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4:25 AM
Good Morning Everyone
GM to All
4:56 AM
gud mrng :)
Goood Morning Boss :)
Good Morning!
5:14 AM
gud mrng all
Good Morning
5:32 AM
New one Has anyone tried this ever?
same like parse?
Sorry. I don't know what parse provides
GM evryone
@Leena GM
@Praveen GM
@Harshad GM
Good morning
5:49 AM
GM to all @NitinGohel @Praveen @Leena
@Praveen parse provide backend for apps
@Imran GM
@NitinGohel Hi
@AnilPrasad Hi
@akk Heloo
6:02 AM
@Leena Ok. But, this provides RSO. Means we don't need to make a connection for any kind of webserver change. If you implement this, your work will be simple.
Remote Shared Object
6:20 AM
good morning everybody
posted on August 28, 2014 by Johann

    Featured iPhone Development Resources,iOS Programming Tools And Utilities,Objective-C     Featured iPhone Development Resources,iOS Programming Tools And Utilities,Objective-C I’ve mentioned a number of Xcode plugins, and early last year I mentioned a plugin for color coding your debugging console text that helps to distinguish what youR

@Leena vactor images editing ke liye mac me koinsa S/w
use kiya jatahe
@NitinGohel @Leena @iShwar @brush51 @Praveen hi Good moring...
@Coder Gm
which Tool we can use for editing vactor image file in MAC
Q: Detect the Airplay devices programmatically iOS?

rahul rajI would like to know how to list down the available airplay devices. After doing a lot of research i found that we need to use Bonjour for the same. We will be able to use MPVolumeView but i need to integrate some other functionality using the same. I was able to get the device name of the connec...

6:26 AM
no idea buddy
Hey everyone,
Has anyone used Parse (https://parse.com) to send and receive Push notification ???
it will be also done by Photoshop CS6
@Leena, @Yohan ?? have you guys ?
Hi @Coder vGm bro :)
6:29 AM
@iCodeAtApple nope yaar
@NitinGohel @Leena Good morning friends :)
Anyone else ?
@iCodeAtApple not me
@iShwar moooorrrnnniiing buddy
6:32 AM
@NitinGohel @Leena @iShwar @iCodeAtApple. Can we restrict Push Notification (PN) if i not login in app. Issue : PN is working fine in app once i login in app. But when i delete the app from device than install it again. that time i also receive PN. And there is no need to receive PN without Login in app.
hi everybody :)
hello everyone
hi any one know about detecting airplay devices
@Coder sorry bro no idea.
coder i think there is a method with which you can acheive
6:35 AM
can any one help to detect hashtags in arabic and english ?
enable push notification from the code use this inside the button action.

[[UIApplication sharedApplication] registerForRemoteNotificationTypes: (UIRemoteNotificationTypeBadge | UIRemoteNotificationTypeSound | UIRemoteNotificationTypeAlert)];

Inorder to disable

[[UIApplication sharedApplication] unregisterForRemoteNotifications]; NSLog(@"UnRegistered for pushnotification");
can any one help me in the following issue:

@NitinGohel are you there ?
@Leena @jpd @makboney @iShwar hello all can anyone tell me about this error
Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=3840 "The operation couldn’t be completed. (Cocoa error 3840.)" (Unescaped control character around character 4860.) UserInfo=0x176eb1a0 {NSDebugDescription=Unescaped control character around character 4860.}
sorry boss no idea
6:39 AM
@Leena Thanks. .let me try. But app have some functionality that i can receive PN with login and without login .. so if i restrict with login than event i cant receive PN wich should i have to receive without login. right ?
@Coder : sorry dude no idea... i am as well struck in PN issue :(
@iCodeAtApple Ohh .whats the issue ? but havent used Parse.com.
@Leena : can you tell me how do i write a AND query
please if you could refer this I've mentioned the silly issue there
@Coder first you said you dont want to allow user to recieve PN when he is not login, now your saying even you have some scenarios where you are sending PN when the user is not login :-/ isnt it contradiction with your problem. @Leena
6:42 AM
@makboney i already read this
@iShwar : if you could please help me with this :
@iShwar Ya i know. .scenario id typical .. If i restrict PN if user is not log in than general PN will also not come in device. App have functionality Public PN & Private PN ..
@AbhishekGupta this one?

actually can't say without seeing the response data
@Coder no worry bro, first decide the standard when to send PN .
Q: Cant parse multipart response on iOS

Batman4EverI am implementing an application where i have to fetch data from server through web services. I am done with web service integration where i'm getting multipart response, which contains data for music files(.mp3 or .mid), images and plain texts. I followed this stack overflow Parse multipart resp...

6:48 AM
@iCodeAtApple sorry no idea.
@iShwar : no worries ... @Coder : any luck ?
HI all , how to get device id's from my iCloud account?
any help?
7:07 AM
@iCodeAtApple what issue you are getting ?
if i use this query
[myQuery whereKey:@"deviceType" equalTo:@"ios"];
then i receive the notifications BUT
if i use this query
[myQuery whereKey:@"user" matchesQuery:userQuery];
then i don't receive the notification... if i try to use both still i don't receive the notification
please refer this pastebin.com/9F33xGPr
Hi,any idea on this ???
I stuck here from 3 days...

