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12:00 PM
Health is improving. Sinuses worst in the morning, but clears up as the day goes on. It's 8AM now, so...
@Karl Health is overrated.
Hi @TheLittleNaruto :-)
The little naruto, best and cutest name ever
Hi @Sabಠ_ಠ
Heya ^^ @Unihedron
Thank you :D @Sabಠ_ಠ
12:02 PM
Hallo @Karl
Greetings @TheLittleNaruto
Welcome @TheLittleNaruto
Hey Karl,
How are you doing ?
Kind of surprising that message got a star...
I'm gonna change my name to TheLittlePein
12:03 PM
Wow! EVERYBODY is just piling into the room!
No way! lol
It's my effect @Karl
@Karl We're just waiting for @TheLittleNaruto to appear :)
I call it "The Sab Effect"
I'm feeling better than I did during the start of the week...
12:03 PM
Greetings @TheL
Hi @MuhammadRosli :)
Hey Muhammad xD
Hi @Karl, how are you? :D
12:04 PM
and @Sabಠ_ಠ welcome back
@Unihedron lol xD
Hi @Unihedron
@MuhammadRosli If you have any question, please post in the SO forum and tag it with . you can also try the oracle forums for javafx 2.0 and later
But it's fucking funny xD
@MuhammadRosli Greetings!
12:04 PM
Ty @uni
Spiced ham!
I'm gonna grab this fat guy and dance
What spam?
@Unihedron @Karl @Sabಠ_ಠ @TheLittleNaruto @BenBeri ssup ?
12:05 PM
grab a fat guy ? what does it mean ? sab
hi @Ita :)
Hallo @Itachi
So many naruto fans here ;-;
Pein is slim
What's naruto?
12:05 PM
I'm gonna change my name to TheFatPein
@Unihedron The CLASSIC "Press any key to continue" and the Apple ][gs computer
@ItachiUchiha nm u?
@Unihedron done
The room is on roll !
I like it this way
:D :D
12:07 PM
Yeah, why not? It's fridays soon ;)
It's always on roll when I'm here @Itachi
@Unihedron How is your school ? (BTW upvoted!)
Who brought the beer?
Sab, where are you from ?
@Karl I have mine :P
12:07 PM
@Karl noone did
I've been learning C# lately though. I'm in this burnout with Java. And my school life is doing well, thanks @The! :)
@TheLittleNaruto South Africa
@Unihedron he is too young to have beer
in a beautiful place called Cape Town <3
"I'm in this burnout with Java" ?
12:08 PM
@TheLittleNaruto and you? I'm guessing Konoha?
Basically, school teaches Pascal and Java, and I am a real programmer (and pascal sucks) and already have a bronze badge in Java, you know how that would go :)
@Unihedron Good :D
Bronze Badge?
@Sabಠ_ಠ Yes of course xD
12:09 PM
@MuhammadRosli @miniHessel heya !
@Unihedron What do people do now without bukkit? I heard bukkit is done
For more info visit here @Sabಠ_ಠ
@BenBeri Bukkit is gone for DMCA - long lived minecraft, but I'm done with it :)
@ItachiUchiha hey
Kumar =>India
12:10 PM
@Unihedron lolz, I have heard about this bronze badge all this week. I am getting tired :P
lemme verify my hypothesis now :P
Microsoft bought it iirc, you believe they will make it worse?
@Sabಠ_ಠ haha
I'm such genius
12:10 PM
@ItachiUchiha It legitimately let me slack off all my programming lessons and close questions on SO. <3
@BenBeri Mincrosoft also bought MineCraft :P
2Billion dollars
Minecraft will be such an epic fail now
@BenBeri YES - Since MS bought Skype, skype ditched the skype API. Not positive about MS buying MC. So I stopped working on MC.
Minecraft players will forget how to persson
12:11 PM
@Sabಠ_ಠ 2.5 billion - just imagine Minecraft on every xbox, microsoft'd be loved
@TheLittleNaruto AI :O
@Unihedron Are they gonna convert it from Java to C#. Is that the reason you are learning C# ?
