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12:00 AM
I'm Groot... I'M GROOT. I am Groot.
5 hours later…
4:37 AM
!~>this is fine
@nyconing this is fine
Why OakBot is here
5:41 AM
Ben Popper on November 12, 2019

This week on the podcast, we sit down with Jess Lee, one of the co-founders of Dev.To, a social network where programmers come to learn, chat, and share ideas with a community of other coders. She explains her strange journey from working as a tour manager for Kidz Bop to building one of the fastest growing and most progressive online platforms for software developers.

Paul and Sara chat about what language is best to choose as your first when you’re just getting started on your journey as a programmer. Probably not Mathmatica, but it’s a neat one. …

@Feeds SHHH!
1 hour later…
7:10 AM
揚起了灰塵 回憶裡一場夢 那照片裡的人 瞳孔曾住著我
闔上了過往 夢境活成河流 已滋潤了身旁 真實中的脈搏
生命來到窗前 不吭一聲 拎走了我們
Gooood moorniiiiing CeeeeShaaarp! What the hell is that, nyconing?
!~What the hell is that?
@Squirrelkiller Indubitably
the best way to start any morning as a programmer is "What the hell is that?"
good morning
I'm Groot!!
7:16 AM
Hi, Groot, how are you doing?
Buenos dias
Carmen diaz
Sister of Cameron
@nyconing beautiful. What does it say?
I hope it's Snoop Dogg lyrics
7:20 AM
There was a young man from Japan
Whose limericks never would scan.
When asked why this was,
He answered "because
I always try to fit as many syllables into the last line as ever possibly I can.
By the way @Squirrelkiller good news, I'm gonna replace the razer mouse with a Corsair one hue hue hue. Or a Glorious gaming, I still haven't made up my mind
Fuck that actually works
Nice. What's wrong with the razer though?
I appreciate more stories supporting my claim about razer mice being bad
why? do they steal cheese from the cupboard?
it's broken
sounds like maracas
right click seems to be broken
and the clickety sounds inside are driving me mad
also the shape isn't comfortable
side buttons are hidden in the shell instead of well placed outside, I prefer logitech's way of replacing the button covers with magnets
but the rest of the mouse is perfect, if they would make an improved version of it, maybe the shape of the Mamba, and definitely not broken... Yeah
I mean it has light weight, top sensor, battery life, better switches, best software, best cable, cool design, rubberized grips...
IDK what to think about the shape, but the other 2 issues are just my copy is defective
logitech does make good mice
you just have to be willing to pay a bit more for them
7:34 AM
I didn't buy the G Pro Wireless for a reason, and that reason is that it says Logitech.
They have the best engineering at the moment, but shit internals
IDK how other companies fare about this, perhaps they are shit, but still better than average
speaking from the stand point of having disassembled 2 mice thus far and replaced parts inside
Asus for example has terrible engineering. They make overweight useless mice with bad sensors and shapes, and add some gimmicks to inflate the price
Like they will make a mouse with hotswap switches so you don't need to disassemble... but they put a trash sensor in it
all this probably for close to 100€
and I will guesstimate a weight over 100g
hmm, outside of comfy grip and extra buttons, and actually having a mouse that works, what else is there to want?
I don't really care about the drivers or software included, as long as they don't attempt to put on malware or something
nowadays, it wouldn't surprise me
Normally the list goes as follows, from most to least important:

1. Sensor. Lately most sensors are top, but some are still bad, like all lasers, and any opticals of the low end. Jittery movement is the last thing you want.

