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9:55 AM
Good morning, guys.
3 hours later…
12:37 PM
You have currently morning? It's 13:38 here :D
Is this question off-topic?
Q: Run network restart of a vm from CLI

user136104I have a VM on which IP is not set.(Seems it got ipv6). When I logged into the VM manually and ran the command /etc/init.d/network restart, I got the IP. So is there any way to run this command from CLI?

IMO it is but it's just been upvoted, so I'm not sure.
how did you pasted your question?
It's about network administration, so it's off-topic
@PDKnight Not my question, it's one that should be closed. To onebox a question just post the link without anything else.
I think it's o-t
12:49 PM
you mean offtopic?
off-topic :)
Seems offtopic. Should be sent to Super User.
@ʎǝʞuoɯɹǝqʎɔ yes. cv'd
Stack Overflow is a site for code problems. This is not a code problem. Kill it with fire.
@GabrielTomitsuka FYI, I replied to your email.
I don't have very much time today, I have to send some trash code out.
Yup! Thanks. Was that a copy-paste or hand-written yesterday?
It's hand written.
I don't reuse letters.
12:57 PM
Of course. I still must finish another work as a freelancer, so...
I do. LOL.
Sucks for you. :p
@GabrielTomitsuka Might be a good idea to remove that comment of yours as it looks like you want to answer the question, which is off-topic.
But it depends. For example, if I'm applying for a Node.js position, I'll send my server-side letter. If it's iOS/Mobile, then I'll send my mobile letter, and so on
WELL HELLO Phexion! :D
1:03 PM
Heyy. Language?
Real or virtual?
Interested in Java, but the garbage collection is a bit...
Python too.
HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP (just a bit), Java
Any one here uses linux?
1:06 PM
@Phexion Your incomplete sentence reveals to me that you do not understand how references in Java work.
Namely strongly referencing, softly referencing, weakly referencing, phantom references and no references.
A bit, not much.
But if there is is a complaint I would send to Oracle, it would be this:
Remove Ask Toolbar.
I am coding a thing, but I am really trying my hardest not to make the code repetitive.
1:51 PM
@GabrielTomitsuka what's wrong?
Advanced JS, Obj-C, intermediate C++ and basic Java, Python, C, and a few more.
What's wrong? IDK
@GT what do you think about the plugin?
Do you give it a try?
Which plugin?
1:54 PM
I'm checking it right now. And please use @Gabriel on StackOverflow, otherwise I don't receive the pings
A mc plugin, I like GT :)
:) I code plugins for my own server, which plugin you want?
Doesn't work, I don't receive pings if there isn't @Gabriel
@PDKnight I sent GT a plugin that I coded sometime ago. As example you can throw a snowball which explodes.
1:57 PM
@speedDeveloper nice :D
> My biggest fear is someone reading my browser history.
@speedDeveloper My last plugin was Ball++, you could see it on Paintball server
It was really cool!
nope, game which we played was paintball, but on the paintball server was ball++ x)
2:01 PM
that game sucks
You could get out of the map and therefore be stuck.
I made Ball++, will we plait it today?
@Unihedro Incognito mode?
1 hour ago, by Unihedro
I don't have very much time today, I have to send some trash code out.
You can play it with speedDeveloper.
@GabrielTomitsuka ha
Sorry I have no time at the moment.
I won't be able to play today
I must finish that app for my client.
Invisible mode. It's called Incognito in Chrome
If someone did read my history, that would be a huge problem because that would break a few NDAs.
2:05 PM
And...why they should read your web history?
They shouldn't.
2:18 PM
@Unihedro Read your email now. Actually, you living in the East is good because starting the migration in the middle of the night(Brazilian time) will need someone with a distinct time zone :P
@GabrielTomitsuka There's no message.
(If there were, I would had read it already.)
There's no email as well.
I did get "fedex" spam, though.
