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12:29 AM
This is where you can judge a company how well they implement their oauths: github.com/aspnet-contrib/AspNet.Security.OAuth.Providers/tree/…
Apple always being "unique"
And Discord being the best implementors of them all: github.com/aspnet-contrib/AspNet.Security.OAuth.Providers/tree/…
It's the cleanest.
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3:21 AM
Anyone have tried this?
I was hesitating to use IdentityServer4 for some unknown reason.
4:04 AM
[kesarling] guys, can anyone explain how Microsoft.JSInterop works? The docs aren't very "enlightening"
4 hours later…
7:43 AM
Good morning
@Botler It lets a Blazor application use JS, as there are things that can still not be done from WASM, like accessing local storage: _jSRuntime.InvokeVoidAsync("localStorage.setItem", key, data)
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8:54 AM
posted on January 27, 2021 by Scott Hanselman

If you have a TV, you can turn it into a fancy conference room monitor and pretend you have a Surface Hub 2S. Let's see the different ways we can make Teams/Zoom meetings more a "walking around and thinking" experience, and less a "hunched in front of the laptop" experience. Cheapest/Good - Wire up to a big TV You can just get a nice HDMI cable and plug it into your TV and duplicate or extend

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10:05 AM
Hi everybody, finally achieved to come here - Haha
Achievement unlocked: You came.
10:25 AM
Achievement unlocked: First word.
Achievement unlocked: Silence is golden.
Achievement unlocked: Left after one message.
@Hozuki this sounds wrong hahaha
10:45 AM
@mr5 :-3
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11:50 AM
12:14 PM
Botler, tumbleweed
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1:28 PM
TIL CentOS is gone :|
What why
"Redhat simply refuses to fund it anymore"
1:48 PM
> CentOS Linux 8, as a rebuild of RHEL 8, will end at the end of 2021. CentOS Stream continues after that date, serving as the upstream (development) branch of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
New name sucks though
2:31 PM
RHEL? Hasn't that been a thing for years?
3:02 PM
Hi y'all. I have just a simple question I don't think a SO question is needed to create.

I have an Enum which is being serialized into JSON string. The thing is I have EnumMember attribute with given name.
The JSON string should contain a value from the attribute but instead it is an integer.
I could mention that it is being serialized during Refit calls
It is STJ
Haven't had this conversation with STJ yet unfortunately, can't help you. I am waiting for them to let me use JsonStringEnumConverter for that. Haven't checked in a while though, but that would probably solve your problem and also clean up our code.
I would use the StringEnumConverter but I cannot give the enum understandable names, no?
Since it then serializes the name of the value and not anything I can set by myself
The only project I use EnumMember in unfortunately also uses JSON.NET^^
3:14 PM
Weirdly it looks like when I used the StringEnumConverter on the Enum property and I have the EnumMember together it works o.o
3:26 PM
Anyone here worked much with Azure functions in C#?
@TomášAresakMalčánek Lol at least it works^^
@BobTway I used them. Like, once. But I'm generally good at asking the right questions so you can try.
@Squirrelkiller Thanks. So I get that when you have a function in VS it has a local.settings.json file to hold config items for when you're testing. I can put my connection strings in there. But I'm not at all clear how I can retrieve them both locally and when the function is deployed?
Surely the code for retrieving values is different depending on whether you're querying a local file or an azure locker (or wherever it's stored)
Depends. You can use the same code you use locally to get the config, if you added it to the function's config in azure.
Not sure how to get it from the azure locker yet, but you could implement it as a "fallback": If there is no configuration in the settings.json, get it from azure. Although I feel there should be a way to add locker secrets to the settings.
Hmm. I think it's explained here stackoverflow.com/questions/62765487/…
Yeah #2 is what I did, and what you do locally
3:55 PM
here are the details about our development environment:

-DevExpress 20.2.3 ( we are using DevExtreme )

-Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2019 (Version 16.4.6)

-ASP.NET Core 3.1.0


Also, our IIS launch settings within launchSettings.json file:

windows Authentication true

anonymous Authentication false

I've been searching on the internet but I can Not find anything. Could someone please tell me if ASP.NET Core 3.1.0 and AspNetCore.Mvc have a unique id associated with every “session” associated with the user of the appliation?
I mean, I guess the users IP would be pretty unique most of the time?
Look for something in the Request object I guess
You could however probably solve whatever problem you're having by using scoped services
Presuming you use DI
4:42 PM
Prashanth Chandrasekar on January 27, 2021
We’re excited to share our latest results and our plans for the future.
@Squirrelkiller Thanks. I'll research further.
5:20 PM
5:42 PM
@Squirrelkiller I found out about github.com/stevejgordon/CorrelationId which is Not exactly the same because it has to do with correlation ids for requests, but I'm going to give it a try
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9:36 PM
posted on January 27, 2021 by jonskeet

In some senses, this is a follow on from my post on VISCA camera control in C#. It’s about another piece of hardware I’ve bought for my local church, and which I want to control via software. This time, it’s an audio mixer. Audio mixers: from hardware controls to software controls The audio mixer we’ve … Continue reading OSC mixer control in C# →


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