2. Shape. How it adapts to your hand is very important. Comfort and better performance while playing depend on this.

3. Weight. Less weight = easier control. There's a myth that says weight adds stability but that's false, it only adds friction, which makes moving the mouse harder. I prefer a bit heavier mice though, just because I enjoy the weight on my hand, but tha
There we go
I pointed straight to the interview
RJN is like the god of mice
any question you have, any mouse, any doubt... straight to RJN
7:51 AM
Morning o/
@HéctorÁlvarez and what is the best mouse according to the god of mice?
How would you execute a procedure using Entity's CodeFirst?
G305 best budget. GPW best until Viper ultimate. Viper ultimate tied with GPW.
@HéctorÁlvarez amazon.it/…
this one?
That mouse also has a lot of modding support if you want to try
7:56 AM
i need a decent mouse
the top of the shell is removable because it acts as the battery cover, so you can 3D print it.
maybe I'll see if the price goes down during black friday
lower than 40€?!
good idea to wait nevertheless
but oof, 40€ is a very good price
if you buy it, you might want to give a try to the battery mod
I don't have a 3d printer though
buy a AAA adapter and a lithium AAA battery
the adapter is like... 1€ or something like that
just a plastic cover
8:00 AM
why are AAA batteries preferable?
because it's smaller and it weighs less
if you don't like that you can stick to buying standard batteries
I've got a lot of AA rechargeable batteries at home
I mean these are all small mods you can do easily
I think I'll just stick with that if I get it
The weight isn't that big of a deal honestly
I still suggest you try it once at least, 1€ isn't much
the difference is going to be hardly noticeable though if you only do that
people go as far as converting their G305 into other mice
some people 3d print the whole shell and buttons at home and build a wireless Glorious O at home xD
8:12 AM
lol, I just want a decent mouse
If I have to take a mouse and mod it up, then it's not decent imho
What tf is a hero sensor?
For 40€, get yourself a g502
/r/G502Masterrace represent
@Neil A low consumption high end sensor
basically a PMW3361 with very low energy consumption, which gives the G305 up to 250h of uninterrupted use out of a AA battery
@Neil Wrong, you have the option, but the default mouse is good
and for the price it's awesome
Also it would seem that a G502 would run me about 50 euros at least
8:25 AM
@Squirrelkiller hiss
I got it for 40€ like 2 years ago
I got the proteus spectrum, I think they made a newer version
again, maybe the price will go down on black friday
@Squirrelkiller how did you configure the weight distribution?
I didn't actually, it doesn't have enough impact for me to show that kind of initiative.
I do like my mice a bit on the heavier side, as opposed to Hector
Hey I also like heavier mice
> I prefer a bit heavier mice though, just because I enjoy the weight on my hand, but that's just preference and lighter mice give a small advantage.
But I don't like the G502
buttons are terrible
shape is good though
and rubberized sides
what's wrong with the buttons?
8:30 AM
the side buttons and the small buttons next to the normal ones are really hard to press
It's like trying to press the wheel in the G900, you eventually give up and forget those even exist
yeah, I like my buttons easy to press
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' neglecterinos!
@CaptainObvious You know what was on my desk this morning?
A bleeding hard drive a size of a toast loaf with an english power unit.
I want to count the occurrence of same Lists in List<List<string>>. Do I have to use IEqualityComparer ?
8:41 AM
Great success.
@Squirrelintraining What the fuck are you on about
@kame how about Object.ReferenceEquals ?
Also what is a "toast loaf"
Wait, it bleeds?
@CaptainSquirrel Get in here and ssee this shit
8:42 AM
or just equal in content?
A customer had the glorius idea of sending me a 4TB hard drive.
This harddrive supposely contains encrypted data. The password? I don't have it.
This thing is friggn huge.
I live in germany and the power unit adapter has got the english plug.
The plug is removable and it shouldn't have been a problem to put the german plug in place, especially becase the hard drive came from a german company.
pics pics pics pics
@Wietlol yes equal in content
@Squirrelintraining Ask for the password or thank her/him for the free hard drive
