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3:58 AM
good morning mates
4:10 AM
Good Morning All
Good morningss all
@N.V.Rao @NarendraPrajapati @hotveryspicy good morning.. @TopCat assalamualikum dostoz
@shihab_returns wa alaikm salaam va rahmathullahi va barakathu :D
Goodiieeee Mwngss :)
morning folks.
4:17 AM
Good Morning Everyone
@TopCat ya lil bit ;)
@NareshSharma Mrngs :)
@SweetWisherツ am little bit early :)
@SweetWisherツ salam bondhu... @NareshSharma good morning dostoz
4:21 AM
@shihab_returns WalekumAssalam
কেমন আছো সবাইঃ kaisey ho both : How are you
@shihab_returns please use english only
Gud Morning...
Good Morning Everyone
4:28 AM
GM to All
@iDroidExplorer Welcome :)
@iDroidExplorer access appeoved
Can anyone help me in this...
Q: Fetch Genre name list which have songs in it

iDroid ExplorerI am fetching Genre list from media content Provider of android using CursorLoder class. below is my cursor query to fetch the list of Genre. public Loader<Cursor> onCreateLoader(int id, Bundle args) { // currently filtering. Uri baseUri; baseUri = MediaStore.Audio.Genre...

@SilentKiller Thank you SilentKiller
Its long time to talk with you
How are you?
@iDroidExplorer Me fine buddy you say.?
@iDroidExplorer take snap of your question and upload here. your question is blocked in my firewall
All are fine.
Ohh actually i want to call query with in CursorLoader with which i can fetch the Genre Name which have songs in it.
All are fine.
4:32 AM
@iDroidExplorer ya whats the issue with it.?
I dont know how to call that query to fetch Genre which have songs in it
ohk let me check
ok Sure.
Just For your information. Google Music does this. But dont know how to fetch that data with Cursor Loader
Q: Display All Song From the SD card Genre Wise

Android123I am Doing Musicplayer Application. and want to show All the Songs with respect to its Genre. if possible then please give me some hint for that. i able to display all the Song With Respect to Artist and Album but Facing Problem While Going For Genre Wise Song. my out put is displaying all the So...

@iDroidExplorer not able to search for this as keyword songs is blocked here. :/
sorry buddy
go with Genre
i don't have matter with Songs
I just want the Genre that are not empty
4:39 AM
gm @shihab_returns
A: Getting efficiently the Genres of the Audio files in the MediaStore

ingoI'd take a look at how the excellent creators of ringdroid do this. http://ringdroid.googlecode.com/svn-history/r37/trunk/src/com/ringdroid/SongMetadataReader.java They basically start by retrieving the genres names and ids and using those they can easily create a content_uri that retrieves only...

@SilentKiller assalamualikum.. how are you bro?
@iDroidExplorer seen this.?
@iDroidExplorer check the Display All Song From the SD card Genre Wise this can help you
@shihab_returns WalaikumAssalam. alhamdulillah fine n you.?
@SilentKiller me good alhamdulillah
@SilentKiller thanks for the reply. I have also seen that but with that i am getting All the songs which have Genre and not. I need same thing to be done from the Cursor Loader. Because in Cursor Loader i can not call two query and to fetch only Genre which have songs in it required two query to call. Please check the same link send by you.
4:46 AM
@iDroidExplorer show your query
ok wait..
its already in that Question and image...
public Loader<Cursor> onCreateLoader(int id, Bundle args) {
// currently filtering.
Uri baseUri;
baseUri = MediaStore.Audio.Genres.EXTERNAL_CONTENT_URI;
String[] STAR = { "*" };
return new CursorLoader(getActivity(), baseUri, STAR, null, null, null );
String[] STAR = { MediaStore.Audio.Genres };
try with this.
but with that i am only getting genre with songs and without songs. My question is to get the only Genre which have songs in it
@iDroidExplorer how-to-extract-meta-data-from-media-file-in-android you can use this code and manipulate your songsList.
is you found null in MetaData remove that song from the list.
4:50 AM
@Prabuddha what kind of morning Sir?
Its always good ;)
and how was your yesterday evening.?
@SilentKiller yes but i want to use CursorLoader
good, better and best :D
Now don't know how to use it with CursorLoader
4:54 AM
@iDroidExplorer actully it is blocked here so can't search on it.
@Prabuddha do you have idea about this.?
Q: Fetch Genre name list which have songs in it

iDroid ExplorerI am fetching Genre list from media content Provider of android using CursorLoder class. below is my cursor query to fetch the list of Genre. public Loader<Cursor> onCreateLoader(int id, Bundle args) { // currently filtering. Uri baseUri; baseUri = MediaStore.Audio.Genre...

