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8:00 PM
Joe Halderman's Forever War/Free/Peace trilogy.
Good night!
I actually find myself curiously addicted to the Star Wars novel tie-ins
What do you think of boost::tie?
I don't even know what a tie is
we already had this discussion once, I believe
oh that reference thing
I never used tuple anyway so
Did you simulate tuple<T, U, V> with pair<pair<T, U>, V> like a man? :)
never had a need for more than two
and I rarely need two, as well
8:06 PM
I just discovered a regexp for email addresses:
(?:(?:\r\n)?[ \t])*(?:(?:(?:[^()<>@,;:\\".\[\] \000-\031]+(?:(?:(?:\r\n)?[ \t]
)+|\Z|(?=[\["()<>@,;:\\".\[\]]))|"(?:[^\"\r\\]|\\.|(?:(?:\r\n)?[ \t]))*"(?:(?:
\r\n)?[ \t])*)(?:\.(?:(?:\r\n)?[ \t])*(?:[^()<>@,;:\\".\[\] \000-\031]+(?:(?:(
?:\r\n)?[ \t])+|\Z|(?=[\["()<>@,;:\\".\[\]]))|"(?:[^\"\r\\]|\\.|(?:(?:\r\n)?[
\t]))*"(?:(?:\r\n)?[ \t])*))*@(?:(?:\r\n)?[ \t])*(?:[^()<>@,;:\\".\[\] \000-\0
31]+(?:(?:(?:\r\n)?[ \t])+|\Z|(?=[\["()<>@,;:\\".\[\]]))|\[([^\[\]\r\\]|\\.)*\
](?:(?:\r\n)?[ \t])*)(?:\.(?:(?:\r\n)?[ \t])*(?:[^()<>@,;:\\".\[\] \000-\031]+
that's nice
oh cool there was this funny stuff flying around here for a second
evening all
what's new here?
@FredOverflow wtf??? are you serious???
@sbi reads books and has to get up early.
@TonyTheTiger yes, follow the link
> The grammar described in RFC 822 is surprisingly complex. Implementing validation with regular expressions somewhat pushes the limits of what it is sensible to do with regular expressions, although Perl copes well
note this is a simplified regex:
> This regular expression will only validate addresses that have had any comments stripped and replaced with whitespace (this is done by the module)
8:08 PM
that's crazy :P
I don't want to learn Perl, if it copes like that :P
Come on there isn't any problem you can't fix with regex...
to then have a new problem?
there isn't any problem you can't fix with regex
8:10 PM
if you define "fix" as "cause additional problem"
Actually, there is. You will see if you copy/paste this message: <(?:"[^"]*"['"]*|'[^']*'['"]*|[^'">])+>
browse reddit/r/sarcasm
no, no /sarcasm
regexes have a shitty design
Especially mainstream runtimes
8:11 PM
building a regular expression is "Did you remember the special character that means what you want it to?" and "I hope you don't mind endlessly repeating yourself!"
they desperately need an object-orientated API
see: yacc and bison
yeah, tell me about it
I just stopped using Bison because it violates DRY more than strict Muslims violate equal rights
@DeadMG If you want to find a backslash, you have to use "\\\\" :)
I should so stop using that joke
8:12 PM
still a hand written parser will always outperform regex
@DeadMG especially on a public forum...
this is not a forum
@JonathanDickinson But a handwritten parser will be even less readable than a regex, right?
and I also don't particularly care that it's public
if you make laws saying that women have to hide their face in public, then you get what you ask for
@FredOverflow nope. You can make some pretty readable parsers, e.g. Pratt Parsing (Top-Down Operator Precedence)
8:14 PM
an almost-religious debate in here, woah!!!
it's like using manual memory management and then complaining if I call it a leaky piece of crap
oops, forgot we're in the C++ room, which is a religious subject in itself :P
@TonyTheTiger How could you forget that? Are you ever in any other rooms?
@FredOverflow no, but I'm on other sites... lulz
@TonyTheTiger betrayer!
8:17 PM
just realized I have about 40 tabs open right now, damn
Wait! I fail, regex is more a scanner than a parser. Anyway on to other topics... :)
Hi everyone, I'm Steve Jobs, and I'm here to introduce the iFail
man, I got an answer on Programmers.SE with over 100 upvotes
@DeadMG link or didn't happen
8:19 PM
A: Should I remove unreferenced code?

