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12:17 AM
@Unbreachable Hello!
hello @LukasKalbertodt may I ask what have you used the great language, Rust for? :)
@Unbreachable "The great language" ^_^ That's a nice description.
It sure is the great language, and I'm sure you would agree with me, hehe.
I personally? Plenty of stuff :P I don't think enumerating everything here would help anyone. Gameboy emulators are always a lot of fun ^_^
@Unbreachable Are you new to Rust?
I have used it just a little. A few months ago, but sadly did not go deep into it, but I really want to get back into it :)
A the moment I just do web/app applications, but I honestly prefer low-level languages and systems programming.
C is my favorite language, Rust is getting there though.
And sweet, Gameboy emulators? That's rad.
12:28 AM
@Unbreachable Once you get into Rust, you will probably like it better than C at some point ;-)
Are you looking for a Rust project currently?
@Unbreachable I always try to recommend writing a Gameboy emulator to anyone interested in learning how hardware really works. The original Gameboy is still simple enough to write an emulator alone in a reasonable amount of time.
Hmm we'll just have to see hehe. I really do enjoy Rust though. At the moment I actually am, maybe some for beginners/intermediate? Any rec?
And well, many people I know played the Gameboy as a child (and some still do ^_^). So it's just an awesome feeling to write a software that can read a game ROM (which seems just like super crazy binary stuff) and suddenly your OpenGL window shows your game. :o
gameboy emulator huh? Thats sounds awsome to make, I will look into it.
Have you done any embedded/robotics with Rust?
@Unbreachable Nop, I haven't.
Do not underestimate the gameboy emulator tho. It requires quite some reading and eat least a couple of full days work to make just the logo scroll in. I personally never figured out sound :/
That should be something to get into....
Really? hmm wow
12:35 AM
Other than that, I don't currently have ideas. If you want to contribute to other projects, keeep and eye out for "call for participation" in this-week-in-rust.
Got it!
Alright, @LukasKalbertodt I am heading out. Going to eat, thanks for the suggestions. I will definitely start hanging around here more.
@Unbreachable Sure thing! See ya
13 hours later…
1:41 PM
@PeterVaro this is hurting me
which bit?
@PeterVaro WTF
Oh, that's it. There is some coercion thanks to the type inference. That's still a weird thing
1:46 PM
100% weird
@Stargateur sure, explicit casting always solves the problem, but why is it needed here?
why does the compiler need help here?
I hate dyn anyway
I'm not a huge fan either -- there's almost always a way to work around it, that being said it has its place
(besides, this has nothing to do with dyn as far as I'm concerned)
dyn coercion is always hard for me
let f = Rc::new(f) as _; work too
@Stargateur now I'm very, very interested where the coercion goes wrong then..
2:06 PM
@PeterHall wew actix
Q: Mapping of Rust struct types to integers

fadedbeeI'm rolling my own entity component system. Is there a way of mapping struct types to integers? I could implement a toInt() for each struct, but it feels inelegant to execute code to get a number which could be known at compile-time. I'm rather not take care of the numbering myself (it doesn't...