@SilentKiller need to check
@Praduddha please check if you can help me in resolving this issue
Good mornning :)
5:05 AM
Morning all
@Dory Good morning
@QuokMoon salam..dostoz
Mates, Last Nights publish this Wallpaper app.. when Free, give your valuable review :)

gud morning all
something for u guys
5:20 AM
@Aamirkhan salam vi
Good morning @ALL
@shihab_returns Walaikum assalam :)
@SweetWisherツ @QuokMoon @SilentKiller @TopCat Assalamualaikum @NareshSharma @PiYusHGuPtA @PankajSharma good morning :)
@Aamirkhan Good morning bhai
@Aamirkhan vgm
Morning brother @Aamirkhan
5:25 AM
@shihab_returns Walekum Aslam :)
@Aamirkhan very good mornning
@Aamirkhan wa alaikm salaam
@Aamirkhan WalaikumAssalam
Last Nights publish this Wallpaper app.. when Free, give your valuable review :) @SilentKiller @SweetWisherツ @Aamirkhan @QuokMoon @TopCat @NareshSharma @NitinGohel n all smart Devs
Hello @NitinGohel :)
@Aamirkhan Hello Gm bro.
5:34 AM
@shihab_returns in this app used app images is copy right contain?
@SweetWisherツ Hey hi gm
nope @NitinGohel
@NitinGohel :)
@shihab_returns very nice
good morning
5:36 AM
@Dhruti @NitinGohel Mrng
@shihab_returns Given :)
@PiYusHGuPtA Gm
@Dhruti GM
@NitinGohel 50% of IT industry is non-copyright
@NitinGohel Hows you?
@Dhruti Gm
5:38 AM
you first always :D @Aamirkhan
Q: Android Tag Functionality Customization

AamirkhanIn my application i am giving spannable to different word of single edit text, for that i am storing start and end position of different position on which i need to apply span method. like this i have used setChips method public void setChips() { // split string wich comma Log....

@Aamirkhan humm
@PiYusHGuPtA very fine
@NitinGohel Agree? :P
@Aamirkhan not full
@NitinGohel ok
5:39 AM
actuly that images are copy right but we change it :P
(y) @NitinGohel
i found best sorce of PSD images site
that have lots of nice free psd,vactore images
for me ??? @NitinGohel
for all
@NitinGohel thnks for sharing :)
5:41 AM
awesome.n awesome... @NitinGohel
@NitinGohel amazing buddy , thanks for sharing
@shihab_returns you welcome
@Aamirkhan you are WC
@SweetWisherツ WC
Gm evrone
Hello Anyone how to pass JSON array from client to server
5:55 AM
A: How to Send JsonArray From Client(java or Android ) To servlet(Server)

akash yadavAhhhhhh...Skip bit of extra work..for those who understand my question i am posting answer ...using that method what i have mentioned in the question you can simply receive JsonArray to Servlet.. put this into params as i mentioned params.put("json", jsonArray.toString()); and then for rece...