DeadMGMost of your reasons to keep it are utterly irrelevant, put simply. If the code isn't used, throw it away- any benefit involved in keeping it can be trivially derived from source control. At most, leave a comment saying which revision to find it in. Quite simply, the sooner you cut the code, the...

Does Programmers.SE even have 100 members? :)
105 upvotes for a two-paragraph answer? not bad :)
oh, there's way more rep available on Programmers than on SO
hahah really? I'm missing out then?
I don't even have a 100-upvote answer on SO
the thing is that on SO, everyone is in their own niche with technology or tools
whereas on Programmers, everyone is interested in nearly every question
Right. I guess I should take my rep-whoring to Programmers.SE then.
@DeadMG by the way, I just upvoted that :)
8:23 PM
@AlfPSteinbach Sorry, I went away for a bit. As I understand it, the 'shrimps on a treadmill' thing is a lot of hot air. Some journalist inquired on some particular research on shrimp that required developing shrimp treadmills, and blew it up out of proportion as if the whole project was about those treadmills in the first place. It snowballed from there as an 'example' of government waste.
(A project that was using research grants.)
and my university course
I did some prolog while at college, I don't really remember any of it, but it wasn't that bad, is it?
It's just a completely different programming paradigm
yes it really is that bad
you can't even do simple things like composite functions together, or define structures, and it's dynamically typed
8:28 PM
dynamically sized lists, where you can only access the head element at a time, are not tremendously helpful to build an entire damn program from
you have to try and make the VM prove the result you want
Yeah, those things are a cons.
and there's no lambdas or anything like that
Can you provide the description of one of the simplest (I am all rusty, as a matter of fact I will have to even look at the syntax again) problems you have?
Just for the fun of trying
Q: Function inputs and outputs in PROLOG

DeadMGI'm building some relatively simple functions in PROLOG that take one input and one output. For simplicity, something like func(List, Item, [Item | List]). Now, I've got code that will call several of these functions in a row and pass the result on. The issue is that I have to keep creating ne...

You might be trying to apply the wrong paradigm there... what is the high level description of the problem to solve?
8:34 PM
well, it's pretty simple
I want to pass the result from one predicate into another without having to have an intermediary variable
oh yeah
Do predicates even have results? :)
another in my endless list of gripes about PROLOG
it can vary your data types depending on what you name your variables
and general shit like that
plus, it's hard as hell to find any kind of reference- all the references seem to point only to specific implementations
Have you ever heard about the rule of the 5 whys?
Basically it says that to fully understand a problem you must track it's root with at least 5 why's to find the root cause of the issue
8:40 PM
I'll tell you what the root cause of the issue is right now
Why does Prolog suck so much? There, I did it with one "why".
because whoever invented PROLOG was too busy jerking off to how logical it was and not busy enough making sure that it was actually useful or helpful to program in
lol... it is actually answering the why's, not having the questions
it was two frenchs guys iirc
My feeling (again, I was never an expert and the few I knew was long ago) is that you have to think differently, stating that you want to pass the arguments of your predicate to another predicate sounds alien to the language
8:42 PM
@DeadMG Do you have a book an Prolog?
he he
you need clocksin und mellish
otherwise, you are in same situation as Tina was, endlessly asking, refusing to follow any book
@AlfPSteinbach and you do know quite a bit about that... btw, what happened to her?
don't think I can find any German PROLOG book helpful
@DavidRodríguezdribeas She was exposed as a fraud or something.
8:44 PM
@David: she moved over to Facebook and groups there
@DeadMG What about an English book on Prolog?
except I have absolutely no desire to learn PROLOG
This is the guy who invented Prolog:
I find that relevant :P
@FredOverflow what does it mean that she was exposed as a fraud? Was she a top-notch C++ expert and she fooled us all?
8:47 PM
@DavidRodríguezdribeas No, she was actually a he.
@DeadMG Wait, the sign does not seem to say "Alain", more like "Jean". I guess it's not him after all.
Well, that is something that came along quite some time ago... I think it slipped out from a discussion with Jeff (was he?), and was discussed here, but some time later (s)he was still around under a different name
Have you heard, Stephen King is writing a sequel to "it". The working title is "*it - dereferencing the beast".
8:49 PM
@FredOverflow "Jean" is both girl and boy name
Or what really happens when you dereference the end iterator.
