and I have downloaded that from playstore URL into my real device but it giving me error Error Authenti...

check now
Anyone looking for job in Chandigarh?
@berserk deadly @berserk this is not a portal and beware don't duplicate msg of @MukeshRana
6:49 AM
owners pls ban them both :xD
again united
deadly combination
@maveň lol, u are not black and white
6:52 AM
He is an exception.
doesn't fall in our category.
TypeCastException :P
Thows The Exception
6:52 AM
throws maven
seems like you guys don't want me here :(
he is soft heart!
@maveň it's opposite
3 mins ago, by maveň
owners pls ban them both :xD
6:54 AM
one more yet to join
@TheLittleNaruto He is not. Believe me!
@berserk :'(
1 min ago, by maveň
seems like you guys don't want me here :(
@berserk Well See ^
It's an act!
It's a pain
6:54 AM
He knows pain.
He is grown up.
hi i am working on mobile no validation.
- Pein
can anyone guide me for my issue ?
mobile no should be start with 80 and above in android. how can i do this?
@user3876714 issue?
6:59 AM
18 mins ago, by user3876714
Q: Android In-app Purchase V3 Error: Authentication is required

user3876714I am implementing Google In-app Purchase V3 and followed all steps stated over here as well in official documentation here. I have uploaded my app in Google Playstore for Alpha Testing and I have downloaded that from playstore URL into my real device but it giving me error Error Authenti...

@user3876714 sorry no idea :(
Good morning guys
@rekire vgm :)
anyone worked here for accessibility in android..?
7:04 AM
@rekire hi!
A: regex for mobile number validation in java

OGHazaThe exact regex you seem to be going for (based on what you've tried so far) is: ^(?:0091|\\+91|0)[7-9][0-9]{9}$ Begins with 0, +91 or 0091 Followed by a 7-9 Followed by exactly 9 numbers No capture groups Must match entire input Working example on RegExr As a general tip, to have worked t...

@RamMansawala IMHO every phone number has to begin with a +
e.g. +49 221 4711 or +1 202-456-1111
@rekire if i enter mobile no 1234567890 then message should display this mobile no is not valid. how can i do this task? my mobile no starting digit should be 80 and above. how can i do this task?
7:21 AM
@RamMansawala TheLittleNaruto already linked a nice answer for that
@user1531170 hi
@rekire yes thank you i get this. @th
@TheLittleNaruto thank you
8:23 AM
@rekire Hey! Mod Election result came out already.
8:35 AM
anyone there?
in Android, 1 hour ago, by Uncaught Exception
I require a little assistance/suggestion related to a paper curl effect.
in Android, 1 hour ago, by Uncaught Exception
user image
in Android, 1 hour ago, by Uncaught Exception
This is the requirement. I was trying to do this using android_page_curl library, but it's not getting me close to that even.
@UncaughtException You're looking for the circular one, and that library is for rectangular pages curling.
Yes, there is none for circular one. So I was trying to work on this one.
I guess, you need to customize that library
Did you have a look on it ?
I was checking it out.
i.e. how it's working , the flow etc. ?
So, what did you find out so far ?
8:40 AM
I'll have to make the view.
Hmm, so did you do something with making the view yet ?
And I also need to add listeners to it as it's not provided (to match my requirements)
No, not yet. It extends GLSurfaceView which is new to me.
And if I try it without OpenGL, the curl effect doesn't look good.
@UncaughtException Adding Listeners is not the real pain
can you suggest something regarding this?
You can have as many as listeners you want to.
8:45 AM
I know. It's the view.
I guess, I have suggested you already.
GLSurfaceView is not that hard. You can grab it quickly.
ok, let me go though it.
I will try if I'll get time in coming days. But for now you'll have to dig out on your own.
Sure, Good luck :)
Thanks. Yes, I'm going to try it now.
Hi all
and then they reply " I wasn't having sufficient reputation to comment so I answered instead"
9:19 AM
10:02 AM
@TheLittleNaruto @ItachiUchiha do you worked on Accessibility in android
10:19 AM
@TheLittleNaruto I just reviewed it
@Harish No
2 hours later…
12:00 PM
@maveň there ?
12:11 PM
Hi, have a anybody?
I have a question by Android, can you help me?
Scroll, Zooming View
Can you answer to this question?
@TheLittleNaruto I guess he is mad at us.
12:15 PM
@mr.boyfox Sorry No idea.
@berserk lol!
@maveň Today's another suggestion for you: Do not cast close vote/down vote without reading the question. I know you're a good boy. You'll learn it. :)
got badge from @TheLittleNaruto :)
@TheLittleNaruto which one ._.
pls give the url
@maveň won't forgive @berserk for his SINS
take your cast back! @maveň
12:30 PM
@TheLittleNaruto Aye! Aye! Captain
Thanks :)
You're learning!
@maveň What sins ?
countless sins T^T
in Den in era
what did you do? boy! @berserk
I haven't done anything.
Just punched and threw him sometimes.
And some kills too.
12:40 PM
Are these sins?
I am afraid I can judge that Mr. @berserk :)
@maveň :D
@berserk yes they are :|
@TheLittleNaruto ;)
I like that gif though! I have kept that in my phone for long time.
@maveň I see.
kills maven
12:46 PM
I wonder if that gal and dog are in real.
@maveň hi
@TheLittleNaruto gal boy
@yushi hi
@maveň x-(
was going to remove :|
bye all
12:49 PM
@maveň resolved that issue.
@yushi nope
ok np
@berserk why you used to kill him ?
bad @berserk
@yushi avarded badge to @berserk
12:54 PM
seems like @berserk is bad boy of this room :D
yeah he is
@berserk now you have to DIE
primarily opinion-based
u guys are damm mad ;)
1:02 PM
posted on April 23, 2015 by Cody Toombs

It seems like forever since we've talked about an update to Newsstand, but we get to change that with today's bump to version 3.4. In terms of user-facing changes, this release is focused on essentially visual changes. Adjustments have been made to the navigation drawer, some icons, and at least one button. The potentially bigger news comes via teardown that reveals Newsstand will enable cus

Wtf just happened!
Ganging up on me?
@berserk for you
Was taht supposed to be a joke? :P
1:19 PM
@berserk bdw ur gf is beautiful
@yushi bdw who?
1 hour later…
2:43 PM
Hey! Does anybody in here know Boost? I am having trouble creating a Global Logger with Boost and am hopeful that someone (ANYONE!) may be able to help. My question is here: stackoverflow.com/q/29785243/1735836
7 hours later…
10:10 PM
posted on April 23, 2015 by Cody Toombs

Now that Project Fi has come out into the open, we can expect to see integration for the new service popping up in a handful of Google's apps over the coming weeks. The first app to received custom support is Hangouts, which began rolling out just hours after the Project Fi website went live. This update doesn't make any changes to parts of the app we care about, but just adds some elements


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