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1:49 PM
posted on September 28, 2020 by hostilefork

This tweaks the handling of BLANK! to allow it to be used at "source level" in dialects, while prescribing it as a synonym for NULL if it is fetched from evaluation or a variable. Being able to discern a "source" blank from a fetched one is thus important, and the previous commit's tweak is used to move in steps that allow blanks after comments to be discerned as source or not: >> s

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3:21 PM
@rgchris There's a ton of stuff happening that is--by and large--leaning in favor of your preferences. I've pinged you a lot for opinions on it, but mostly I think I know what those opinions are...so if you're too busy to chime in then that's fine, I'll just assume you approve. :-) But the question in the above about whether blank vanishes without APPEND/ONLY is actually one where a response is fairly important.
3:47 PM
The issue might be phrased as whether it is worse to waste the localized opportunity of the null/blank distinction...or to waste the opportunity of having a value that is reified but acts as a proxy for null whenever its hand isn't forced into doing otherwise... and append/only would be considered one of those "forced" situations.
With letting go of the concept of "blank is space in all character bearing contexts" (e.g. TO CHAR!, or APPEND to a string) for the higher priority needs of reified null, I'm not so much demanding of leveraging the null and blank distinction at every possible opportunity...so I could be easily convinced either way on the APPEND rule. It really comes down to what practice dictates as preferable.
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5:04 PM
posted on September 28, 2020 by @hostilefork Brian Dickens

@hostilefork wrote: There has been a lot of fiddling over time with PARSE's return value. In order to make it play nicely with ELSE and THEN, a failed parse should return NULL. But a successful parse could return many things. Just returning #[true] makes the output of PARSE easier to read in tutorials. This isn't overwhelmingly important, given

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7:11 PM
@iArnold The hits keep comin'
posted on September 28, 2020 by no-e-in

>> latest-of 0.3.40 searching ... ‌file: r3-eaee946.exe doesn't exist, it may still be being deployed ‌ ‌ ‌>> latest-of 0.4.40 searching ... ‌File size: 2.05 Mb Date: 28-Sep-2020/2:43:17+0:00 ‌ https://dd498l1ilnrxu.cloudfront.net/travis-builds/0.4.40/r3-eaee946 ‌ ‌>> latest-of 0.2.40 searching ... ‌File size: 1.75 Mb Date: 28-Sep-2020/2:41:20+0:00 ‌ https://dd498l1ilnrxu.c

8:01 PM
@Edoc Greatest hits I hope! 🎶🎷

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