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10:20 AM
@SweetWisherツ you know me
@DroidDev Em totally Agree with that :P
@DroidDev Em totally disappointed with that :P
10:36 AM
@SweetWisherツ I need to zoom screen
and found that Magnification Accessibility is there for this, but unable to find any API related to that
@SweetWisherツ can you post that code in pastie.org I tried that its not working ..
@Liza ":P" is it your regular sentence ?
@Droid don't sleep here. :P
@SilentKiller weccum :)
@MysticMagic chenkss.. :) :)
@SilentKiller Lol.. :p
10:46 AM
@Liza again ":P" . :P
:P ^ n :P
he hee
Mr. Aamir will move messages to Trash. ;) ;D
hello @SilentKiller
@Unihedron you sleeping ?
@UnityBeginner yes sir
10:48 AM
@SilentKiller nooz
you are sir am not
i'm coding
@Unihedron then help me. :P
@SilentKiller with? :P
@UnityBeginner who is pair then ?
@Unihedron BlackBerry development.
10:49 AM
even idk...:P
@SilentKiller Then.. ask it already? xD
don't jiggle, I'm dying waiting for you to ask it already
sometimes eclipse does not install new release to simulator and shows it installed.
@SweetWisherツ done :)
thank you ..
@GurumoorthyArumugam Really ??
@SilentKiller Yelloww :)
@SilentKiller hey! don't wake me up....
goes back to sleep
10:53 AM
@SilentKiller how do you have the dependency?
@SilentKiller is Silent now :P
Q: Running Socket Programming code in Eclipse

BumbleBeeI have written a program on Socket Programming, and I created a client and a server. Codes for both are as follows: CLIENT: import java.net.*; import java.io.*; public class GreetingClient { public static void main(String [] args) { String serverName = args[0]; int port...

@SweetWisherツ, @SilentKiller
@johnsakthi It has accepted answer
11:06 AM
@Unihedron which dependency ?
@SilentKiller I don't understand, is simulator a plugin?
where i can run my application instead of device.
@DroidDev wake wake wake wake wake wake wake wake wake wake
@DRoi wake
wake @droi
@droi wake
wake @droi
@droid wake
wake @droi
@droid wake
wake @droi
@SilentKiller do u have red glasses :P
@SweetWisherツ you have anil's watch ?
i wish!
11:10 AM
@SilentKiller WHO SUMMONED ME....!!!???
starts chanting weird mantras
@DroidDev I and only I
@SilentKiller oh! then its ok :P
@SweetWisherツ no i don't.
@SilentKiller me toooo ...
@DroidDev whats going on ?
11:11 AM
@SilentKiller was just designing some classes. Nothing much.
where were you btw?
@DroidDev blackberry. and a single issue is hammering me.
@SilentKiller hope I could help....
but, never touched blackberry
never even looked at one up-close
@DroidDev its random behavior issue.
don't want to either
@SilentKiller oh! I know that feel. Just like Android :D
so, what's the issue?
no issues. i'll come up with nice solution. :P
11:13 AM
try clean build + restarting eclipse + going to drink coffee @SilentKiller :P
@MysticMagic 1 coffee for me.
*drinking coffee :P
@SilentKiller telling you to go :P
@DroidDev fetching directions from google w/s and and that source and destination will come from 21 web service then need to merge that data and call direction now issue is some time it call same direction steps.
@MysticMagic no coffee in ma ofc.
11:17 AM
@SilentKiller wait...wasn't able to understand what "some time it call same direction steps" means :/
1st time i got 24.4564 and 73.1545 as lat long and again i call that W/Ss i got same lat long.
@Liza how many snaps you'll click? :P
@SilentKiller sometimes, there is a method, which stores the recent lat long values and return them instead next time, because GPS is very slow. See, if there is same setting in blackberry and you have set it to work
@DroidDev its not cur lat-lng. there are 8 values which will send to server and they return lat/lng like name/add/somenumbers/favourites etc etc.
@SweetWisherツ yes. Moorthy the boss
my old SO name
11:30 AM
@SilentKiller sorry, but, I think any further interruption from my side will only waste your time as I don't know anything about what you are doing and same goes for blackberry too. So, I should better stay away, because you'll have to first explain whole issue to me and after that, I'll only be able to tell you that I don't know anything :/
@SweetWisherツ but not work, not clear. how we run in eclipse. I also get error for this line Thread t = new GreetingServer(port);.
@DroidDev phew. no issues. :)
@SilentKiller hello bro how are you ?
@GurumoorthyArumugam oHK
@GurumoorthyArumugam me fine and you .?
11:42 AM
fine bro ..
@GurumoorthyArumugam Great...
YAY! coffee is here :D
Already had :)
@SweetWisherツ then you can look at me, while I am having mine :P lol
@SilentKiller :P Depends on my mood ;)
11:52 AM
@DroidDev I cant :P
@SweetWisherツ oh! this coffee is so tasty :P
OMG @SilentKiller is bro :o n i was thinking u girl :D
read it...READ IT..!!
umm...@Sil ^
@Liza Lolzzzz, wht abt me ;)
@SweetWisherツ boy with gal pic ;) :p
11:54 AM
@SweetWisherツ girl :P
@B.rohitNare LOL...:D
so what weekend plans
I am sure you won't be able to figure me out @Liza
dont know :P@maveňツ
@DroidDev The troller
11:58 AM
@Aamirkhan I know you are not here now. But though for your old issue i found solution will be useful in future. github.com/kpbird/chips-edittext-library
@DroidDev hehe girl ? :P
@maveňツ you get the award of best guesser today :P
again LOLzzz
@Liza Bzzz.....I am a bot.