@Dhruti cheers seen it, not working in that way :(
@Dhruti very Good Morning...!!
Okies, Rohit, then no idea. :/
No worries thank you :)
6:20 AM
@Mr.Alien Welcome Sir :P
@SilentKiller ssup
any android pro here, in terms of core?
@Mr.Alien @Prabuddha @hotveryspicy @Dhruti
they are and others also..
ok anyone of you if active, tell me, why does my tab restart randomly?
also it used to crash random apps, like google + has now stopped working, hangouts has now stopped working, whatsapp has now stopped working etc.. ? all at random times
@Mr.Alien coz its alien's tab :P
also keyboard doesn't work for predictive text, its on but cannot remember the words I type
6:25 AM
@Mr.Alien which tab.? it can be issue with your TAB. have you tried with upgrading it or restore.?
never got such issues before, recently since 1-2 mnths this is going on... works fine since 2 days now...
I factory reset once and after that the problem somewhat got less
@Mr.Alien yup may be issue of any app which tries to manipulate with OS.
can be memory issue, too, if device becomes slow and whatsapp, g+ hangs
I think am clearing the cache these days regularly so it isn't crashing anymore, but why all of a sudden this memory thing started?
never happened before, I play tons of games
@Mr.Alien ohk do one thing install CleanMaster it will show you how much cache and other memory is filled up and it will also help you to clear cache.
6:29 AM
@SilentKiller I have that, also sdmaid
but wtf is wrong with predictive text?
@Mr.Alien i have faced the same issues when i deleted system files which are in my SD card
@maven lols
@SilentKiller killer i m not joking
@maven never deleted anything, all I do is play games, I don't even listen to songs
also, as far as I know
factory reset should fix
if I deleted or corrupted any of the system file
@Mr.Alien have you set backup option ON.?
6:32 AM
sync? yes
backup on google? yes
wow, now it says device is getting hot, cpu running 20% more then normal
@Mr.Alien u can do one thing ...swich off the phone .. remove sim and sd-card ..wait for a while ..then ..switch on phone ..without sim and sd-card ..open applications and see ..does it fixed?
@Mr.Alien hahaha as backup is at google it will restore your settings also. :P
@SilentKiller I don't restore when I factory reset ;)
@maven how would that fix? I think I will put custom rom if this shit doesn't get fixed in few days
try this way .. it works for me
6:36 AM
66% ram occupied, god knows what apps are running all day
@SilentKiller I read early this morning, no help
also that guy had switched off the predictive text, mine is on
@Mr.Alien go and check in settings-> apps-> swipe right it will show running apps too.
@SilentKiller wait
tell me one thing
can I roll back to particular update/
@Mr.Alien yes why not
use Odin for that
but that will need root if am not wrong
no way buddy
6:39 AM
ok thanks will check right now, I doubt this last update messed up my phone
may be/ which is latest of your tab.?
@Mr.Alien change is refreshing, but sometimes updates is crashing
running processes ^
hahahahaha nice one. :D
@hotveryspicy I dont want any updates, I am fine with just anything if my phone works well
whats the worst part, I cannot hear super hexagon music
music starts for a second and then it turns off
@SilentKiller let me check the v no
6:42 AM
Good noon all :)
@Mr.Alien yes, I too believe in legacy system. See "Clean Master" itself reserves around 20MB
@hotveryspicy lols.. kill it too.. :D
@Mr.Alien again same debate(fight) on Hindi.
ok, number is 4.1.2
@SilentKiller heh?
ok what is dalvik cache
6:45 AM
@hotveryspicy enjoy. :D
'm afraid whether it supports my SM-N900 (",)?
@Mr.Alien dalvik cache is a program cache area for the program dalvik. Dalvik is a java based virtual machine that is the bases for running your programs (the ones that have the .apk extension). In order to make access times faster (because there's not JIT (just in time) compiler installed by default), the dalvik-cache is the result of dalvik doing a optimization of the running program. Sounds confusing. It's similar to the prefetch files in Windows.
only difference, every app has it own dalvik
@SilentKiller fcking pro <-- don't flag :D and cool huh, I will try to root my phone, it will somewhat make it fast or I shouldn't
6:49 AM
@Mr.Alien lols don't flag :D
@Mr.Alien root doesn't mean that it will reflect the speed except you gain the access of system control too
speed all depend on hardware and also on application installed
@hotveryspicy so any benefits of rooting? apart from some more apps I can install which I cannot right now as I've not rooted it yet
I have hardly any app on my phone
I doubt its whatsapp
the db of whatsapp is 400 mb
400mb only for chat messages
no media
@Mr.Alien take backup of the conversation and delete the stuff
@Mr.Alien one is you can peep in to any app's database(not-encrypted)
@hotveryspicy I use python on pc to read whatsapp chats :D am bad
6:57 AM
no answer, I prefer you not to use abuse word and thats my Ethics
damn, 20K rep, you are an android pro, and me bookmarks your profile :)
@Mr.Alien lols....
@Mr.Alien its just another number, know me then Bookmark(Emboss)
i do i do. :D
@hotveryspicy I already know you, 2k points in android and 20 mins is enough to know anyone for me
7:00 AM
@Mr.Alien Nopes, I already told, a number can't judge as its not statistics study
@Dhruti hi
@hotveryspicy ejjactly. @Mr.Alien you can also call me Genius instead of SK. :D
@SilentKiller 3k rep, you suck :D
@Mr.Alien does it mean you the super natural as you have 61K?
7:04 AM
@Mr.Alien its just a number. if i get points in chats also then may be i was having 30k. :D
@hotveryspicy haha I don't even answer now a days, all the rep I get is from my old answers which are helpful for users... I keep giving my rep in bounties... p.s am not good :)
@SilentKiller haha I was kidding obv you know that, btw got a feature req for email extractor plugin, the guy is willing to pay
how's this guys.. some many answers in less than an hour
@Mr.Alien give me treat if you got pay. :D
7:06 AM
@SilentKiller haha sure, also, 400 users up for the plugin
@Mr.Alien 50-50(in terms of %)
A: Why is it better not to use RelativeLayout?

mavenWhat Is A Relative Layout? After linear layouts, which display controls in a single row or column, relative layouts are one of the more common types of layouts used by Android user interface designers. Much like other layouts, relative layouts can be defined within XML layout resources or progra...