7:27 AM
@iCodeAtApple No bro sorry.. . PFPush etc .. . is the prase LIb class?
here are no space for you @all
you may leave and read our chat from view transcript...
7:57 AM
@NitinGohel sir
@Sport yes sir
aj bahut gusse me ho kya bat hai ?
@Sport hahah nope
i am very fresh busy on my work
@Sport thank you sir
lunch time :)
8:19 AM
@Sport hav u worked in OSX
8:35 AM
@NitinGohel hello
@Anjan Anjaan 'ah
Its Anjan here man.
@akk what happen
r u in india?
8:48 AM
r u in tamilnadu?
In tamilnadu, recently release anjan movie. which is hard to see that. that is poor story. if anyone forced to see movie. we wil leave that place with afraid. @Anjan
Does anyone used Google Analytics SDK for iOS ?
ha ha ha no
What is the purpose of it..?
@Dany u wil get more about Google Analytics from Raywenderlich blog
Google Analytics that generates detailed statistics about your website or mobile app’s usage.
9:05 AM
A: Google Analytics showing message: Bad Event Tracking Code

Nitin GohelI think an issue with you tracking code that have to generate with you google analytics account Here it is step by step description about how to Setting Up Google analytics for Your App step:1 Go to www.google.com/analytics. The homepage should appear like so: step:2: If you do not have a ...

@NitinGohel 1 issue che
@Anjan say
@NitinGohel me apple id no password change karyo developer account proper chale che pan iTunes connect ma nava credential jai chalta
@Anjan use eng
@Anjan that's not possible
OMG when did you apply this rule ?
@NitinGohel means
9:08 AM
that ituens connect and dev both are same
clear cookies
re-launch browser
i remove all history
then that have to work
check there is no active caps-lock
else go to forget password and try
with diff
ha ha i already check it
@NitinGohel 3 times i changed password but itunesconnect not work
9:14 AM
@nitin Can we get device id's registered with my iCloud account?
sorry but no idea with iCloud :(
@akk @akk no
9:19 AM
ok @Sport
i did not get chance to work with osx ,
@akk y remainding that :-p
9:35 AM
anyone used Parse for push notifications ???
9:48 AM
I need an assistance.
I have to fetch user's address book and save it to database, so what i am thinking is how i will save phone numbers to database as a user can have n number of phones in his/her database. How can i accomplish this.
Any ideas?
i am using Coredata
10:00 AM
A: At canEditRowAtIndexPath Method, reloadData of UITableView not work properly?

preetamWhen it comes to me, I analysed as below: As commented by rmaddy on Nitin Gohel's answer: You should always remove the data from the data source before updating the table. I feels this is the ideal way. If you are going to call reloadData, there is no reason at all to first call deleteRowsAtI...