@Wietlol Could I work with GroupBy?
8:48 AM
And no, we don't have an adapter at our place.
@Neil I think I'll do the latter
You probably do
Do you not have a box of misc power supplies
good morning
I'm Groot!!
@kame I suppose you would need a content equals check
@CaptainObvious No
8:50 AM
and perhaps a content hashcode check
@OakBot What the heck is THAT bot dooing here?
@Squirrelintraining I am Groot. I'm GROOT.
then... group by with those checks?
8:50 AM
@Wietlol I thought hashcode is for the same reference
Someone brought it in yesterday
God dammit
We want Cap back not some weird oat bot
hashcode and equals go hand in hand
Jack, kick oat
....Come Again?
8:51 AM
that is one psychedelic cat
you should definitely use both
@CaptainSquirrel Youd di it!
Jack, kieran2
8:51 AM
Caps unintended, but ideal
/8ball Should JackSparrow be the one to leave?
@Neil I am GROOT.
I don't know what u iz talking abut lee
/leave 7
8:51 AM
@Squirrelintraining I'm Groot!
ok.. not the typical oak
I legit can't remember who did it
I can kick him if y'all want
8:52 AM
honestly doesn't bother me either way
I think he actually left when you asked him to
No he is still in chat
So he said he's groot and left?
Also he actually has lots of tasty nuts so maybe he's fine?
8:53 AM
I think he's gone
If you refresh the page he is gone
True dat
didn't think it would work
Now i feelz bad
Oh well, let the reign of Jack, continue.
Jack, the bot, is responding wiothout being pinged?
Jack, kieran
Feb 27 '17 at 16:02, by Kieran
Thank you for confirming im an idiot c:
8:55 AM
Oh but he only responds if it matches something
@JackSparrow you suck
I don't understand mate
probebly Message.StartsWith("Jack,")
I'll have a look hol on
Anyone want some Jackfruit?
How about a jack-in-the-box?
I don't give a jacksass about jackfuit
8:58 AM
Doesn't look like he should respond to Jack,
@CaptainObvious whtie background <,<
@Squirrelintraining serial. killer.
That's azure devops for you
And my firefox extension which I usually use (for dark mode) makes the devops site completely retarded, including making the code background vomit green
@Harry agreed
damn, how do you force it to convert to image?
9:10 AM
Have it end on .jpg
@Squirrelintraining won't work if I add .jpg to the end
or png, or gif
end it with #.png
I know there's a way to force chat to interpret as image even if it doesn't end in image extension
That way it makes no actual difference to the request, but chat is dumb and it still works
9:12 AM
that makes sense. Nice trick
White background = easily tired = reduced project output
I suppose the same would work for ?dumb=.png
since it would end with .png, and the request will probably not care about the arguments
Well no because depending on the server that would change the request and it might break
9:14 AM
probably won't
but it could, true
php applications usually don't care about extra args, but a .net core asp app will completely die if you provide extra args because it will break the routing
that sounds... fabulous
But then again if your asp app doesn't use routing, maybe it would work. I don't know, I've never tried
But # is a special character in URIs in that it and everything after is ignored by the server
9:15 AM
also redd.it is a garbage image host so external hosting regularly breaks
They do everything they can to break hotlinking so you actually have to go on reddit to view the content. If you do manage to get a hotlink URL it'll probably break after an hour or so
I've noticed that all image links from facebook come with a timestamp and a session token
Yeah exactly, same sort of thing with Reddit
so basically it won't work to anyone who isn't logged in, and even then, the link expires
Remember when facebook images used to just be hosted on a CDN which didn't have any of that shit
9:18 AM
I get why they do it. They don't want links to turn into file hosting or something
So fi you had the URL of the image of somebody's photo you could share it and nothing would stop anyone else viewing it
I just figure if they depend on CDN or a image hosting site, why should they care?
Hey apparently svgs work too
I am very surprised svg worked
9:19 AM
I mean, it's not 2011, everyone uses SVGs now
svgs wont guarantee a certain size tho
could be interesting
Well, duh, they're scalable
Brb restarting my PC, got far too much shit open and cba closing it all manually
don't svg's have a default size?
