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3:33 AM
Q: Answer deleted by moderator, after upvotes and an awarded bounty

Matthew LundbergThis answer looks completely valid, has received 5 upvotes (plus one down) and a 250 bounty, but it was deleted by a moderator. Now it cannot be undeleted by mere users. Why was this done? There is not a comment on the answer to indicate that there is any sort of problem. https://stackoverflow....

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6:50 AM
@DavidArenburg ^^^
"For now, you can be sure that the answer wasn't deleted willy-nilly. I have cross checked and made sure that the answer deletion was appropriate in that case."
7:07 AM
Thanks for the ping, but I guess there is not much we can do about it as it seems we are missing information that is not going to be shared with us
Yeah, unless the OP pings/flags/escalates the issue, there's nothing much that can be done ...
Anyway, how are y'all doing? Everything going well?
I'm fine, you?
All good, thanks :)
I see that kanoR has now replaced nurka
No idea how that transition happened..
I think he sold his account to nurka
@BhargavRao lol, we are trying to figure this out ourselves
they were like the worst enemies
I guess rep is like drugs
7:17 AM
It makes a good netflix series
I think since we have dplyr/tidyverse, rep became easy again (like it was back in ~2008-2012)
Ah. There does seem to be a lot more poor quality questions in [r] these days.
not only that, you can post everything starts with library(dplyr) and it auot upvote /accept. See for example the question Tokhir shared yesterday. I've posted a real simple one-liner in comments, a few others posted simple solutions too, but the overly complicated Ronaks solutions was the one that was accepted stackoverflow.com/questions/63247445/…
This make rep hungry people answer absolutely everything cause rep guarenteed.
Heh, reminds me of that "use jQuery to add numbers" meme
yes, exactly
tydiverse is the jQuery of JavaScript (I think I've got it the other way around)
7:27 AM
lol, I get it. :D
Right then, Imma head back to work. If you need any help wrt mod deleted answers, feel free to ping me ... If I'm not pingable, just mention my name, I usually skim through this room's transcripts weekly once. :)
thanks, that's a better experience than I usually have in the SOCVR
hf & gl
thanks, cya.
vote irregularity warrants deletion of a valid (I think) answer?
I guess what they mean that all/most of the upvotes on that answer came from the OP herself
this is why she said "don't know" and wasn't very upset about it
even then, maybe just kill the puppet account, and remove upvotes?
8:25 AM
Q: Why are answers that recieved bounties from sockpuppets deleted, instead of just removing the bounties, and why can't they be undeleted?

AmerllicAIt is not an objection, I just post this question to know and discuss about a solution to some deleted posts. More than 15 months ago, I was cheating on Stack Overflow to earning more reputations, On 14th Jan 2019 one the moderator finds me as a sockpuppet maker and deleted all of them. He acted ...

8:35 AM
Good morning!
Vacation starting nao.
@RomanLuštrik How long is your vacation?
@DavidArenburg Ugh, I wish Cody hadn't mentioned that. I really don't think that posting about private issues on meta is the right approach.
@BhargavRao yes, this is why I didn't respond to him. Although this whole thing finally makes sense to me
Yeah, thanks for not responding. It'd have just lead to speculation in the comments.
8:53 AM
@DavidArenburg Right now I'm taking 2 weeks off and then I have another two weeks to burn.
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