@AlfPSteinbach Okay, but "Jean" certainly is no alias for "Alain", right?
i don't think so, no
And this is the man that brought as all together and made us happy:
So many things to adore on that picture!
8:52 PM
them monitors
Long white socks.
Is that a He-Man figure on his bookshelf?
diploma or something on the wall
here's a question
@FredOverflow I doubt that.
The mouse looks really ancient.
8:53 PM
if you do wriite("Something") in prolog, why the hell does it list the ASCII character values on the output instead of actual text?
@DeadMG Maybe it has no char type? lol
never mind
Why do I find this picture when I google for Bjarne? :)
apparently, "" is a list of ASCII characters, and '' is a string
8:54 PM
how unhelpful
looks pretty much the same as the other picture to me, just older
That's not Bjarne is it?
No, it's James Gosling as far as I can tell :)
says james gosling in url he he
yay i won
8:57 PM
Wait, is that the same picture? God, my monitor sucks!
ok reposting
Thanks, I had nearly forgotten about it.
by the way
does anyone have a recent, up-to-date picture of James Gosling?
8:59 PM
who is that in the picture?
@FredOverflow It's James Gosling.
how does he look like?
user image
Oh, 7 pictures of James. That's like, Java 7, you know.
And still no lambdas.
How come that I only see pictures of that guy in the C++ lounge
9:00 PM
google found him when I searched for Bjarne
@FredOverflow Ugly as they are, anonymous types in Java are a bit of the way there... the need for lambdas is lower when you can create types in-place... not a full substitute, nor a good one, but... heck, years sooner than C++
okay, quiz time, who is that?
The for each syntax also helps a little.
Doug Gregor
owned by search-by-image
9:03 PM
TinEye failed me on this one :(
@DeadMG hey, no cheating!
next try:
I don't even know who Doug Gregor is.
Matt Austern
@StackedCrooked Me neither
9:05 PM
HI every one .. I am working on suffix arrays . I want to use sentinels or seperators for each string like abcd$abcd#pqrs$pqrs#..... lexicographical order should considere $ < all strings < # ..any clue how do i program it ..im new to c++ programming ..any sugestions and help will be greatfull thank you
okay, the next one is hard:
it's sbi!
It's Gorilla.
we have a winner!
Let's make it a little harder, but easier than before:
9:07 PM
I never before used calendar gadget in Windows 7. Then now when I activated it's all just orange.
according to help docs, i have to use command prompt to register vbscript dll
how unstable can an OS be?
@StackedCrooked never seen that guy
i mean it's just weeks old, and i never used that thing (or vbscript)
@FredOverflow lol, neither have I really
It's Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft.
apropos Microsoft:
That looks gay.
9:10 PM
You already got the first two letters correct!
Or even the first syllable :)
Bill Gays?
Ga(y)tes :)
Gayus Baltar
Okay seriously, if you don't know that guy, get out!
9:13 PM
> I find OOP technically unsound. It attempts to decompose the world in terms of interfaces that vary on a single type. To deal with the real problems you need multisorted algebras - families of interfaces that span multiple types. I find OOP philosophically unsound. It claims that everything is an object. Even if it is true it is not very interesting - saying that everything is an object is saying nothing at all.
> I find OOP methodologically wrong. It starts with classes. It is as if mathematicians would start with axioms. You do not start with axioms - you start with proofs. Only when you have found a bunch of related proofs, can you come up with axioms. You end with axioms. The same thing is true in programming: you have to start with interesting algorithms. Only when you understand them well, can you come up with an interface that will let them work.
pretty hardcore
I totally agree
generic > OOP
@DeadMG I honestly can't remember the last time I used virtual...
o... k...
9:15 PM
@StackedCrooked I saw that on reddit, and it scared the shit out of me, almost had a heart attack
@TonyTheTiger What did you see, a template meta program? :)
Templates .... at runtime!!
I've used virtual because C++'s template implementation sucks balls for heavy usage- or changing stuff at run-time
9:17 PM
What is the C++ template implementation an implementation of?
generic programming
@DeadMG I'm probably gonna use virtual when fleshing out my shared_ptr toy clone.
oh, a video with Matt:
(he starts talking somewhere around 16:42)
@FredOverflow that link that @StackedCrooked put up, just put on the sound on your PC and scroll down that page...
no thanks, i'm too old for heart attacks :)
9:23 PM
@TonyTheTiger omg i just died
Somebody star it so we can share the joy :)
@StackedCrooked star what?
