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2:12 AM
[mr5] It sounds Xamarin but not really sure.
2:36 AM
[mr5] Why does it seems PR in Azure DevOps is different from that in GitHub?
[Not Li] probably because it is, well. Layout wise at least.
[Not Li] also policies are the weirdest thing ever and just dont seem to work
2:51 AM
guys, can we pass enums as an argument to a function in JS?
[Not Li] yes. Tho idk what you're doing exactly
[kesarling] how would you do that?
[kesarling] I basically want to create a dropdown list with bootstrap
3:49 AM
posted on January 15, 2021 by Scott Hanselman

Last year kind sucked, and the end of last year was particularly lame. I got off Twitter for a while and discovered TikTok. I went there as a creative outlet. If you choose to sign up you may get inundated with a bunch of stuff that makes no sense or has no relevance. However, within just a few days by searching for an β€œliking” topics that I wanted to hear about, I found a wonderful, joyful, di

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5:53 AM
Obviously ads blocker, ads shields and browsers that blocks ads are hurt profit on youtube..
Why you tube still isnt actively taking action against ads blocker from accessing youtube?
Because, deep in their hearts, they also dislike ads.
Actually I appreciate that youtube given free video hosting boardcasting, ads at the begins and end of video are acceptable for me, but not at the middle of video suddenly interrupted for ads
6:29 AM
@d4rk4ng31 JS doesn't have enums lol.
Also good morning
TS can do enums though
I think it translates to something like a global object holding a set number of fields representing the enum values
Or an array with objects representing the enum values? Don't remember.
Both html and JS know strings though. They can select on and pass strings, and you can pass those to an enum in C#.
6:56 AM
First time being in a team where there is a lot of meeting (vc) and talk a lot about business jargons I am completely unaware of until now.
Is a Product Owner a literal owner the product (software)?
\[**[Squirrel in Training](https://discord.gg/PNMq3pBSUe)**] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTA0DSfrGZ0