@ItachiUchiha Rofl
I heard Minecraft is now for the Xbox One
12:11 PM
@Sabಠ_ಠ hehe! Well you forgot about me. The real genius is non other than.... myself
@TheLittleNaruto how much stats do I need if I wanna go into AI?
@ItachiUchiha You're mistaken. Microsoft likes C# over Java because Microsoft has .net devs. There has been voices that C# is like Java except better. I'm learning C# for another reason.
Bows to you Naruto
To be honest Don't Starve is going to be very popular once the multiplayer version comes out.
12:12 PM
@Unihedron I know they like C# over Java, that is why they will convert it :P
I've been coding Java for the past year, and am getting slightly burned out. Learning C# is a great opportunity for me to expand my scope, and plus I'd be able to help out Sam's bot once I get some C# basics. ;)
I misread, it's A1 not AI :'(
@Sabಠ_ಠ @TheLittleNaruto what was that for ?
12:12 PM
I thought Naruto was an AI bot :'(
I'm so disappointed with my eyes :'(
@Unihedron I can't figure out the Junit test :/
I've been researching if it's possible to implement ML (Machine Learning) in Java. Anyone want to spread some light or insights?
Go n Get an appointment for your eye-check-up
@Sabಠ_ಠ gimme the codes
@Unihedron why wouldn't it be possible?
Reminds me of my Poker bot project
12:15 PM
@BenBeri Yeah, I was mainly bothered with the scope though. It's more than an AI, it's ML!
Where I wanted to make a bot, it will learn about every player in the table
Do you guys miss my sexy jutsu ? xD
@Sabಠ_ಠ No, the code of the test you have so far
Is that your GF?
It's my transformed form to get your attention ;)
12:18 PM
@Unihedron I wanted to make a poker bot for some game, where it learns everything about the players in the table, it will remember all of his actions and decide what to do in every hand. I am not sure if it's ML or just analytics but it turned out really hard, and I had to stop cause i'ts way out of my league lol
I prefere femelles… :P
@BenBeri Gotcha - Well, I'm at the level where I ace every "senior programming contest", so I'm really interested in attempting that topic... It's going to be a fun one, and pushing my maths skills by forcing me to research more on a research level too :)
You're just like pervy sage
@Uni it's the same thing as befoe
I'm not even sure how to make it
12:20 PM
I'm practicing to be a dirty old man!
@Sabಠ_ಠ ...
I don't even know what to do :/
Please... Try to understand this, use a TestSuite ;) gist.github.com/Vincentyification/6c137bccf528c4b989b5
@Karl Then you must watch episodes of Naruto. ^^
Wait I'll edit it
12:21 PM
Okay :/
@Unihedron I wish I had all of these contests and higher level programming classes in my school :( Apparently it seems like I am the or one of the bests in my school (unless someone comes with the knowledge arleady like me). There are no high level classes for highschools, unless it's a private engineering school, that's sad :/
JavaFX why do you make things so complicated!
@Sabಠ_ಠ 1 create an object of the wanted type, 2. check that getName() returns what you just fed it with setName(). That is done with assertEquals().
12:21 PM
miniHessel, Does it ?
I've seen many of them, my son watches it...
I see, Karl
@BenBeri Oh no! :( Well, on a brighter note, school was zero percent helpful for me towards my skill set right now - I learned how to code since 8, with zero motivation outside that time where I met a 17-yr-old online who spew an essay on Javascript ECMA notation (we were chatting on irc). He seriously blew my mind and I was really impressed, so I dropped wasting time playing games and tried to make something out of my time.
I appreciate it . ^
You don't document your age in your profile, so I won't assume - but best of luck!
12:24 PM
@Unihedron Ah nice, too bad I didn't think of it before, started programming at 15 (with scripting, java at 16 or so), now I am 17.5 ;/
Well, it's never too late. Again, you can probably get a small part-time to build up semantics and experience.
