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posted on March 08, 2021 by Johanna Pingel

This is a guest post from Laura Martinez Molera, MathWorks Marketing lead for Machine Learning and Data Science. We’re thrilled to be recognized by Gartner as a “Leader” for the second year in a... read more >>

@Feeds seriously, what kind of BS is this? actually I don't even wanna know
@flawr mathworks has 15 more vision
Marketing and ML in the position name so...
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3:02 PM
It's worse than those D&D diagrams!
3:13 PM
@flawr It’s marketing. Why are you surprised? All companies do this. You’re mentioned somewhere by someone else, you milk the shit out that.
Whether it’s meaningful or not.
I guess I'd just be a horrible business person.
I am too. I hate selling stuff. Which is why I also dislike writing grant applications so much, that is all about selling.
I'm tempted to draw a regression line.
@CrisLuengo Right?
And I feel like in science you can be a horrible scientist but still have great "scientific success" by attracting the right people and being good at selling your stuff.
And at the same time I have the impression there would be great scientists who are just terrible at getting funding.
But it is not something you get taught
That is very much so. There's a ton of bad scientists that get lots of funding. I personally have met several of them. Big, smooth, empty babble when they present something.
3:42 PM
@CrisLuengo tell me about it....
Try editing a post... I'm using firefox and I have to guess where I'm typing
I think I just found a workaround for this... Split screen functionality
3:59 PM
@Dev-iL After clicking on the "edit" button for a post, I need to dismiss the keyboard, then select the edit box again. This brings the edit box to be above (==higher on the screen) than the keyboard instead of underneath (==hidden by) it.
I use Safari on iPhone, which might yield different results than Firefox.
4:10 PM
Q: Why does range(start, end) not include end?

CloudMeta>>> range(1,11) gives you [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10] Why not 1-11? Did they just decide to do it like that at random or does it have some value I am not seeing?

What do you all think about that discussion?
I'm asking because MATLAB does include the end value of a range. Is this confusing?
The only technical argument I can come up with to prefer the one over the other is that, if the largest integer you can represent is N, then range(M,N) does not include that largest integer, and range(M,N+1) doesn't work. How do you include N in the range?
This is a rather niche issue. All other arguments are purely aesthetic, I think.
So the only thing remaining is: what feels for more natural? Is what feels natural to a seasoned programmer used to half-open intervals the same thing that feels natural to novice programmers?
@CrisLuengo yeah that sounds about right
@Dev-iL But there are so many other issues. How do you insert a newline? The enter button posts. Why is the edit box so small, why doesn't it grow as I type a longer post? Why doesn't it warn about the post being too long? When you try to post it, it just doesn't do anything at all, it looks like the post button stopped responding.
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean molestie elit id ante iaculis, posuere vulputate enim fermentum. Vestibulum nisi lorem, efficitur quis odio ut, placerat fermentum felis. Quisque pretium suscipit tellus ut fermentum. Phasellus urna urna, suscipit at venenatis vitae, laoreet at leo. Sed id vestibulum libero, eget iaculis ex. In id nibh dolor. Donec auctor eu mi in lacinia. Duis tristique quam luctus eros ultricies venenatis. Maecenas suscipit consequat cursus. Proin vitae enim eget metus blandit scelerisque ac non lectus. In sit amet dolor eu massa ornare rutru
How come it let me post that? Surely it's too long
4:26 PM
@CrisLuengo Isn't it also tied to the 0-based and 1-based indexing?
@Dev-iL line breaks
@CrisLuengo as flawr said and as I've noted several times before, zero-based pairs with half-open, one-based pairs with closed intervals
you want both range(n) (in python) and 1:n (in MATLAB) to correspond to n items
And zero-based is better for unravelling multidimensional indices into 1d, and one-based is better in some other case that I can't remember.
4:44 PM
@AndrasDeak for maths:)
natural numbers start at 1, when you implement sums and stuff like that you define the starting and end point (not the point after the end point)
(and it also might feel more natural to have the index "k" refer to the "k"-th thing, and not to the "k+1"-th thing)
@AndrasDeak That is one of the aesthetic issues (IMO). range(m,n) has a length of n-m, but when we count from 5 to 7, we count 3 values, not 7-5=2 values.
@flawr Right. 0-based indexing is easier when doing pointer arithmetic. If p is a pointer, then p+n is a pointer to the element at index n if indexing starts at 0.
and it also works nicely in multidimensional indexing: arr[x][y][z] can just retrieve the the (with linear indexing) x + size_x * y + size_x * size_y * z th element
Indeed. I think that is because you're translating to pointer arithmetic. Or at least I see it that way as a C programmer. :)
(actually in my examples the indices are probably reversed to how it is usually implemented, just before a nitpicker comments:)
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6:36 PM
@flawr yeah, that might have been it
@CrisLuengo then I'm not sure what non-aesthetic issues are
2 hours later…
8:53 PM
@AnderBiguri for all your 3d needs
9:36 PM
> Dan had started the first prototype based off of the popular vi clone known as Vim, which is a bare-bones developer text editor.
yes it's rather meaty-bones
Speaking of yumm, did you end up attempting some galuska? I know I forgot to send you a recipe.
@AndrasDeak not yet, I need to slowly work my way up there, but it's still on the list:)
this weekend was about ovomaltine cake
and I also need some more people to help eating, just doing it for myself feels like a little bit like a waste
9:52 PM
OK, because I have a crazy busy week ahead and I won't be able to send the recipe
sure, I'm not in a hurry:)
(and if you have no time for translating, I know some hungarian speaking people irl)
maybe google translate might already work:)
Oh, nice. Avoid google translate, it's very bad at Hungarian.
@flawr should I be jealous?
but I don't want our recipe to be judged by other Hungarians D:
well one of them is swiss and hungarian is their second almost native language if that helps:)
actually that's true for two of them
I have distant relatives in Switzerland but they don't speak Hungarian
ok one of them just told me they can just speak hungarian but have no idea how to read/write:)
I guess you'd have to record it as a voice message then
10:02 PM
haha, that's great
is reading/writing so hard?
the writing is actually very straightforward
Hungarian is a phonetic language, so if you know what the (44) letters represent you can read anything with 99% certainty.
so if they wanted to they could pretty easily learn to read it
posted on March 08, 2021 by Cleve Moler

I recently published Round, With Ties to Even and followed that with Round Two. Then, in an email, Andy Bartlett pointed out that my new round function fails for some large values of x between flintmax/2 and flintmax.... read more >>


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