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4:05 PM
I'm back!
Welcome back!
I fixed the issue
I just saw fge's library. It's like totally awesome.
^ good person
By renaming both files to random letters and characters
4:08 PM
@its_justjack Now it just gives a 404 when I try to upload something.
@ProgramFOX The uploader file doesn't exist anymore, I renamed it. You are using a cache'd version
tries to find uploader
@its_justjack Wasn't using a password easier?
@ProgramFOX I can only password-protect a whole directory.
Can't you exploit anything else?
@its_justjack I mean, implementing a password thing yourself.
NIght! ;D
4:14 PM
@ProgramFOX falls off chair spilling fine wine on self
@its_justjack okay, that's a no then :P
@its_justjack #define fine disgusting
choking on wine gnite!
4:27 PM
@its_justjack Is there something you'd like to be tested on exploits?
@ProgramFOX Can you find and exploit my cpanel/webmail?
Yup, can try that.
Finding is easy.
@ProgramFOX Found it yet?
@its_justjack Sure.
@ProgramFOX How's it going then?
4:31 PM
@its_justjack cpanel.mawersoft.co.uk
Did you get a valid username yet?
Probably its_justjack, but I can only guess. I found out that authentication times are longer when I use its_justjack than when I use another username, might be related.
I can help you: nope.
I haven't used that username on my website control panel anywhere
goes to read transcript
remembers that there was a username said
And yes, it's on the transcript.
And it is?
4:35 PM
Nope! phew
That's a database user that I deleted a LOOOOONG time ago
Bah, I cannot access the junk/ directory anymore.
Isn't htaccess wonderful?
Hint: You can literally just cause a php error to get the username
4:38 PM
Entering PHP code in the box didn't help much...
Your best bet is to find the uploader and exploit my ineptness until I delete it
yeah, the uploader...
@its_justjack What's the length of the new uploader file name (without the dot and the file extension)?
5:06 PM
@ProgramFOX That's cheating :D
@its_justjack I expected that you wouldn't say that, but it was worth a try because brute-forcing this looks... expensive :P
Hint 2: /home/x/...
@its_justjack I know what should be on the x part. But of course I cannot access these files.
5:25 PM
Got to go now, see you!
1 hour later…
6:37 PM
Anyone still online?
I'm here now.
@bjb568 Did you find any problems with my website?
@its_justjack I'm on mobile, will fiddle when I get home.
6:45 PM
@bjb568 KK
7:19 PM
To confirm, is this your site?
That's correct
Oh god, I'm talking to somebody in another chat and I'm not sure if I'm being trolled or they are the beginner programmers
He called a piece of C# code a script
falls off chair, for the fifth time on this chat
foreach(string s in log) { System.Diagnostics.WriteLine(log.Regexp('?v=*').ToUrl().HttpResult().ToInt32(); ) and you've got all your episodes numbers

Maybe a script like that could work for you?

Context: I'm digging through the Youtube API to dig through my history so I know on what episode of a show I left off on
Like... Wow
7:22 PM
Hey, can you link me to that?
That's not even a valid regex for this case
@its_justjack Me? To what?
I want to take a look at this guy's posts etc.
...xp('?v=*').ToU... WTH?
That chat/answer
Err... It's another site
I'll pastebin it
7:23 PM
That's not even valid syntax.
Oh, yeah, cause '' is char in C#
" = string, ' = char.
What a retard!
Not meaning to offend actually retarded people
7:27 PM
Is this teamspeak btw? Or something?
20 hours ago, by bjb568
@its_justjack Nav should be at top. Unless there's a real reason, don't make it position fixed.
What's the DJ bot?
No, it's Plug.DJ
The Bot is a bot that moderates the room
Ignore it
@Mateon1 Another WTH, System.Diagnostics.WriteLine...
Wow, didn't even notice that
7:29 PM
@bjb568 Why not position fixed, it looks better, and it's meant to be a footer AND navigation bar. It just works for me...
It's suppose to be System.Console.WriteLine...
What IS that place?
Or just Console.WriteLine
Why did you dare venture outside stack? YOU TRAITOR!
7:30 PM
@its_justjack Because it clutters up screen real estate with unimportant links, not to me and most people according to UX.SE (do a search), that doesn't work (must have logical separation of logically separate information). IT DOESN'T 5 MEEEE
@Mateon1 And obviously it has to be a console app...
@bjb568 Lol 'it doesn't 5 me'
@bjb568 Take a look at the bottom of User Experience and you'll see a bigger but non-floating example of what I have implemented!
I think links are []()


Where you can play with regular chat features (except flagging...
7:39 PM
@Sam FO
Is there a sandbox on StackExchange?
I have over 100 rep there
@bjb568 I feel the footer is so small and minimal that it doesn't take away from the page at all! What are you suggesting I change?
@its_justjack With clear separation, no main nav, and no fixed positioning.


Where you can play with chat features (except flagging) and ch...
7:45 PM
@bjb568 As I see it, the website is a clean way to explain my thoughts and the footer doesn't intrude on that at all. It's just a small and minimal tool for navigation!
@its_justjack Well, you aren't your users.
@bjb568 What even IS that?
@its_justjack Basic markdown for a page. Here's some CSS: jsfiddle.net/xk6gyppj/1
To be honest, it's not a commercial thing, it's a personal website to share my thoughts and creations with the world. My users shouldn't care less about the layout and more about the content. Most webpages I visit have a mish-mash of content that overwhelms the eyes and brain but I have a clear design with a simple navigation bar to progress through the website!
@its_justjack Well, what specifically makes you think having a fixed positioned footer looks better than a static positioned footer?
7:54 PM
@bjb568 If I had a static footer, I would have to create a header. If the header was static, the user would still have to scroll around to navigate.
@bjb568 It's just a simple way to navigate
8:11 PM
I am 15 and started programming at 7. How old were you and when did you start?
@its_justjack So? That's how the web works.
@MohammadAreebSiddiqui I am 94 and started programming at 7.
(94 may have came from under/overflowwing)
8:38 PM
@MohammadAreebSiddiqui am currently 15, started at 14.
8:49 PM
@MohammadAreebSiddiqui 17 atm, started coding ~2 years ago.
2 hours later…
10:28 PM
@MohammadAreebSiddiqui 13, started @ 6
10:55 PM
@speedDeveloper is there anyway to set the content of a iframe with PHP?
@MohammadAreebSiddiqui I am 15 and i started at 15...
^ lol
@MohammadAreebSiddiqui I started messing with computers when I was 5, by 8 I made a game in Flash (actionscript), and I'm 16
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