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6:01 AM
But isn't there any way of putting once in Application class?
i saw this..
@SilentKiller n aama kai samjatu nathi
read karu
method darek jagya e lakhvi pade em ne..??
e nathi karvu tamare.?
6:07 AM
@SilentKiller na, method to hu ek util.java ma muki daish
but darek jagya e eno obj banavi ne call karva ni..
etle puchhu k bijo koi option kharo?
k application level par j chk thai jay, n darek activity ma repetition na thay fn call code nu
@Dhruti to util ni jagya e method application class ma muki do. ne application no object to badhe male ne'
haan, e to chhe darek activity ma. hmm wait jou
ha to app start thay tyarej karo ne check. ne khali e j check karvanu ne ke rooted chhe ke nahi.?
@SilentKiller na na. every time user goes in backgroud n coms back, chk karva nu chhe
@Dhruti pan device root thay to restart karvo pade compelsory
so app fari thi j start thay
@Dhruti 2 type na root hoy
1 temp root ne 2 perm root
6:12 AM
@SilentKiller jo tamne detail ma idea hoy to samjavsho pls? i dnt knw
temp root ma user device restart kare to root nikdi jay ne perm root ma compulsory device restart karvo j pade.
ej kalto to. :P @Dhruti
@SilentKiller umm, so if user starts my app, presses home. app goes in bg, n user roots device (temp root), so user can come back to my app aftrroot right?
@Dhruti aa vastu TL ne kaho ke aam hoy wo start time e check karvu chhe ke each time. em kahi ne idea lo. :D
@Dhruti yup. but its not fully rooted. some restriction
@SilentKiller ha e karu, but e pahela mane jarak process khyal hoy to saru pade ne
1 min
6:14 AM
@SilentKiller ote
hmm jou
aavu boring vanchva nu hoy?
networking ne hacking ma aavu j aave. :/ :(
hmm :/ so user can root device temporarily without restarting, right?
@Dhruti ya
@Dhruti aa star kone kari.?
6:26 AM
me kari banne link ma pin..
so i can refer here if i dnt find again in googling
@Dhruti tame potani link kevi rite star kari sako.. :/
@SilentKiller star nahi. pin kari shako ne owner hov to.
@SilentKiller try on this message of urs. click on left arrow, and PIn item
Pin this message.
@Dhruti hmm jayou,.. nahoti khabal mane.. thheennttuu. :)
@SilentKiller weccum :)
@SilentKiller okies, so what m doing is, moving tht method in app class n as of now chking once in first activity's resume. after getting it tested, will ask tl for all activities
@Dhruti first discuss with TL then do.
6:31 AM
no, method is ready by junior, so i guess he'll tell me to integrate and check for method's reliability first
so :/
@Dhruti ohk but discuss this point also.
this will show your curiosity to work. :P
@SilentKiller :D
6:35 AM
me ene bolavi ne puchhyu, k do u know, this is wrong?
to kahe "Nooo"
@SilentKiller samjavyu. to kahe k amne to koi prob nathi avi testing ma
me kidhu k te last ma ek j setText karyu chhe
@Dhruti to ene em kaho ke e standard coding nathi
@SilentKiller samjavyu me.
ne mari ek activity pan batavi
ahm ahm.. senior senior.. :D
k aam textview, edittext badhu globally declare kari ne onCreate na start ma findview by id karva nu
@SilentKiller :P jao ne
6:40 AM
kahe, i ll chk this in weekend making a sample proj
me kidhu ok :P
good. :)
wait wait sambhdo
pachhi rakho to pan no problem
6:45 AM
no no :P done
good :P
hu avu rooted device goti ne.
7:01 AM
darek activity na onresume ma.. tl said
then do it. :D
ya. ek sample app banavu chhu as rooted device ek employee no persnl chhe./
tl wl talk to him, meanwhile i ll ceate apk to give him
na android
7:12 AM
shu ema?
effect wadu POC aapyu tu now final
i ll need this, may be. :P in an hour
@Dhruti different devices different methods.
hmm. I don't know at this point of time, which device i will get for rooting for testing, just saving link
no issues. :)
7:26 AM
you must not have :P
lols :D'
please don't. every one have different thinking
7:30 AM
@Dhruti even i too. but.. leave it
left already
lunch time
have healthy lunch, take care
To flaggers: Please don't go and look for age old question which are clearly not offensive to flag.
This is not a main room.
7:39 AM
which message was flagged? @NitinGohel
@SecondRikudo i found some one comes so for just flag
@Dhruti This message was flagged
if you got name of flager you have to take some action
See the one I replied to ^
@NitinGohel I don't have the name of the flagger.
And I don't have to take any sort of action...
7:41 AM
I recommend that you don't speak in Hindi on Stack Overflow chat.
Because obviously people flag.
Try Hangouts, or IRC
Trying my best
real now days some user of stack overflow its going to disturb every one who are talking realted issue
@SecondRikudo thanks..
I thought so. no issue. Gujarati is used by me out of habit when I wanna solve issue or ask doubt in a hurry
As its normal human tendency that s/he can think in native language or mother tongue faster than in English.
hum but he is just coming for searching from our group who where how talking lol
like our servant
Flaggers! might not have any better work.
7:44 AM
forget it just do our work
@NitinGohel hmm. no problem. leave it.. hungry now,... lunch time :) take care.. jay shri krishna
same too you
ba bye
I hope no one flags on JSK and Allahhafiz now.
8:20 AM
i dnt know need to ask a person who valid that.
@SecondRikudo are you there.?
can i know which of my message got flagged.? @SecondRikudo
you could have seen from link of inappropriate content in your chat account during suspension period..
i know you are just following rules as your mod at A&M but will you please tell me that message only.? @SecondRikudo
I can't see flags after they were cleared
Only a moderator can
I have no moderator powers on Stack Overflow.
However, look at the messages here and see which of them you haven't deleted
Approved flags automatically remove the message as well.
8:25 AM
I guess this wasn't deleted by SK
@SecondRikudo ohk buddy no issues let flaggers enjoy.
started work? effects POC?
after 5 mins.
ote = ok :P
8:29 AM
obviously I don't want flag on my style of English ;)
no worry who cares.. ;)
I was suspended for first time in chat :P but noticed it for 10 min only, as I was away for lunch ;)
hahahah i am experienced. :D
lolz. I guess I will be soon due to Fans and ACs ;)
8:34 AM
have you ever checked if device is rooted or not programmatically?
Prince done this
you just need to open any file from /data/data you'll get exception
those newbies have wrote 6 methods after googling and all.. and they are telling me that 5 are working fine and 1 is not
hahaha why.?
@SilentKiller hm.. no prob... tl told that i don't need to look into those methods, as my task is to integrate only
Don't know. they say, that its working fine in other friends' project but not in ours
Got new task... starting its r&d
go ahead fans are after you. :D
8:39 AM
o.O again?
hahah let them na.
But I thought I was using English :P
May be I forgot languages
which message, by the way? :P I love knowing that
i mean that let them do i didn't say flag arrive. :P
oh.... ote = ok :P
worked with geofencing?
heard somewhere
8:42 AM
P.S: I will google now. just asking
what does HVS mean? :P @SilentKiller not suppporting Pointers
C's concept pointers.
lolz. I was weak in that :P
me too.
9:02 AM
@Dhruti samples are available tried.?
@SilentKiller was copying that code in all onResumes.. will search now...
sleepy :|
sui jao.
no no... work work.. you?
@SilentKiller just opened it 30 seconds ago :P
hmm. reading.. brb. eyes :|
9:15 AM
@Dhruti we dont need to answer a person who didn't mean to us.
> You can also limit the duration of a geofence by specifying an expiration duration in milliseconds
means if I specify that, my geofence proximity receiver (or whatever its called) won't receive notifications after that time duration?
hmm... okies..
9:23 AM
have you tried that demo.?
@SilentKiller no.. I don't have to do it right now... reading first.. and trying to understand :)
as of now, my project manager hasn't given task officially. Requirements are also not so clear.. but I was free due to unavailability of rooted device, so my tech lead told me to read and understand this as its my next task
ohk ohk. do it or take rest. :D
no no.. he'll ask me what I understood and for demo by evening ;)
9:27 AM
duoble lols
why? :P
my wish. :P
double huh then :P
so no tnsn just concentrate on that reading
doing doing
9:32 AM
lols :D
read "Check for Google Play Services" in that link?
> Since you usually need to check for Google Play services in more than one place in your code, define a method that encapsulates the check, then call the method before each connection attempt.
why more than once?
I don't get
because user can install GooglePlayservices.apk while your app is in background mode so each time when you connect net you should check that
oooooo okk
10:14 AM
10:28 AM
what what.?
work. :P
doing that only! :|
10:35 AM
Q: how to use android geofencing api?