I guess
@Shepmaster Yeah
Does everyone else have a timeline link underneath the up/down votes now?
@Shepmaster yes
2:14 PM
did the author go crazy again ?
@Shepmaster YES
I can delete my userscript
Since monday - or possibly last week?
internet is a monster that eat people
@Stargateur It's unfortunate
But a lot of the problem is Nikolay's personality
At least some of the problem
2:17 PM
I'm of two minds on this. I'm not sad to see Actix go; I never used it, didn't mesh well with the maintainers personality, and the continued apparent misuse of unsafe.
He reminds me of Linus Torvalds sometimes. But he also has a job, unrelated to Actix...
But I hope that we weren't overly jerks
I don't know what the right path is though
If there's UB in your program, it should be fixed or strongly highlighted
Actix has some very nice ideas in it, and clever use of the type system to make using it very ergonomic
Actix was the 3rd crate I tried, when building our Rest/websocket API
And it was by far the best experience
despite having very bad documentation
He take thing too personally, but if he thing he can "make the project private" xd again I think he doesn't know internet
hard push commit to delete a history is not good
having a bad day doesn't justify that
@Stargateur I don't think he did that
2:22 PM
don't compare it to linus
He made the repo private and then made a new one with the same name
really ?
I don't agree with the harsh comment of some people, but good bye Actix, I won't regret it.
you can't remove stars from a project, I don't think
or forks
good catch indeed
2:23 PM
and it now has none of either
still make a repo public go private just like that
> At the moment I am planing to make repos private and then delete them (will remove benchmarks as well), unless others suggest better ideas.
that hurt rust reputation
@Stargateur wow :(
Remember that the source code is available via crates.io
2:24 PM
Yeah. I think it was shnatsel's article that brought this up again. But it's been a consistent problem.
Whether you liked Actix or not (I personally haven't used it nor I have any attachments to it) we are still a young and rapidly growing/changing community and from that perspective if a big project (and one cannot deny Actix was big and well known) has some problems then it will ruin the reputation of the community if the author of such project says the community is horrible around the language..
Yeah. it's a real concern.
@Shepmaster can he delete thing on crates.io ?
I know he can yank thing
anyway project was on MIT license sooo
I thought Nikolay previously stepped down from maintaining actix, for someone else to take over. What happened to that? He just didn't think anyone else was capable?
@PeterHall I think he tried to not read anything about actix that come from reddit but failed reddit.com/r/rust/comments/epszt7/…
2:34 PM
Slightly off, but I don't understand why people care about Reddit.. it is THE most horrible platform out there, the community in most groups is poisonous and toxicating, and UI/UX of the site is subpar -- not a good experience from start to finish.. so why bother exactly?
@PeterVaro r/rust is generally a pretty friendly place
@PeterHall that maybe the case, I started following it a few months ago and for me it became so boring and repetitious very quickly I lost interest.. but I did not contribute, nor I really cared about comments on threads..
(maybe the problem is with me, people tried to convince me for almost a decade now that Reddit is a good thing.. I fail to see how it is -- but I guess the problem could be me :))
@PeterHall depend I think it's horrible
r/rust is the only reddit I use, and I rarely read comments, but it's a good source of Rust news
@PeterVaro I agree, but from the other direction. If we are young and say "hey, we are a safe language", then the poster child web framework isn't safe, we lose credibility there
Or is that what you are trying to say?
2:40 PM
Yeah, no arguments against that
my point was: that note @Stargateur posted will cast a horrible shadow on the community
(from the PoV of others who are not yet part of the community or loosely attached..)
I think people saying Rust is totally safe are idiot
I don't know what to think about that idea ^
Like, yeah, making people know about an issue is good
actively going around and telling people there are issues seems... underhanded
@Shepmaster but on this one there was no choice issue on actix was deleted
> Without even looking at the actual issue, the fact that the ticket was deleted is worrying. Closing a ticket as "Won't Fix" or leaving it open in case someone will want to fix it in the future are options - there is no need to pretend the bug described in the ticket never existed. That doesn't help anybody.
I totally agree with this
I was worried when GitHub added the feature to delete tickets, and the bad things I was worried about are happening
I didn't even know it was possible
and I agree with you it's a terrible idea
2:48 PM
It's a weird feature anyway: as the Reddit post shows, it's trivial to get the things back
delete issue should only come from github moderation team for special reason
Anyone with enough rights on a repo can delete a ticket, a comment, or edit anything posted by others (although I think there is a history of edits now?)
message on github AFAIK always have a history
@mcarton yes, when the history wasn't there it was bad news.
I don't mind the ability to delete things, but I also wouldn't misuse them ;-)
@Shepmaster So there didn't used to be a (public) history right? I'm remembering this correctly?
2:53 PM
@mcarton correct. I have a coworker who was particularly livid about this. At a previous job they (playfully) edited his comment to say something he wouldn't say.
@Shepmaster wut
someone else could edit YOUR comment ?
And you still can on GitHub.
But there's now an edit history
@Stargateur If you own a repository, you can do everything including this
and can you remove the history too ?
2:56 PM
hope not
(You don't need to be owner, collaborator might be enough, I don't remember exactly where the line is)
@DenysSéguret Not other than by deleting the whole issue, I think
There's no explicit "remove history"
for obvious legal issue without history it's just no sense
Again, I think that this is useful. I often edit the top comment on e.g. a tracking issue, or add code highlighting to a post
@DenysSéguret The actix history was not removed. He created a new public repo, after making the original one private.
2:57 PM
@PeterHall Yes, I've seen this
And when someone is being malicious in a GH comment, editing / deleting is useful and good, IMO.
I'm waithing the day where @DenysSéguret will do the same with broot
Course, there's now the ability to lock an issue, or mark comments as off-topic.
@Stargateur I just learnt I can delete issues, I'm busy cleaning
@DenysSéguret nooooooooooooooooooooooo
3:00 PM
The description of the project has a typo. Will he accept a PR? :D
@mcarton oh god
I'm not sure you can create a commit for that
@mcarton It used to be in the README github.com/actix/actix-web/commit/…
@Stargateur You sure can open an issue tho
I go for it
It's Friday after all
3:04 PM
Be careful not to appear trolling. This guy took enough hits
@mcarton That is probably my fault. I posted a link to it, just a couple of minutes after he posted it - and I linked to a revision, in case he deleted it etc. And now I think it's my (old) link that is being shared.
So, what do y'all think should be the right response?
@Shepmaster from who?
Crate Foo incorrectly has memory unsafety
and you discover it
@Shepmaster Log an issue. Ideally a PR
And a RustSec report
3:07 PM
Depending on the impact I might try to send an email rather than making it public immediately
(I don't actually know what I think yet, so my answers will be all over the place)
The public / private was one thing I was going to bring up
e.g. there was the recent "oh no, the playground compiler runs as root"
which is a security risk (albeit a small one)
public issue -> fix it -> close it. memory unsafely are very if not impossible to exploit specially in Rust, also you need to inform people that use the crate that it has a fail you can't not tell them. You can hide detail but you can't hide the problem.
but that was just posted as a comment on reddit, not even as an issue, much less an email to the rust security email
because author already delete the issue
it was a consequence not the first action
@Stargateur I wouldn't remove a GH ticket for that: all the watchers of the repository already received an email, and external websites might have cached it as seen with that Reddit post, so it's public information as soon as someone opened the ticket
3:11 PM
Sure, I hadn't even gotten to the part about "uncooperative/unresponsive maintainer"
the best thing is to not have break in your code :p
Certainly, but if we could do that we wouldn't have needed Rust in the first place :-)
@Shepmaster We would still need Rust for a cleaner language, with better tooling support (cargo, rustdoc), and a saner std library. Safety isn't the only good reason to use Rust.
actually it's my last one
> I thought that at this point, the author said he was quitting, but that may be faulty memory, or maybe he changed his mind.
So whoever thought that in here wasn't the only one
3:19 PM
he said he was taking a break and doesn't know if he would come back
6 months ago ?
something like that
@DenysSéguret he fix it with a smiley :p
@Shepmaster spot on article!
4:19 PM
@PeterVaro A very measured response, considering how recently this happened
Although I can't help feeling he may have jumped the gun in calling the project dead
The post may actually have had the effect of reinforcing that notion, and effecting the premise
he clearly overreact but I think it's because he don't care
@Stargateur Steve Klabnik doesn't care?
He doesn't depend on this project, and he did it for fun
@PeterHall no fafhrd91
sorry hard to follow you sometime :p
Ah. I was referring to Steve's blog post
If Steve Klabnik says your project is dead, perhaps that makes it dead...
I think trusting the maintainer is a reasonable thing to do there :-)
4:24 PM
@Shepmaster ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@Shepmaster You would trust the maintainer of actix? You sure missed some information
@FrenchBoiethios I did think about this before I commented ;-)
There are sound issues, and he doesn't want to patch them. Why would you trust someone like that?
well, trusting someone to not do further work when they've shown they don't want to do work previously
@FrenchBoiethios he is, after all, unsafe
4:41 PM
Q: Shared database with arbitrary nested Hash-maps

