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3:10 AM
4 hours later…
7:16 AM
Good moaning
3 hours later…
9:51 AM
[Captain Obvious] ITS DECEMBER
[Captain Obvious] Y'all know what that means?
@Botler no
oh decembering, congratulation to all survived this year
[Captain Obvious] Badmas is garbo
[Captain Obvious] New job time
I like Christmas, so much good food then
10:51 AM
good food?
Traditionally people had 12-dishes Christmas eve
[Captain Obvious] Thats certainly something
[Captain Obvious] I'm not a fan of christmas
[Captain Obvious] Especially not christmas music
11:16 AM
The moment they start playing Wham's Last Christmas in the radio (in FUCKING EARLY NOVEMBER) it makes me want to puke
11:54 AM
[Captain Obvious] The wham challenge is a game in itself
[Captain Obvious] One which I fear I may lose today as I've got roofers at my house fixing my roof and they've got a radio that I can hear inside the house
[Captain Obvious] At the moment it's playing that one where it's got the lunatic scream ITSSSS CHHRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIISSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTMMMASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
[Captain Obvious] Narrator: It's not christmas
12:23 PM
Get some devil's lettuce and play videogames
1 hour later…
1:37 PM
Hello all,
how to read the warning that VS trying to tell me?
There's no message appearing when I hover over the yellow sign⚠
1:48 PM
@Botler Lebkuchen
@mshwf Are you using source control?
Yes, Git
Try reinstalling packages, I remember having some hiccups when using SC and Nuget
That warning message might indicate that the file is supposed to be there but it isn't
Weird! I just removed then added the reference and the warning disappeared !
2:07 PM
By readding the reference it added those files physically so that VS stopped complaining about it
Probably the file/reference was in .csproj but wasn't on disk in expected location
2 hours later…
3:43 PM
Super noob question, once again: I have a basic form (C# .net 6.0), with a textbox. I'd like to add text to this Textbox. Basically manipulate the GUI element. (The thread/invoke thing, I got that, that's fine. I just simply don't know how I should approach the problem. Some questions talk about making the TextBox static, sure, but it's all auto-generated by VS.)

How do I do this "properly"? Can anyone link me a Q/A that is still considered best approach?

I found related questions on SO, but they are very, very old and C# is still evolving at a fast pace. But, due to SO/SE's nature, you c
4:04 PM
posted on December 01, 2022 by Maria Solano

Available today in the 17.4 public release, Visual Studio has revamped its ESLint support! The new linting experience includes:  Linting support – for not only JavaScript and TypeScript files, but also for JSX/TSX, Vue and HTML files.  Quick actions and fixes, The post Building a new JavaScript linting experience in Visual Studio appeared first on Visual Studio Blog.

4:25 PM
WinForms? WPF? MVC?
@Darj I have eaten culture.pl/en/work/polish-food-101-barszcz before once
oh. And about Pierogi > youtube.com/@ScammerPayback
4:45 PM
[Darj] Did you like it?
5:09 PM
posted on December 01, 2022 by Kym Phillpotts

Check out what's new in the latest .NET MAUI Community Toolkit releases. The post What’s new in the .NET MAUI Community Toolkit appeared first on .NET Blog.

1 hour later…
6:12 PM
(I fixed my issue btw by programmatically adding a static GUI element in code, instead of in the designer. Sorry for messing up the channel, have a great day/evening folks!)
3 hours later…
8:45 PM
[Captain Obvious] You edited designer.cs? Oh no
[Captain Obvious] Unless you're talking about wpf, in which case never use the designer, always edit xaml
9:01 PM
@CaptainObvious maybe stay clear of the sandbox for now
9:26 PM
[Captain Obvious] Oh god what have you done
dont worry, I am just trying to solve some stuff like...
Exception in thread "main" me.wietlol.wietbot.libraries.stackexchange.chatclient.chatclient.LackOfHumanityException: Human verification is required.
also trying to migrate from one http library to another
for no real reason really as my current server runtime is limited to Java 11, while the current http library is börk in Java 17 (which I happen to run locally)
9:55 PM
[Captain Obvious] Oh yeah the captchas are annoying
I doubt I'd be able to bypass it though
also, my retry strategy works fine, so I shouldnt have any message loss while still having extremely low latency
Wietbot: sendMessage()
Stack Overflow: "You need to be logged on."
Cause: missing "Content-Type" header
1 hour later…
11:15 PM
[Wietlol] test
[Wietlol] test

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