Not bad at 1.5x the speed
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' neglecterinos!
Would you like to try the new, enhanced and less annoying p3k @Squirrelintraining?
@mr5 A product owner is in scrum close to what the product manager is. The Product Owner decides the priority of tickets in the backlog, and makes decisions on what goes in a hotfix, what has to wait to the next release (assuming no continuous deployment). Also telling people why we couldn't finish this or that feature and that bug#33 had to be done immediately so we couldn't make that button red.
Basically, the Product Owner owns the product backlog.
And can have the last word in whether or not a feature will be added.
weird title but ok
7:10 AM
Wait until you meet the solution owner
Does he own the Solution Explorer? :D
Bascially lol
Or that .sln file
Kinda similar to the PO in standing but like...the technical side of it. Not sure how it fits into scrum though, we don't have a solution owner^^
The way I understand it, basically the Senior Developer.
Why am I hearing these jargons only now. I've been employed for 5+ years and it seems a lot of developers are aware of those already aside from me.
7:15 AM
Only the ones doing scrum
20 hours ago, by Wietlol
but yea, they are like "x% of visitors have adblock, so y% do not, which is still a fine amount"
> similar to how our supermarkets work
where you can get a lot of stuff and you have to price them, you have to scan them, etc
the supermarket knows that not everyone will be 100% honest and some stuff will get out without being paid for, but it is still cheaper than having personel
obviously, you can say "but Youtube doesn't need more personel to block ad blockers"
but actually they do, they would need to alter their software to actively detect and block adblockers, or find a way so the adblockers wont work on the ads
which would be followed by adblockers getting updates to still get around that
it would be an active race of software advancements which are pretty expensive if you want to be on the winning side
on top of that, there would probably be a backlash from doing it
and YT currently has other problems
accepting that a certain amount of visitors have adblock is still a fine solution for now
The youtube fetch ads by different, independent service. When the service failed, the youtube skips, this is problem. Youtube can maintain a failed rate, if failed rate at the threshold, just 'stop' instead of 'skip'
although, iirc, your channel's ad revenue is based on how much ad time came from watching videos on your channel, so they just leave it to the content creators to actively discourage adblockers towards their viewers
similar to how twitch handles it
they just give half of the problem to the streamers/content creators and have them convince the viewers to watch ads
Twitch has a slightly better position there because as streamer, you can decide to show ads when you want to take a potty break or something similar
although, they werent happy with how many streamers actually started showing ads
@mr5 yes plx
partially because many streamers still didnt understand how it worked
@nyconing sure they can prevent you from watching videos, but again, that would have a significant backlash
the net ad time would probably decrease
7:29 AM
@Wietlol I misread "..you have to scam them, etc..." xD
@Wietlol or they can get completely rid of it by banning those adblocks extensions/plugins or modify chrome for instance.
partially true
I think
[mr5] @Noobi here's the invite link: discord.com/api/oauth2/…
im not entirely certain how Alphabet's business structure works
also, kinda similar to how virus creator and anti-virus software works
7:49 AM
@Freerey ETH stonks!
Cbg people
To hell with this datagridview, is there any chance I can debug this at run-time?
No idea how to debug a datagridview
I have a 20-30 cells x 300-500 cells datagridview (with of course x5 tabs) and cant see the cells while creating them, I only see the results at the end
[mr5] Dankeschön!
8:00 AM
@Alper page it
@Alper is it slow when populating it with cells?
@mr5 It was slow but I solved it. There were problems with the stream. Our old mighty developer(!) was let everything open. I just can't see some things inside the cells to when I need to see it. I only can use watch window but it wont help with 100000 cells :(
@ntohl How, I dont get it?
20-30 is the column count I bet, so instead of 300-500 rows, let maximum 50 rows to display
add buttons for next page prev page, etc
Couldn't you try to reproduce the problem on a smaller scale and solve it there?
you can add options to page by x rows
8:08 AM
Btw what is the actual problem
10, 25, 50
Are you sure the problem is with the view
the main problem modern UI doesn't do grids anymore
more or less because of the problem you have there
Why doesn't this code make the width of the search bar same as the header?:
@model SearchModel
@section scripts{
    <script type="text/javascript">
        let width = document.getElementById('header').offsetWidth();
        document.documentElement.style.setProperty('--width', width);

            --width: 0px;
            width: var(--width);

    <form method="get">
        <div class="form-group">
            <input id="search-bar" asp-for="@Model.SearchString" value="@Model.SearchString" class="form-control" />
@ntohl yea you are right, I ll try this one.
@Squirrelkiller And try this one after other.
Thanks for the help guys, I ll try to check it out!
8:10 AM
paging is hard. If the data tends to change
@Alper does datagridview has some row recycling pattern you can use?
you page on page 3, but page 1 lost 10 rows, etc
@ntohl Rows do not disappear, so it wont be problem. They change but wont move from positions, only inside the cells changes
2 level of paging. Get some data from db (for example 150 rows), load it to client and show only 50
@ntohl quite a few websites and applications still use grid uis
8:12 AM
Q: Is there anything similar to Android RecyclerView for C# Winforms

anil kumar dCurrently am working on an winforms application which shows contacts, but I have a problem with memory. For each contact I build a panel with labels inside for name inside for name and number, and I will add this to my main Panel. Assume I have 1000 contacts; I would end up creating 1000 Panels...

