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4:24 AM
AssalamuAlykum @SilentKiller :)
@SweetWisherツ WalaikumAssalam
@SilentKiller Kesan ho??
@SweetWisherツ fine and you ?
Fine ;)
work ?
4:30 AM
U ?
4:42 AM
same here
kitna n kya ?
not much just testing app
bb ?
VGM @MysticMagic :)))))))))))
GM @SweetWisherツ @SilentKiller :)
welcome back :)
4:52 AM
Smart me aapk koi yad kr rha he :P
at ofc ? @MysticMagic
man kr rha kam krne ka :P
4:53 AM
dont you know me? ;)
aaj subah 8:30 to ghar me entry ki
shukar he ki vacation me phn nai kiya PM ne
Lucky Lusy :P
Lucky Suzy :P
uf...ulta pulta hogya :P
4:55 AM
chalo. svn se chkout le ke dekhu kuchh
ki kya se kya ho gaya he projects me
best of luck :P
need it :P
hehe ;)
tum kaho. kesi ho? kya hal chal?
fully free hai...
4:59 AM
@MysticMagic m Awesome :))))))))))))
n yaa fully free hu :/
5:09 AM
what ?
m not fully free...kam kr rahi hu
anything else ?
5:16 AM
@SweetWisherツ :)
6:05 AM
@SilentKiller Sqlite browser use krte ho ?
ask your query
sql query execute krne pr o/p aake chala jata he
sirf 1 sec k liye blink hota he
@SilentKiller ever faced this ? any idea??
use progress dialod
me android ki bat nhi kr rhiii
s/w ki bat kr rhi hu
s/w ?
6:13 AM
@SilentKiller sqlitebrowser.org
@SweetWisherツ settings me ya kuchh chk karo
mene 1.5 yr pehle use kiya tha last cmp me
proper display hote the result
good doog ;P
so chk in menu n options
6:14 AM
@MysticMagic kai query me hote h...kai query me nahi :/
@SweetWisherツ to pata nahi.
restart kar ke chk kar lo. sw n m/c donp
sab kar liaa
puchho madam ko.
bitha do unko pc pe
aur ghum aao kuchh der :P
6:18 AM
hahahah madam knws nothinG :P
Hws ur wrk gng ? @MysticMagic
going nowhere :P
when did I say value is bad
6:28 AM
talking abt s' value I guess
jao. katti :P
hihahah Shollyyyy
@SweetWisherツ maate. pata he
6:29 AM
proper != good :P
he bhagwan
bachavo mane
SO par 10 di ma shu thai gyu chhe
bhag lo..free advice he...lena ho to lo warna............. ;)
@MysticMagic me to mast mast kamo krya che :P
@SweetWisherツ lol. keva?
@MysticMagic :P
@SweetWisherツ achha :P doog
keep it up.. m proud of u
6:31 AM
btw mene apko Congo bola tha :)
fir bat nhi ho paayi
achha. me vacation pe gayi usse pehle na
hui to thi bat
ya tbhii
ha pr jyada nhi... mene reason bataya n GONE :P
thenkyu :P
6:33 AM
@SilentKiller is Silent :P
@SweetWisherツ :P
@SilentKiller whyyyy
@SweetWisherツ you also have so much. :P
@SweetWisherツ naah.,.. I like only AC :P
@SilentKiller yaa I knw..but lesser than MM :)
6:35 AM
@SweetWisherツ Kuchh bhi
I have heaters only
who said?
@SilentKiller count karne lagu?
i do i do
@SweetWisherツ me 2 :P
6:36 AM
whoever has said ,said TRUTH only :P
i know. :P
nd I m also in that list ;) @SilentKiller
thoko tali :P @MysticMagic
6:42 AM
@MysticMagic @SweetWisherツ @SilentKiller Good afternoon
@MysticMagic seen you after a year :P
acc to which timezone? (By the way!!) seen? really?
'M rarely seen by ppl here.. only lucky ones get that chance ;)
6:47 AM
ohh :D
@maveňツ GA
@SweetWisherツ u r alive :)
@maveňツ Fortunately
happily,but not everywhere
6:58 AM
@maveňツ lols then where you want? ;)
@maveňツ how you know this ?
coz i m maven :D
would like to be *acked by someone ?
@maveňツ tying to b maven
7:01 AM
that was 2 yrs before :P @SweetWisherツ
but ur about me says the SAME
@MysticMagic @MysticMagic are you okay ?
@all gud to see all in one room
@MysticMagic kya thaaa :P
7:04 AM
@SilentKiller no :P
@SweetWisherツ link me uski previous searches :P
@maveňツ who's all?
@MysticMagic may [help](google.co.in/…;
@maveňツ no thanks :P
()[] []()
7:07 AM
@MysticMagic I have started working on phonegap
@maveňツ ok. congrats
@maveňツ with google ?
@SilentKiller means
means started PG with whose help ?
7:10 AM
@SilentKiller @SweetWisherツ
ohh that's great.
13 mins ago, by maveň ツ
mujhe b abhi pata chalaa :P @maveňツ
@maveňツ kuchh to original kiya karo
7:12 AM
lols. another word to loose.
kitni stlye copy karoge sab ki
@SilentKiller @MysticMagic do u both work on phonegap
@maveňツ I work on desk
No Sir I don't
@MysticMagic @SweetWisherツ kiski copy ki ?
7:13 AM
SBki :P
@SilentKiller mere bhi kafi word yu hi mashhuri ki khai me kho ke apni value gava chuke he
@maveňツ i didn'd say that
Do u have some proof
sniff sniff
@SilentKiller removed :)
7:14 AM
@maveňツ challenging ?
@SilentKiller not to u captain
jisne bola tha usko :P
7:16 AM
7:28 AM
@SweetWisherツ ohh
same pinch abt first :P
lunch time :D
have a healthy lunch :)
@SilentKiller Gooo
1 hour later…
8:30 AM
@SweetWisherツ was already left
8:46 AM
kho kho.. ubhi kho.. bethi kho
lunch done?
@MysticMagic yaa done
9:01 AM
9:38 AM
@SilentKiller again Lost
@SweetWisherツ working
Yaaaa I knwww
and you ?
stuck at one point..
9:41 AM
hmm then you do tp
why should I
10:16 AM
1 hour later…
11:26 AM
@maveňツ Hmmm ??
how to call that method
11:30 AM
issue with it ?
same .. how to use this code snippet
do u have any sample @SweetWisherツ
seeee @maveňツ
are aisa nhi :-(
11:37 AM
A: How to create pop up in phone gap?

