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12:22 AM
4 hours later…
4:21 AM
GM Frndz .....!
morning morning
gm friend :)
4:45 AM
Good Morning Everyone
Good morningss
Good Morning
vgm @MysticMagic
GM all :)
4:50 AM
@TopCat M fiNe :) u ?
same :)
Good Mornings Guys
Good Morning All
5:07 AM
Good Morning :)
can you explain the meaning of this check
    if(firstVisibleItem+visibleItemCount == totalItemCount && totalItemCount!=0)
i didn't understand this
Goods Mornings Alls :)
5:30 AM
@UnityBeginner what ?
sk can you see this link
A: dynamic listview adding "Load more items" at the end of scroll

bill gatesyou try the following code list.setOnScrollListener(new OnScrollListener() { public void onScrollStateChanged(AbsListView view, int scrollState) { } public void onScroll(AbsListView view, int firstVisibleItem, int visibleItemCount, int totalItemCount)...

in this
21 mins ago, by Unity Beginner
    if(firstVisibleItem+visibleItemCount == totalItemCount && totalItemCount!=0)
yes whats in that ?
can you tell this condition ?
how can i save values in final variable inside anonymous inner class ?
@UnityBeginner mean ?
5:44 AM
i m saving inside anonymous inner class its saving the value but when i m trying to return value from the main method its not returning me assigned value its returning me default initialized variable ?
@ErumHannan show code
@SilentKiller bro i didn't understand that condition, its ok not a big thing you may continue with your work
@UnityBeginner you need to separate that condition for easy understanding.
if (((firstVisibleItem+visibleItemCount) == totalItemCount) && (totalItemCount != 0))
there are 2 conditions
1. ((firstVisibleItem + visibleItemCount) == totalItemCount)
2. (totalItemCount != 0)
if both will be true then and then only it will go in if loop
that i know sir
then what you want to know ?
5:54 AM
may be i am asking very silly question
((firstVisibleItem + visibleItemCount) == totalItemCount) ?
ask then
it means firstitem+no.of items visible = totalnumber of items
i didn't undesrtand this thing
its like
that what is this condn
((10 + 10) == 20)
5:57 AM
got now
mean i had shown all the data which i have then you need to call LoadMore data.
ok got now
as it reached to bottom i am updating more data
show i show there Loading data?
or it will be ok without it
good morning to all
6:12 AM
@SilentKiller getPackageSizeInfo.invoke(packageManager, path, new IPackageStatsObserver.Stub() {
public void onGetStatsCompleted(PackageStats packageStats, boolean succeeded) throws RemoteException {
Log.d("AppDetail", "inside inner class");
Long cacheSize = packageStats.cacheSize;
long codeSize = packageStats.codeSize;
long dataSize = packageStats.dataSize;
i m passing package name to find its package size codesize+datasize
for first 7 to 8 applications my code is not going inside GetStatsCompleted
while rest is working fine
why is it so ?
leave it now i debug the issue
he's busy with work. hope you solve soon :) happy debugging
6:31 AM
Hi Friends, In my iOS 8 app. i am setting the Orientations to Port, LandLeft and LandRight. But at launching while i put the divice in landscape mode, App launching in landscape. I want it to be launched in Portrait. I need landscape for only one viewController.
please help me
ok sure thanks
Good Morning
@Abhi yes yes :P
@MysticMagic Oh No Abhi :)
6:41 AM
ok, then fir kabhi :P
6:58 AM
@DroidDev :)
@W-I-Z-A-R-D I just decided to support loading :D
haha, oo yeah!!!!
@DroidDev loading completed
@W-I-Z-A-R-D oops! can't remove the image now :/
@DroidDev what to do now:P
7:05 AM
good job :P
hhe tenkuuu :P
@SweetWisherツ Hi
@SweetWisherツ huh finally removed
I have a problem in my app
7:06 AM
@MysticMagic yes plzzz....
@W-I-Z-A-R-D :)
@Mubeen1992 we all have those :P
@DroidDev my pleasure :)
Lolzz.. true
7:07 AM
@MysticMagic thanks, pleasure is all mine :)
I am getting this error in log
11-21 00:21:48.828: E/AndroidRuntime(349): java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start activity ComponentInfo{com.geekosoft.contactsonline/com.geekosoft.contactsonline.AddConta‌​ct}: java.lang.ClassCastException: android.widget.EditText
@MysticMagic loading is done
@MysticMagic Do u have any idea of sencha touch?
@Mubeen1992 java.lang.ClassCastException: android.widget.EditText
@Shyildo no. I think @SweetWisherツ has..
7:07 AM
@Mubeen1992 ClassCastException
@Shyildo hmmm say
A: ClassCastException: android.widget.EditText

xjaphx Clean project Save files Build & Run have fun ^^!