@DroidDev thanxx
11:59 AM
<--- Read my username
I am no human
:D evenings
@DroidDev where is my prize
@maveňツ well....I'd give you a plane, the one that I posted it here yesterday. But, sadly it is moved to Trash. You want me to look for it again?
12:08 PM
i m happy with my car .i posted yesterday :P @DroidDev
@maveňツ I can give you a car too. Just tell me if that's the prize you want...
@PiyushGupta Thanks but i seend that before some time
thanks for your effort
@Aamirkhan Oh okay. np. wel come bro!!!
@maveňツ but, that was also moved to trash :P
@DroidDev hmm ;(
12:11 PM
@PiyushGupta Lizza inform me to come here :D
@Aamirkhan Oh. Great!!!!
need to go now
available at Gtalk only
bbye tc
@Aamirkhan Ok bye bye
@Joe'sMorgue :P
@PiyushGupta I'm not awake yet! :P
@Joe'sMorgue Oh. Sleepy person
12:23 PM
I've given up on trying to code on this machine....Only a week and a half before the motherboard nightmare takes it next step [Hopefully will be done!]
@Joe'sMorgue Yeah. It will sure be done!!!
They returned it un-repaired before
ha ha :P
It's going to return about 3 months after I started trying to get it fixed!
@PiyushGupta Are you that same Piyush ?
12:28 PM
@Liza O_O are you wokey ?
@Joe'sMorgue I think i have seen that you have a major problem with your mother board
@RoshanJha No. I am Piyush Gupta
I bought an Asus. They have no customer service...
Worst in the computer industry, PERIOD
@Joe'sMorgue yeah. But in mobile development its a good !!!
@Joe'sMorgue Build your own workstation or get an Asus, that's like the golden rule, 'cuz asus makes good motherboards.
My asus been using for three years, still alive
Actually, four. It was installed on my lappy on 2010/12/18.
@SilentKiller he hee :P
12:34 PM
Yeah almost 4 yrs still 1 month 4 days remaining to complete 4 Year
@Unihedron asus is best.
@Droid what can i do now. :(
@Liza :(
Asus makes the best motherboards, but if you get a bad one, your screwed!
@SilentKiller Let's Come for nasta
I will never buy theirs again.
I tried to do an advanced replacement because they F'd up the first time. After two months, they decided not to do that [also, the board they reserved for me got sold, and they had no idea when they would get another one]
Advanced replacement is faster than sending it back in
@PiyushGupta no nasta in office time. :(
12:42 PM
@SilentKiller hmmm
@SilentKiller Will parcel you
@PiyushGupta Ohh hmm
@PiyushGupta haha thanks..
@SilentKiller Ur Wc!!!
@RoshanJha Hmmmm :P
@SilentKiller what happened?
sorry, missed it @Sil
12:55 PM
@DroidDev about @Liza's comment
@SilentKiller Ha ha ha. Worried about that?
@PiyushGupta not worried. happened first time with me.
@SilentKiller Its called mis understanding!!!!
miss-under-standing. :D
haha ^
@SilentKiller maybe he was trolling :P
right @Liza ?
12:59 PM
@SilentKiller ha ha. i was going to write this one. but didn't
Leaving Timee tatuuuzzzz All :)
@PiyushGupta hahaha
@SilentKiller write "he", I bet, you'll get your revenge :D lol :P
@SweetWisherツ tatuuuuuuuu
@droid lols. :D revenge. :D
@SilentKiller ha ha :P
@MysticMagic Good Evening Mam :D
1:03 PM
@MysticMagic Excel file work done which i asked to you in mrng.
@PiyushGupta congo
@SilentKiller For excel sheet i have used third party jar file.Did you use it if u have implemented it?
@MysticMagic tanku :P
@SilentKiller hello
1:07 PM
@PiyushGupta yup third party lib
@DroidDev that work not getting done
not getting whats the probs
@UnityBeginner yes ?
@SilentKiller jxl.jar?
bro facing a probs
@UnityBeginner I told you, either something is wrong with your keys
or something is wrong at server end (which I don't think is true)
1:10 PM
n accesstoken is p40BMA57gzCEtD++Yuzkdg==
check this bro
n pls help me
@UnityBeginner I told you to check for result==null in onpostexecute
not getting where i made small mistake
its coming result is null in post execute
Log.i("Update Response :: ", result);
in on post execute
that'll help preventing crash
that'll prevent crash
but yr result aana chaiye na
1:27 PM
@UnityBeginner that's why I told you to spell check you keys
in NameValuePair
or there might be a problem at server end
have you told the guy coding server end that I am getting response code 500
tell him that
and you might get it solved
i told him
n on url i tried
value is updating from there
don't know why it is not updating from hre
according to me and him its issue in my code
1:47 PM
anyways its my leaving time, we will discuss this tommorow
@DroidDev thanks again
bye all
1:59 PM
is that possible to get SID number of CDMA iPhone programmatically?
2:14 PM
sorry @Unit very busy right now
but saved a little time for this:
2:32 PM
@SilentKiller LOL.......Sorry bro my mistake! :P
@SilentKiller u dont sad..:)
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