BartI don't think you can overlay above the status bar (time, battery info). But if that isn't the problem... just add a div with an absolute position. #myDiv { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100vw; height: 100vh; background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.6); z-index: 10; d...

u just need to play with css
PG Teacher
i know lil css
me too
A: Create custom pop up test over image in phonegap?

ShinyJosAdd the following style to your pop up Your HTML: <div class="popup" style="background: red; border-color: red;">University</div> Your CSS: .popup { margin: 10px; padding: 25px; position: relative; width:50px; } .popup:after { content: ""; position: absolute; top: 100%; left: 20px; border-to...

popup == alertbox ?
m checkin
11:42 AM
it is not the same
anyways thanx @SweetWisherツ
sb code to nhi milega naa
rit miss
jquery and java script is same
jQ is plugin
can i use javascript in that
11:48 AM
@SilentKiller sir can u help lil
@SilentKiller please
12:11 PM
@maveňツ sorry sir i am unaware of PG. ask to PG teacher
I'm not @SilentKiller
@SweetWisherツ where i mentioned you ?
44 mins ago, by SilentKiller
PG Teacher
did i add your name ?
sure ?
ha damn sure
12:24 PM
yoooo.. nd haaa
when to leave ? @SilentKiller
no idea
another relaese
aaj b and aaj h ?
fir b latest byyy ?? @SilentKiller
12:33 PM
what ?
late me late kb tk leaving ?
dnt knw
time limit :@
dnt have
u need to defineee
12:38 PM
12:55 PM
Ohohoo @Erick @Erick
@SweetWisherツ ek var nam lakhis to bhi avse ping..
nam j nhi gamtu :P
@SweetWisherツ maru naam che.. taru nai..
etle j to ;)
@SweetWisherツ ehhhhhhhhh
taklif to revani jo.
12:57 PM
su kriye have....no option :/
@SweetWisherツ options to hoy j...select karva pade.
@Erick ahiya to nathiiii
@SweetWisherツ che
ping nai karvanu... simple
12:59 PM
other option : nam badli nakhe to ?
nam @Erick dp aatif aslam :P
nai thay..
match nthi thatu bakaaaa
@SweetWisherツ i said, taklif............
2 mins ago, by SweetWisher ツ
su kriye have....no option :/
@SweetWisherツ u can ignore me.. u hve tht option.. and SO is also provide
1:01 PM
thnsk allotttt
time to leave..Bye @Erick :/
AllahHafiz @SilentKiller
@SweetWisherツ bye
2:00 PM
Ab to not left right?? @SilentKiller
Still no reply
@SweetWisherツ working
Then kehte ho.i already left
I dint ask ur status
2:12 PM
Aurr kitna kam @SilentKiller
2:25 PM
@SweetWisherツ will take time
How much remaining@SilentKiller
How much
Donn know
Kya fark pdta h...
2:29 PM
So njoyy
Wht hmm. Hmmm
Q chup hogye
2:38 PM
kaam karu ya nahi ?
3:05 PM
Kb jarhe ho ghr@SilentKiller
Hmm thodi der me.

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