@hotveryspicy sorry? you wanna split the earnings too? :D
I would like to know if I can reduce my reputation(to below 10k) or disable flag notification :P
7:08 AM
@Prabuddha pass few rep to me :D
@Prabuddha you can reduce your reputation to below 10k by gifting me 20k of bounties, and please do it soon :D
@Mr.Alien if you the person, judging things based on number then yes I love to snatch your materialistic(money) value
@hotveryspicy sigh
@Mr.Alien @maven lol, it look there are too many here willing to increase reputations :D
@Mr.Alien and what you will get? merely a number, isnt it?
7:09 AM
@hotveryspicy nope, you should know how to make that number -> $
@Prabuddha and hence they call me
in HTML / CSS / WebDesign, Feb 5 at 12:37, by Some Guy
Spoken like a true repwhore
@Mr.Alien is it the necessity?
@hotveryspicy not a necessity, its just another way
no, you dependent
well, can't comment on that ;)
7:12 AM
well, its clear as an Opaque glass. You dependent
yes I am ;)
Hello Angrezzz
@Mr.Alien how many number will you rate of your dependency?
@SweetWisherツ I will flag your message as you are using Hindi words :P
@hotveryspicy 99
@SweetWisherツ so you are back :D
7:14 AM
@Mr.Alien 1 is with me (Happy)
Hi,any idea on this ???
I stuck here from 3 days...

@Mr.Alien I dint left :/ You left
Q: Want to get Text from UIWebView with any method

SamI am loading XHTML file content in UIWebView which is in ePub. Now i need to get the Whatever Tex is present on screen. and the Files are coming dynamically so Text are also coming dynamically. I am loading whole XHTML content in UIWebView and with pageScroll in Java Script i am scrollin...

@hotveryspicy actually I would rather call it as a participation instead of dependency, as many of you over here must be from computer background or you guys must have done some sort of classes, for me, I picked books from local store and started learning on my own (am a commerce guy) so I participate here to test my skills... every new thing I learn, I put it here to test
@SweetWisherツ how would I ever leave you, who will bore me if I left you
@SilentKiller see, you got an english user here, so they won't get a shit of what you speak in Hinglish :D
@Mr.Alien who told you we aren't from commerce background?
7:16 AM
@Mr.Alien lol
Q: How to Get HTML tag which seen in UIWebView Screen out of all HTML tag loaded in UIWebView

SamIn my UIWebView i loaded the Chapter.xhtml file like this. [webView loadRequest:[NSURLRequest requestWithURL:url]]; and whole Chapter.xhtml is loaded in webView. and i am showing it with some logic of javascript in webview. float pageOffset = pageIndex*webView.bounds.size.width; NSS...

@Mr.Alien same here, we are also from commerce and studied from PDF's not even books :P
@Sam i think both are same question.
@Mr.Alien lets see.. ;)
yes but none answered....
so asked after 5 days
@hotveryspicy I know few of them personally, and they are not from commerce bg, also if they are, they did classes and all stuff to learn, I don't have any one to test my knowledge, p.s I don't do job anymore, I've my own company so its necessary for me to keep testing myself here, in a way I get to learn more and more
7:18 AM
@Mr.Alien and yes you gave priority/time for learning/testing, but I don't give priority to study as I'm too innocent.
@Prabuddha haha piratebay ftw :D
@SilentKiller do u have any idea ?
@hotveryspicy I started 2 years back..
@Sam i dont have but you should update question instead of posting new one.
@Mr.Alien wasn't having enough money to do classes and nor for study
7:19 AM
ok guys any tips or help rooting the phone? I can read many online tuts but I don't wanna refer an ugly one which will result in a brick and I need to spend money
@Mr.Alien have you searched on Google..?? :D
I respect users who learn all by themselves
@SilentKiller yea, found an app too
cant comment on legitimacy ...
@Mr.Alien hahaha then go with Superuser app
@SilentKiller thanks, let me check
@SilentKiller do you really own cs or you were kidding
7:23 AM
@Mr.Alien :P I am university champion in that.
so you must be having steam account
@SilentKiller claps
@Mr.Alien Not now. :P
so you are using pirated :D
3 year ago. :P
7:24 AM
@Mr.Alien lols it was University stream not my personal. :P
oh yea, they provide bulk licenses
yo. now you got. :P
so many games to buy so less money in account :(
@Mr.Alien O_o
7:27 AM
@Mr.Alien hahahaa.. can we have flag on this also as we are not chatting about programming..?? ;)
@SilentKiller nah off topic is just fine
hahaha :D
lunch time
@Mr.Alien Tc
7:34 AM
Lunch time.
7:59 AM
have anybody used parallax scrolling in fragments?
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