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11:38 AM
Q: How to share my python program online as a web app by keeping the source code in Github?

rafI am a beginner-level Python learner. Recently, I have made a program (Github link). Out of curiosity, I want to implement it as a web app so that anyone can easily run the program without downloading or installing anything. I tried with Google Colaboratory. But it's not much user-friendly as the...

11:50 AM
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7:09 PM
Hello World,

Are you a programmer or coder? Do you want to learn hacking or any coding language? Then you should join The Code Alliance!
Here we have the best coder teams that can help you with learning what you ever desire. Come join us now:

msg.mainloop( )
join my whatsapp group, we teach people programming
if you're a coder i reccomend joining
nope, I'm not a programmer or a coder
Do I flag that? Or wait for a room owner to dispose of it?
do you want to learn? if yes ur welcomed to join
why do you want to flag my message?
its blatant advertisement
7:11 PM
Hmm let me consult the tome of Room Rules
someone seems to have dropped in and not read the rules
i did
it doesnt go against it
links arent allowed if they are distracting or affect stuff but this is for a good cause
@RadwanObeidat please don't spam here
I think you are well-intended. But the execution needs some polish
im not spamming though
7:12 PM
not spam in the "flag it as spam" sense, but I'm going to trash it anyway
unsolicited advertisements are unwelcome
@RadwanObeidat beats me
other than the stack overflow's chatrooms, where can i chat with other programmers?
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@RadwanObeidat I mean this is a programmer chat. You are welcome to say hi and join the conversation.
Sounds like an XY problem to me. The real goal is not to chat, but advertise your room, isn't it?
tbh yeah
we need more programmers
7:14 PM
good luck finding them
@RadwanObeidat here/other rooms on the network aren't the place to ask...
and sorry for the disturbance
it's alright
@JonClements where can i ask?
7:15 PM
no idea... just not here thanks :)
@RadwanObeidat your current approach is going to just piss people off here, or at the very least give a bad impression of the community you are trying to build.
@Code-Apprentice ooh nevermind then
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