> We have an International Cashier Bank Draft/Cheque package worth the sum of $800,000.00 USD in your name at our office. Open attachment for more details.
@Unihedro I should reply to my spams asking the technologies they used developing the virus. The smartest are Assembly because the virus must communicate on low-level with the processor.
2:35 PM
@its_notjack Do you understand you own but never used this? swc.montreus.com:3030/room/705
Imagine: Using a web crawler for spam.
Fact: That's a reality.
Anywhere that takes user contributions, spammers exist.
Oh sure. But doing a sophisticated virus, hidden inside some file, with an AUTORUN for Windows, that targets users via a web crawler running on 5% of the web, the damage it would cause. Of course, I'd go to jail, but that's not the point.
B.T.W. 0(zero) of my side-projects are viruses
Sorry, Windows?
Windows is the only vulnerable system you can do this on I imagine. xD
Yes, of course.
There's no AUTORUN in Mac OS X nor Linux.
Well, I wouldn't say that Linux is invulnerable, but Windows is the only platform you could open an email and have your computer infected.
Such level of insecurity is impossible to achieve without such a fragile and crappy system.
2:49 PM
As far as I know, you can't run an AUTORUN on a Linux.
And .exe files won't work either.
Actually, I should install Solaris on my windows laptop.
Yeah. Also, a smart idea would be, writing with details the proposal on the e-mail, and then inviting the person who received the e-mail to watch the curriculum of the sender. And at this page, the virus will auto-download itself and run an Assembly program for getting all the user's actions. From that, use NLP and ML for generating statistics.
Not keeping it on an attachment, but instead buying a domain and inviting them to see your website. Of course, web design in the e-mail will be an important factor there.
But sadly, I'm not going to write a virus.
Me neither.
I'm not a cracker. :P
I'm probably going to upload the worst code ever written to a private GitHub repo. It's the currently live version of Weenside.
The worst code ever? For shame. :p
2:59 PM
@Unihedro You forgot to add Gustavo as a recipient of your email. I forwarded to him
sorry :p
I'm originally a non-coffee drinking chemist but dropped being a chemist to discover that I truly enjoyed programming and coffee. You love chemistry? Nice :)
My father has a PhD in Plasma Physics.
Yes, I used to study chemistry.
mi head is exploding :D I'm writing with 5 persons now
Your head is exploding from talking to five people? :p
3:14 PM
I'm talking to seven currently. Five from SE chat rooms. Then I'm also texting Angie.
yes, bad english
And writing a email to send some code over.
sorry, i'm talking in 5 rooms now, not 5 persons
@PDKnight I had a conference 2 weeks ago with a board of directors.
3:15 PM
talking right now, i'm not in five rooms in SO
mc, plug.dj, skype, SO, in real life
plug.dj sucks :p
Must I begin? This will take a while.
7 millionares. 2 members of an investment fund. 1 EU Investments guy. 4 developers, 2 co-founders. What do you think about that?
To begin with, a web service with an API that changes every two builds with no backwards compatibility whatsoever isn't a good sign.
To add, you have a web service that doesn't even access its own API from the website, instead the website is a plugin that makes the client poll the information from the API.
And the API is throttled!
As a direct result, the UI is broken and doesn't do what it's supposed to. Sometimes the lights flicker when they're not supposed to, et cetera.
And the support sucks, and the moderation system sucks, and no way to flag spam messages.
3:36 PM
Just for confirming before saying: For keeping the User Ids in the right order, we need nothing but an one-liner, right?
ummm what does that infer?
The User Profile Pictures are stored based on the user's position in the DB.
You have a tree collection of the DB?
What are you talking about? I can't understand :D
Not sure about that. I don't have the PHPMyAdmin keys available for me.
@PDKnight Extremely confidential NATO information.
3:41 PM
@GabrielTomitsuka thanks for info ;D
@PDKnight We're migrating the U.S. Army Terrorist Location Service to PostgreSQL. Isn't that nice?