Or contribute to open sourced projects to get a star or two on github.
I'm 551 months, 10 days old….
i basically started from the very bottom haha, from graphics to web development, to web-server development and then slowly went to java, c# with the flow
:) !
I started with ActionScript. The "Flash" version, before Adobe bought it and merged it with AX.
Oop, we killed the conversation which was going on.
Anybody have a cat as a pet?
12:26 PM
I have a parrot. We named him Parrot.
That's a cute name I have ever heard
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 22 hours ago, by Unihedron
@DroidDev I named my parrot Parrot.
We named our cat "cat", but in another language.
So guys, is there a way to pause/unpause an ScheduledFuture task without re-creating it's instance?
lets go for a Ice Bucket Challenge to the moderators...
12:28 PM
Lool, today is the "Talk like a pirate" day iirc
Why not "cattalk" instead? :)
I can't eventest the setName(String Name)
I'fe-a heerd ooff yuoor idees und zeeyr fery guud.
12:30 PM
@TheLittleNaruto faggot is a better name than parrot.... what do you think????????? :))
@TheLittleNaruto ye, referencing a ui element in another scene is a pain in the ass
I can't talk like a pirate, but maybe that's a good excuse to drink rum
Ay ay cap'n.
12:32 PM
guys I need some serious help here :'(
@Unihedron I don't understand your git at all :/
@AhmmadIsmail faggot ? why it is better ?
@Sabಠ_ಠ what part of the test you do not understand? The setup creates an instance, the actual test method creates some random strings, and checks they come back the same with getName(), as they were set with setName()
I have this method
I extended my class in my test class
Now I want it to return "Tests" if it tests to be working
Would you ever do return !!boolean instead of return boolean to return a true? if yes, why lol?
As long as the test method starts with test and is pulic it works
12:37 PM
So in my method I do what?
return name?
No, void, but use assertion to make sure your stuff works.
It's like assertTrue(boolean) or assertEquals(Object, Object).
But in set name what 2 objects do i have
I prefer annotating with @Test. I still start the names with test but the real tests methods are more obviously different from any helper methods that way
that's my problem
	public void testSetName() {
		String name;
		assertsEqual(name, )
it makes no sense to test setName() without testing getName()
12:39 PM
	public void testSetName() {
		String name;
		assertsEqual(name, )

	public void testGetName() {

It's annoying I'm so confused
I need to test if setName works and getName works
then if they do output "Tests"
so random so so random
oh, the randomness!~
the numbers are gliding in the air - the gaussian invocated everywhere
@Unihedron @kiheru how would you do it?
I see no requirement to output "Tests" in your previous description of the assignment
when i submittedit
"a test that getName returns the value set using setName"
12:43 PM
the automarker says the expected output was tests
JUnit tests do not typically output anything (or if they do, the output is ignored)
@kiheru There's an exception if you use out.println(), maven will print it during the test phase.
yeah, they can do output, but that's not what is tested
Just linking my question, to get some attention on it :D stackoverflow.com/questions/25888605/…
Q: How to reference to a element in another Scene

miniHesselI have two scenes, one who serves as a main scene and one who serves as a wizard. When the user clicks a button on the wiz scene, I want a new tab added to the tabpane in the main scene. The problem is that the program thinks I am referencing to a tabPane in the wizard scene, while it's actuall...

That answer almost got deleted, if not for inf salvaging it. :)
12:48 PM
You can delete it, it actually doesn't bring any info to the question :p
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, yesterday, by Unihedron
Would you like to salvage this, @inf? http://stackoverflow.com/a/25893788/3622940
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, yesterday, by Infinite Recursion
@Unihedron Salvaged
:) !
okay @kiheru and @unihedron
What does it mean to salvage a answer ? :P
12:49 PM
Welcome aboard! @Sabಠ_ಠ
here's what I tried &^
@miniHessel It means to convert a poor link-only answer with little to no explanation to a post with relevant information included with proper formatting.