@Mubeen1992 line noo ?
@SweetWisherツ can we integrate sencha touch in phonegap?
7:09 AM
@Mubeen1992 Use pastie. please
@Shyildo yes
and this is how I am getting then in other function
EditText phoneNumberField = (EditText) findViewById(8084+phoneNumbersIdStarter);
Spinner phoneNumberSpinner = (Spinner) findViewById(8083+phoneNumbersIdStarter);
@SweetWisherツ can you give some idea how to integrate it?
(EditText) findViewById(8084+phoneNumbersIdStarter);
@MysticMagic ok
7:10 AM
here is my question
Q: java.lang.ClassCastException: android.widget.EditText

Mubeen1992Here is my JAVA Code. When I run my app it crashes and i get following errors in my log 11-21 00:21:48.828: E/AndroidRuntime(349): java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start activity ComponentInfo{com.geekosoft.contactsonline/com.geekosoft.contactsonline.AddContact}: java.lang.ClassCastEx...

@Mubeen1992 You must use R.id.smthng
@SweetWisherツ Our team stuck with this issue. we are new in this technology.
@Shyildo put all code of sencha touch i assets folder
@SweetWisherツ i am adding Spinner And EditText dynamically
like this
@SweetWisherツ any specific link for this?
7:12 AM
Q: Integrating Phone Gap in an existing Sencha Touch project

GreenVulcano_DeveloperI need help integrating Phone Gap in an existing and fully working [with iOS & Android] Sencha Touch project. The reason I need to do this is that I want to be able to use native code [Objective-C] in this application for features like GPS, animations, etc. By the way, is there an other way to u...