man zetI'm trying to implement a database in Rust that can store arbitrary nested HashMaps. The Database should be shared so I need to work with Mutex and Arcs. I can read things from the Database, but I have problems inserting stuff in this Database because i get the error: error: cannot borrow `*bran...

This is a dup for a question whose answer is "use the Entry API" but I can't find one
> the Rust reddit was a decent place. I still think it’s better than most reddits, but it’s degraded much more quickly than the community at large.
funny that I leave it recently :p
@FrenchBoiethios he said he doesn't like this patch, this time he didn't said won't fix
Oh boy, how did I never know about this?! (OK, now I see it in the description of this chat…)
@mcarton don't worry we all have the same reaction
@Shepmaster Your answer is also a duplicate, @Stargateur beat you to it :D
4:48 PM
@mcarton though i think it's b/c they do &*foo instead of &mut *foo in the match
with NLL, they don't need entry (but should use it)
Do y'all agree that entry should fix this issue or is this also something else missing? (No MVE to test…)
1 hour later…
5:56 PM
@Shepmaster I read it just now. It's an unfortunate outcome, hopefully we'll all learn from this.
3 hours later…
9:04 PM
I kind of feel this should be closed
I don't see it adding value
9:28 PM
@Shepmaster Emailed :)
Also ^
@BernardoMeurer oh jeez
Thanks for letting me know
@BernardoMeurer Hmm, it worked for me, but I did have to click through a captcha. Would you have done anything to prevent that from working?
@Shepmaster Hmm, let me try with stuff disabled
stuff = plugins
@Shepmaster I think it worked now, I sent a test one
Yeah, that came through. Hopefully we aren't missing out on $billions due to a buggy form!
9:34 PM
One of Privacy Badger, uBlock, Decentraleyes, Smart Referrer broke it :P
9:52 PM
> error: reached the type-length limit while instantiating `std::pin::Pin::<&mut std::future...}[1]::poll[0]::{{closure}}[0])]>`
= note: consider adding a `#![type_length_limit="1172223"]` attribute to your crate

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