You remind me of the cliche clip of swordfish interview video.
"password is defense111 i work there"
and then... access granted :D
@Unihedro It's great! xD
The NSA's crawler will probably read this message because I used the word "terrorist".
3:44 PM
We like bombs.
Totally not calling in the NSA with that one.
We like unicorns.
Practically they should be named unihorns,
unless you mean this:
because we call the candy agency?
uniCorn! yeah! :D
3:47 PM
@Unihedro The source code is so fucked up. I can't add you to the repo right now, the CEO must resolve the stuff like NDA first.
that's OK
Does anyone here know the PHP F3 framework?
i'm not hurting on a job right now
go to php room
The PHP room has nothing about PHP.
One of their previously highest starred message was "PHP sucks", too.
3:49 PM
Welcome to Stack Overflow Factions.
to why hat room is called "PHP"?
all guys from "JavaScript" like Javascript. So why PHP guys not?
@PDKnight Because PHP sucks. And the programmers with PHP experience know that better than anyone.
I don't use PHP a lot, but even I know that PHP sucks,
what's wrong with php?
it's slow?
3:58 PM
the guys at PHP also researches on The Awesomeness Of Programming Languages and compared the Famousness VS Usability Ratio (FVUR) and published a short article.
PHP turns out to be the worst, followed by assembly, followed by scala, then java.
@PDKnight It's 6 times slower than Node.js.
really? :O
Oh hell yes
oh god
oh no, please, no
Guess what the most awesome language was?
3:59 PM
Concurrency Level:      200
Time taken for tests:   574.796 seconds
Complete requests:      2000

Concurrency Level:      200
Time taken for tests:   41.887 seconds
Complete requests:      2000
Like that?
That makes PHP 16 times slower than Node.js.
And Node.js isn't even skyrocketing fast to be a bad thing to compare from.
@Unihedro Node.js? Go?
Nope. Drum roll please.
4:01 PM
drum roll
// cc @Pro
okay, but node.js must be running on exe file
sorry, cmd
exe files implies running thing on a Windows server.
really? lots of servers not
.exe can only be run on Windows. Duh.
4:04 PM
node.js is running with cmd
node server.js
or not? :D
So far I've seen no reliable technologies with a restriction on Windows platforms.
@Unihedro How can I find the routes inside the app?
4:16 PM
PHP. Using F3 and WordPress. Where is that .htaccessfolder normally?
First, how much do you know about PHP?
Eh, you do realize .htaccess is for Apache and it doesn't even have to be there?
In fact, I prefer editing host files than using .htaccess.
@Unihedro Did you ever sign a NDA?
I signed one when working for Ember.
With the Adobe digital signature thing.
Good. Your parents also had to sign?
4:21 PM
No, not really.
The CEO is looking for something valid for minors.
@nikita2206 Hello! Welcome to the TPC.
(I'm assuming you're new here)
@Unihedro yay C#! :p
There are two kinds of languages: Ones that are wrong, and C#.
What about C++?
JS, HTML,CSS are wrong?
JS, HTML,CSS are wrong.
4:27 PM
Making stuff clear: I'm a JS fan. I <3 Node.js and like Angular.js
Grading a programming language:

Is it C#?
 \ Yes
 \ No
     It's wrong.
what angular.js can do?
I heard about that, but I don't know what it does
@Unihedro What about C/C++?
gonna play in the piano, please, ping me, i'll read it later
4:30 PM
hey, I know you guys are young so you quick on judging... the thing is php is not really slower than js. The way it is usually used it will be slower, yes. But if you use it as you'd use js (create a listener inside a php script) then php would not have to get ready the whole vm for each request just like node doesn't have to. Try it if you want, my bet is on php being actually faster ;)
gabriel, please, post the best practices
@nikita2206 Running PHP on a VM?
HTML is great for declaring static documents, but it falters when we try to use it for declaring dynamic views in web-applications. AngularJS lets you extend HTML vocabulary for your application. The resulting environment is extraordinarily expressive, readable, and quick to develop.