after 3 paging event send a new request to server for the next 150 rows
@mr5 Does it *have - As you add the 's' in the beginning, you don't need it in the middle
your db might not be very useful for paging (Oracle cough)
"Does it <infinitive>"
@mr5 we used Devex, but it's buggy as hell
8:15 AM
@Squirrelkiller like this "does datagridview have some row recycling pattern you can use"?
@Squirrelkiller what is the 's'?
@ntohl Only if I have DB instead of dynamically changes the data on the way and pass it to XML. Horrible design xd
Old tools lads and gents, not even once
@Alper well. Not necessarily. Pipes over DB
@ntohl hmm. Seems interesting to make one.
8:17 AM
The s gets added to the verb of a third person singular:
In a question, it changes the 'Do': "Do I?" "Do you?" "Does he/she/it?"
In a statement, it changes the main verb: "I go", "You walk", "He/she/it runs/walks/goes"
IMHO pipes (map/reduce) have much greater possibility for scalability than a relational db
@ntohl Only problem is that dealing with data at big scale is very problematic.
I don't even have THAT big data, and this is already a problem right now
hmm. Maybe the "dynamically changes" part is not well designed, nor the XML format
but all I have seen that data overgrows MSSQL, Oracle single node capabilities
If it is well designed, you are right. But this kind of data manipulation things never designed well, at least not in old companies like mine xd. It is actually(in theory)far better than writing to DB and reading it again and again for data manipulation.
@Squirrelkiller so every time I use "does", the corresponding "has/have" must be always "have"?
does has
does has mitch
does has mitch gefragt
8:27 AM
great... the red/blue function analogy for programming languages was non-exhaustive
turns out in our codebase, we have red, blue and (lets just call them) gray functions
blue functions are normal functions
red functions can only be called by red functions
gray functions are blue functions that cannot be called by red functions (throughout the entire stack)
@mr5 Correct
@mr5 Yup these are all wrong
does have
does have mitch
does have mitch gefragt
Does Mitch have glasses?
Yes, Mitch has glasses.
Mitch does have glasses. [This one puts extra emphasis on the fact that Mitch has glasses].
Mitch doesn't have glasses.
oh no...
Who the fuck is bandai namco and why does it feel like p3k
Or Roel tbh
@Squirrelkiller don't forget about gefragt.
I'm not sure where to put gefragt since it's not an english word^^
oh no
8:32 AM
I'm calling @Squirrelintraining to preach y'all about "does has"
du hast mich gefragt
@Wietlol is it similar to red/blue pill meme?
I am not sure if they were related
@Wietlol an enlighten one I see
but red/blue functions is a common analogy of horrible language design
it often starts with a good idea, but the implementations are always a pain to deal with
8:35 AM
[mr5] !twobuttons 'does have 'does has'
[mr5] !twobuttons 'does have' 'does has'
2nd time to see this "blub" word
8:49 AM
[kesarling] Guys?anyone?
9:04 AM
@Wietlol what's the tl;dr of blue/red function?
@Wietlol or is this it
how do we submit stuff using get in partials?
that is the long analogy
basically blue functions are just functions
public Result Foo(Input input) {...}
and red functions are functions that can only be called by other red functions
for example, in Haskell, you have pure functions and impure functions
pure functions are blue
but they cant have side effects
or rely on other things
so, for example IO is impure
so reading a file is a red function
blue functions (pure functions) cannot call a red (impure) function because then they are also impure
in C#, we dont have pure and impure functions
but we do have async/await
async functions are red functions as well
because they can only really be called by other red (async) functions
async void is gray
not the one I was thinking about
but indeed async void is also special...
the gray function I have now is a function that aborts the thread
in non-async, this was basically a really good option
and did exactly what you wanted
but in async, thread aborts are different
so, this is a blue function (doesnt return Task) but cannot be called if anywhere in the stack, you used async
also I have other analogy. Rx have schedulers. So you have tons of overloads with Scheduler parameter. This way you can use a TestScheduler testing 1 week long stuff in short time
so these are almost blue ones, because you can do whatever you want with .Select etc