@iCodeAtApple post ur question to SO. some one may help u.
alright @akk
have you used it bdw ?
10:18 AM
@akk ji hw r u?
fine wat abt u
good tmrw leave?
hi any one used MBProgressHUD for loading
@akk en ji sema kadupula irukinga pola
10:30 AM
appadi illa pa. aen suddenly asked this?
in Smart Developers' Lab, 22 hours ago, by ChrisF
@Prabuddha Please stick to English as much as possible in chat rooms. If it's brought to my (or any other SO mod's) attention that you're using Hindi in here again the room will be frozen. Keep it up and it will be deleted.
hii guys why i m getting this , i m unable to run my app
@Yohan @AnilPrasad @akk
and All of you
@NitinGohel s sure
10:34 AM
he he
what i have done@NitinGohel
@AnilPrasad ?
who is this guy
@akk mod of SO
you said @Yohan @AnilPrasad @akk
and All of you
10:36 AM
mod means?
moderator @akk
ok ok.
read above i mention smart dev message that posted by stack overflow moderator about non English message chat
@AnilPrasad cool man he just informed us thats it
good moderator. that is officer.
10:38 AM
okey @NitinGohel sir. i will remember
7 mins ago, by Anil Prasad
user image
click on nearMe
there is any option or project
@Anilkumar @Yohan here is Anjan
thier is edit,manage,new schema
Click on NearMe then edit schemes then select apprpiate scheme
10:47 AM
i m trying
Hi all
anybody know aytolayout constraints programmatically
NSLayoutConstraint ?
I need an assistance.
I have to fetch user's address book and save it to database, so what i am thinking is how i will save phone numbers to database as a user can have n number of phones in his/her database. How can i accomplish this.
Any ideas? I am using coredata
use possible number of maximum fields
there is no possibility, person can have n number of phone numbers
i am screwed what whatsapp is doing
@NitinGohel do you have any idea?
how should i do it
11:03 AM
@pankajwadhwa its very simple
did you got addressbook
all contact details
then create db
Yes i got everything
11:04 AM
then where is an issue
just store it
in to database
well think about it
i fetch my address book which contains only 1 contact and that contact have 4 phone numbers. So here i am thinking to create two tables with relation between them
one will be contact other phone number
@NitinGohel hello sir
@pankajwadhwa yes that's the good idea
@Bajaj good morning sir
now think of Phone number table
and as you know we have to provide attributes to model before we run app
now suppose i have added four attributes to it
e.g. pH1,ph2, pH3,ph4
now there is a 100 % possibility that another contact will contain 5 phone numbers
actuly i did not working with core Data yet
i used fmdb only
11:08 AM
@NitinGohel Very GidMng sir
Ohh Okay
sir firefox Os kya h ?
kuch pta chalaa
just store number with same id if one contact have multipel number
so you can identifier with each contact
@Bajaj dontknow sir
hiii @NitinGohel
11:19 AM
@Nisha hello
@NitinGohel i am using SMTP Library for sending mail earlier it was sending mail but now it is giving screencast.com/t/54HEixbZ6 or some times much time to process and not sending mail
check your internet connectivity is ok or not
and put rechability class for check that internet connectivity
i think there is you object going to be over Release
i have put that
hello all
@SantoshSharma hi
11:27 AM
@NitinGohel i have some problem in pickerview
could you guide me?
put the query here all are ios developer
i have added custom view on picker row and in this view i have added a lable and button and on button i gave an action but that action not call
here is my code
1 message moved to VOID
use pastie.org
for posting code here
i m new here
and check that some transparent view overlap on you button or not
if that load correctly then button have to click
11:32 AM
ok i check
@NitinGohel do you have used any other library for sending mail?
@Nisha not i used only the backend webservices
for sendingmail
@ok thank you
u Wc
12:31 PM
@NitinGohel @Leena @DhavalBhadania @Coder @Nisha @MoorthyTheBoss @Bajaj @brush51 @ALLL "Byieieieieieiei Friends Gn Tc Sd... :) :)"
byee @iShwar
@Leena have you worked with Fb sdk?
@Leena thanks
12:47 PM
@iShwar bye
@brush51 have you worked with Fb sdk
@Yohan yes........i have struggled with it
you know abt publish permisiion right?
@all how interested to join here hahahaha
12:50 PM
@NitinGohel you know abt publish pewrmisiion in fb sdk right?
for publish parmission you have to submit facebook app for reivew
at facebook dev site
that is new update by facebook
@NitinGohel am accessing user fb page for accessing that i have to req manage_page condition
so i have to use publish permission
should i go with review with Fb
If your app asks for more than public_profile, email and user_friends, then it will have to be reviewed by Facebook before it can be made available to the general public. Please see our documentation on reviews for more information.
@NitinGohel am not asking more than this three i only asking email alone so i should go review?
as documetn said then you must going with review
1:00 PM
@NitinGohel but it saying if i ask publish permisiion more than this three right
i did not submit app for review
but might ber for publish you need to review
even for one publish permission?
Q: Facebook SDK for iOS post on wall using open graph API

swifferinaI'm trying to post a message on my Facebook page and it works fine but the post is visible only to me. My friends don't see it! It seems like it's not "public". I have set defaultAudience:FBSessionDefaultAudienceEveryone so it should post to everyone, not only for me. Here is my code : -(void)...

1:26 PM
posted on August 28, 2014 by Johann

    Featured iPhone Development Resources,iOS Development Tutorials,Objective-C     Featured iPhone Development Resources,iOS Development Tutorials,Objective-C Earlier this year I mentioned an open source app personal movement tracking app in development called Theseus inspired by Google’s Latitude app. Here’s a nice step-by-step tutorial

@NitinGohel guruji
@RoshanJha hello bro
@NitinGohel Hi How are you doing
very fine
what about you
I am also fine
Mujhe bahot din baad aapke darshan karne ka bhagya praapt hua
1:31 PM
what about job how's going on
use eng otherwise some one read chat beside who are waiting for set flag on msg :)
1:42 PM
bye guys GN
2:06 PM
1 hour later…
3:22 PM
this is so weird Im placing a uibutton in a webview but the selector of the button is not getting call
3 hours later…
6:17 PM
posted on August 28, 2014

When submitting your app for review, you’ll be asked whether your app uses the Advertising Identifier (IDFA) to serve advertisements. If you indicate that your app uses the IDFA, but it does not have ad functionality or does not display ads properly, your app may be rejected. Make sure to test your app on an iOS device to verify that ads work correctly. Similarly, if you indicate that your app

6:46 PM
posted on August 28, 2014 by Johann

    Featured iPhone Development Resources,iOS Development Libraries,Objective-C,Open Source iOS Libraries And Tools     Featured iPhone Development Resources,iOS Development Libraries,Objective-C,Open Source iOS Libraries And Tools Some time ago I mentioned the WebViewJavascriptBridge for easy communication with Objective-C code from a UIWebView from


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