@Shyildo yeahhhaaa
@Mubeen1992 show
if (fieldType.equals("phone")) {
// for phone number code is 80
View view = layoutInflater.inflate(R.layout.add_phone_row, null);
EditText phoneNumberField = (EditText) view.findViewById(R.id.etContactPhone);
Spinner phoneTypeSpinner = (Spinner) view.findViewById(R.id.sContactPhoneType);
Log.d(TAG, "spinner id = " + phoneTypeSpinner.getId());
Log.d("Spinner Created", "Spinner Id = " + phoneTypeSpinner.getId());
@Mubeen1992 why this phoneNumberField.setId(8084+phoneNumbersIdStarter);
hmm. It already has its proper id..
because I am creating TextField and EditText on button click
keep declaration EditText phoneNumberField ;
Spinner phoneTypeSpinner ;
above all methods
nd directly use it
7:15 AM
@Mubeen1992 you are not creating
use can create even 20 Fields
@Mubeen1992 they already exist EditText phoneNumberField = (EditText) view.findViewById(R.id.etContactPhone);
That is: EditText e = new EditText(context);
u r just re-assigning ID
@MysticMagic I am using layoutInflater
7:16 AM
@SweetWisherツ @MysticMagic no flag :P
so each time user click on add button one EditText and one Spinner added in view
@Mubeen1992 YA! but you are not creating views dynamically!
lolzzz now @MysticMagic can also get notification for flag :P
@CapDroid Thank GOD
@Mubeen1992 is It reallyy adding????
7:17 AM
@SweetWisherツ :P
yaps it is adding views
@SweetWisherツ I knew :P
@MysticMagic :D
@CapDroid Now that you are here, please help Mubeen :)
7:17 AM
but it my app crashes when I try to get value for Spinner
@SweetWisherツ [ERR] Cordova can only be initialized inside a Sencha Application folder
@Mubeen1992 :(
@Shyildo when where how
@MysticMagic will try
@SweetWisherツ we got this error i executed following command
$ sencha phonegap init com.mycompany.MyApp MyApp
@SweetWisherツ if i removes this line it works fine
Spinner phoneNumberSpinner = (Spinner) findViewById(8083+phoneNumbersIdStarter);
7:20 AM
@Shyildo following ?
49 secs ago, by Shyildo
$ sencha phonegap init com.mycompany.MyApp MyApp
@Mubeen1992 are you adding spinner in loop ?
@Shyildo are you creating PG app using cmd ?
@SweetWisherツ no adding on button click
@Mubeen1992 only ONE naa
@SweetWisherツ yes
7:22 AM
@SweetWisherツ no can add multiple
@Shyildo have u created sencha project with CMD ?
and execute this cmd in path where ur app lies
@Mubeen1992 you can't add views like this.
@SilentKiller is there any other way to do this?
Do you know what value you need to pass here ? findViewById(value);
you want to add spinner dynamically ?
7:25 AM
then you must not use findViewByID()
okay so what should i use?
use findViewById only when your control is inside in your XML
@SweetWisherツ ok i will try and disturb u again :P
@Shyildo google first,then only disturb me :P
Spinner phoneNumberSpinner = new Spinner(mContext);
7:27 AM
@All Hello
this is the way you need to add them and to give different identity to each of the spinner control @Mubeen1992
How to make like this ? Navigation drawer with tabs
?? in fragment
@SweetWisherツ Expert first then google :P
@Shyildo I m not the one
@Shyildo then read books
@Mubeen1992 gotcha ?
7:28 AM
@Strider o.O
@SilentKiller Sure
@SilentKiller and how can i get spinner using tag?
@Mubeen1992 sry
7:33 AM
@Mubeen1992 Give this a try
@MysticMagic ??
@SilentKiller can you Guide me how to get Spinner by TAG
anyone here have experience with dialing international, US -> UK?
I can't get this right
8:02 AM
@MysticMagic Ans plz
8:20 AM
@Strider don't know
46 mins ago, by MysticMagic
@Mubeen1992 Give this a try
check that link
@Aerovistae can you be more specific?
@MysticMagic ok
i want to get image from contacts and i want to store it in the internal storage but it is giving 11-24 13:54:50.019: W/System.err(8527): java.io.FileNotFoundException: /content:/com.android.contacts/contacts/87895/photo: open failed: ENOENT (No such file or directory)
can anyone help me..?
And make sure you aren't trying to save in root folder.
8:35 AM
@Harish what's value in savedImagePath?
& currentImagePath
11-24 13:54:50.019: I/AddBuddy(8527): @ Line 184 currentImagePath :content://com.android.contacts/contacts/87895/photo
11-24 13:54:50.019: I/AddBuddy(8527): @ Line 186 SaveImagePath :/data/data/gov.cdc.everydose/app_E2D2_MYMEDS/20141124_135450.png
Exception i'm getting is 11-24 13:54:50.019: W/System.err(8527): java.io.FileNotFoundException: /content:/com.android.contacts/contacts/87895/photo: open failed: ENOENT (No such file or directory)
11-24 13:54:50.020: W/System.err(8527): at libcore.io.IoBridge.open(IoBridge.java:460)
11-24 13:54:50.020: W/System.err(8527): at java.io.FileInputStream.<init>(FileInputStream.java:78)
@Harish Check this
> Make sure that you check and create the file if it does not exsist:
@Furqi where r u ??
@ office
9:14 AM
@ home
9:28 AM
@MysticMagic I will give it a try
@MysticMagic the same i have written na..?
@Strider hi m back :P
@SweetWisherツ @MysticMagic @Prince @NareshSharma hi
@Furqi Assalamualaikum
@SilentKiller asalam -0-alakum
@Furqi hello :)
9:39 AM
@SilentKiller walakum asalam
@Furqi Walaikumassalam
@all anyone have worked on calling app?
@Furqi kese ho ?
@DroidDev you sleeping here ?
@SilentKiller ma set Alhamdulillah tum batao
@SilentKiller hahaha, naaa, was playing WAG and now going for lunch :P
9:42 AM
@Furqi Allah ka Fazal-o-karam hai. ofc or home ?
@DroidDev have a healthy lunch then
@SilentKiller just in office :P
@SilentKiller ok, thanks
@Furqi Good.
3 mins ago, by Furqi
@all anyone have worked on calling app?
@Furqi not me.
9:44 AM
@MysticMagic :(
@Furqi SIP calling ?
@SilentKiller yes
consult to khan he had done.
@MysticMagic are you there..?
9:46 AM
issue kya hai wese ?
@Harish yes. And no more idea about your error. Ask SK
@Furqi Assalamualaikum..hws u nw ?
1 hour ago, by Harish
Exception i'm getting is 11-24 13:54:50.019: W/System.err(8527): java.io.FileNotFoundException: /content:/com.android.contacts/contacts/87895/photo: open failed: ENOENT (No such file or directory)
11-24 13:54:50.020: W/System.err(8527): at libcore.io.IoBridge.open(IoBridge.java:460)
11-24 13:54:50.020: W/System.err(8527): at java.io.FileInputStream.<init>(FileInputStream.java:78)
9:50 AM
@SweetWisherツ walakum-asalam janab :)
kya hal
@Furqi :)
@SweetWisherツ @SilentKiller @Furqi Assalamualikum..
@SweetWisherツ aur b waja hain :P
9:55 AM
@shihab_returns Walaikum Assalam
@shihab_returns walaikumassalam
@Furqi mean calling ko popup me dikhana hai ?
one query hey ...
how to set full screen on ios
in Shadow's Den on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 56 secs ago, by DroidDev
I hate client who shows up at lunch time
@SilentKiller ^
still here, sadly :(
@DroidDev lols... Best of Luck.. /saying this with sad face
@DroidDev :'(
9:58 AM
@SilentKiller I can sense you smiling all the way here in Chandigarh. Don't lie :P
finally going
@DroidDev its sad smile try to revert your view. :P
@SilentKiller asy
@Furqi Floating Window/transparent Activity
with this both we can achieve this.
3 hours ago, by Strider
user image
check this and tell me how to make like this plz
@SilentKiller can you help me dude...
10:05 AM
@Harish check which file is not available using exists()
@SilentKiller i want to hide my status bar, or full screen i am in iphone app
@PiyushGupta you alive ?
A: iOS : Hide status bar in entire app programmatically not even through plist