clearly they're scalable, but that W doesn't occupy the whole screen so it's got some limitation in place
apparently animated svg's won't work?
9:30 AM
Wtf is an animated svg
I think it's pretty self-explanatory, no?
a svg which is animate
> Uninstall failed (project: WebModule, package: Scrutor) Unable to uninstall 'Newtonsoft.Json.12.0.2' because 'WebGrease.1.5.2' depends on it.
what the actual flip?
WebGrease using Newtonsoft.Json
that's the case here...
wtf is webgrease?
9:42 AM
but none of that should matter if I remove Scrutor
because I just added it and found out I added it to the wrong project
Scrutor's dependency is WebGrease?
at least, that is the only change in git, so I can just discard it
it seems lame to have to understand the dependency hierarchy before being able to properly remove libraries
there should be a "I know what I'm doing" checkbox
I dont know what I am doing tho
but if I add something and then remove it, I would be very happy if I get to the same situation I was in, before adding it
9:46 AM
I am using C#, what can I say?
   MessageBox.Show("No, you dont.","LIES");
not that I know what I'm doing for what concerns C#
Feb 19 at 9:54, by Wietlol
but if I add package A, which depends on package B, NuGet installs both packages and references both
and if I then remove package A, it should remove package A
and package B if it isnt referenced by anything else
ugh i got massive headaches
but i cant take painkillers because of the bloodthinner
caprica help me
9:59 AM
caprica handing Absinthe over
drinks all of it
Hans1984 restarts at spawning point
rip hans
imagine you die
and you are reborn with the same fkng headaches
The article indicates that low DPI is better for avoiding mouse acceleration
But the G305 mouse has friggin' 12k dpi
compared to what the article recommends from 800-1600
10:05 AM
Oh i thought your learned something about real mice
low DPI is good in FPS
maybe you should since one is sitting on your head
you need fine grained head shots
or is it a rat ?
im not sure
looks like a rat, long tail
/8ball so you are here now ?
that's a mouse with a rat tail
10:13 AM
did it steal it from a rat ?
it's one hardcore mouse if that's the case
a mouse using a mice trap for benchpressing is the definition of hardcore
don't you think ?
killing a rat, cutting off its tail, cutting off your own tail, sowing a rat's tail on your body seem a little more hardcore to me honestly
just shows how much of a badass this mouse is
@Hans1984 fat rat
10:22 AM
> Image not found
@Neil thats the worst joke ever
that's what I always see ffs
10:27 AM
what ?
> C:\jenkins\workspace\Theia_Application_(build)\Steno\lib\StenoMerchandise\ParseNonJSonUrl.cs
kitten and listen are not remotely similar
10:29 AM
@ntohl "just kitten" <=> "just kidding"
German or Austrian sausage.
Is it German or Austrian?
noone knows austria in the world but everyone knows germany so the answer is obvious
10:34 AM
oh, the memories
austria is only famouse for one thing
it starts with an H
just kidding
@Neil lol
how you come up with something like that
oh god the awful jokes are awful in this chat :D
ok. Now I understand
10:38 AM
which one?
mine or neils ?
@Hans1984 humor?
depends on what you count as humor
@Hans1984 Yours are just hard to get, sorry ;)
@Neil this kind of jokes are best jokes
10:45 AM
I laugh at these jokes, even if they're dumb and simple
I've got sort of a weird dumb joke overflow thing going on where if a joke is dumb enough, it switches polar opposite and becomes the funniest thing ever
Q: Why do birds fly to warmer climates in the winter?
A: It’s much easier than walking!
> Q: What are the strongest days of the week?
> A: Saturday and Sunday. All the others are weekdays.
Q: Why was the sand wet?
A: Because the sea weed
oh gawd i gotta stop
fatherly.com/play/… << the url is lyin, therer are 61 not 57 jokes
:47818754 Als i laughed
@Squirrelintraining there are 57 jokes, 4 of them arent funny
"Hi, Im your captain. I have a good news for everyone!"
"Everyone has a chance to go to TV tonight."
10:53 AM
@Wietlol even not funny joeks are funny
@nyconing always look on the bright side of death ♫
Can squirrel seven whislte?
I don't know,
I'M just a squirrel
*queue sitcom laughter*
@nyconing the guy on the left has to be a liar
with such a long nose
hes looking like pinocchio
I am groot !
11:33 AM
good morning
hello hooman

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