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12:40 AM
@Feeds SHHH!
5 hours later…
6:11 AM
posted on September 15, 2020 by Scott Hanselman

.NET Core is cross platform and open source. Tell someone, maybe your boss. A good reminder. It's been this way for a half decade but I'm still bumping into folks who have never heard this. Moving forward, .NET 5 will be a unification of the .NET Framework you may have heard for years, and the new .NET Core I like talking about, PLUS great goodness, tools and libraries from Mono and Xamarin.

why is my UI not showing when im injecting DI in prism?
service and interface is registered. why this errrooorrr
6:47 AM
posted on September 17, 2020 by Scott Hanselman

Speedscope.app is an online "flamegraph visualizer" that you can also install offline. It's open source and on GitHub. It will allow you to view flamegraphs that have been generated by diagnostic tools, but Speedscope is good at dealing with large files without issues or crashing. There's lots of choices in viewers of flamegraphs, but this is a good one. Adam Sitnik has a great blog about how

@Feeds SHHH!
anwer me @JackSparrow
you do MVVM?
my dumb ass needs help
5 hours later…
11:33 AM
fuck hell i figured it out
took me 3 hours
Hi all,
Have this question for some time in mind ?
Which one is better with respect to better performance
If else if else.... or switch, that when having more than 2 layers of nested loops ?
2 hours later…
1:15 PM
@MFAP write a test and measure. the answer is more complicated.
1:25 PM
@ABuckau Mostly i am checking for a match with individual values/text - if that helps in anyway
1 hour later…
2:37 PM
@mfap i am nither willing nor able to adequately explain - your best bet is to try both and measure performance.. Time.End - Time.Begin, and compare.
@ABuckau thanks for that, then will check that
1 hour later…
4:10 PM
> ...as you increase in altitude, objects are increasing in velocity to maintain their tangental vector over that spot on the Earth
how would you answer this?
or is that supposition true?
2 hours later…
5:55 PM
@Freerey the end doesn't rhyme
6:35 PM
anyone here today?
1 hour later…
7:46 PM
@TomCrosman No, it's the weekend
why am i here?

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