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7:29 AM
Q: Matlab is showing my vector with a constant scalar

abelenkyI have an array (row-vector) in Matlab, that is getting shown scaled by a constant factor: >> soc_poly soc_poly = 1.0e+04 * [-0.1830, 0.4438, 0.1271, -1.4456, 1.9293, -1.2155, 0.4168, -0.0806, 0.0097, 0.0079] (I added [ ] and , for clarity) I don't want view the entire thing as multipli...

Could I get a second opinion about this question? I voted to close the dupe (and downvoted the answer as it's wrong), OP seems to disagree
7:55 AM
In my opinion decimals are decimals, whether they arise because their magnitude is actually smallr than 1 or they arise through scientific notation.
8:09 AM
@Adriaan easy to check. See if it fixes their use case.
Custom types might have custom printing
As they define it, it's a double array. I already verified it. format long, as the answer suggests, doesn't work (see my comment), format longG (or shortG for that matter, as there are no decimals) work
@AndrasDeak stackoverflow.com/posts/62059755/revisions do I start a rollback war? ...
Then I don't get it
Dude just removed fences+Python from the Python snippets, didn't fix anything else. I reverted and did do that
@Adriaan never
Flag for mod when you'd roll back a second time
@AndrasDeak It does fix their issue. I think they don't agree with it being a dupe as they consider integers and know what scientific notation is, which is the main part of what the target does.
8:19 AM
If that's the case they're wrong since they would be happy with a sci array. Perhaps they don't realize it helps them. Or their use case is weird. Get them to clarify.
It looks like they just want their stuff to be displayed in integers in the command window. Which is exactly what format longG does, as mentioned and demonstrated. I'm unsure what I can ask them further to prove it's not a dupe. I guess I'll just delete vote in a few days.
"I'd even be happy if each element of my array was in sci.notation". But format long G should do that. Can you confirm that this setting does not solve your problem? Editing your question with corresponding output would help resolve this. — Andras Deak 50 secs ago
@AndrasDeak longG is without white space
@AndrasDeak haha, thanks, OP did it themselves now :p
@AndrasDeak all that I can think of is that they don't have -0.1830e4 but rather -0.183015874589e4 or something, messing up their display. In that case no amount of format is going to help you; you either need to brute force with format longG; round() or stuff like fprintf(%.0f,array)
Ah, that Python edit was probably also to fix the indentation in the def parts. That'd never be allowed, because it might inadvertendly fix a typo.
8:40 AM
@Adriaan huh. I know about long g that accepts space
@Adriaan yup
@AndrasDeak oh, technically this would be shortE, that uses scientific notation on a per-element basis.
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11:40 AM
> You can insert a space between short or long and the presentation type, for instance, format short E.
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12:50 PM
posted on May 28, 2020 by Loren Shure

R2020a is upon us! Do you read the release notes? Today's guest blogger, Toshi Takeuchi, apparently does, and he would like to share some new tricks using one of the new features. He also discusses sharing your code as a MATLAB app, since it is not easy to collaborate with people directly these days.... read more >>

Those red words are ... interesting for the company
A: 2020 Developer Survey results feedback

AndyI'm still reading through the results, but this one stuck out to me because welcoming new users has been important for a long while now. So let's start here: More than 15% of people find Stack Overflow at least somewhat more welcome than last year. We still have work to do, but it’s a start. ...

It's an interesting analysis that company dude writes in here. Basically people are happy with SO because it helps them, and those unhappy with SO are unhappy with the comapny and how it's dealing with Monica, Shog9 etc
"shog9" <3
My take from the word graph is that new users are happy bunnies on the site since they learn stuff and get answers, whilst established users are unhappy with decision making on company level for various reasons. I doubt this is a sustainable model, as you need subject matter experts (which I roughly conflate to established users here) to help the new users coming in. — Adriaan 1 min ago
My summary of that graph
hm, that's not entirely correct. There's no mention of how long users have been on the site. I do think though that this shows a separation between engaged (meta-)users who followed the shitstorm, and "the rest" who's just here for answers
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2:21 PM
@AndrasDeak do you know of a (looped-) way to add multiple sequentially named figures to a LaTeX document? I have figures called "height_100.eps" to "height_6500.eps", and the boss wants all of them in the PDF...
I could of course copy the figure environment 65 times, but I'd rather just loop once over all files
2:38 PM
If you just need them in a pdf
@AndrasDeak hmm?
3:17 PM
@Adriaan if the sole purpose of the document is to insert a lot of eps files, use the command-line tool pdfjoin (pdfjam)
otherwise you can use a latex loop but I don't know how those work (I've only used tikz loops)
aight, thanks
pdfjoin is no longer in apt, but it's in an additional extra package, and it just uses pdfjam in a simple way
it's at github.com/DavidFirth/pdfjam-extras/blob/master/bin/pdfjoin which means the simplest call to pdfjoin pdfjoin *.pdf is pdfjam --fitpaper true --rotateoversize true --suffix joined *.pdf
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4:43 PM
@Adriaan imagemagick should also work
that would convert eps to raster I think
5:29 PM
oh I didn't know about that
it just lost a little bit of its magick
it's still magical, you just have to keep this in mind

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