kyleewho may concern, i tested new google play service api. That is geofencing. i downloaded the sample code from android developers site(http://developer.android.com/shareables/training/GeofenceDetection.zip). i ran this code on android device(galaxy note2). i placed my office geo-position and r...

what what.?
uhu... starting other work.. here for reference
ohk ohk
hmm hmm.. you?
10:49 AM
same same
11:32 AM
how's work going on?
@Dhruti going good
@Dhruti n urs.? much busy. :(
hmm @SilentKiller :/
going good..
what happen.?
11:42 AM
work work..
you'll do it. do it wisely
hmm :)
@Dhruti :)
12:06 PM
@Dhruti hws going on.?
replaced almost all images, bg, n links which were available. awaiting for senior's reply on mail as we need a few urls to replace for this client.
@SilentKiller a query..
ya say
I have header & footer's separate xmls, and I am including in all layouts. Actually header and footer's bg color will be same and another sub header (which is in all pages')'s bg will be different..
What I have done is, created two separate drawables: 1. header_footer_bg & 2. subheader_bg,
like this:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<color xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android" android:color="#code">
code is color code..
want to know if I can keep only one drawable file..
and refer to particular color instead of drawable
@Dhruti how can i call JS function from android native.?
@Dhruti keep this color file in Raw Folder or in xml folder.
12:22 PM
+ userId + "', '" + name + "', '" + key
+ "', '" + id+ "')");
@SilentKiller ok
what is requirement if there is no webview?
How js and activity are connected?
Is it some different project's js to which you want to pass data?
@Dhruti PG to Android Native then back to PG how to do this.? done with PG to and wanna to reverse.
PG to android means? Is it one project or two separate project?
in Smart Developers' Lab, 24 secs ago, by SilentKiller
PG UI -> Android Activity -> PG UI
12:29 PM
> Is it one project or two separate project?
@SilentKiller see this example. I am not sure but I think that's what you want.
in one project.
1 min ago, by Dhruti
@Dhruti yuuppp tttteeennnqqqq
@SilentKiller hmm. welcome
12:42 PM
@Dhruti not working.
@Dhruti there.?
12:58 PM
@SilentKiller chking. tl n colleague wr here.. sorry
what's issue in this?
any error?
not getting data in js?
06:00 - 13:0013:00 - 14:00

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