but if you combine with async you are in deep trouble
async have notion of Schedulers, but they lack the overloads possibly define the TestScheduler
it's automatically TaskScheduler, and cannot be used by Rx well
so async is in other scope is red
9:20 AM
I am completely unfamiliar with Rx so I am not sure what you say :|
check it out.
I did a while back, realized I had no use for it...
@Wietlol _ = SomeAsync() // how about this guy?
probably a bad idea to use that anywhere
9:28 AM
ehh, we use that for fire n forget
(implicit call)
but hidden through .FireAndForget() Task extension.
I thought Task.Run was preferred way of doing fire and forget
but even then, yes, that is an exception
similar to async void
@ntohl Rx could be really nice, but as I work mostly in AWS stuff, I get tools that just do what I want without me having to code it
also, much more robust than me creating a scheduler
@mr5 I'd do it only in red functions.
serverless programming takes a bit to get used to, but certainly removes half of all the problems you face normally
there is no server in Rx
but there is your code that manages the scheduler
9:34 AM
and there are programming problems solved by different layers. It's irrelevant conclusion btw
there are a set of predefined schedulers. The one for the UI thread, the one for testing purposes, and one which just call what's inside the code block instantly
I don't write my own scheduler. I choose from them
but you still manage the scheduler, at which point, your application state is mandatory for the application's intended behavior even when the application is not actively running
in most cases, you even need a central management of the scheduler
I dont need my applications running to do a task that needs to be done every morning
morning all
like flipping all the schedulers, but I don't see any other possible "management"
they will start up every morning and then just shut down
while they are not running, I am not responsible for the state of the scheduler
I am not responsible for having a machine running the application
I am not responsible for making sure that the application doesnt shut down
that's long running tasks... I don't see everything as a nail, when I have a hammer
9:43 AM
for short running tasks as well
if you have a lot of events coming in and you put them all in your scheduler queue, and your handler crashes the application, now all those events are lost
[Squirrel in Training] morn daustino
1 hour ago, by mr5
does has
does has mitch
does has mitch gefragt
@mr5 Actieöy it is
Du hast
Du hast mich
9:45 AM
Du hast mich
Du hast mich gefragt
Du hast mich gefragt
forgot one there?
@Wietlol all the event's exceptions are managed independently and cumulatively
The other squirrel is teaching me how to use "has/have" and I made that as a reference.
that's OnError() for
9:46 AM
> Du hast mich gefragt
Du hast mich gefragt
Du hast mich gefragt und ich hab' nichts gesagt
@ntohl "crashed"
not just threw an exception, no just literally BOOM
@Wietlol izz u german too??
big explosions at nearby Azure data centre
@mr5 I am from swamp germany
for example, how does OOM work in .net?
2 options. a) Switch from the message queue that crashes (can't be try catched). b) solve it on another layer
or how do you effectively recover from a stack overflow?
You literally can't
9:49 AM
unroll the stack
Cuz there's no stack left for things to save you
generally speaking, managing the state is something you want to let someone else do
managing the procedures is what you want to do
@mr5 Need stack for managing the unrollment of the stack
in that case, you make a "bluff" stack, so you can trick SO without actually having SO
You're telling me you wanna put your own clr on top of .NET?
9:51 AM
@Squirrelkiller I suppose .net could handle it
but it would still be tricky
if (stack.length + bluff_stack_size > current_stack_size)
by b) I would go with actor model or such, which will have it's own configurable notation of expendible messages
even then, cant you just try catch it?
and working MQ
only a thread abort should not be catchable
9:53 AM
SO is not catchable, but I thing the debugger stops on it
in Java, it is, so I assumed you could do the same in C#
In my MCU simulator, I have this.
I can fake stackoverflow.
It does. But it also only shows you where it throws, not on which iteration, as having the debugger on puts more stuff on the stack.
A: C# catch a stack overflow exception