@FredOverflow you clicked it??!!! Hahahah :P
the horror web page
9:27 PM
enough dying for one evening
Does CMake recognize -DBOOST_INCLUDE_DIR automatically, or do I have to edit the CMakeList to accept it?
@TonyTheTiger that one wasn't particularly scary :)
oh nice, Donald Knuth 2011!
@DeadMG Say, have you ever seen this guy?
9:30 PM
no results found
<h1>No Results Found</h1>
<p>The page you requested could not be found. Try refining your search, or use the navigation above to locate the post.</p>
Markdown fubar'd the link: eazyman.com‘fat-guy’-in-the-backgrounds-of-every-newscast/
As you can see...
I guess that really conveys it
is that what all the women say to you @Tony?
Going back a few questions, the picture you showed as the inventor of Prolog was Jean Ichbiah -- but he invented Ada, not Prolog.
@JerryCoffin How did you figure?
9:45 PM
@FredOverflow I think the "Jean Ichbiah" on his name badge may have helped...
@JerryCoffin I was unable to decipher it.
It's possible I'm wrong about it reading Jean Ichbiah (though I'm pretty sure). He doesn't look much like Alain Colemaurer though.
9:49 PM
@StackedCrooked That's not James Gosling!
It is.
Look closer.
that's the seat, it's not a penis
@DeadMG euh, whatever I reply to this could be taken wrongly, so I chose not to say anything.
anyway, i had a "combi" bike like that when i was a kid
i think parents should be punished if they buy such "combi" bike to their kid(s)
9:51 PM
@AlfPSteinbach I hadn't even noticed that until you mentioned it
@AlfPSteinbach spoilsport!
@TonyTheTiger You're just afraid to say "yes" :D
Who's the guy in the middle?
9:52 PM
@DeadMG lol
@JerryCoffin You're saying the tests were rigged?
@sbi I guess I need to qualify American Public sector vs. European Public sector. Apparently there are major differences in adequacy.
9:58 PM
> ABBA: The Album sold an unprecedented million copies in Poland in 1977, exhausting the country's entire allocation of foreign currency.
10:20 PM
@StackedCrooked: Where from is that?
10:32 PM
@FredOverflow I don't get the first one. I never made it a point to have a set of interfaces and one single type?
An example would be iterators. Not the input/output - forward - bidirectional - random access taxonomy -- but for instance the single-pass vs multi-pass + access category taxonomy.
The former is 'unidimensional', where each further category is a refinement of the previous. The second is two dimensional.
That's what I get from 'multisorted algebra'.
@Xaade "Rigged" implies intent, which I doubt.
11:10 PM
What's so special about Gosling?
nothing is special about Gosling
it was just an extremely brief meme to post his picture over and over again
@JerryCoffin To guarantee a statistical outcome in the case of a test, there are two options that I can think of. Design a test that guarantees the outcome giving knowledge of the statistical distribution of student performance. Cherry pick the sample data.
And flood the starboard.
If I hadn't cleaned it, sbi would be all over you!
I did not place a single star on any link to his picture
You know how sbi gets angry when someone stars something which he finds star-unworthy.
And the whole "self-contained witty comment" thing.
I should get some sleep.
11:16 PM
fine by me because I'm the Lord his God and he would never dare to be angry at me
6 mins ago, by DeadMG
it was just an extremely brief meme to post his picture over and over again
that is lol
I also found it very hilarious
so you not sleepy yet?
Gosling ALL the chat messages!
or still battling with PROLOG?
11:19 PM
fighting PROLOG
it refuses to behave how I expect it to even in the most trivial of circumstances
plus, I'm really feeling kinda sick and therefore doubt my ability to sleep right now
ugh, that must suck
I'm actually attempting to write in exception handling
as you can imagine though, PROLOG does not make it as simple as try { } catch(...) {}
I'm learning about GNU Toolchain, for potential job :)
11:41 PM
yes, this could turn out to be quite cool if I get it
but I fear it's gonna be a really hard interview
just remember
grow some balls
when the interviewer asks you a question, and you don't know the answer, make the interviewer take the question back
demand to see his manager
get your engineer to make some explosive questions and burn the interviewer's house down
@DeadMG not sure if that's a good idea

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