Again, all link-only answers should be deleted or fixed.
ah, ye the answer was poor. But an admin reformatted it.
or "salvaged" it
Thank ye for getting me aboard @Uni
We're not a forum, it's all community effort, no admins, only mods, devs and users @mini :)
12:50 PM
but still, it doesn't explain anything more than variables, not ui elements.
A rather incomplete, but working test would be simply:
public void testGetSet() {
   CSC1016S obj = new CSC1016S();
   String testString = "foo";
   org.junit.Assert.assertEquals(testString, obj.getName());
No output at all, so I'm not sure WTF the program expects
Was it a good read?
ok, sorry, I meant mod :)
no, user...
ok :-)
12:51 PM
mods has a diamond next to their name ♦
Visit this page @mini, it will let you understand the community powers! stackoverflow.com/help/privileges
Ok, thanks
"No output at all, so I'm not sure WTF the program expects"
This ^
The requirement is so random
Comparing output

Output not correct

The expected output was:

Your program produced:
what a bunch of crap. I don't get it
12:55 PM
Don't worry, neither do I. None of the tests you're supposed to write require any output
how to I print an output if asserttru works?
Write on teardown, out.println("OK")
because if it's not ok, test will crash :)
so everything in teardown executed = test complete
is my junit test good though?
" for 1: each time we substitute a different program to be tested ... each program has a different error that will test one of the unit tests.
for 2-5: we test your program with our unit tests."
See this
I'm not even sure how to do it naymore :(
Migrated conversation to Room for Unihedron and Avinash Raj
1:07 PM
how would you test it?
1.30 hours I can't fix it :'(
test what? for the set/getName() I'd write a couple of checks for different strings. I have no idea what the automated system expects vs the output. You could try what happens if you add that output to tearDown, like Uni suggested
for 1: each time we substitute a different program to be tested ... each program has a different error that will test one of the unit tests.
New quote of the Java room: "Like what Uni said" :))
What;s a teardown
The tearDown() method called by junit -_-
It's annotated @Override for a good reason..
1:13 PM
I'd suggest using assertEquals rather than checking strings with == btw. I'd think it would be valid for the implementation (though stupid), to store a copy
@kiheru Yes, always assertEquals() instead of assertTrue(a == b)! :)
Unless, for some reason, an identity rather than equality check is required
but that's a rare case
It's so rare that you can virtually forget about it because by then you'll google it and find out about ==.
some kids are complaining they used assertequas it doesnt work
asserttrue worked
1:18 PM
Uni extended TestCase, which gives the setUp() and tearDown() methods. If you don't extend TestCase, you can still provide similar functionality with annotations. Like here: arianne.cvs.sourceforge.net/viewvc/arianne/stendhal/tests/games/…
i used assertrue from the beginning it didn't work lemme try assertequas
any one is here java developer
who knows xml
(@BeforeClass and @AfterClass are done before and after all the tests in that class. @Before and @After before and after each test)
@Kirti If you don't know xml, you're not a real programmer.
i am not java developer
i am android developer
1:23 PM
I have heard similar comments for so many technologies that I don't think real developers exist.
hello everyone
I am trying to add javax.swing.Popup component into JMenuBar it is possible ?
aray yaar i know xml but not in deep
Can you outline your problem to tell exactly what you need? I would love to help, but with the presence of an actual problem. ;)
I don't have all day to give a tutorial. ;)
@Unihedron do you know javax.swing.Popup component ?
@HArdik what do you mean by that? Popups are rather special
1:26 PM
@HArdik Popups are confusing. Maybe kiheru knows better than I do. :)
I haven't used much other than popup menues; but in general: they're not Components. So what do you mean by adding a Popup?
@Unihedron it like facebook notification image which show new notification so i want add like this when some update in my swing application at that time it will show me some update now get you idea ?
my ennglish bad so that :(
@kiheru is it possible in java swing ?
I don't know how FB does notifications, but yes, you can place a popup relative to any component, and with any content
You'll typically want to use PopupFactory
@kiheru so please give me suggestion
1:31 PM
can I put my whole code in this chat ?