JaredParStarting with 2.0 a StackOverflow Exception can only be caught in the following circumstances. The CLR is being run in a hosted environment* where the host specifically allows for StackOverflow exceptions to be handled The stackoverflow exception is thrown by user code and not due to an actual s...

fake SO is catchable
real one not
Once had a stackoverflowexception. Using console.writeline showed something like 1000 iterations. Debugging died at around 600 iterations.
9:55 AM
^ yeah. You can read your stack for a while, than it goes bonkers
VS might freeze out too
most of the stuff is disabled
@Wietlol Java is superior in this regard.
basically, there are 2 things you need to be aware of
1, state should be able to be recovered
2, procedures should be able to be retried (or continued)
retrying a procedure is simple, you just do it again
in some cases, you have to be aware of how far the procedure got last time to continue from there though
but for state, recovering that is often difficult
so anything stateful, you generally do not want to manage
What if a webservice crashes with a stackoverflowexception? Does it still return a 500 to the requester? Or does it just...time out?
that includes the state of a message queue, state of an event registration, state of a scheduler, etc
@Squirrelkiller I suppose it depends on the framework
another possible effect would be a "connection lost"
something like "host forcefully terminated the connection"
or something
@Wietlol or the httpclient used.
10:02 AM
"an existing connection was forcibly closed by remote host"
iirc, youtube is full of divs
<div> and <span>
I am so outdated with non-div thing in html
Who still writes plain html,css,js these days?
Seriously though. We need a new button. I go "alright put a <button> there, put a click handler, put some CSS, ...why is the layout still fucked up? Hey FrontEndColleague#1 how do I unfuck this layout?"
FrontEndColleague#1: "Just use a <div> with a click handler and style that as you need it"
@mr5 I recently learned about <datalist>, pretty awesome feature! Once I get to implement that, it'll save us like 30 lines of combined html+js per input, so all in all several hundred LoC.
@mr5 I kinda do, but not rly, i use frameworks then use the classic triad when i need to modify
10:10 AM
Hi guys, now I use this code to copy the value from an array of array. is there ant better solution?
                int[][] grid = new int[3][]
                    new int[]{1,3,1},
                    new int[]{1,5,1},
                    new int[]{4,2,1},

                var x = grid.Length;
                var y = grid[0].Length;

                var dp = new int[x][];

                for (var i = 0; i < x; i++)
                    for (var j = 0; j < y; j++)
                        dp[i] ??= new int[y];

                        dp[i][j] = grid[i][j];
> Note: Since ::after is not permitted on <input> elements, if you want to reproduce the arrow-down icon you will have to wrap the <input> element in another element that you can hang the styling on (or some other suitable solution).
well, that is one reason to use <div>
@Squirrelkiller Depends, if you're using it te replace a select menu, remember that the <input> can be easily modified by the user
Whereas a Select only contains the predefined vals
Wanna use it to replace an autocomplete textfield
simply because the behavior of the non-basic elements are special
oh hahaha
then its perfect
Ill go be quiet now :P
10:12 AM
More precisely, one to pass a dog/cat/horse breed
School project or something personal?
Full blown in-pod work application
Those will be a hard 10 or so conversations until in a year maybe I get to actually do it
@MichaelMao well... there is something like Array.Copy
@Squirrelkiller interesting. I still need to write plain html too for maintaining my website cuz I'm using ejs.
Cuz customers want features not refactoring
10:14 AM
but one thing I can recommend you is to not treat your grid as int[][]
@Squirrelkiller lol because security issues aren't issues until someone actually hacks it right?
make a class with an int[][] (or rather T[][]) property
keep it private and make methods for the interaction you want to have with the grid
@DAustin Exactly lol. Only reason we're on TLS1.2 is our biggest customer is an insurance company and insisted.
Good lad over there then
you ISO-27001 certified?
I don't think so
We debug on real data if needed :D
Also devs have complete access
10:16 AM
lol like our previous hosts
@Wietlol don't want to create a new class just a copy
But hey, passwords are hashed
that's good at least
our last hosts got bought out 3 times lol
oh wow
nobody wanted to touch that :D
buuuuut, head office did something to my unmanaged VPS and support tried to deny it
10:17 AM
@MichaelMao I know, you dont want to avoid making mistakes, you just want a copy
My former employer encrypted the passwords :/
Our consultant could use a special tool to the customer to "reset" a password, which would decrypt the actual password first.
look like my server got pwned, nope, some monkey over aty the parent company saw my UNMANAGED server wasn't up to date and decided toi run OS and SQL updates at 1300 on a weekday without informing us
Fortunately that application would only run in the local network
@Squirrelkiller very fortunate
@DAustin Wtf is wrong with that guy
10:19 AM
yeh, but support where assholes
"Wasn't us, your server is unamanged, you're on your own"
A: Copy one 2D array to another 2D array