Bastianadd the following code to your view controllers: - (BOOL)prefersStatusBarHidden { return YES; } this will not disturb any ios below 7 because it is only called in ios7.

osam..testing..reply you soon.
@SilentKiller Yeah I am :P
10:26 AM
how can i find cache size allocated for running process ?
@PiyushGupta Hey
How are you .?
done.. @SilentKiller jaza kalallahu khair.
@SilentKiller ary yar dialog araha ha per callign screen us ko override nahi hony da rha :(
mujhey sb sy uper la k ana apna alert
> When you get the event of the incoming call you need to startactivity() which you want to display but you need to do it after a little delay else the the default screen will override your screen.
I have contact image path like
/content:/com.android.contacts/display_photo/1 like that now i want to store it in the internal storage so for that i'm trying http://pastie.org/9739805 but it is saying 11-24 16:03:30.659: W/System.err(13837): java.io.FileNotFoundException: /content:/com.android.contacts/display_photo/1: open failed: ENOENT (No such file or directory)
10:56 AM
@SilentKiller Are You There?
back from lunch :D
how i stop my canvas to redraw the canvas
i want keep my previous draw with new draw how it will be work ?
any one having idea about canvas drawing ?
in android
hi @MysticMagic
i need a help
@GurumoorthyArumugam hi :))) how r u?
Ya, say.
11:10 AM
me fine
thank you :)
@MysticMagic here is my code pastie.org/9740049
@Kirti check that link..
in my listview selection item is changing while scroll
yes i saw that didn't worked for me @MysticMagic
you can save old canvas path n restore..
@Kirti means?
11:12 AM
@MysticMagic this is my custom adapter class
i used that concept but still its removing first draw
@GurumoorthyArumugam u will need to save selected items in array
@MysticMagic i want to select only one index
i done successfully
@GurumoorthyArumugam so save that one index in a global variable..
then what's issue?
@Kirti ohkk..
but while scrolling that particular its selection selecting mutiple indexs
@MysticMagic any idea ?
11:22 AM
Did u debug and check if values are correct? @GurumoorthyArumugam
yeah its right only
& position?
yeah that also fine
have you faced this issue before ?
hmm :(
@SilentKiller hi bro
11:30 AM
@Kirti then no idea :/ check this
ok re thanks
12:23 PM
well....today, everyone in this room is sleeping, I think I have Droidified this room :D
Help vamps has their day off, so nothing much happens in the room lol.
can't stop laughing, lol
@DroidDev lolzz
@Unihedron hihahahha
12:35 PM
hi @Unihedron :)
hi @DroidDev :)
hi @SweetWisherツ :)
hi @SweetWisherツ :)
Hi ^ n
Ohhoo @Prince :O
12:42 PM
@Prince Hmm I knw :)
bye bye phir milege
chalte chalte
12:46 PM
@DroidDev lolzz
byee all :)
Bye @Shadow :)
Bye @Shadow :)
ye broked the train... x-x
12:53 PM
@DroidDev hi
@GurumoorthyArumugam hi
@GurumoorthyArumugam hi
@MysticMagic can you pls see this code
i want to simply display the counting
1 then after 400 milliseconds on the same textview 2 after 400ms 3
like this
not getting how to do this
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