@kiheru can I put my whole code in this chat ?
Don't. If you need to paste lots of code, use pastebin. But if you need to show lots of code, people won't read it
@HArdik use gist, pastebin or pastie
@kiheru my code may be 85 lines only
85 lines is a lot. :)
Anyway that PopupFactory page shows how to use it. owner is the component to which the coordinates x, y are relative to
1:35 PM
@kiheru pastie.org/9575426 please check it
This is wrong: popup = factory.getPopup(this, menuBar, 1200, 25);. Make owner the menu bar (I think that's what you wanted). And the contents whatever you want to display in the popup (such as a JLabel)
Whoa, you're faster than me @kih! I'm still trying to understand it :)
@kiheru okay. can you edit my code ? sorry for factory.getPopup(this, menuBar, 1200, 25) I jst trying to add only
And you need a way to hide the popup like the docs say. Maybe hide in a Timer, and when the user clicks the popup
@Unihedron the secret is not reading all the code :-P
I don't have the magic instinct yet. You're the enthusiast programmer here, and you deserve a medal. :)
1:40 PM
I have a class with my axes drawn using grapchis
now I added the axes to my JFRame
is appears
then I added a circle on the same jframe when I click a button
the axes disappear
Something like:
`factory.getPopup(menuBar, new JLabel("Test popup"), 0, menuBar.getHeight())`
It's not working
Panel contains axes
axes appear
now i add circle on panel on button click
button appears on axes
I drag circle axes disappear
how can axes not disappear
@Sabಠ_ಠ Panel does not do retained graphics. All that you want to be there, must be drawn in paintComponent()
@kiheru thank you
2:05 PM
How to renew security certificates in java control panel in java 6
Is there any permissions denied with this certificate validity expiry issue?
@miniHessel +1 :P
I didn't get any time to construct an answer
may be on weekend
@Unihedron I am seriously bad at asking questions :P
@ItachiUchiha Really?
One of my questions got down-voted after almost an year :P
Its almost 2 years :P
Aww. :P
Two downvotes
two ?
naah, just one
2:21 PM
........... You wrote this code?
I feel like throwing something at you after reading it.
for (//iterate for number of files) {
^ Best comment ever. It breaks the code.
I was new at SO :P
well, you cant erase the past !
You can edit to fix the problems though.
edit the question ?
I don't eve remember why I posted them :P
The only way to get your remote public IPv4 address in java is visiting a site (or any other server that can return the ip) like icanhazip.com and read it?
My tactic to avoid my questions being downvoted, is rarely asking anything, and only asking about so obscure issues that most people have no idea about the thing.
2:33 PM
@kiheru :) tumbleweed badge?
@Unihedron No, I have made only two questions. I think tumbleweed would be rather hard to get
Maybe you'll get it if you have a really obscure maven problem that not even the surefire devs know how to fix.
Probably needs to be on some low traffic tag. Any java question gets lots of views
Yeah, probably. And you have to be careful it doesn't become off-topic as well.
pastebin.com/9cY1L8UU best i could do :C
3:20 PM
ahh.. room is silent again..
@Karl wanna join for a drink ?
@kiheru m not sure about your age, if you are legally allowed to drink, you can join in :-P
4:08 PM
@ItachiUchiha I'm old enough. I'll need to eat something first though before it's the time for the rum I mentioned earlier
4:57 PM
@kiheru sure
5:49 PM
@Unihedron there could be lot of questions like this stackoverflow.com/questions/25938990/… could you find anyone for me.
6:34 PM
I'm back!
6:45 PM
Yes @Kylar, you are boring! :P
7:16 PM
c'mon @Karl v can include @Kylar in the drinks as well.. lets get to know him..;-)
Sounds good to me!
Lets first ask him.. @Kylar wanna grab a drink ?
seems he is AFK..
7:36 PM
Maybe he's politely saying no
I was eating lunch :)
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