Sergey KulganYou need Clone() double[,] arr = { {1, 2}, {3, 4} }; double[,] copy = arr.Clone() as double[,]; copy[0, 0] = 2; //it really copies the values, not a shallow copy, //after: //arr[0,0] will be 1 //copy[0,0] will be 2

so i gave them a snapshot of the event log with the connecting IP, and sscreenshot of the reverse lookup pointing to their parent company head office
then pointed out if they didnt do anything, then they had an unauthorised user ion their company network and I would need to inform the ICO (UK government body you have to reporty data breaches to by law)
stackoverflow.com/a/26291720/1859959 this might help you to use [,] like array
Said to them that an audit for a hosting company would look very bad, they changed their tune after that
@ntohl Thank you bro
10:21 AM
eventually admitted fault and gave me sume bs excuse that my server had been marked as managed on a diff system
lol support never has any idea unless shit is approaching the fan
I ended our contract with them about 2 weeks after that and migrated over to FastHosts
@MichaelMao how did you now, my other nickname is MR.TaNk?
(Tank you)
Maybe dont access people's machines without authorisation first? lol
Wow idiots^^
10:23 AM
the company in question btw is TSOHost
@ntohl keep in mind, jagged arrays and multi-dimensional arrays do have their differences
avoid them like the plague, or any company owned by Paragon Group Ltd.
int[][] != int[,]
We have our own hosts anyway, we are the SaaS providers
that makes more sense
so you do web apps mostly?
10:24 AM
@ntohl Thank you tank lol
@Squirrelkiller It was the way they worded it that pissed me off, it wasnt just a denial but an insult too
Only web apps, yes. We offer insurance comparisons for business customers mostly, so they can provide proper advice to end customers.
about me being dumb to think they would possibly ever do something like that lol
@Squirrelkiller thats actually interesting, might have to take a look at the service later in the year, we run credit checks etc against customers
If, except for admitting fault, the only explanation is your stupidity, than that is the one they gotta go with lol
We're also in Germany so there's a big market here :D
10:27 AM
lol tbf i only contacted them after i found the IP address pointed to them
Makes sense, there is no other reason to suspect them
wasnt gonna go crying to support over an unmanaged vps that i might have fucked up lol that would be embarresing
aww that's a shame, can't find the initial correspondence where they flatly denied any wrongdoing
From: Krasen I. @ Tsohost Support
At: 06/Aug/2019 15:44

Hi Dan,

We were investigating this with our engineers. It seems that your server is flagged as managed in the old donhost/webfusion database.

We were performing a routine check and update on all of the managed servers in order to keep them secure.

It seems that one of our engineers logged in and updated the server because it was flagged as managed.

We terribly sorry about the inconvenience. Unfortunately we have inherited an outdated system from donhost and webfusion and it seems the server was marked as managed before the merge i
tooke them 3 days to reach that admission, just before the 72 hour deadline hit and I was about to call the government on their asses
lol "was no way for us to foresee this " well of course not if you dipshits don't care about properly migrating your systems
Also I think GDPR fine is actually 4% or 20mil
nah it's 2% just double checked
funniest thing i didnt notice until reading it back now
1) If the old host had us marked as managed, howcome this never happened before?
2) If it was marked as managed and there was no way for you to know, why did support tell me it was unmanaged? lol
so yeh, completely full of shit, but by that point i was just glad it wasnt a hack, just some monkey hitting the wrong button
10:54 AM
jesus christ communication in my place is terrible
just got an email asking what one of my staff had been compaining about, it wasn't a complaint lol, someone overheard part of the convo and went running to the MD thinking his was maoning about something
Why even tell anyone about somebody else complaining
If someone has a complaint, they go can and complain themselves
just tell him, he was complaining about being hungry, so could you please bring some chinese. That would be great...
Haha oh yes :D
11:16 AM
lmao if only that was it
what it was is the eavesdropper is a real brown nose, kisses arse so much
so any opportunity he has to go the big man and tell him some information he'll jump at the chance
he's a bit... special
definitely bullied in school etc
kind of brings it on himself though
certain element of jealousy seems to be rearing its head atm too, bit pathetic at his age but there we are
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