Am I reading it wrong or what?
Yes, php has a vm
4:31 PM
not since php2
I am not sure since which version, but yes it has it, you can go check it in the sources on github php/php-src
PHP does not run on a VM.
@nikita2206 No, it isn't. Node.js uses listeners; PHP uses a server. Node.js isn't always 14x faster than PHP. But, on most cases, it is at least 5x faster than PHP. Of course, Facebook's PHP is faster than my Node.js but there's a lot here. Also, if I did use Node.js Clusters with that 8 core server, my server would be 20x faster as the normal PHP on an 8 core server. Get it?
Okay, 200 is a bit too much.
@Unihedro hehe, no of course :) I am not talking about virtualization, I am talking about VM as in runtime
runtimes and virtual machines are different by several miles..
4:35 PM
In computing, a virtual machine (VM) is an emulation of a particular computer system. Virtual machines operate based on the computer architecture and functions of a real or hypothetical computer, and their implementations may involve specialized hardware, software, or a combination of both. Classification of virtual machines can be based on the degree to which they implement functionality of targeted real machines. That way, system virtual machines (also known as full virtualization VMs) provide a complete substitute for the targeted real machine and a level of functionality required for th...
Runtimes are representations of instances. Virtual machines are emulations of systems.
It even says that in both wikipedia articles.
Well if PHP is not enough for you, have heard how they call Java's runtime? A virtual machine.
That's a JVM, it's different from a Java runtime because the Java runtime is a representation of the source layer of a JIT compliance process.
JVMs run par Java VM specs and follow contracts of the Java runtimes.
They are different things!
Ok, let me be more specific here. The Java runtime is constructed when you load a Java program. It reads the opcode compiled by the Java compiler (I use javac) and therefore define a contract. It creates and allocates memory for the Java Virtual Machine and gives it the contract.
Now the JVM runs with both JIT and native layer code to make the contract from the Java runtime work.
I agree with Unihedro. PHP Runtimes != JVM.
And if at any point it doesn't, the Java runtime smites the JVM and the entire program crashes. Instead of the machine, that is.
4:39 PM
@GabrielTomitsuka I'll say it again - you can do the same thing in PHP, you can run a listener in a PHP script, you can even use pthreads library to have threading in PHP in order to squeeze some more performance out of it.
@nikita2206 i'm sorry, the premise is wrong
@nikita2206 But still: Facebook's code coded the way you say will be way slower than my Node.js.
please it's two of you and you write a lot
You can not do the same thing in PHP with the same conditions
You cannot get around limitations of performance with listeners in its instance
The pthreads library only creates asynchronous IO, it doesn't change the way PHP instances behave
@nikita2206 I hope you do realize I don't write a lot. I treasure how many taps I perform because my keyboard has a short lifecycle.
In fact, each of its keys will die after five hundred taps.
PHP has a VM, in other words it's what you feed opcodes to and it executes them, this is what VM is - an abstraction that runs on other abstraction (which is opcodes) and produces not so abstract results
@Unihedro what do you mean, by the same conditions?
4:42 PM
no, a VM is an emulation, please stop justifying the wrong concept
@Unihedro Buy a quality keyboard. My Mac's keyboard is here for 4 years, and it still runs perfectly.
I convinced Angie to use Slack instead of Skype. \o/
@Unihedro Could you send your Skype via e-mail.
@nikita2206 We're young :P
Why would you want my Skype? I hate using Skype.
Eh, use 'unihedro', I guess.
Without the quotes.
4:46 PM
@Unihedro emulation is abstraction. Have I ever said it wasn't?
i'm back.
Welcome back!
yaay :D
@Unihedro why you hate skype? it's better than facebook
I'm sorry, are you comparing an IM to a crappy social service?
what "IM" shortcut means?
4:59 PM
!!urban im

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